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“A Doll’s House” and “An Introduction”

By Isamala Das

The character of Nora in the story of A Doll’s House and the persona in the poem An Introduction both
talks about the struggle of women in the society. Both character and persona experienced the norm that
they should and should be which is to be a good mother and a good wife. Nora in her case that is like a
slave to her husband and at first, she thought that she could not do anything that may hurt the pride of
her husband and her family because it would destroy their reputation if she did not do her best for her
role of being a wife and a daughter. It’s like, her husband is the only one who will decide in every aspect
of their lives and Nora cannot interfere and oppose. Torvald is the only one who can and chose to
manipulate Nora, and not the other way around. Nora cannot decide on her own or to do some things
without her husband’s consent. It is a bad decision that she let her husband control her because it is not
accepted in society. Even though her motive is to save her husband’s life, it is still unacceptable in the
peoples’ opinion and especially to her husband. Torvald call her wife with the name of those small
animals and creatures just to degrade her, like my little skylark squirrel and songbird. He is possessive in
a way that he owns Nora and can do whatever he wants because she can just easily do that. He can
easily do everything because that’s his wife’s job, to follow him and make him happy in any possible way.
Just like what is said in an activity before that he treated Nora like a small animal like can easily swayed,
controlled, and will not bring him fear. And since he believes that Nora is just like an animal that they
don’t have the capacity to reason out or to oppose to whatever a human person does. Nora is different
in her persona in the Introduction because throughout the relationship, it is possible her secrets will
remain unrevealed, that she will stay in her current situation. That is why Ms. Linde said that she doesn’t
know her problems in life because it limits her role in the house. Unlike Ms. Linde who doesn’t have a
husband and life her life outside the four corners of her house.

The persona in the introduction differs in a way that she didn’t only talk about the situation in
the family but also in their politics. With the line, I don’t know politics, but I know the names of those in
power and can repeat them like days of week or names of months. She describes their politics which is
male dominated and ruled out by a few numbers of men. It implies that women have no power against
men or to engage in politics, they have no chance to show their capabilities in terms of politics. And I
think if even women want to run in politics nothing will happened because it is the norm in their
country. They are also not allowed to speak or to unite in English and other language they want. The
persona is questioning that attitude because if they are not allowed to do that, how can they express
their feelings. Restricting women to do that also means that they are restricting them to show their
opinions, feelings, joys, sadness, and everything they want to show. They cannot even express their
opinions about an issues or happenings around them. It is their way to keep an eye on what is happening
around them. And also, the poem talks about the struggle of women who are forced to marry at a young
age without their approval or fixed marriage setup. They are not given a chance to choose the future
spouse or to marry the one they love. And even though the husband doesn’t treat them bad, the
persona felt is like it slowly crushing her. Just like what the line He did not beat me, but my sad woman
body felt so beaten. The pain and the struggle are still there since now she need to do the duties of a
wife in a young age even though she did not want to.

Both characters show the situation of women. Both experienced being depressed and not able
to do the things they wanted to do. And even they follow the norm and the traditional role of a women,
they come to realized that its not the only thing they could do. For Nora, she realized that she can do
more than being a woman like in her situation with her husband. Everything is arranged and everything
she did was just for Torvald’s satisfaction and happiness. From being a child-doll when her father is still
alive, she became Torvald’s doll wife. She realized that she needs to educate herself not for Torvald but
for herself. Not just do the duties of a mother and a wife, but duties for herself, which is to be a better
and to stand on her own. And for the persona in the poem, realized that she should not stick with that
nature of a daughter-in-law and a woman which is to remain silent. Women are not different from men,
the pains, joys, mistakes, and achievements of men are not different from those of women. They are
both human capable of improving and should be free to do the things they want. We are all the same
and should realized that women should be given a chance to improve themselves.

The comparing and contrast of a character shows that even though the circumstances and the
events in the life of the character in a dolls house and all eagles singing in the moon both show the same
problem which is the struggle of woman in some society. Both shows that there are different situations
and mistakes that worsen the problem in the lives of a woman. It shows that the lack of freedom and
voice of a woman does not only happen in the house but also outside the house. In politics, workplace,
public setup and many more. And it is important to show these things because there are instances that it
still happens. And now in a modern era, there are groups that defend these women’s rights because are
still cases that happens today in everywhere. I think it only implies that if it this situation might
happened to some woman, they have the now the right and to defend their selves. And to make the
situation better and to prevent abuses. To be fair and to be felt that we are all the same, we are all
human beings and we deserve to be loved and respected.