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Dr Baygea Rateavvr for anaring her Caeycopedcnowiedge ofthe soll and liow t ene fre gars ‘ally, Chatsian and Janna Carpe Tor Unie (rvaable sen lance over the years. parurolaety with eer-neralation of Eure ‘ean sls; Sara Sorelle for her encerSl and ndelitigable help i, esearching the Dook: Jerree Tompians forthe onde proctse: tng of material through her TBM PC: ana, as always. the stall of ‘he Library of Congress (or their mwvaluable faeaities so courte ‘ustyoferee-eltuea ardortanatst ne longer nadie to echo {iy thanks to the tneubant Liman of Congress ‘We ave also auch behailen, for the hospitaiy sador logis tte support to: Hosetenuat and wether Or. Alesaider Drader land to histerian De Pavel Pomen tn Moscow, USSR. eagineet ana closer Wiadinlers Saware: spiro Leen Stead aw! HOS a Heer. 9 Warsaw, Poin: and wo Dr edene Reydek, Pree ent, Ieesralioral Association fo Peychotronie Resear an be able teerpeter Eva Rosbaiova s2 Prague, Casenesen aki era Raovie-Feading enalvarofeantesmporiry Amerie nd Bish Betion. In Belgrade. and Mz and Men Mato Mode in Rovin Yogostael: Dr Maria Pekenreih, ghtes ie ec agri fone, is Garserndor, Assia: Le nd Hans Sehunoiin Larrene Sorat “lg rome Lema, ruler physicist turned enroamenia isin Seuss ese Moos pu Salamis GER Jerome Dumoun sored, LBsyres sd SED Bat sco sven oe Fee Pranesie ascent Badarin Pac France, Jot. Satnay ae i tla, Cutwad, Hanna Camp ard Davis Bit, Bion ‘scutes ev Cage, Yrowcibe'- Our ans ako Marie Meath of Haar! Civersty ad tos father Van Meer. Setter of Mawnan iangunge and neat e Aveta Ud Been Wtangton: Br tr in matance dipering Many tetrcaldicneces and tapes om fhe fortes Sot talon INTRODUCTION Rocreature. noteven swine befoula te est smh sach abandon ay does heme soplens, galnonng hls habitat ‘ith fendishiy concocted chemicals andar del tae wate ‘Araorass of Zctog human flesh avis us al wes the ant Soles are raplaiy applied Providentally, they ex. they work, land as delated in these pages, ean bangs nec to Reeth, ‘That the earth 1s alling~cimost bevona repatr—wae clea nough a early as 1912 fo Nobel Poze winner Dr, Alcs Carrel Mary the Uukown tis emment Prenem sete warmec Laat strc sos the basis or all rumen fe. oor only hope fea eae ‘worid rests on reestabllsute ‘e Rarmiony fn the st we have ‘iarupted by our esiesa saethods of egronommy. AU of We wl be eather bealthy or until, suid Carrel, according fo Ure etlty of he sou. Durer indeedy, al tnd comes Beas soi, “Tatay soils ae ted, overworked, deplete, sick, pole by synthe chemicals. Hence the quailty of fod hae suilered atid sehas heath. Malpulnuon toga wets Har se, Buea sna Ialth depence na wholesune fod, and she a on eet fectie and productive sels Minerale te sc satd Carvel coe {Hol the metabollcn of eels mp plant, asia, gd man. Dlsessey fre created chiely by destroying Ue hareony celaning amo0g ‘Rneral bstanees present in nines mount i ale {5 ond, fut roost inportanty (0M Iso ta deflsont 2 face evgents. food ard ater willbe equal detksent a Senet te 1arrel then came tthe pot: cera etizers cannot ce sure sl fey, Tey o ot work om the sl, but are foctly ‘Med by plana, posing both plant and sal Only organic ‘Rumtos ras fo i, Plato sats Cael are Uv grea interme “tues ty which dhe lente rocks, converted yong Soe tn tums can be sade ave to anal and man, to Eeult tno Desh, bone and biood. Chemical fezers, on the ony a eer ao the Par atest a 0 ace I Tey Cesta praca propertes, ore te Te: when chemical feceiers are put into Ove so they dseave 1 sere stra combanaion wis lnerais aendy present. New SGaSisstona git or oveead the lant. casing Ht to become innlanced Others sain the sl any In the fra: of pot *effanethat are chem Fert ay Wok Ns. Dut Tash ruces materyussues, whieh Become more sce Banta and tne protein quate utr Cheralal fries Silt carer bv incense abundance of rps wc Mcing ai elements exiausted for the sol have cont est te changing me mative valve of our crea. “The more ‘hilznuon progesses, he sorter fgets from a natural det ur present des consist of aditerated and denture fds, ‘Pomc de most peious case factors have been reve enring beac bewing ae preserving Pasteur ile {ids ue enajmes val to mutton leaving only the ete corpees Stbactera, Wate bread haa tx gem. which contains tbe ta Senta, rtualy removed, a delberaie castration, anyone ae bere od Woe rpc 9 Borne kes x frend frat veaetables, and iat bear no eelaon f0 what {iy ee bere the war Our rap yfelde may have doubled or Ce Mapes, but ther nutatve qual has nish progres Sey, sual inpression of foods has become de most ispor Giivfacton though anyone witha glizmer of wecond wight wi fas up abo not ale tna te preiseta of Madan Tousss ‘Mie tteum, the coset snd cngeale splays ofthe grocery Sore ty bundanie does ot sean the fod contains sulin aout freee ements und wtaming. Tere fs ao doubt, sage De. Neleuoe Dikkers:Poteseor of Blechasy and Oaganie Che meat Lola Uncesty at mainntridon isthe most impor {Say tice confonting anne at te present ne. tie United Stila dese ts bouted fod production. te gossy under SREP id Uiouan tke per cops expenditere on eat ere tn {beast ene igen he wort, othe ncdence of cancer esl, hear, wad ecto seas, -Aacngy, Dr. Joseph D. Weisman, asocate reese a he ‘UCLA Gaia of eicne aspect in preventive nese ae Jmynnolpy ha discovered, oer years a esarcy that neatiy ‘the nannies cncass that preserty plage ond ate Of recent engin. developed during the lncieeth snd trent fentures ant tat the tailors of daar penton tear newt agnostic techruques, orga tamsplana. coronary bypass po, ‘dure, chemotherapy. radaton, anda inevarous drugs Fave Sot appeectbiy tered ine advance of these Mer Sseases, ut ‘otead fave merely envied te chs and he tea pee ‘tiene ‘Dr. Wetsoman argues that most of olay kler cases are ‘sed by enironmental toxin produced by our industtal soe {Mat doctors agree. anare wal the great crease iis ‘ses of degeneration, such au cancer and heart aiease. uae terealty the adrances of modern suede, se rma de © extensive use of syitheiechemiais in Cur daly det, fod pe Servatves Insects, anges, pestis, an 20 an ‘Most people says Weiteman, assume tel tments aise rom causto beyond thelr otto unaware at they ca choose ie exelent health, reaining ace. tin, aod alert into thelr Second centsry. le bees that choices of det ant este th fur ind Soketes pay slept pests ie anges Setheror nt we rviain vat pont ar pr Bul doctors tn general know wey He abou 0d, De, Robert $.Mencetsotin, Assooate Poa of Pevetie Meee atte atveray of thins Sebo! of Mekcne “deseraed as mente {fa anal aterty dented to recing the healing rs os Skomination of ag coeapanies lays the bare on he petra of Zisinfonetion on natron put ont io medio echoes, suagest tetera teach he suet a ore aan. Welsman recarh eval hat many ofthe ker dhacases have developed ony wit test andted ‘Year, deroonsraiyUvoush ote cerca node ine the Evironment and food supply as by products ofthe ingusral Revohitonchomscals auch acorn and ecco ‘ar derivates, pharmaceutical, petrochecale ard soon “he emergence