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BSA 1-7


To begin with, the entire video encompasses the vital role of bookkeeping in any aspect
of business. Besides, bookkeeping is exceedingly fundamental in every unit of the society
since it contains all the necessary information needed by everybody. It is the sources of
plenty information because all the financial transactions are carefully recorded and
compiled in an organized manner. Indeed, bookkeeping serves as the primary forecast of
the business' status, thus the company can notice whether if it is not profitable anymore.
Basically, you are able to know how much progress the business had made over time
through proper bookkeeping. By providing real life instances from simple into complex,
it really helps the viewers to gain background knowledge and valuable insights about the
importance of bookkeeping. With that, it is timely and relevant in today's landscape since
many businesses rising in our country; it will educate more people about the essential role
of proper bookkeeping that may lead to a successful business. Therefore, proper
bookkeeping must be implemented and monitored in every business so as to survive the
nature of their business. Consequently, the presentation of the topic was good. It utilized
an appropriate type of transition and not using too much animated transition will make
the video more understandable. Also, the way of using illustrations was captivating, and
it made the video more realistic. Furthermore, the usage of sound effects was pleasant; it
added life and meaning to the character as well as to the entire video too. Overall, it was
entertaining and there were lots of learning from this video that can apply in our daily

Second Part:

1. What is accounting?
Answer: Accounting is the process of analyzing, identifying, and recording
economic events of an entity. Also, it is the systematic way of recording and
making financial reports in line with given transactions. Moreover, accounting is
the storehouse of information wherein all the financial information are carefully
collected, recorded and processed wherein an entity can rely on with.

2. What is the objective of accounting?

Answer: The primary objective of accounting is to provide information to the
manager and owner where they can assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their
business operations.

3. What are the different areas of accountancy profession?

Answer: The different areas of accountancy profession are financial accounting,
managerial accounting, government accounting, auditing, tax accounting, and cost
accounting, accounting education and accounting research. First, financial
accounting is an area of accounting that deals with the recognition, measurement,
and communication of economic activities while managerial accounting focuses
on providing information for those internal users. Second, government accounting
focuses on measuring and recording of inflow and outflow of funds of the
government whereas auditing has two types: internal and external, internal
auditing focuses on evaluation whether a branch of business complies with the
policies implemented by the management while external auditing deals with the
examination of fairly presentation of financial statements and in compliance with
accounting standards. Then, tax accounting helps clients follow rules set by tax
authorities however cost accounting help the owner in setting the selling price of a
product. Lastly, accounting education deals with developing of future accountants
meanwhile accounting research focuses on the search for new knowledge about

Source: Ballada, W. (2014).Basic accounting made easy. Manila, Philippines:

Domdane Publishers.

4. What is/are your personal insights about B.S. Accountancy?

Answer: B.S. Accountancy is a challenging and quite complex type of course
program. In this course program, I think that it will enhance my analysis in terms
of transactions and broaden my knowledge about concepts and theories. Also, I
will learn the language of business.

5. What is/are your personal reasons behind taking this course program?
Answer. I took this course program not just because of my burning passion but
also it is the way to achieve my dream to become a CPA though it was a
challenging course program, I will do my best and I will fight for my dreams until
the end. Also, it is one of the demand courses and since BPO companies are still
emerging in our country, there are plenty of career opportunities waiting for me. I
believe that if there's a business, there's a need for an accountant.