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Lellers of Arpliculion

{ Read the following table, then listen to the cassette and tick the correct

information. Using the notes, say what details the person applnng for the job included in her letter of application. Is the letter formal or informal?

Job odvertised

full+ime soles ossistont port-time sqles qssistont


quolificotions lwo A levels in ort ond molhs

ond iroining

two A levels in moths ond geogrophy

Applicont's experience six months/locol corner shop

Applicont's quolities

qnd skills

Applicont's odditionol

six monthsT/centrol coffee shop

responsible ond trusiworthy

decisive ond energetic

enclosed CV/ovoiloble for inierview

informqtion ond refererrce enclosed o phoio/ovoiloble for interview



E il







Penaropl I

reason for writing


q a a Iifi c a ti o n s/tru i n ing

previous uperience/qaalities

and skills

Flml Poragnph

clwing rcnarlc

fall aaac

A letter of application may be written when we apply for a permanentitemporary

job or educational course. lt is usually formal; therefore, the appropriate language and expressions should be used.

2 Read the following letter and corect the mistakes.l{rite S for spelling G for grammar, P for punctuation, trI.o for word order or 11'!V for wrong

. word. Read the letter again anil write down the topic of each paragraph.

,,4/' ---,_i

( '

. ---- -'--' ./







De6r SirlMadam,

S writlxg

t amCffi;ryry

for the

of ehysical Education teacher at the All

in rhe nerald of 24th May.

saints' 6irls' sehool in tiverpool as


am twenty-six


old and obtained a degree in Sports science at

1991. t am presently

as a teaching assistant in the P.r.


for the last

coach in Middlesex

department at

Grammar School in Manchester where

br'to years as a swimming

four years. Prior to this, t


at the Regent Leisure Centre.

I am

in the post available as I am eager to upgrode my

appointed P.E. teacher. I am patient

present status from

and believe in

tf you wish me to

teaching assistant


encouraging pupils to reach their f ull potential.

an interview, I shall be glad to do



)t am looking f orward to

from you.

Yours faithfully,

Barbara Winters