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Hari / Tanggal : , Maret 2019
Pukul :
Waktu : 120 minutes

1. Isikan identitas anda pada lembar jawaban yang tersedia.
2. Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan soal.
3. Pilihlah jawaban yang paling benar dengan menghitamkan salah satu huruf pada
lembar jawab.
4. Periksa dan bacalah soal sebelum Anda menjawab.
5. Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian apabila terdapat soal yang kurang jelas atau tidak
6. Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas apabila diperlukan.
7. Tidak diijinkan menggunakan kamus, HP, atau alat bantu lainnya.
8. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian.
9. Lembar soal tidak boleh dicoret- coret.


DIRECTION: Choose the one clause/sentence that best completes the dialogue. Then on your
answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark it.


(A) The woman is wearing glasses.

(B) The women are holding something.
(C) The woman is holding a piece of paper.
(D) All the people in the class room are standing.


(A) The two girls are wearing gloves.

(B) The man in the middle is the tallest.
(C) All boys and girls are holding something.
(D) All the people in the class room were standing.


(A) The zoo is being crowded.

(B) The elephant is getting angry.
(C) The two tourist are taking a picture.
(D) The child is touching one of the part of elephant`s body.

4. Susie: Shall I post that letter, for you?

Peggy: ________________. I can do it on the way home.
(A) Oh, no, thank you.
(B) Oh, thanks so much.
(C) Yes, that`s a good idea.
(D) Oh, you really know what I mean.


5. Pedro: Miguel, let`s go to Niagara Falls next month.
Miguel: __________. Well, I think Niagara Falls will be very crowded during school
holiday. Why don`t we find another place!
(A) It`s fantastic.
(B) It`s very pleasure.
(C) I don`t agree with you.
(D) I don`t have any objection.

6. Tommy: John, are you going to go to Mary’s birthday party?

John: If she invited me, I would go.

Based on John`s answer we know that ________ ________________ .

(A) Mary won`t invite him.
(B) Mary didn`t invite him.
(C) Mary doesn`t invite him.
(D) Mary wouldn`t invite him.

7. Pedro: Why isn`t Howard`s number in the directory?

John: _________________;
(A) Yes, he is the real director.
(B) Because he`s a new employee.
(C) Yes, I would like to have a copy of directory.
(D) You should ask the police officer for directions.

8. Joana: This old copy machine needs to be repaired again.

Pedro: It was just fixed last month, wasn`t it?
Joana: Yes, it`s time to buy a new one.

The speakers will probably________________.

(A) Use the copy machine.
(B) Buy a new copy machine.
(C) Fix the machine themselves.
(D) Call the copy machine technician.

9. Woman: You can`t park your car here at the hospital entrance.
Man: I`m making delivery. I`ll be back in a minute, officer.
Woman: You`d better move your car to the lot now.
Why must the man move his car?
(A) The parking lot is full.
(B) A delivery truck needs to park.
(C) Someone is in his parking space.
(D) He parked in front of the hospital entrance.

10. Susie: Do you use the pool here often?

Peggy: I try to swim everyday at lunch time.
Susie: It`s very good exercise as well as a break from work.
What are the speakers doing?
(A) Working
(B) Swimming
(C) eating lunch
(D) going to exercise class


11. Pedro: We signed the contract this morning at ten o`clock.
Miguel: I can`t believe it. It`s taken months to work out all the details.
Pedro: We started negotiations four months ago, to be exact.

When was the contract signed?

(A) Yesterday .
(B) This morning.
(C) Ten minutes ago.
(D) Four months ago.

Questions 12 through 13 refer to the following script of announcement.

Looking to your left, you will see the first religious building in El Kaban, the
Damatian temple. This temple was built to the north of the marketplace on a 50-by-
100-meter base. This temple was built in the name of the emperor Damatian who
claimed himself to be both emperor and god. During excavations, only the head and
an arm of a Damatian statue could be found. Considering the head`s dimension of
1.6 meters, it is estimated that the height of the whole statue was 7 meters.

12. Where this announcement would most likely be heard?

(A) At church.
(B) In a museum.
(C) On a tour bus.
(D) In a classroom.

