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BE-LAB 100:

Prelims |
Biostatistics & Epidemiology for
ACTIVITY #1 Medical Laboratory Science


Reflection Paper
1. Watch the documentary found at:
2. Create a reflection paper in MS Word with the following format:
> Surname, Name
> Course, Year, Section
> Date Submitted
> Creative title

3. Paper technicalities:
> Font: Arial
> Font size: 11
> Alignment: Portrait, flush to the left
> Margin: 1 inch on all sides
> Paper size: 8x13
> Max number of pages: 5

4. Guide content (ensure the body of your paper includes the following):
> Identify each virus presented and their characteristics
> Determine each of their vectors, hosts, modes of transmission, and environment
> Describe the distribution or pattern of each disease
> Enumerate risk factors for each disease using concepts from the BEINGS model
> Explain the burden of zoonotic diseases
> Define the role of epidemiologists in disease investigation and surveillance
> Give examples on how humans can reduce the risk for acquiring these diseases

Include appropriate references on the last page of your paper.

5. Submit via CLASS EDMODO. File name upon submission should read:

Submit before the deadline to avoid technical difficulties/errors on Edmodo. Late

submissions will not be accepted.


Please be guided, thank you.


Name: ____________________
Section: ___________________
Date: _____________________
CRITERIA POOR (0 points) FAIR (5 points) GOOD (8 points) EXCELLENT (10 points) POINTS
Organization Fails to meet the Disorganized Paper has intro, Easy to read, topic
– does this expectations of paper, leaves body, and introduced, organization
paper have this criteria; reader wondering conclusion but clearly evident with proper
clear disorganized what is being said; may take a re- introduction, body, and
introduction, thoughts which abrupt ending. reading to conclusion.
body, and reader cannot understand.
conclusion? follow at any
Content – does The topic of the Student does not The entire paper’s The student’s reflection
this paper paper is not clearly identify content relates to about the topic is explained
address the addressed at all; his/her reflections the prompt or in a clear language,
prompts fails to stick to the about the topic; topic; the student immediately interesting, and
asked? Does it topic therefore may veer from the explains his/her supported with detail.
provide fails to meet this topic. Some reflections in a Provides correct answers to
correct criteria. Many incorrect answers way that generally prompts or topics asked all
answers to the incorrect answers found in the captures the topic. throughout the paper.
topics asked? found. content.
Idea Fails to meet this Paragraphs are Each paragraph Demonstrates excellent
presentation - criteria by obvious disorganized; ideas demonstrates a presentation of topics with
are ideas disregard for the are included which central idea that is well researched and
clearly expectations stated do not relate to the supported with developed ideas; paper is
connected and in the criteria. main topic and details; ideas are supported with literature and
make sense? Lack of references. have little or no connected and appropriate references.
supporting details. important points
make sense.
Basic writing Lack of basic Some spelling or A few minor Consistently precise, clear,
expectations – writing skills as grammatical spelling or and lucid sentence structure.
mechanics, shown by many errors. Inconsistent grammatical Virtually no spelling,
spelling, spelling, or poor sentence errors. Mostly grammar, or punctuation
grammar, or punctuation, and/ structure. Incorrect precise and clear mistakes. Correct use of
punctuations or grammatical use of appropriate sentence structures appropriate language.
and use of errors. Wrong use language. with little mistakes
language of language. in the use of
Paper Paper is Some improperly Shows substantial Paper is clean, correctly
technicalities incorrectly formatted areas in formatting formatted following
formatted. the paper. following paper instructions, virtually no
guidelines. mistakes.

Checked by:

Instructor’s Signature over Printed Name