of adulation, with te macave i wt, cobneided wit the appearance of many othe new deeses Out fcestor may have ad sore espa argcy owing too fot morality. says Weissman, but ke pears pebive pln they ave vty he of deena” ‘Ahinated years ag cory ear laase wae teal un ‘own n Bunope and America The fst case teeth the sal iterate sfaced in 1010. Today tothe ang cue of sir Seanfteal “lath, Cancer, which today 8 responsible for 2.4 percent ofall ‘xa eae an Aer, reponse TF sea panded years ago Today even Hern aid very your ‘itlaren sre viel of acer and lee, Diabetes, the thd toot commou canse of Gea, once stuck any one hn ty ot {nd Americans, mow fess one i Water in pie lands as wn te cae ta develop cOUN ve tere ie inte nineteenth century needed no dinection, Where there aren tndusses facto pouring waste polit. Sn nto che ensronment, plant, marine fie an land acta Siero tate by dangers cecal, Sow, ot oly water ut Sip ar are evenere polluted, pollution that transmit 2d pant alo man. inthe devenped word ars ‘dtl thereto vlly no clean si wate lef toxin are WPi'the Yoot we ea the water we den he ar we breathe Frat vegetable, gra, uh pouley. mest, ea. dalty prod Tosser: And we ood ar conceiators and ma ies of te potuton, the weatest concentrations of toxins oc ‘tring nant fat and casestere Mother's rik could wat be ‘Suton te supermarket wou ot passe government's sale test. Trotetlon against dseas, saya Weissman, Is more portant and more eltectv. than later therapy And protective medicine Stare im the sl ‘Koa fe so wi artical areutarLadatves began in hele ofthe ass cenaay when a German ems Justis wea icbg Roown ae tne Tair of cherleal agpeultre.” mis ies dates tam the ases of = plant he had burnt tha “Shar surshe laste wae ntogen, phusphorous. ad po Tefotnaotm carbonate) Ue NPK of toda’ chee grt "Sevugs lcua ad he wrote profusely —ed toa vast and prof stable commercial development of synthe chemical, tiled by ‘opagand, rid farmers became dependent on German mics Rerbupalles of ptasstom salts, known as ‘smrlae of potash ‘Sia which fey were tld hat noth om ther farms woud one en Wort War ateropted exports rom Germany, prom Fecloslaated deposts inthe United Stats, unching ATE Sh compantes info rapid exlltaon of this bonanza of une cory chemin Pebus tie amunt of poaphorse ald als found nthe ash af nsburnt plant Lebigiurie omelet phoephoroes st Nea me reqltement for the grown of plans. ince Roman ttnce farmers nad tees ng pound bones an ete ‘oapnorua, By tewung bones wnt sift ac eis erated Inioicion wy ‘what he called “superphosphate When vest quantiles of Ueured calotam phoophate were discovered” teteved fo be the ‘Skeletons of se animals calcctd ove lions cf years a whole Sew indy of eral neal ror” was laced ‘Up unl Leb’ time twas beewed rat because vp sets vwerthighl frie, and contained ich humus he various stages ‘Tins brown decay one mater nas be te pancipal source ‘st aourshaent for pants, Libig attacked the nouen wath vee ‘Bence Otnatus anf tie humic acid dened Sor he wee "Theres not the shadow apron that eins of them exes ay tnfuence on the gow" af planta cer inthe way ef torte ‘ent or other “aa Wiliam Shestone put i I his 1873 ography of web These were the facts a argurtents Uy whe, one a fo al Let refered Se hums tery untenable by any Eason fromen being “Ta he secret rien sou yn orgnk excreta not chert cals Licig ony concluded ten year late. Toate at ie {he chemical companies were off to ach a profable stare tere ‘was ne stopping them in thets Reason nce to Gestrey the sat Tad al tat supports, "The Ast chemeal produced on a commercial seale inthe in ciples "ag of chemicals wan the sled used by abi ‘reduce his superphosphate" a clear, cocoa. oy guts The meat widely sold chemleal ty, bate o Ue mamufcte of aos of ther chemuesl substances, along wit te productos of ‘dyes, drugs, paper, pigments, and explosives, cae ‘ent most portant among the cheicals concocted nthe lab for commercit uve was alka soluble moa sal, nated by {he Arabs fon the se: beash seltwort pant fromm wise ates ey fst derived the sutance While was at Ars pinay {ed tn the manufacture of soap ad glass, by mid-neteenth ery all the major chemleal agents ine were connected ia {ne way or another to alka Brits s United Akal Corporation Se upin 1861, became tne word’ largest eheoical exerpace ‘i forthe fms employing iy chemists and twee tho Sand plant worker, tently ta be awallowed up by the Bat fsovernent sponsored smalgn of aperal Cette! Sauscen, ‘ecient «whole new branch of cheminry was developed ‘the mid ince century bya youry Engh chest) or working ins makes nbn father's house during the aster varation of 1858, Experimenting wid col lar, Wiss fenry Fern proce a mauve Oye feats sentient ben ‘ene te fet f the so-called tle dye. remarkable forthe ey Held fast ant ord not was out a Gd natal Solos Patented. fis mauve became fashionable at te court of both ‘Victoria and Napoleon I obtaining for Pesin a fortune and 2 Ienghthood. Soon aniline red, yellow. and blac followed mauve: thd millions emalned to be made from synthealzed lndige, the ‘calor of jeans, ‘Wes a disciple of Lebig Friedrich von Kelale.realized—in ‘what as been called "te most bilan plece of prediction to be found in the whole ange oforgantechemiszy" and ane that would clevate him to the nobulty tat sx atoms of carbon in the ben ene molecse cou! be liked together in acre, with 2 hyo fen som atached to each, Cerman chomists saw the Way to the canstnicton of endless new compounds by areificialy unt fg earbon tn ther tent tubes with hitogen. Hydrogen. sf, hiorize, ete, m what amounted ta a heyday for sorcerers ap Drentes, ‘Druga were goon added tothe inventory ef cemeal-company products, aa German and Swiss dye compantes found endless Dew ways of forming coal tar and other waste prodoets into & health debftating but highly proftable pharmacopoeta. In the ‘United States alone, 88 bilion ae spent yearly on so-called med nes, And coa! tar dyes had further lethal uses, chemically es ental to the vast expansion of explosives Tt remaed for a Gerinan chemist. Pit Haber, to dlscover tn 1906 a laboratory process for turaing the endless tons of free ‘trogen in the al ito quid ammonia, 82 pescent of which fltrgen. By 1015 Karl Boach, a German engineer, Joined Haber {designing the fst synthetic ammonia plant inthe Rete er fling the German Figh Command t due in the Rae's war German dye frm, banding together for patiousm™ and fo prof, produced explosives, chemical ertlizrs: drugs. and, asa bons, lhe olson gtses responsible fr some 800,000 casualtes World "With the end of hostiltes, the huge amounts of gus eft over were redirected tothe inseet—buton a wider scale, thanks (ode ltnproved methods ofdasting and apraying developed or humans bythe military, Inereased doses of nitrogen, no longer needed fr txplosives, weve indiserizinately camped on crops. weakening their resistance to Insects, creating a wilous otele that snow: balled as it endured, progressively mace proale forthe Few 38 ft polsoned sol anc aguller for the many ‘German enerieal compants, with