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On 13th December 2018 we visited the mechanical workshop of Aditya Birla Group working in
Bhubaneshwari Coal Mines located in Talcher (Odisha). We saw a well organized workshop. It had a
very neat and clean working environment.

(Dumper Parking) ( Inside view of Mechanical Workshop)

(Mud Collection Chamber)

Also, we met Mr.Dilnawaz Siddiqui, a representative of Hectronic. Hectronic has launched a fuel
management system which helps us to manage, monitor and save fuel very efficiently and effectively.
The developers of this system claim to be extremely accurate i.e., upto 99%. It is a computer based
system which requires some easy installations and some basic programming and data entry with the
help of a software known as HECPOL software. Using this system we can authorize only the
specified people and vehicles for taking fuels. No one other than those people and vehicles can take
fuels from our fuel sources. For this we only need to install a sensor at the outlet(be it a mobile outlet
or a fixed outlet), a panel known as a heconomy panel and RFID tags ( to the vehicles and individuals
to be authorized for fuel).
1) NOZZLE READER (SENSOR):It is a sensor installed on the nozzle of the outlet which has
to be brought in the working range of RFID tag in order to authorize the person or vehicle to
take fuel from our fuel source.

( A Nozzle Reader)

2) RFID TAGS: These tags are installed on the vehicles to be authorized for refueling or they
can be given to selected individuals who are authorized for refueling. When these tags and
nozzle reader are brought close to each other, it sends a message to the heconomy panel. The
Heconomy Panel then identifies the tag and permits delivery of fuel.

(RFID tag on the fuel tank of a vehicle)

( RFID tag which can be used by an individual)

3) HECONOMY PANEL:It is a device which acts as the brain of the complete FUEL
MANAGEMENT system. It controls the functioning of the whole FMS in a systematic way.
It has a display unit which shows the quantity of fuel dispended as well as other important
data like date, time etc. It also keeps a log of all the fuel transactions with exact details like
vehicle number, quantity of fuel,date and time of refuel etc permanently. This log data can
easily be transferred to any other PCs as per our needs and requirements. It can be installed
inside the cabin of the mobile outlet (fuel tanker) or anywhere near the fixed outlet.

(A Heconomy panel)

4) HECPOL software: It is a special software developed by Hectronic used for all the

programming and record keeping in this Fuel Management System. All the activities like
authorising or de-authorising, data transferring; data backing up etc are performed using this
software only. The best part is, all the data of this software are in “.xls”format which makes it
easy to read and retrieve on any pc.