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EURS Human Resources / Zoho People

EURS (EU Relocation Systems) does not currently have a set HR software. We use G-Suite and form
that we design ourself or download from the net together with our own handbook and various
policies, process flow etc.

Our organization is made of 3 removals companies; M25 Group / Black and yellow systems / Your

In addition, each of this companies have different divisions such as residential, commercial and EU

The idea which everyone who is involved must understand is that the companies must be and stay
separated in almost all aspects of their day to day life and work.

Each company have the following independent departments: Sales, Logistics and Operation and
customer service (some functions)

EURS is functioning as a management company and control the following departments;

● HR
● Marketing
● Executive

Our HR software will need to differentiate between the companies and the division, they going to
need separate payroll systems, form, time tracking, blogs etc. though EURS (management company)
users will need to have a complete control over all current and future companies and not just in
terms of information availability but settings as well.

Here is a list of all employees, companies, division and offices


1. Gabriel Suissa: CEO

2. Cosmin Faur: COO
3. Naomi Franklin: Legal
4. Paula Ambrosi: Sales Manager
5. Sebastian Ciobanu: Operations Manager
6. Stoleru Tudor Christian - Sales Team Leader M25 Movers (christian)
7. Bejan Francisca - Sales Agent M25 Movers (francisca)
8. Pisaltu Andreea Madalina - Sales Agent M25 Movers (andreea)
9. Melinte Ionel- Sales Agent M25 Movers (john)
10. Serban Florin Catalin - Sales Agent Your Movers (darius)
11. Aftanase Cosmin Andrei - Sales Agent Your Movers (andrew)
12. Stefanache Cristian - Sales Agent Black & Yellow (chris)
13. Abaitancei Bianca Sanziana - Sales Agent Black & Yellow (betty) | 0203-743-2328 |

London, Berlin, Iasi
14. Ursache Gabriel Vlad - Logistics Department (vlad)
15. Roman Laura - PA (laura)

M25 Group (M25 Systems ltd.)

1. Amar Boboc / team leader

2. Eugen / helper
3. Damian Sebastian / team leader
4. Buza Alexandru /driver
5. Gigi Tibichi / helper
6. Alexandru Barac / team leader
7. Vlad Homea / helper
8. Vlad Nedelcu / helper
9. Ciprian Rosu / driver
10. Gitlan Daniel / helper
11. Sergiu Carp / helper
12. Iulian Pal / helper
13. Sergiu Ciobanu / quality control
14. Florin Ganea / helper
15. Daniel Faur /driver
16. Vlad / helper
17. Donni Donisa / Surveyor

Commercial division

18. Cornelius Raileanu / team leader

19. Dragos Iosub/driver
20. Pendos Marian /driver

Black and Yellow Moves (Black and Yellow systems)

1. Silvio Tudosa / Team Leader

2. Stefan Turceanu / Helper
3. Nelu Ardel / Helper
4. Daniel Savadan / Driver
5. Caras Asofiei / Team leader
6. Christian Tudosa: Operation Manager

Your Movers (Iogoros Bogoros ltd)

1. Matei Cosmin / Team Leader

2. Timofte Alin / Helper
3. Marchidan Dragos / Helper
4. Vlad Anothi: Operation Manager | 0203-743-2328 |

London, Berlin, Iasi

1. London, UK: Unit 6., Metro trading centre Wembley, HA9 0YJ
​ 00515, Strada Pictor Octav Băncilă 1, Iași 
2. Iasi, RO: 7

Note: The setting must be easy to use

Q1: What exactly you/company is going to do? can you describe the steps? I would like to have a
detailed statement of work please.

Q2: How would it look once you done?

Q3: Can you describe in more details the day to day use of this software?

Q4: Please provide us with an example of your work?

Q5: What can you provide us that sets you apart from your competitors; why should we choose you?

Q6: When are you available to start work? How long would you need to complete this project? How
many hours per week do you have available? | 0203-743-2328 |

London, Berlin, Iasi