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BRAZIL - Class 16

Items sent Possible Adaptation

160095 books
160331 comic books

160248 school supplies [stationery]

Educational kits, comprising books and audio cassettes,
Educational kits sold as a unit in the field of English packaged as one unit
learning for children consisting primarily of lesson and Educational kits, comprising books and cds or dvds,
workbooks and also including DVDs packaged as one unity
Educational kits, comprising books and magnetic
media, packaged as one unit

160259 cases for stamps [seals]

Educational publications, namely, educational learning 160124 drawing materials
cards, flash cards, activity cards, workbooks, textbooks,
activity books, story books, puzzle books, printed 160189 booklets
puzzles, teacher guides, manuals, posters and 160007 posters
educational booklets in the field of English learning for
children 160180 manuals [handbooks] / handbooks [manuals]

Children's interactive educational book 160095 books

BRAZIL - Class 41

Items sent Possible Adaptation

Educational services, namely, conducting informal

programs in the fields of English learning for children, 410002 academies [education]
using on-line activities and interactive exhibits, and 410199 educational services provided by schools
printable materials distributed therewith

Providing education courses in the field of English

410017 teaching / educational services / instruction
learning for children offered through online, non-
downloadable videos and instructor assistance

410048 education information

Providing information relating to education services for
children Education advice, consultancy and information