13. How is it known that the whole statue was 7 meters height?
(A) The statue was measured.
(B) An architect`s records were discovered.
(C) It was estimated from the size of the head.
(D) Another statue of Damatian was 7 meters high also.

Questions 14 through 15 refer to the following talk.

Hello, I`m Bob Frist from the city fire department. I`ve been asked to review the
emergency evacuation procedures for all hospital in the area. If there is a fire in your
building, this information could save your life and the lives of those under your care. In
the event of a fire, the first thing you need to do is turn on the fire alarm by pulling
down on this white bar. This will alert the fire department. Along with the alarm bell
that you`ll hear, you will also see flashing strobe lights that are activated in every unit
when the alarm is turned on. If you see these lights or hear the alarm bell, it is essential
to close all doors and windows to keep smoke and fire from spreading. Evacuate the
patients who can`t walk first, and then help the others out of the building. The fire
department will have ambulances sent to your building so you can transfer any sick or
injured people to another medical facility immediately. Now I want to outline each of
your specific fire response duties.

14. Who is the talk probably being given to?

(A) Teachers
(B) Fire fighters
(C) Hospital staff
(D) Patients in a nursing home.


15. What will happen if the alarm is turned on?
(A) A white bar will be activated.
(B) Lights will flash throughout the building.
(C) The emergency power system will turn on.
(D) The windows and doors will automatically close.

Questions 16 through 18 refer to the following article.

Every year, about 240 million tires --- an average of one tire for every person in the
United States --- are discarded. Currently, U.S. automobile manufacturers are turning 18
million pounds of tires each year into car parts --- seals, air deflectors, and other parts not
visible to consumers.
Now, a new process that grinds tires into fine powder and magnetically removes steel
belting promises to broaden the range of recycled products. The end product, a mixture of
rubber and plastic, can be molded into vehicle parts, and the look new. The first product, a
brake-pedal pad, Is being field tested on fleers off police cars, rental cars, and taxicabs. They
could end up on production vehicles next year. Each recycled tire can produce 250 brake-pedal

16. What is the best title for this article?

(A) “A New Use for Old Tires”
(B) “New Brakes Make Cars Safer”
(C) “Process Makes Old Cars Look New”
(D) “Making Tires from Recycled Materials”

17. The word “discarded” in paragraph 1, line 2 is closest in meaning to

(A) Replaced
(B) Produced
(C) looked over
(D) thrown away

18. Which of the following best describes the order of steps in the new process?
(A) melt tires, broaden belt, install parts
(B) powder tires, belt with steel, melt parts
(C) grind tires, remove steel, mold in to parts
(D) magnetize steel, mix rubber and plastic, make parts


Questions 19 through 21 refer to the following letter.

26 Windmill Road
Bristol BS2 6DP

24 May 2018
Ms Emma Campbell
Personnel Manager
Multimedia Design
4 Kennington Road
London SE1 8DD

Dear Ms Campbell

I am writing to apply for the position of assistant designer advertised in the Evening Post of 23
May. Please find enclosed a copy of my CV.

I have degree in Graphic Design from Anglia Polytechnic University. Since graduation last summer
I have been working for EMS Corporate Imaging on contract basis. I have become particularly
interested in interactive and multimedia work and now wish to develop my career in that direction. I
would welcome the chance to work as part of a small, dynamic team where I could make a
significant contribution while developing my skill yet further. I would be happy to show you a
portfolio of my work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Peter Green

19. What is the purpose of Peter Green by writing the letter?

(A) to apply for the position of assistant manager
(B) to apply for the position of assistant designer
(C) to apply for being a teacher of Anglia Polytechnic University
(D) to apply for the position of assistant manager of EMS Corporate Imaging

20. Where does the writer go to work now?

(A) He works for the Evening Post.
(B) He works for Multimedia Design .
(C) He works for EMS Corporate Imaging
(D) He goes to Anglia Polytechnic University.

21. ---and now wish to develop my career in that direction. The italicized phrase refers to
(A) be assistant designer
(B) the personnel manager
(C) be a dynamic employee
(D) interactive and multimedia work


Questions 22 through 24 refer to the following passage.

The New York Baseball Club, an investor group led by the computer chip executive Henry B.
Lawson, paid the New York Baseball Stadium Authority well over $500,000 last week in return
for a one-year extension of its exclusive with the state agency. This would mean that the only
one able to negotiate a lease for a stadium facility would be Lawson`s New York Baseball Club.

