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Qualities of a good student

The qualities of the student are of great impact to determine the student's path. What are the
qualities of a good student?
Attitude: a good student has the ability and willingness to learn new subjects even if the subjects
are not interesting.
1. Academic skills: Ability to read comprehensively, to write effectively, to speak and
communicate clearly are the key areas in which a student must be proficient. Having a
good command in all these areas will make a student to shine in the class.
2. Ability: the ability to apply the results of his or her learning in to a creative way and
achieve the goals.
3. Perceptiveness: How well a student can interpret and perceive meanings from a
4. Self-Discipline: managing time is an important factor. Delaying the tasks may negatively
impact the ability of a student to achieve goals.
5. Understanding over memorizing concepts: students must understand concepts rather
than just memorize them. It is essential to understand concepts rather than facts

A good student is
• Prepared
• Focused
• Organized
• Confident
• Has good study ethics
• Not afraid to ask questions
• Not afraid to ask for help
• Works hard
• Sets goals
• Respectful
• Gets extra help if needed
• Does more than expected
• Listens thoroughly
• Motivated
• Positive
• Shows up for class
• Participates in class activities
A good student is someone who tries their best and is earnest. A good student reaches out to
others to help when others may not understand. A good student is enthusiastic, and has the
burning desire to learn.

A good student is willing to learn new things for the sake of learning, and has a work ethic with
priorities in listening, being studious, and trying their best. The ability to understand new
concepts and ideas is one of the qualities that makes a good student.

A good student usually demonstrates a number of characteristics: intelligence and cognitive

skills play a role, but most students have average - and similar - abilities. Some students stand
out more than others, getting better grades and grasping material more deeply. Why?

Psychologists and teachers are increasingly realizing how central personality is to success. An
aspect of personality called academic resilience may be key to success in learning. Academic
resilience is a more specific version of the larger concept of resilience. Academic resilience is a
student's willingness to persevere at academic tasks even when frustrated. In other words,
academically resilient do not give up, no matter what faces them.

A good student is somebody who has a keen interest, a desire to learn and a willingness to
work hard. I think what makes a good student is perseverance and discipline.

What makes a good student? Somebody who's willing to make mistakes.You have absolutely
have to make a lot of mistakes if you want to learn anything. Anytime you learn something, it's
trial and error. If you're not making mistakes, you're not learning.

A good student is hard -working, and eager, you know, students should be eager to study which
means that they initiate their study and then try to start learning by themselves, not depending
on the teacher, or just doing what they are told to do.

You need the passion of what you're studying. Learning involves many activities: managing your
time, taking notes, reading books, listening to lectures, memorizing, having discussions, and
writing tests.

1. Desire to learn. If you are not motivated, you won't learn.

2. Review the material regularly to reinforce knowledge of the subject.
3. Apply the knowledge. If you don't use it, you'll forget it.
4. Introspect regularly. Set aside time to examine actions. Take time to learn from mistakes
and successes.
Co-operation is helping each other out so everyone benefits, it's the opposite of competing,
where everyone wants to win for themselves. Most learning is done with the help of others, so
learning to cooperate is a valuable skill for anyone.