money from ther opposite numbers in te United States—who had mate equally enorme profs from the wa-arnalgammated in 1825 to frm the 0. Pazben. ‘Songlomerate, soon the largest chemical enterprise in Evrope ‘lonely boride wth tte US partners, Togtier these conglomer Irina wv sates funded Hitler rearing iis Wehrmacht as “bulwark aginst the Soviets” And with petsoleut, courtesy of Standard Ot of New Sersey, Hite was enabled to roll hs tanks Inte Pld aad into ‘Wort War ‘While loyal Gls desperately sirugsed with thee lives to undo this bandhvork, at Auschwitz, Farbeo, with save labor gust Steed by Himmler, produced a special gas w exterminate ml Hone of unwary victzis, most Jewsh, ‘rom Word War I, Amercan chemical companies, which had! ‘poomed between the vara, derived an even greater bonanza from the ffee armorta Boseh hac prestidisinted from the aie A mil tion tone of tombe were dropped on Germany alone, causing mi ‘ons of dollar fo be funneled by U.S. taxpayers into chetcal ‘company coffers “At wat’ end, eighteen new ammenta factories, developed in the U.S. at taxpayers expense to manvfacture explosives were obliged toad a arket fb tet surplus, Pont, Dvr. Monsanto, ‘American Cyanamd. with thet vast wartame profits, produced fever more ferlizer to dump on the unwary farmer, who dumped ‘onto fs es t Ml the goose tha laid the gokien ea ‘Aba by-product ofthe war to ep les, lice, and other insect from contaminating GI troops, ont of the most toxc polutants frer mented was produced ty’ Swiss ciealat, Paul Mueller, who chose to give the secret ofits manufacture tothe Alles: DDT: Derived entirely fom the teat tube, it waa the most potent insec Llde yet seen, capable of iling al sorts of bugs in & broad spec {rum with astonishing speed and efficiency. On the home fron, with manpower critically shart, farmers used against insects to Snerease crop viel and save on labor Following die Aled victory in 1045, DDT began tobe used like water, unl the toxin seeped into every anita and bum body ‘m America, Everywhere, chemical firma relnvested thetrwaruine ‘aing to launch into unparalleled growth in tmassive quest for ‘ew synthetic broad-spectrum pesticides. The farwer fearing Saater—his plants, weakened by a surfet of ehetseals, were at tracting more and mare bugs timed to even tore chemieals Complacenty, the companies brought out new products by the SRE. oy cupriatedRdroarbes sila: fo DDT. such as ne, heptachlor.dlesdrn, alin, aoe end; abd “gate Phosphates” ach as parathion at maton fan attempt to beat the gatne by ever greater production, ‘muting farmers in Ameria, prodded by bankers, chemical com: anes. andthe mannfacturers of agricultural machinery, changed Subsistence way off 1 commercial enterprise, Awest cash payments in new land and equipment, going heavy om wil SeresctheS {ito debt om fetes, pestckes, and herbldes-and, in 306 Ing, seed tet own dom “fam chemicals wee pointless potsning the soln ‘cooigantes stunting pants and prolfrating degenceative ly ‘case in tian and beast was perecy clear to a whole Boup of ‘Stesuave inde in Europe and America am arly sa World Wa L Dintinguished,catressed, and wellinformed, several authors on bout ages ofthe atante were speaking up ad propaganda fora wablealeronte method of sgrcultte reqitring ho chem: can "Tels main premise was that tn soll properly nourished with adequate supiles of humus, crops do tot suffer from discaze, ‘ne Go not require polaououts sprays to ep off partes: Chat Shima fe on these plants Gevelop a high degree of disease re Sotance, and that man, nurtured with sch plans and animal, an reach an extraordinary (and infact qulte natural stata nclth, able to resist disease aid infect from whatever cause ‘One ofthe Rest to sense thatthe use of chemical etiiaers was oing mage harm thast good, that twas destroying the We and ‘tally oftopeot, momensarly simulating plant growth but ac tually initng sease, was Sir Albert loward. Ay Bish cao hal oftcer nnd, with te high-sounding We of tepertal Chem fal Bots to the Government of te Ra at Pusa Sic Alert had the rare opportunity of being fe to cary ut experiments with tut restraints. enabling fim to grew whalever crope he liked in Sn way he ed i lad, money and lates provided by the fi was Uhus able to observe, dlspasslonatey, and with no axe to grind, te reaction of sultable snd property grown varcica of plants when subjected to insects and other potential pest, He ound tna the factor that nos mattered nao maiagerent was 2 regular supply of restiy mage Hus, prepare rom anal ‘testable wastes, and thatthe matntenance of sol fraty ‘was the fundazenta bass of health. Tie claimed that his crop, grown on land 20 treated, resisted all the peste that were rifle the dltree and that this resistance tras posse on to the livestock when they were fen crops 80 (gow He nouced that the natives never used atifal fries EF potson sprays: but were exremey earefalin returning all ant Sal ana plant esues to the sa Every Dade of gran a could be salvaged. al leaves that fel all weeds that were cut down fun thtr way back ito the aol, thereto decompose into fu ‘mus and reenter the exee of fe, ‘Sir Alber: proved that vestock fed on organically grown fodder Inet xi were disease rsistant, as were ls oxce, which even dug an {pldemic of hoof-and mouth disease ribbed owes with mfeeced Stock with no dl effects “The heathy. wel fed ar {als reacted lowards the discase exactly as improved sav prop. ny caltvated crops dl to insect an fing no Ingection oe Sone “e-a esult fis experiment, Sr Albert reached the cones sion that ere have a rata power orate tone Sedat proper tin tat requ ome this power “But the moment we mare ulate hse {fetatogen coe by means of aril nanaren he sulphate tine rouble Segna which malay enews tee Steno items and bythe ong out oe vate ‘ropn wed restock sed on ad ade ry hs methods of me trenvent stained igh sensu of nt eo Sectve ne prea, av well st Eom cepeerate case Fortbr hs tament appeared tobe cua ao wel as proce "By 1016 Sr Albert was lecturing tht chemla res were waste of mong’ mantaning that te mates alg wa {he god aeration ir promted: was sone sugh i alo ri trata prove sitet noon mutts et the wor ‘Rerang organ 1901 ar tty years Si ‘Abert treme ew athe oon ofthe “gan oven fd et about popular in Seas, by te bepalng othe ‘Second word Warn ad og oot hist Testament Ellowea when te shooting vas res by Te So ett Heal tok inhi ne warned tht the eo ymin ene er ‘react mperecy athe pce ea ts ‘isin many oe htnaes ved pla. anal ‘sn blight ly alcatel a apie sya in which ene pice are produced om fest thn it tein th eve eae st wel the ant reat ease a the vane) a Sens and purposes eer” Ina it such sawartspgrters of Sc Abert a9 Lady Exe Baird tae fr eae Brain, oneiing te Se A ‘Reston and procing 2 thoroughly cnc eur ered stg Seti raiated Hod oa poem tnt hares {ules pnts n power of Gases relance anutng a ‘eto imepaiy. ring wit cat be oblaed t a tit ferns, Ja ucld terms Lacy Eve pointed out thatthe action of re polnted out that the action of compost {enot duc tothe plant nucrients