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MADAYAG, Tomas III B. September 2, 2019

X – Quantum Physicists TLE 10

My Personal
Entrepreneurial To be
Characteristic in Strengths Developed Explanation
CREATIVE ✔ Being creative is one of my personal
strengths, I am able to create something
from being simple to being extra.
HARDWORKING ✔ Hardworking is one of my personal strengths
because even though something is difficult,
I continue whatever it may be. Because in
the end, all the hard work will pay off
SENSITIVE ✔ Being sensitive is one of my strength
because I immediately respond to
whatever happens around me.
OPTIMISTIC ✔ To be optimistic, is something I have to
develop. I am a pessimist and I usually think
DEVOTED ✔ I am devoted in everything I do, even
though I don’t like it, I do my best to love it
CONFIDENT ✔ Being confident is one of my personal
strengths because I know to myself that I
can do things in a great manner.
COMMITTED ✔ I am a very committed worker. If I say I’ll do
it, I mean it.
PERSISTENT ✔ I am persistent, even though there are a lot
of reasons to give up, I choose to continue.
OPPORTUNITY SEEKING ✔ I am an opportunity seeker because I grab
every chance that I get.
PERSUASIVE ✔ Being persuasive is one of my personal
strengths since I am able to catch and
encourage a group into doing something.
FUTURISTIC ✔ I am a futuristic thinker, I think in advance
so that I will be organized.
DECISION MAKER ✔ I decide based on what is right and what is
RESOURCEFUL ✔ I make use of what I have.

RISK-TAKING ✔ I take risks if it’s for the better

SYSTEMATIC ✔ I am a very systematic person. I like an
organized work place and environment.