Lawson hopes to buy a major league baseball team that would play in a 50,000-seat stadium to
be built by the state. He would get the major league team by either winning in expansion
franchise or by moving an existing team to New York.

The agreement, approved by the authority last week, would give Lawson`s group the right to
receive extension for as many as five years, in return for additional payment that would total
$4.1 million over that period. The investor group would receive over half the payments if a
stadium is built.

22. Why did Lawson pay $500,000?

(A) To buy a major league team
(B) To block off any competition
(C) To help build the new stadium
(D) To lease the stadium for another year

23. Who is funding this activity?

(A) The state
(B) A group of investors
(C) A computer company
(D) The New York Baseball Club

24. Who would be responsible for building the stadium?

(A) New York State
(B) A major league team
(C) The stadium authority
(D) The New York Baseball Club

Questions 25 through 27 refer to the following passage.

------------------------Simply Awesome-------------------------

Cast a line into a clear-running stream. Pitch a tent in a grove of scarlet maple trees. Canoe a
winding river. Pedal for miles on our picturesque bicycle trails through abandoned railroad
tunnels and lost-in-time villages. Feeling lazy? Sit back and float down the broad Arkansas
River on a nineteenth-century paddle-boat or relax in any of our natural hot springs.

Roast a wild turkey. Spy a blue bird. Hunt for wild mushrooms. Beauty is always just a few
steps away. Follow narrow paths to pristine glades or cliff-top vistas so breathtaking that you
will want to soar with the eagles

--------------Simply Awesome-


25. Based on the passage above, what kind of state Arkansas is?
(A) Rural
(B) Urban
(C) Industrial
(D) Prosperous

26. What does Cast a line into a clear-running stream mean?

(A) Sailing
(B) Fishing
(C) Shopping
(D) Riding antique railroads

27. Which bird is NOT mentioned in the passage?

(A) Bluebird
(B) Turkey
(C) Eagle
(D) Dove

Questions 28 through 30 refer to the following instructions

The Metropolitan Light Rail Authority has developed the following guidelines in the event of an
emergency. For your safety, please read the following instructions.

 In all cases, wait for instructions from the train operator.

 Fire extinguishers and emergency service telephones are located at the end of each car.
They can be removed by kicking in the plastic door panel.
 Never block doorways or aisles.
 In the event that must exit the train, watch your step when exiting. If there is no
electricity, doors can be opened by pulling apart from the middle. There is also an
escape door on the roof of each car.
 Once you have left the train, look in both directions before crossing the tracks, then,
move away from the tracks to wait for a rescue train. Do not touch electrical rails.

Additional instructions are included on the back for assisting the elderly, infants and small
children, and those passengers with disabilities.

28. What is the first thing that passengers should do in an emergency?

(A) Leave the train
(B) Listen for instructions
(C) Telephone for assistance
(D) Move articles from the aisle

29. For whom are the instructions written?

(A) Bus riders
(B) Pedestrians
(C) Train operators
(D) Train passengers


30. What groups are referred in the instructions on the back to?
(A) All passengers
(B) People over 70
(C) Railroad operators
(D) Passengers who do not speak English.

31. Interviewer: Would you mind talking about education in your country and, what can the
students do after finishing school programs?
Mr. Copley: Er-education. Children in this country start school at five. They leave school at
sixteen or they can stay until they`re eighteen. They can go to university____.
(A) If they pass their examination.
(B) If they passed their examination.
(C) If they had passed their examination.
(D) If they wanted to continue their study.

32. Pedro: Are we going at five or at six o`clock?

Joana: We are going at six.
Pedro: Great. I don`t want to be late.
(A) The show starts at five.
(B) The show started at six
(C) The show starts at seven
(D) The show will be ended at six.

33. Peggy: I think football is too violent.

Susie: ____________. I prefer watching football to baseball.
(A) I agree with you.
(B) We agree with you..
(C) John agrees with you.
(D) I do not agree with you.

34. Pedro : If you don`t mind, I can bring you something.

Miguel : ______________. I think I need a cup of black coffee.
A. You are welcome.
B. That`s very kind of you.
C. Could you do me a favor?
D. Yes. What can I do for you?

