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CBS Project Office,

Head Office 2, N.S. Road, 5th & 6th Floor
Kolkata – 700001 Plot No-9&10, Sector-19A,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400705

Ref: CBS/Delivery Channel/Circular Letter/14 Date: 05.07.2007

All CBS Branches

Trickle Feed Facility

The CBS environment has brought about certain facilities for use by the
branches. One such facility is ‘Trickle Feed’ using which branches would be able
to put through bulk transactions into the system directly through a text file in a
specified format.

Navigation in CBS Application:

Branches can use the facility through a simple process in the application as
shown below:
a) Branch Administrator-> File Upload Screen Menu
b) Select Upload Type: SAL
c) Select file Name: Path of the Salary Upload File in Branch Server
upload directory
d) Select Processing Date: Select date as today’s date
e) Click on upload button
f) File uploading facility can be exercised only by Vault Teller
g) Request will be transferred to queue for authorization. Once request is
authorized popup will display the status of transaction.
“Host Transaction Fired: FTP Succeeded” Popup insures the successful
uploading of file.
h) File will be processed with in 10 to 15 minutes and report will be
generated in Branch Server machine.
Folder path: e:\ftp\REPORTS

Essential Points regarding File Structure:

However, for using this facility a text file containing transaction details need to
be prepared by the branch. The file format and other necessary information is
enclosed for reference. The major points to keep in mind while using this
facility are given below:

a) Location of the file (E:\ftp\interfaces\BATCH_UPLOADS in the

Branch Server)
b) File Format
a. Length of a record (transaction) in the file has to be of 101
b. Care should be taken while giving the Cr / Dr code for a
transaction happening in Deposit / CC-OD Account / TL Account
(only credit allowed) / GL Accounts
c. Amount field has to be of 16 characters length (14+2).
However, decimal point should not be there.

d. No transaction with zero amount would be accepted by the system
e. Debit / Credit amount should be matching in the file

What type of transactions:

a) Any transactions of your branch can be done with this facility.
b) Transactions in the customer accounts (SB, Current, CC, OD, TL) of
other branches can also be posted through this facility.
c) Please note that transactions in GL accounts of other branches can not
be posted as no access is given to BGL Accounts other than home
d) Remittance transactions can not be posted through this facility like
preparation of or responding of Ct20A / DD / BC etc.

a) For posting salary of your office / branch or employees of other
corporate customers if they provide files in the requisite format.
b) For posting charges like insufficient balance charge, ledger folio charges
(if still in existence in CBS environment), locker rent charges etc. in bulk
accounts simultaneously.

Please note that the postings done using this facility are irreversible and
can not be cancelled once done hence caution must be exercised before using
the facility.

Branches using the facility for the first time must contact CBS Project
Office at IP no. 815625212, Landline nos. (022) 2784 1183 / 84 / 85
[Extension No. 503 / 504] for confirmation of file format. A write-up on the
facility is enclosed along with.

Yours faithfully,

Enclosure: As above
(Trishna Guha)
Dy. General Manager (IT)

1 Salary Upload through Trickle Feed Application

1.1 Name of the Interface:

Salary Postings.

1.2 Type of Interface:

Batch (Uploads) Postings.

1.3 Frequency:
Periodic - Once in a month. (In some cases, on account of payment of arrears or
revision in salary or DA, it may be posted at irregular intervals) Depends on the
number of organisations the branch has as its customers. Usually such customers
would be corporate customers.
For eg: - If a branch has 10 organisations as its customers that pay salaries to its
employees through the branch, then the branch has to run this interface 10 times in
a month. Similarly, salary for Allahabad Bank employees of bigger branches or
zonal offices/LHOs/Corporate Centre establishments through a branch where
salary accounts are held may be credited through this interface.

1.4 Brief description:

The Interface is used for crediting the Staff/Customers Deposit/Loan accounts and
debiting the respective corporate account. The branch will receive the file from the
respective organization, which contains the details of staff/customers’ account
numbers, amount to be credited, and the systems suspense account number,
amount to be debited. The debit transaction to the organization’s account is done
manually from the b@ncslink screen and the corresponding credit is made to
system’s suspense account. The file will contain the credit transactions to the
customers’ account and a debit transaction to the systems suspense account. This
information is used for posting the transactions to the respective accounts.

1.5 Process for Upload

1. Prepare the salary Upload File in specified format. The format for the
salary file is mentioned below.
a) File should be .txt format only.
b) File name can be any file name. No specific format is required for file
c) Record length in file must be 101 characters.
d) Total credit and debit should be matched in to file else it will give error
message while authorizing.

The format of the file for salary transactions is as follows: -

Type of Txn. (Dr/ Cr) - 2

Account no – 17
Transaction Amount - 14+2
Narration Text – 50
Reference No – 8
Value Date – 8

File Format Specifications

Sl. No Field Name Length Comments

1 *Type of Txn. 2
2 Account number 17
3 Amount 14+2 Don’t give decimal point.
4 Narration Text 50
5 Reference No. 8 Blank in accounts other than
internal accounts
6 Value Date 8 Blank in case of txn types
other than 02,52,03,53

* Type of Txn:

Credit Transaction Type Debit Transaction Type

01 Deposit a/c 51
02 Cash Credit/Overdraft 52
03 Demand / Term Loan Not to be used
04 General Ledger A/c 54

Example: Sample file would be like the following:

“01000000200000605270000000000907110Salary for MAY2007 “

“01000000200000610760000000000836908Salary for MAY2007 “
“54000000814330197550000000001744018Salary for MAY2007 “

This file will credit salary in 20000060527 and 20000061076 deposit accounts by debiting
81433019755 BGL.

Please note that the records as shown just above would not have quote marks but is
shown here just to indicate that the length of the record will always be fixed at 101

2. To process the salary file in trickle feed application file should be present
in Branch server machine to a particular location. So Copy the SALARY
file in to following path in Branch Server.

3. Login with vault teller in Bancs Application.

4. Go to Branch Administrator-> File Upload Screen Menu.

5. Select Upload Type: SAL

Select file Name: Path of the Salary Upload File in Branch Server upload


Please mention branch_server_ip_addr as your branch server IP


Select Processing Date: Select date as today’s date.

6. Then click on upload button. This request will be transferred to queue for

7) Login using more than 50 User type and authorize the request. Once
request is authorized popup will display the status of transaction.
“Host Transaction Fired: FTP Succeeded ” Popup insures the successfully
uploading of file.
8) File will be processed with in 10 to 15 minutes and report will be
generated in Branch server machine.
Folder path: e:\ftp\REPORTS

- - - End of document - - -