contains, butt ts bloga which has the effect of funasmentally modiving the soll ‘uccodora, “All tese substances are merely some of the raw ‘materials fom which mos can be made, They cannot became humus unt they Rave been metaballzed by sll organs” ‘But the odds were to heavy stacked against her. tmpertal Cchernicals forged aead unmlested. In the United States. J Rodale picked up dhe banner and laced w movement with is ‘Onnie Gardening and Farming Manazne, Ws tenets supported by Pay Dut, published in 1045, at Exumnats, Pnasyvants, Rodale ‘teated an experimental organic farm and was active in organiz Ingorganie garcen cubs throughout the United States, He pointed fut that in China organic agrientute was able to feed popula tlon of rine hundred mllon, nearly an many lvestock, an. on ‘Sout the same amount of arable land ass avaliable the United ‘States, cree times de msmber of hogs. He quoted reports from (avelers w China to the effect that there was no starvation, poverty or the like, all wttbout huge ‘doses of chemicals. insecdcids, and heavy. petroleum gobbling machines, but only by careful eomposting of ll organte stuf and ‘labor intensive method. Sclentife support fo te argument for organte farming came in lapidary language ftom one ofthe most brant sol seentts produced in Aateres. Dr. Willan A, Albrecht, CHalerian of te Bepartinent of Solis atthe Unversity of Missourt, wit four de frees fom the Unversity of Mina, Widely traveled, he had st {ed the sola of Great Brain, the Buropenn continent, and Aus ‘tralia, drawing conclusions seasoned bya farm boy's upbringing. His extensive experiments with growing plants and animals sub- ‘tantated his observation that a dolning ol fertty. due toa lack oforgante materia, major elements, a trace mineral, was ‘esponsfie for poor crops arin turn for pathologleal conditions| {antmals fed dedcient foods fom such sols, and that mankind ‘waa no exception. Degenerate diseases, as causes of death [1 the Unite States, had isen fram 38 percent ofthe popula In the decade 1920-29 to 60 percent inte year 1948, Organic ater, sd Aibroent, may be called the consttuon of the sal. And goed constitution, he added wryly, the capac: fy. according tots eanlng as use in the medic profession, of fn indivdual to soreve despite the doctor rer than because fof then insects and disease, he pointed out. are the symptoms ft falling erop. not the eaue. “The use of polsonous speays Is fin act of cesperation in dving agriculture. Feller placement fe the art of putting salt an the ground so that plant roots can Sometiow manage to avold it” Thiauim he preached that weeds are an index to the characte of the ool iis therefore a mistake to Fly on herbitdes to eradieate aT Dito mt them, since the chemin deal with eff. not use, ners ‘farce predator are dnponl crews, sno wien ty ae ‘bce repeed wien they ares Crop nace ty wetter Bef aildcoldsnapa are no sonnel the result of dou Sa cold aa of nusent debsery. Nw [rose phorphons ‘easton formulae, legislated and enforced by Sate Depart nis of agricaltire, mean ralmvtrton, stack Uy Insects, bac {ern end fong, weed takeover erop lost iy weather, and oss of ental act inthe population, ending to degen EBtve metabolic disease and cary death She vant biblograpiy of Albrecht’ sclentie and popatar pa per veni ituine of eleuous centNe uvestigron sto Te chemisty and biology ofthe pane, hgghtng the fu teen nce fren plats anal and ua hough ‘inlotrationg 1 Che soll Hall. corecting efetenies of et at det pot of orn dhe sl "o 1000 Loolsbromils,authe of Te Raine Care, ee. turned rom te Ina of Sr Abert Nowra tos ala Fan tn eaant Vale, Oto, o put Howard's agnctural piles foto practice. Working wth Albrecht, he Dowght up several we ut are ad proce’ sudan rope ith oe techies Inaprectial wny he proved that inset damage td dscase Col ‘eeontrlled wi Poe, goo plant mute, aad sound sll ‘anager Were Thomas £. Dewey to have defeated Harty S. Truman in 18, Bromfeld was sated to Become U.S. Seeetary of Aca. ture with every intention of eran the ows ue technology that haa taken command of the edncaion machine, USDA, Ee feito, and th fn pes {Truman's tetimph brought he poly of deberately bar ‘sng omnis fo nds cents a ofunessng the ‘etrocherlcals. Trough rats ereaton of the CIA sa of National Securty Counc trained forty ticks the muting ‘onals mere able. ten through the gue of foreign sl, to ln ote the: deadly chan not ony on eres, Nona South, ‘baton all the Tire World market, Sr Alberts nds wee brn used and corruptod into dosing thes healthy plats wt all 3Sde of poisons. Chemie! frie conmuspian i ia one 1 fiona i 198007 fo 90 il fos 1978.79 DES ec sa ed ape! ee aan sey a are era ne les grain iDisa en on os nso pues eiecae ictarin nut sree naam 109 era, mk Sette ‘Whute Aree was the leading sclenttc supporter of organic farming tv Americ, no modern wce has paKER toga {Gal injustice emvronmental deception and cemetery. fay a8 applied to agreuture more candy. leasly and en ‘Suny then Chasis Walters Jr, A Rana of Yoga Gersanic toc, Walters ance 1971 has eed and publaed a stag Factungand warning monthly, Acres a Ye for Bo orexure, te Bo stan bo fr esonari a eclocal “EShencd in econo by his Jesu roteagore Walter, as almost single andey fought the Touran eage of emia ing te tee, supporting intend the principle of ogra party, a concept so easy to understand that most economists Sd nana witerseachew it “simple Walter's login, “Cheap food means sec or hungry people” Graal ep sizes Pi bei tat a Kanaae farmer can no te cole fle Tee for hl pectin than the Zu tribes could pay ri olongas the ple of ood a arlrary kept belt ar market Pith pubiteation in 1962 of Rachel Carson's startling exposé sent Spreng, the pul was awaken wih a shock tate dae {prof elttaton and orgies ook on ew meaning in America. {Stat preaeure had been oon Te New Yorker maga the ‘Sienial companies oprewent her atie om beg pubes ‘Ehilegal acon was teatened to prevent Hougtan Min or ‘aig out he books accusing hero eng a Commu "Wat n 1905, De Jerome Wisner aclence counselor fo Pres dent ohn ® Kennedy. reporting a commission asombled ‘Sanne the premises af Stan Spring. declared “Use of pen ‘Ge o more dangerous than stomie fost” ‘Cavon fad wien: "We are nghly appalled ty the genet eticts of radation.