35. Helen: _______________ when I rang an hour ago? Were you still asleep?
Stephen: No. I was having breakfast when the phone rang.
Helen: Having breakfast---at ten o`clock?
Stephen: I had a late night last night. I was working until midnight.
A. What were you doing?
B. How were you doing?
C. What are you doing?
D. How are you doing?

36. Jim: He doesn`t watch television! He doesn`t go to the movie! He goes to the store every
day. He never takes a day off.
Pearl: Jim, calm down.
Jim: He never laughs! He never goes angry!
Franc: That`s the way he is, Jim.
Jim: Is he happy? Is he sad? Do you know, Dad? He is your father.
Franc: He doesn`t think about happiness, Jim. He thinks about his family and his obligation.


Jim: That`s no way to live.
Pearl: May be not, but it`s his way.

Who are Jim and his parents talking about?

A. Jim`s job
B. Jim`s mother
C. Jim`s parents
D. Jim`s grandparents

37. Farah : Billows of smoke from the forest fires in Jambi, Riau, and West Kalimantan are
becoming thicker and thicker. They have harmful effects on our health and daily
Della : Absolutely. I think the government __________ people to understand the value
of forests and stop their bad habit.
A. is educated
B. has educated
C. should have educated
D. should have been educated

38. Martha : I`m very sorry, Miguel, I can`t leave now. We have to practice the last part of the
Drama, but we _________by six o`clock.
Miguel : Don`t worry. I`ll wait until you finished.
A. are finished
B. will be finished
C. will have finished
D. have been finished

39. Paulo: Hey, Joana. Why aren`t you ready? It`s almost 7 o`clock.
Joana: I am sorry, Paulo. I am not going. I have to study.
Paulo: But you can study later. Don`t you want to go?
Joana: No, not really. I don`t like dinner parties.
Paulo: But what can I tell to the Crawfords?
Joana: Tell them I am sick.
Paulo: But you aren`t sick come on, Joana. I don`t like to lie.
Joana: And I don`t like to go to dinner.
Paulo: Come on, Joana. You can`t say “no” to the Crawfords.

Based on the dialogue above, we can get to know that ____

A. Paulo and Joana really like dinner party.
B. They are talking about Mr. Crawford`s family.
C. They are talking about Mr. Crawford`s invitation.
D. Joana do not really want to go to the Crawford`s dinner party.

40. Farah : If elected, what will be your top priority during your first six month in office?
Simon : If I become mayor of this city, I will devote all my energy and life to improve the
local school system. We need to develop our educational facilities.
Based on the dialogue above, we can get to know that:
A. Simon is the mayor of his city.
B. Simon was the mayor of the city.
C. Farah is elected as the head of the city.
D. Simon does really want to be the mayor of his city.

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Answer the questions 41 through 43 based on the following instruction.

1. Create a cover letter saying who the document is for and from as well as their tended
fax number and your phone number. Place the cover letter on top of your documents
and insert it into the fax machine.
2. Enter the fax number.
3. Hit the send key once. Now you have properly entered all of the numbers into the
4. Wait for your documents to pass through the machine and collect them when finished.
5. Look for a confirmation page to print.

41. What does the text tell us about?

42. What is the next step after inserting the document into the fax?
43. “Hit the send key once.” What does the underlined word mean?

Answer the questions 44 through 45 based on the following announcement.

21st Annual Children`s Book Fair

Vienna, Austria
City of Vienna Exhibition Center
May 19-23 10a.m -8p.m daily
The European Book Foundation will open the doors of the 21st Annual Children`s Book Fair
from Thursday May 19 through Monday May 23. More than 200 children will take part,
including the most important bookstores and publishing houses devoted to children`s literature
and education. For the first two days, from 10 to 2, the fair is open executively to groups of
pupils on official school excursion. After 2on these days, and from the 21st to the 23rd , it is open
to all interested members of the public. There will be workshop on literature, arts, and
computing as well as dancing, music, and puppet shows.

This year, for the first time, Lorenzo the Magnificent will be performing magic on Saturday and
Sunday. Meet-the-author session and book-signings take place daily.

44. Who may attend the fair May 21 to May 23?

45. What is taking place at the book fair for the first time this year?


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