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1 What's your name?

My name is …
Mai neim is ..
Mi nombre es …
2 When's your birthday?
My birthday is on May third
Mai birtdei is on mei tird
Mi cumpleaños es en mayo tercero

3 How old are you?

I’m 24 years old
Aim tuenti for yers old
Tengo 24 años
4 When do you finish classes?
I finish classes at 7:00 pm
Ai finish clases at seven pi em
Termino mis clases a las 7 pm
5 What days do you have work?
I work on Mondays to Fridays
Ai wuork on mondeis tu fraideis
Trabajo de lunes a viernes
6 Where are you from?
I’m from Perú
Aim from peru
Soy de peru
7 What's your address?
My address is ….
Mai adres is
Mi dirección es..
8 Where do you study/work?
I work in Chiclayo
Ai wuork in Chiclayo
Trabajo en Chiclayo
9 Are you married or single?
I’m single
Aim singol
Estoy solter@
10 What days do you have classes at university?
I have classes on Mondays to Fridays
Ai jaf claases on mondeis tu fraideis
Tengo clases de lunes a viernes
11 What time do you go to university?
I go to the university at 8:00 am
Ai gou tu da iuniversiti at eight ei em
Voy a la universidad a las 8 am
12 When do you start classes?
I start my classes at 8:00 am
Ai estart mai clases at eit ei em
Empiezo mis clases a las ocho am
13 Where do you live?
I live in Chiclayo
Ai lif in Chiclayo
Vivo en chiclayo
14 What time do you go to work?
I work at 8:00 am
Ai wourk at eit ei em
Trabajo a las ocho am
15 How do you spell your first name/last name?
Ou –es- bi dabol – ei – EL – di - oug
16 When do you start work?
I work at 8:00 am
Ai wourk at eit ei em
Trabajo a las ocho am
17 What's your phone number?
My phone number is 926 212 939
Mai fon namber is nain tu six tu uan tu nain trii nain
Mi cel es … 926 212 939
18 When do you finish work?
I finish work at 6: pm
Ai finish wuork at six pi em
Termino mi trabajo a las 6
19 What's your email?
My email is jymmy85@hotmail . com
Mai i meil is jimmy eit fiaf “at” hotmeil “dat” com
20 What do you do?
I am a student
Aim a estiudent
Soy un estudiante
21 What do you do in the evening?
I have dinner
Ai jaf diner
22 Do you live in an apartment or a house?
I live in my house
Ai lif in mai jaus
Vivo en mi casa
23 How many floors does it have?
It has two floors
It jas tu flors
Tiene dos pisos
24 What time do you go to bed?
I go to bed at 10 : pm
Ai gou tu bed at ten pi em
Voy a la cama diez pm
What's your father's name?
My fathers’s name is ..
Mai faders neim is .. (nombre de tu papa)
El nombre de mi papá es ..
How old is he?
He is 50 years old
Ji is fifti yers old
Tiene 50 años
25 What does he do?
He is an accountant
Ji is an accountant
Es un Contador
Where's he from?
He is from Perú
Ji is from peru
Es de peru

26 What do you do in your free time?

I like to watch tv in my free time
Ai laik tu wuatch ti vi in mai frii taim
Me gusta ver televisión en mi tiempo libre
27 What time do you have dinner?
I have dinner at 9: pm
Ai jaf diner at nain pi em
Ceno a las 9
28 What do you want to do tonight?
I want to sleep
Ai wuant tu slip
Quiero dormir
29 How many people are there in your family?
There are eight people in my family
Der are it pipol in mai family
Hay ocho personas en mi familia
30 Who are they?
They are my family
Dei arm ai family
Son mi familia
What's your mother's name?
My mother’s name is …
Mai moders neim is (el nombre de tu mamá)
El nombre de mi mamá …
How old is she?
She is 48 years old
Shi is forti eit yers old
Ella tiene 48 años
What does she do?
She is a housewife
Shi is a jauswuaif
Ella es una ama de casa
Where's she from?
She is from Peru
Shi is from peru
Es de peru
What's your wife's name? (I don’t have a wife – I don jaf a wuaif)
How old is she?
What does she do?
Where's she from?
33 Do you have children? (I don’t have children – I don’t jaf children)
What are their names?
How old are they?
What do they do?
34 How many rooms are there?
What are they?
35 Describe your living room/kitchen/bedroom
My living room is big, and beautiful
Mai livin rum is big and biutiful
Mi sala es grande y hermosa
36 What is your favorite room in your house?
My favorite room in my house is the kitchen
Mai feivorit rum in mai jaus is da kitchen
El cuarto favorito de mi casa es la cocina
37 What's your favorite food?
My favorite food is ceviche
Mai feivorit fud is ceviche
Mi comida favorita es ceviche
38 What month is Christmas?
It’s in December
Its in December
Es en diciembre
39 What's your favorite fruit?
My favorite fruit is the apple
Mai feivorit fruit is da apol
Mi fruta favorite es la manzana
What's your husband's name? (I don’t have a husband - I don jaf a jasband)
How old is he?
What does he do?
Where's he from?
41 What's your favorite fast food?
My favorite fast food is the hamburger
Mai feivorit fast fud is da jamburguer
Mi comida rápida favorite es la hamburguesa

42 What day is it today? (AQUÍ ELIGES EL DÍA QUE ES)

It’s Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday - Sunday
Its mondei – tiusdei – wuenesdei – tursdei – fraidei – saturdei - sandei
Es lunes – martes – miercoles – jueves – Viernes – sabado - domingo
43 What day is it tomorrow?
Tomorrow is Tuesday
Tumorrou is tiusdei
Mañana es martes
44 Do you like meat or vegetable?
I like meat
Ai laik mit
Me gusta la carne
45 What kind of vegetables and fruits do you buy at the supermarket?
I buy onions and oranges
Ai bai onions and oransh
Compro cebollas y naranjas
46 What's your favorite day of the week?
My favorite day of the week is Friday
Mai feivorit dei of da wiik is fraidei
Mi dia favorito de la semana es viernes
47 What days of the week are the weekend?
Friday , Saturday and Sunday
Fraidei , saturdei an sandei
Viernes, sabado y domingo
48 What month is it now?
It’s April
Its eipril
Es abril
Do you have brothers or sisters? How many?
Yes I do, I have 5 brothers
Yes ai du, ai jaf faif broders
Si, tengo 5 hermanos
What are their names?
My brother’s names are ….
Mai broders neim are (nombre de tus hermanos)
Los nombres de mis hermanos son …
What do they do?
They are students
Dei ar estiudents
Son estudiantes
50 Do you go to the supermarket? Where do you go?
Yes, I do. I go to tottus
Yes ai du, ai gou tu tottus
Si, voy a tottus

51 What do you buy?

I buy milk and bread
Ai bai milk and bred
Compro leche y pan
52 What's your favorite drink?
My favorite drink is orange juice
Mai feivorit drink is oransh yius
Mi bebida favorite es jugo de naranja
53 What is next month?
Next month is may
Nest month is mei
Siguien mes es mayo
54 What do you usually have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
I usually have breakfast
Ai iusuali jaf breikfast
55 Do you like foreign food? What food?
Yes, I do. I love Italian food
Yes ai du, ai lof italian fud
Si, me gusta comida italiana
56 What month is your birthday?
It’s on may
Its on mei
Es en mayo
57 What's your favorite month?
My favorite month is may
Mai feivorit mont is mei
Mi mes favorito es mayo
58 Do you pay by credit card or cash?
I pay by cash
Ai pei bai cash
Pago en efectivo