-How then. could we be idiferen tthe mecrice ea etna satel ean Sate ig ee = en i ie“ al ercely rename tye SET aaa und ete tdasanaccea oe kaa ° same effect from farm chemneals used fret nthe envionment?” "fie meaning ofthis strange language, au Charles Walters was to point out in Aces USA, proved elusive, wn an allan ‘Sepust amerigo Moses, winner ofthe chemistry prize at the ‘Brosacls World's Fal, prevented certain staring ndings. ‘Moses stressod the pout (sal Lowe farm chemicals are Tadio- mimetic tn Bat they ape the character of radiatlon. The damage ‘ulin from nuclear radiation i the same as the damage re ‘Sulting from the use of toxie genetic chemicals, sud Mose, And {he use of fungicides of organi syntheses (Zineb, Captan,Phakan, tle) anmually causes the same damage to present and ftore ons 25 ato fallout from 20 H-bosnbs af 14 ehegatons Semage equal to the fallout of 14,500 atone bomabe of the ‘ronnie type ‘Mosca computed tat in the Uae States in the 19708, yearly use of toc gentle chimicals was about 453.000 tone, which ‘eaused damage equal to atomic fallout from 145 Hom of 14 smcgatons, or 72.000 atomic bombs afte Hiroshima type, And in charts, graphs and statsten all of which appeared sa part of ‘hs rusting storythe alls scent reveled that mentale tarded babies had reached the stunning satate of 15 pereent of Ive births. He concluded that damage to plants, crops, and sa ‘erty. coupled with water pollution, was practealy tcalew lable. Continuation of the scenario would see the destruction of ‘the American people within @ matter ofa generation, Mosca's full report was classified by Ue italian government, ‘otto be reveled for fity years—by which time, perhaps was hoped that sinister allegations about Montedisan. prosacer of macgatons of ferilizers. pesticides, and herblekdes”-woutd De ‘lossod over an ergoticn” ‘Driving over bundveds of ses of country roads, Waters could Sarena eae a wate cata ‘Ginette ets "ted ae siegantees int percr uid at oat erp mu ee ai Seaman stpoes seh Gens es fei SASS Reetcesyemaneacenesanaas Somer epee ingtisea cmos acnen acorn ng SES ig erst ete ancea rit ta Seen cao Be Serban cca wake a a iv Sento hese othelp noticing increasing funerals dc to death by cancer aiong his farmer friends and a host of ~serambled children tetratogenteally buthed. bodily defonined ov metal retarted Grleved by the untimely lingering cancer death of his alse. ex posed ta agricultural chemicals tn the factory where she worked, be hiuntiy ended one font page article: “Ts Modern Agia Worth Hassng?™ ‘And Walters was among te first to expose the dangers behind {he now highly propagancized radiation of eodstufs oll patho gens and extend shelf, When I saw this process proposed behing the scenes, Is Walters), Icte dorens of scentsts who warned abot some of the consequences of eating iadiated food: embryonal dams, redoced digest, malignant Iyphomas in mice, changes nh ‘organs. and moze. Since the after-effects of the coneumption of Ieradiated foods on living tissue are stills to those of direct ra sain, the relevant problems, whic include an eventual reduc ton of the resistance againet infectious diseases. AIDS included, deserved attention, But the Svengalis of science defend irradi: ton as cheap ‘That all his horror is unnecessary, redundant, and avowdabie thas now been demonstrated by a band of happy warriors in these lute fr organte farming. Healthy aid economic alternatives do fest. though some of them appear extraordinary. To discover ‘what they might be, we crisscrossed the planet up and down. To Sesertbe them we have produced this boo, along with an ape dixon where an Low to apply the knowledge, With a itl efor the planet can be ae Sram destruction by comupdon, plson, ‘and pollution. The Garden a Een isnot forever lot, The secret, to ts revival les burned no deaper than We frst few Inches of your sel SECRETS OF THE SOIL Chapter t CORNUCOPIA ‘one warm December morning, slstta sun sparking an the wooded fills f southern Virgina, soo us Sat ma circle looking. np doubt, ike @ coven of warlocks and ‘wits, stung freshly gathered cow manure into desieated (ow horns, ‘We vere on the hunded-acre farm of former US, naval com rmander, Hugh J. Courtney. gray bearded and easy-going i ie Due dlenim coveralls For almost en years Hugh as been devo: Ing hs retirement to producing the various blodynasae prepara tons recommended over half = centary ago by the clairvoyant Astra selentist RUdOM Steiner aba prane remedy fr our planets sickening vot By three OCiock, a the sun slanted deeper through the pine zoves, we had stufed 850 hors bought by cur host over ape od of years, from a cooperative slaughter house at fy cents apiece. No longer foul smeling ns when irs collected, the hams hnad been placed la ity-fve gallon drame of water unl the pith ‘within had rotted away. The manure fesh fom a sal herd of Angus-Guernseys leisurely browsing the bodynanlcalyfertiized rmeaows that ran down to a meandering creck Was SUpH9- ingly sweet tothe nostrils ‘Some fity galls ofthis manure led various cocks and pals, awaling proteating 9 our hoot explained how he Rat gotten Into Blodymami farming in College Park. Marylond. when he 2 Semcttesi ‘chanced tofu onthe sees ofthe Reutfl Day Tein Com: [pany a hard-to did velume om agriculture wrtten by Radel Steiner. “Many occult disciplines." ea Hug, his smile angeially be: nlgn, “Speak perpherally of agriewitire. Bot this ete only one Tve found Uiat puts tall togetier” ‘Stelners bookdet indeed quite staring. requiring more than a single reading. Conceived in June of 1024 Just a-year before hhe died at the age of sty four-st came in awer tothe plea ofa froup of German an Austrian farmers woried about the pit Sr Etropean agriculture, Seed stock ad dangers degen fated and 9 eippling Increase in animal and plant disease was favaging the countaysie. Steiner repled ft eight lectures de livered inthe Sllestan own of Kober, now a part of Plan, ‘Bound together into booklet with the sump ule of agrultize, the leecures now conautite the Date and extraordinary piter for what has come to be lewon as biodynamic gardening and farming, the essential remedy. according to is practluaners, fo the planet's dying so ‘Nosaically pointing ut the danger of ceicalfertitzers nd the importance of good eonipost and fnumius for a healthy ag culture. Steiner arcipted such ploneers of “organic” agricul ture as Howard, Bailour, and Rodale. But Steiner went farther ‘much further by stinbuting the ellecdvencse of his lodynate ‘method to cosmic, tellurte, and epirtal influences on soll and plant, And so weird were Steiner's recipes and explanations, later femioraced and brought 12 Ameriea by iis Austlan protege [Sherentred Pieter. that early practitioners of blodynasmle fam ng in the United States behaved wrtually as a seret society for fear of hein accused by their more orthodox chemical eihoors of praccing wher you can give peopte”saié Courtney “only wat they are ready to seceive." Fils Kinaly eyes, magnified by heavy ors imsaed ape totes, darted from side to side as if testing the environs forthe approval af unseen listeners, "More tntrepid souls” he went “saw in biodynamic a means of working with the energies wl create and maintain ie. To them. Steiner's spiritual science is ‘Sesperatly needed hunian service offered toa dyingearth, toad nature where she ls weak iter so mary centuries of suse. And that's how fstande today ‘Steiner's decared aim, as was Ales Care's, was to work with the soll as the ue foundation of human healt Ths meant re ‘string to te sol the organle rater neds told ie fet. land restoring othe sala balanced system of ncn by teat ting not merelyas a mixture ar agaregation of chemicals. whether ee mineral or organic, but as taty Ing system, ke bie ello cigante enthusiast, Stener insisted on avo ing chemicals, cancentreting Instead