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Louelle Jay R.

Cajalne January 30, 2018

Gas 12-01

Case A. A Student Organization in Action: Computer Literacy for the Urban Poor

Many people cannot provide or afford a computer on his home due to the
expensive thing. Even if you rent a computer that will cost you more than a expenses.
The digital can help us to communicate with other and to the world, and we can gather
some data to access more information that we need to take. Because of the limited time
of using computer, many people have poor performance to use the digital and
knowledge or skills to come up some data. Thus, many people was not updated due to
the news feed.

The student organization near the community Kalidad, wants to eliminate the
project called Kalayaan sa Kamangmangan para sa Pamahayang Kalidad. The main
thrust of the organization is to implement the needs of a person to use the digital
devices. And they start to train the people form the community to teach how to use
digital properly, so that they take an action to learn about the accessing data and to get
the right information from the computer. But the computer was so expensive, so that
they need a partnership to afford some computers.

We realized that the lack of computers does not deprive pupils, teachers, or
anyone for that matter, of the chance to feel the benefits of technology and be computer
literate. We were very happy to know that multi point can help us maximize the use of
our computers. The recommendation for this program that the government need to give
this more care about the education to the computer literacy.
Case B. A Community-Engaged Student-Faculty Project: Bringing Light to a Remote

Many rural areas in the Philippines has lack of energy supply for their everyday
life, but they use their own nature materials to use them as light and for cooking. And if
the rural areas have now electricity access, they will use this as their business and
services for their community needed. The University and other organization and agency
tried to create a program to give the people from the rampant community a electricity.
The problems they encountered included social acceptability when the new micro
hydro-technology was introduced to the IPs, technical viability of the micro-hydro
project; the selection and acquisition based on the community’s need, and kaingin or
the practice of slash and burn, which might lead to forest deforestation and loss of
habitat. After that, the community have now access to the electricity by helping each
other, and help by the organization, agency, universities and the members from the

If the energy supply is available and stable, it will create opportunities for
business and trade. The recommendation for this program that they need to create a
program that can’t harm any kind of nature for better.