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APEX Interview Questions

1. How can you done changes in apex trigger direct in production?

2. When should you build solutions declaratively instead of with code?
3. Explain how MVC architecture fit for Salesforce?
4. Explain Apex Data Types?
5. Explain Apex Variables?
6. Apex and java similarties and differences?
7. Explain what is Trigger?
8. When we Use a Before Trigger and After Trigger?
9. If salesforce allow use to update the same object or validate the same object
using before and after both trigger event so why before trigger exist?
10. What is the maximum batch size in a single trigger execution?
11. If one object in salesforce have 2 triggers which runs �before Insert�. Is
there any way to control the sequence of execution of these triggers?
12. What are the trigger context variables?
13. What are the recursive triggers and how to avoid?
14. What is MIXED-DML-OPERATION error and how to avoid?
15. What Is The Difference Between And Trigger.old In Apex � Sfdc?
16. What is the difference between and trigger.newmap?
17. How to run trigger asynchronuosly?
18.What is the best practice of trigger?
19. In which sequence trigger and automation rules run in
20. what are the access modifiers in apex?
21. In How Many Ways We Can Invoke The Apex Class?
22. What is the difference between with sharing and without sharing?
23. What are setter and getter methods?
24. How do you reffer to current page id in apex?
25. What is difference between WhoId and WhatId in the Data Model of Task ?
26. What Is The Difference Between Soql And Sosl?
27. I have 1 parent(account) and 1 child(contact),how will you get First Name,Last
Name from child and email from the parent when Organization name in account is
28. Explain Difference In Count() And Count(fieldname) In Soql.?
29. Which SOQL statement can be used to get all records even from recycle bin or
Achieved Activities?
30. How can you lock record using SOQL so it cannot be modified by other user?
31. Difference between insert/update and Database.insert/ Database.update?
32. What are the aggregate functions supported by salesforce SOQL?
33. Write a sample aggregate query or explain how to write a aggregate queries?
34. Some known governor limits in
35. Can we create 2 opportunities while the Lead conversion ?
36. Other than Soql and Sosl what is other way to get custom Settings?
37. How to get all the fields of Sobject using dynamic apex?
38. What Are Global Variables Explain With Examples?
39. What is Wrapper Class?
40. What are the effects of using the transient keyword?
41. Can you please give some information about Implicit and Explicit Invocation of
42. Can you give me situation where we can use workflow rather than trigger?
43. What is difference between public and global class in Apex ?
44. Explain Considerations for Static keyword in Apex?
45. What is the use of save point in java script?
46. How many types of email services in salesforce? Write a apex code to send a
47. How can we hard delete a record using a Apex class/by code?
48. What is the purpose of writing the test class?
49. Syntax of testMethod?
50. What is the purpose of seeAllData?
51. What is the purpose of Test.startTest() and Test.stopTest()?
52. What is the purpose of system.runAs()?
53. What are the assert statements?
54. What is the purpose of Test.isRunningTest()?
55. What is the purpose of @TestVisible?
56. What is the test class best practice?
57. What is Asynchronous Apex?
58. What is batch apex?
59. Write a syntax and structure of batch class?
60. Suppose we have a batch size of 20 and we have 50 records so how many times
each methods calls in batch class ?
61. Is it possible to call batch class from one more batch class?
62. Is it possible to call future method from a batch class?
63. How many batch jobs can be active/queued at a time?
64. Is it possbile to write batch class and schedulable class in a same class?
65. What is Future method?
66. What is future method syntax? And some use cases of future methods?
67. Explain few considerations for @Future annotation in Apex?
68. In an apex invocation how many methods that we can write as future annotations?
69. What is Queueable Class?
70. What is Queueable Class Syntax? And some additional benefits over future
71. What is Scheduled Class? And syntax of Scheduled Class?
72. What are different API in