on natural emposts ines ted with the product of certain ceviiying herbs. eve he = lected to help meroorgarusms quickly decompose he raw organic fatter of the compost heap into simple compounds, reaseem Bling ther into the ingredients ofa long-lasting. arth smeling. fark brown, lght-textared, friable insmus. a substance whieh, because of is colloidal state, holds its stmicare, resis leaching baelps fix nitrogen directy from the aif and increases the aval flit of mineral o the plantsthe sta of ‘As we satin the noonday sun dutifully scooping spoonful of ‘hala mantre nto conleal cow horns from an apparently endless succession of burlap bags. an associate of our host a biodynamic herbalist, Lee MeWhorter elaborated on the essential Tle of etobes in the sod, “Traltonal agrculture” he explained, “de pencis enrely upon the reveling by bacteria and other wierobes or various chemical elements pelnctpally the trogen, wa farbon, and oxygen on which plants ae nourished. Nitrogen eof paramount umpertance to life on earth 1's esata ont ent of naclte acide and aminoacids, he bullding blocks ofboth proteins and enzymes, the source ofp and blood. But although {ie abundant in the air above every nere of land, st cannot be 4 sete ctmcotea, ence ie taped ty most plants without the aid of microbes, Hence ‘Sito relaton, benetal fo both pln st erode, whieh ‘Must neve deteoped mer ans Gr buon of Years tr the PD id you knew.” asked ne of Courtney's neighbors, Wil Chapin ho fad Jained usw hep wth the orn, “ht more microa anime germane ta half «cup offre ear than there are Framane on de planet, and tata ured thousand or tore of them fouriah on evry aquare ih of aman san? He paused {bier the wept of hie Agurs make tet impesson, tien added “he combined weight ofa the microbial ces neath sey five imes that of is ama every gre of wel elated {Stine up to bala fon of ving idcroorgarsen, not omen tion up toa to of earthworms which can daily excrete a tn of mle canings "With gloved hand he pared the excess mate ia freshly sted hove “Dut productnghumus”weretad ou host. raising his spoon foc empha, ison part ofthe soliton, As basic as the pre ‘Soe tthe sol of teeming mroorantam for te creation of ood fable numa tlamecely an ination that more power fores are croaelyat work, both cosmic end tele Ta bt ‘Secnce, what Stemners pol on agriculture really all ebout ‘Av we rested frm our Augean efforts, Courtneys Liz. a ceerol sub airacve tach of ramaie art announced a ‘break io Toneh, During the course oft Courtney described te true purpose of wat we were Cone preparin the fat a per tape most important a Steer remedies ora ying eat arb teary elle preparation 50," ler rather than acer ‘a potion, Our cow hora, ke 90 many ce crea concoct ‘Tastee Fees emporium, were be bused in the ground for the ‘Noten, uring which tine our hat acansed ws that Coole aed {elu infiences, ale by Scie: rma fons woul as form or even transmute the manure toa dare earthy. and oda dees subance, atid of «cup of wbich, sured ito thee gal Js of rain water, in exremely elute, Lierally homeopathic ‘mous, wold be capable of revonng ane acre Of 9 isn "he rest ofthe preparations, ss Courmey described them, 8D {01 to 508, sued arcane enough to ave Been added to the “eye of net, te ofr. fnger a bhtranged abe: ee Into a potenurng ean bythe witches in Maoh cmap {he Thane of Car. BD 501. peraps the feast eat simply square: exstal round (a fe powder It to i buried tna cow vb digo the mer, no te winter A quarter tea spoon oft, stred into thee gallons of water, sprayed in the Spring or early summer on one acre of growing planta ts fone fon, according to Steinerans, i 10 “enhance ght metablsn in the plant, stimulating photosynthests and the formation of chi opi” it is intended to tsflence the elon. aroina, aver. and eeping qualities ot crops “The next Bve preparaligns 602 to 807-—were explatned as be- tng designed stiey to be inserted nto a compost ple to help _mlcroorganisms transform i quieR¥y into fertile hus. some ‘bow drawing on what Steiner calls ethene formative forces, Cnr ‘siderably more exotic, 502 and 506 are usually treated aa apa [prepared logether the first consists blesscmns of yarow sted Into the bladder ofa freshly led buck deer ‘The blade, ob tained from a hunter s blown up ike « balloon and allowed to fy before being stifled. BD 808 a the Mower of dandelion to be Inserted ino a cows mesentery tha tenuous membrane het ‘Surrounds the animals internal organs Ite esentil. o so our ‘oat insisted, tha the dandelion be piace in the trneraide ofthe mesentery, Reversed, tts incline’ to puteely, Dladéer and me fsentery. sultabiystufed, spend the winter buried beneath the Sol, there to be worked on by the mysterious forces ofthe cos ‘os, which Steiner descroes as plating with le beneath the ‘Snowy frozen sol af winter "ED 503, the flower of camomile ie stufled nto a bovine intes tune, as with sausage meat~"a charming operation” according to Steiner and must be buried alwintr ma aunny apot where the ‘snow wl remain aver for long stretches ata ie, ‘The sunging rete, annoying tn the fld. tims out to be a boon tots neighbors, according o Steiner, asa great elvenerof the sol stimulating its health nc hedping to provide plats with the individual components ofurtion they most need, As prepa. rato £04, its buried without benedt of sheath, preferably be fren iayers of netting Iron netting, warned our host, not 2p er Iron, he explained Teated tothe planet Mars which goes ‘well with the net, whereas copper is less good because of is Association with the planet Venus—strange astrological notions aur tobe validated actentfcally by avariety of supporting sources. 'BD 506 isthe bark oan oa ree. preferably awe oak grove ‘up and placed in the skull of domestic animal—cow, sheep, ‘Bat. pig or eat. Put Into the earth under a layer of peat moss, {5 tobe irrigated with rain water to acqulee& coating of slime Lat ofthe compost tnoculants 507 is aso the spies, being racrely the Juice of valerian blossoms, 2 wid plant Wat groms abundantly in the notveast United States, expecially in Massa eset, 6 Secret test Fimally there is Steines preparation 508, whieh dees not £> Into the compost tes common oF garden horsetall,Bgulsetam aavense. brewed into a strong tea tobe sprayed onto plants and {eves In dhe spring and sumer to prevent fungus molds ‘Our host, zware that his explanations were straining our er. ty, relented an Informed ste was Use to Uy the horas performance he wished to ear out while the Sun Was stl Up. before the ground began to freeze. Ford plenup and driven downto spot inthe valley bya sea Where a circular hole feve fet wide and te feet deep had beet dug nt the soft lute sl. Starting tom the center, one by one, the well-stusfed horns were placed tp dow ina growing circ int all 880 stood neatly ‘Stacked, The 1: was thes covered ith about eight ches fair, land we were ined to retura tn the spring 0 see for ourselves fow the tellurtan forces of winter had miraculously tranetersied thls cow dung into manna, ’As Courtney leveled the fresh sal