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Parents play a critical role in Where can I find out more

supporting what their

information on MTSS? MTSS in CMS
children are learning in
school. Research shows that
the more parents are TSS
involved in student learning,
the higher the student

There are many ways

parents can support what
their child is doing in school.
Here are a few:
➢ Make reading an everyday
habit home
➢ Communicate with your
child’s teacher regularly
➢ Monitor and assist with
homework assignments
➢ Ask for regular monitoring A Parent Guide to
➢ Share your child’s Office of Student Wellness understanding
successes & Academic Support
➢ Learn more about the
MTSS Multi-Tiered Systems of
curricula and interventions
District Specialists, 2019-2020
being used in your child’s
school Heather Anderson Chris Causebrook Support
➢ Attend parent/teacher Shontilia Guy Sarah Lichtenberg
conferences and other Kevin Ligon Morgan Murphy
school meetings about Anna Priester Agatha Ratulowski
your child Adrienne Robinson Ashley Springs
Jade Tornatore Edwin Wilson

For more information please contact your

school’s MTSS contact or child’s classroom
What is MTSS? So, what does this What questions can
parents ask to learn
REALLY mean? more about how MTSS
works in their child’s
ALL students will be provided the instruction they
need to make progress towards standards or meeting school?
grade level expectations. All students will receive
core instruction in academic, behavioral and
social/emotional practices based on the needs of the
district and school populations. When groups of
students or individual students are not making
progress, the school MTSS team will meet to review
the curriculum, instruction, and environment to
consider what changes are necessary to meet the
needs ALL students. Some students will need a
supplemental layer of support in addition to and
connected to core instruction. An intensive layer of
support is considered if students fall well below grade ➢ What curriculum is being taught in
level expectations. Again, based on a review of data,
my child’s classroom?
a few students will need core, supplemental and
intensive layers of support to make growth and ➢ What are the targeted interventions
MTSS is a multi-tiered framework progress towards content standards and grade level that my child’s school is using if
which promotes school expectations. The diagram below is a good visual for he/she is struggling in the
improvement through engaging, this layering of support. classroom?
research-based academic, ➢ What are the formal guidelines my
behavioral and social/emotional child’s school is using for progress
practices. monitoring?
➢ How will I be informed of the
progress my child is making?

➢ What happens if an intervention is

not working?