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RT 160

Rough Terrain Crane


• 60 tons (54 mt) • Two-speed main and auxiliary winches • Easy to read load chart books include
maximum lifting capacity range diagrams
• Quick-reeving boom head and
• 115 ft. (35.0 m) hook block • 12-month or 2000 hours warranty,
maximum boom length major weldments are 5-years or
• Fully independent multi-position out 10,000 hours
• 186 ft. (56.7 m) and down outriggers
maximum tip height
• Environmental operator’s cab optimizes
• Four-section full power boom with load visibility and productivity
single lever control
• RCI 500 load system Rated
• Swingaway jib offsettable Capacity Indicator
0°, 17° or 30° simple, available and
• Tight 19 ft. (5.9 m) turning radius
cost effective™
Machines shown may have optional equipment.
Rough Terrain Crane
Max. Lifting Capacity: 60 tons (54 mt)

115 ft. (35 m)

• High strength, four plate construction.
• Box-type chassis
• Two double-acting hoist cylinders construction with
provide boom elevation of -2° to 78° reinforcing cross members.
for easier reeving changes and close
• Fully sequential powershift
radius operation.
transmission with torque
• Quick-reeving boom head; no need to converter; 6 speeds forward
remove wedge from socket. 3 reverse.
• Automatic multi-disc brake.
ENVIRONMENTAL • Hydrostatic power steering, front and
• Electronic drum indicators.
OPERATOR’S CAB rear axles. Control modes for front
only, four-wheel cramp and crab • Winch drum rollers.
• Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) system steering, all controlled by steering
including anti-two block system with HIGH CAPACITY, DEPENDABLE
wheel. Switch for independent
automatic function disconnects. rear steer.
• Fully adjustable operator’s seat has • Two tandem gear-type pumps driven off
• Dual circuit air over hydraulic drum
shock-absorbing suspension and the transmission. Combined system
service brakes at each wheel.
adjustable arm rests. capability is 139 gpm (525 lpm).
• Fully independent hydraulic outriggers
• Sound and weather insulated for • Hydraulic reservoir with 162 gal.
may be utilized fully extended to 23 ft.
comfort. (615 l) capacity and full flow oil
7 in. (7.2 m) or in their mid extended
• Hinged tinted skylight and sliding filtration system.
or fully retracted position.
right-hand, rear and door windows, • Tail swing only 12’ 10” (3.91 m). OPTIONS INCLUDE:
roof wiper.
• Cummins 215 HP (160 kw) 6CT8.3 • 38 ft. or 38 to 60 ft. (11.6 or 11.6 to
• Armrest mounted joystick or twin lever turbocharged diesel engine. 18.3 m) swingaway jib. Both offset
controls for swing, boom hoist, and 0°, 17° or 30°.
main and auxiliary winchs; foot pedals • 29.5 x 25-28PR tubeless tires with
for swing brake, boom telescope, rock tread. • Auxiliary winch with rope.
service brakes and engine throttle. • Heater/defroster, air conditioner.
• Complete instrumentation. WINCHES • Cold weather starting aid.
Environmentally-sealed rocker
• 585 fpm (178 mpm) maximum line
switches. Circuit breakers in cab.
speed, 17,440 lbs. (7910 kg) maximum
line pull. Single lever control.

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