on the ple, he fortuitously struck a small boen left oer from the previous year. Shaking out {small amount of dark fable matter ino the eupof his and. he Assured us # was sufictent fo bring new life wo a whole acre of land, Bt st would have to be ered homeopathcally nto Lee Mew a Wa Cap ang at Be A wn ew mae ‘Senda bn ne pn ty ete Wine ia Day Same Daye emg a ‘tec gallons of water for an hour, went seconds one way, tent secontls the othe, inorder to be “potentzed with the required forces of the cosmos” Areane aa t sounded, this too would be explained! terms fo sausty the orthodox.” ‘Back on the hil by te house ate, in rot cellar dug nto the arth walled with stone and roofed with cement, our host opened feep ins o show usby the ght of alter the various Seinerta preparations ~500 to 607—lying in earthenware crocks SUr- Founded by damp peat moss to keep them molt and protect thera fom such noxious effects as gasoline fumes or electric exrent. “The 800, ina forty-galon crock. seemed to radiate energy, while {he others lay transl wattng tobe potentzed by homeopathic surg, Sucha wid alchemical approach to gardening and farming made easier to understand why early bisdynainie farmers bal cho. ‘en to do their stuf on the qt. Buttwasa challenge tous to fd fou f and how such homeopathic wizardry might actualy work Impractice to effect, as calmed, a revolulabary approach (om ernagricultore ‘To show Us his ovm qulet method of performing this apparent magic. Lee MeWhorter invited us t0 bis herd farm in the Shenandoat Valley strangely named La Dama Maya, in honor, ‘as he explained i ofa Calforaien biecymami Hower gt he hed ‘met and married in Mexico, motivates, he believes, by some metompeyetiot Mexique past, Baerectae Senet ear onee rates Chapter 2 PULSE OF LIFE ‘One gray day between Chaetmas and New Year's we st off sross the lve Rge Mountains tothe McWhorter farm in the Shenandoah Valley. Our objective was to learn te make regular blodynarle compost and its lomeopathie sult tute known as “barrel compost” Lee and his wile, Maureen, were waiting in their two-story Ve tortanfarmbwuse with a jug of herbal tea, Qurvasiousastrlog fal signs determined 10 the sitafaction of Use. a Viegoe and Maureen, & triple Seorpio, we were led to a giventouse that stretched the length of the house. Trays of mursling herbs ay ‘Phalantes, redolent with te scent of rosemary. wormed, aye {yme, Greek oregano, galden sage, sav sani, ands del cate winter savory, all vibrantly alive and fourihing despite the ‘And so began the lesson in how fo brew the prime and most ‘important ingredient in biodynamic fang: Steiner's prepara ton 600. Into «Ave glo bucket containing tree gallonsct rain water, Lec poured ial a handful of the biack 300 enough. be assured us to spray 2 whole acre. Rhythrlclly he began to si twat a long sek, Arst clackwise to create what looked like a dep vortex. then eountercioemutee to create a scetigs bung “hace, Taiowed by another ewig rorten “Tuse this spectal ste" anid Lee” “io et the vortex to the bottom ofthe Bucket I's usta plain old stick. But thas @ cure Rueotlie 8 that helps. You have to get the outside moving, Steiner elated the vortex was the rhythm of he, that a ot of seeds hae the shape of @ vortex. This particular motion seems fo energie the ater He was siting ona milk stool, sthouetted against a baskrop of saowriakes fang gently beyond! the greeahouse door." str Jessen a minute one way before reversing When t gx ert {ust st and contemplate wht Iam dong. The lmiportant thing sto put your thoughte and determination Into what you are do ing, Steiner says you should put your very fe into. 30 that ‘what comes back out of the earth va refectlon of your cam ellor Spd spin. The foundation of Steiner's thoughts that allaspects ffthe phyaeal word are permeated nnd guise by the spiritual. He betleved thatthe sol adaiion to being supped wit te. fis, muereorganisis, and humus, needed! tobe afected by the ‘will and spirt ofthe farmer, or gardener, a well a by intangible forces stemming rom the moon, the other planets, the sn and the stars. Tm putting energy tno this srring Tinow lim turning. {he stick: Dut what's turuing me? Perhape the blueish I ate for dlnner last night. It goes around and around. the same basle ‘ythin in the universe, a pulse that Lean any call fe. Steiner {s Tight that vortex Tm looking afin thie bueket ts dvrwing the up Mer eg ere oe el ey re ‘Sime wuooaene BOS forces in om thea fom the cosmos Those are Ife giving forces not death-dealing Somehow they'e there: kinetic. potential He pained, reflectvey, then went on sireing, “Dut art hor long dase to lve tls up. sai ith a igh I's aot so bad youve got three or four people to help, Stemer envisioned getting Zig quests o do taller Sunday Lunch. as a foe of ental ‘ent if you'd Uke to partetpate te got some other sucks, and you can fee for yourselves which you prefer t's easier with longer etek You ean mace a smaller circle and get.a bigger vor ‘When the hour was up. Lee paused to admire what looked Uke sa bucket of plain water witha few dregs of dirt In the Potton. “this ts 1" he sald. “The magical potion, But t's nt all that powerful al by itself. Weve learned that its more effective on sol {hat has been treated with compost made with the outer preps ‘fom 802 to 607. ar sprayed with an infusion ofthe barrel com pst which already contains all the preps. So Fm going to mix {nto this 600. homeopathiealy, an ounce of barrel compost. It ‘all ony take another twenty mints" ‘We hd seen the compost ews referring to, dark and earthy at Fiugh Courter ign a barrel do ints the sol down by te Stream: but we fad not understood i funclon, Lee explained that ead been develope by a Gerar follower of Steiner Sarl, Thun, who had obwerved and experimented with plants for some ten years on a German government research farm near Kassel ‘The barrel earmpost wan simpler method for getting all Une Stetneran preparations Inte te soil, homeopathic Not that fone dida't want ta spread tonal biodynamic compost he added (ulely- I waa 2 question of acreage: ane had too tue land, {dad couldn't afford to mace that mc regular compost, the bar ‘elmbcure had a great effect, especially good forthe changeover ffom orthodox chemical ferlizing to the biodynamic method. “Steiner” said Lee, expliety stated that asa result ofthe con centration and subsequent cllotion ofthe prep it was what he calle the radlant effect that was doing the work. No longer the sbatance itself” ‘Maria Thun’ barrel compost ls made by inoculating a gram or so.of each of the preparations 502°500 tala a mlstire of ow manure. fresh eqgshets, and ground-up basalt, a voicane rece (Gat coniaing all he elements that become clay after dissolution Tis advantages, Lee explained, are that ican be prepared at any time. Irneeds less neubation than regular Giodynamte com post tobe complete, perhaps two mors instead of si, and Is hot ony powerful 8 &fertaer but 1s sad to put the carth in & Sate of defense against the pernicious Intrusign af radioactivity spectlly against the fatal fxaion