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Sigidas Mtb Enduro Challenge

Brgy. Catigan, Toril Davao City

August 04, 2019
Race Start : 7:00am
* Required

Race Rules and Regulations

1. Racers must compete on one (1) bike for all stages and be self-supported; racers can carry replacement parts,
tires etc.

2. Track read is required. Proceed with caution and read all technical sections.

3. Results will be calculated with integrity and will be announced on the awarding event.

4. Required rider gears - Full face or half shell helmet, Goggles and Knee pads

5. If a faster rider approaches you on the trails during the race, move on a safe side and give way. If you
approach a slow
rider on the trails during the race, let him know that you want to pass by.

6. Riders are required to attend the race briefing event. The above regulations will be discussed and the
organizers will
answer any questions related to the enduro race event.

Timing and Discipline

1. Each rider will be given an assigned TIME as reference of his starting period .

2. Failure of the rider to appear on his assigned time will be considered as running time.

3. Individual start on all stages with intervals of 1 minute or as instructed by the race director.

4. Riders will be notified of their time as soon as they reach the finish line.


1. Other Start Violation (example: pushing into queue, delaying start, jumping start etc.)
– From 30 seconds – Disqualification

2. Not obeying course marking/course cutting

– From 10 seconds -Disqualification
3. Illegal Outside Assistance + Shuttling during Liaison Stage
– From 10 Seconds -Disqualification

4. Environmental Disrespect (smoking, littering)

– From 10 Seconds – Disqualification

5. Altering the course and race details

– Disqualification

Additional Details
1. Riders will be screened accordingly by category and age.

2. Bihudan Category is for executives, businessmen, politicians, and professionals only.

3. Master Category is for the semi-elite version aspirants.

i. e., for those who are consecutively on the podium stage in every age category. those who have the ability to
like a pro rider.

4. Strictly Enduro Set-up with 140mm up front suspension travel.

5. If the final registered participants of a category is less than 5, participants will be merged to a category that
will be
decided by the organizer.

6. There will be three (3) special stages that are approximately 2-3 km each. Shuttle transport will be provided
STAGE 1 liaison only.

7. Directions and course maps will be displayed on designated areas at the race track. OR you may check the
online page
of the race for further information.
Riders are encouraged to study the map and understand the race route prior to the event proper.

I have read and understood the Race Mechanics and Regulations * *

Payment Details
Elgin Paul Ong

BDO - 003370034993
BPI - 2149015429
Kindly send a copy of your payment receipt with your name to our FB Page
via messenger: Sigidas MTB Enduro Challlenge or FB message Elgin Paul
Ong. You can also email a copy of your payment receipt with your name

Sigidas Mtb Enduro Challenge

Contact Person
Loong Monterola (Race Details)
# 09323162554
Arch. Dandy Gomez (Race Details)
# 09222705648

Elgin Paul Ong (Payment Details)

# 09228120340

Sigidas Mtb Enduro Challenge

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