o'strontam 90/2 in the bones. sl, he sald. 200 to the sal the cement of ealchom, an plants grown in igh caletum sols have les radioactivity. espe {ally tn Borope Suitably suere, fora good hour, the muciure of ‘ow dung and sditives le placa na barrel-open top an bot {om-which has been bused inthe earth to tesa, then banked ‘with earth to within an mach ofits top, there to spend the winter. "A barelof this compost, when fermented,” sad La, eam con {ain anywhere from fifteen hundred to two thousand ounces of the fined product. each ounce of which wil eare for an acre of land. That means that one barrel can take care of a pretty BI spread, sone thonsands of aeres, lust the essence of the prepa: rations. even inthe tiniest doses, appears to havea regenerative effet on the sod and inake the 800 more preducuve. tn a pas: ‘ure. everyonere the cows have dropped thet dung there wal be ead dings, Those dead! things wil blodegrade into healthy fa fue much faster afer you've sprayed with the eseence of the Darrel compost. I'you have a let of acreage you vant possibly lake enough actual sompest, it alone spread fet might take tons and tons. Bat an ounce or 100 grants this barre comm oot sired Inio water and stimulated iy the forces freed Unrough the compost. ean generate ailion microbes tn each teaspoon af soll You get an idea of what's happening f you realize that each land everyone of those merobes has a mouth and w eating erie fn the ground, then laying down its corpse ae organic resee, fen in a matier of minutes. Pretty soon your flds are rich in Inurnus. But Steiner, mind you, was perfect cess thatthe pres nee of abundant microorganisms in the sol fs merely an indi ton tha cosine forces are at work. I's lke Mes: they only came there's dr. Ditto with the mieroorganisms: they only profes ate the forces ae tere, And the preps mediate the fortes,” ‘AS soon as he'd fished stirring the potion of barrel compost fnio te bucket of500, Le took a piece ofcheescloth and strained {he contents into a backpack sprayer, leaving abouts quart of liguid in the bucket. “I dont want any residue fo clog my now” he explained. "Tm going to pray one acre of my outdoor herb, 5 an autumn speay. tn Steiner's day. before they invented the backpack sprayer. they used a pail and a big brah to swish the afl onto the ground. Maureen sl kes to doubt way at ‘Works fast ae el” Pall and brush in hand, Mareen Ieoleed ike an Andrew Wyeth patating as she set off nt the fel “We spray inthe autumn ater everything is clear” eat Lee: ‘when the earths sl exhaling before the around Seeats, want to get the farm sprayed ao that when the earth breathes agai tn the spring i wal breathe al these forces back into the earth “Ten thinge will come back tole. Normally we wouldn't spray in the midele ofthe day. ike tis. Fé do east Une morning Bat ‘with so ite son. the stuffs not about io evaporate” Alig siow was sl falling as we flloved Lee ito the garden to watts him spray his dormant herbs We haven't put ssything on this sol but biodymannic preps for ten years fe sald. "The fil elec of the method appeare inthe ‘course of tse fret tree oF four years. I consiats ofa continuois Increase in erty a an improvement inthe qual anc favor ‘ofthe produce. And we harvest on those calendar days when the ‘goa fs Inftueneing eertaln portions of plants and ging them ‘etter Keeping quality Our eatamere all remsarc about the beaty land power of our herb, but 1 try to explan to them that ‘comes from cosmic forces, my wife makes me hs, She says the customers arent ready for such tlle Atleast not yet (00 [ar ‘Lee moved about the asies between his rows of herbs pamping ‘alne must into the at. "After many years of careful research,” he ‘went on “the Bio-Dynamie Aasoctaion of Amerie In Kimberton Hills, Pennsyleania, produced a calendar which sows spect days (and hours) Judge best for working on the leaf, reo, fuse ‘or flower portions of crops: one works with spinach m1 lea day, potatoes on root day. peaches on a frut day, blossoms on fower day. The days stcceed each eter in cycies of nine, or just ‘vera third of a moon pened. We de our wansplanting only on a oot day, 80 the roots ean dig right m. The place (ve noticed it ‘ost swith Brocco seedling. It ales most people a couple of weeks to get them ip, We da by the moon and they come up In Uhre days: Sezyene Knew at apples re prune ad cow hors sheared when the moa i waving, lest he moon's powerful ide Falstig frees cause both tee and cow to bleed foray without healing Ifyou want your haut grow laxsrtan, you cute oly at the very moment af fll oon. So we figured why not pay atten {don tothe rest ofthe calendar? Once you tune Into the cycles of the mocn you qulcy ee te elfects they are having, even on the ‘weather Tze sinlle at us broadly: “The mechanics may appear com plex. but the premises simple. Tis planet. and everything on, [ban integral part of bot the wlar system and the cosmos every last blade of race i fected by the whole. With his clairvoyant vision, Steiner could describe the formative forces ae hey oper aeinovees” “What about the S01? we asked “ARM sald Lee, “That's for spring and early summer, When the usw 8 leaves are beginning to sprout. when the plants hive three oF four sets of leaves afd are staring to grow, thes we spray sth the sea 501. A gram of ground-up quar crystal eed Into {ree gallons of water, sired for twenty minutes clockwise, en ‘counterclockwise, just as withthe 500, makes a potentzed lg ‘id. Seruunized under the microscope the 601 won most kely fshow nothing but tree gulons of plain olf rain water. But Ka feet Is immediate and noticeabe. Steiner says t eniances cht ‘metaballom inthe plants, and timolates photosynthesis and the formation of chlorophyll. I know that I ndkiences color. ona, and the keeping qualities of il our crops. Ad you can spray 501 ‘Houghout the summer to Keep bringing ts the forces a ight” ‘ee put down his backpack whale there was sil some Ds tn the tank. “Now Il shaw you how to make a blodynam compost ple” His enthusiasm was in no way Gagging, “1 don't make them ‘ery big dont need to an just mine acres, especially when 1 ‘pray with the barrel compast But Tike te puta hancful af the regular biodynaruic compest in the hole when 1 transplant an herb, Ifyou dt ie the barel compost by the ounce you mht Ihave to use as rich as five hundred toa thovsand pounds ofthe ‘regular blodynamnic compost an cach acre. On a thousand acres youl mean you would have tobe mang tons an tons ofthe stuf. So you se the advantage of barrel compost? Luckily, once you start spraying an composting, either with one or the other. ‘cach year you ned less and less. ifyou don't mind standing out There in the snow, Tl build you asa heap. right here and now. ‘nd well lnceulate i” Picking what he considered suitable spot forthe ple, Lee {Geaned off an ares three by four feet to seveal the bare earth “The pile has to bein direct contact wth the sol.” he explained, so that te earth forces can work ter way up to affect the pe sad the earthworms and microorganams can ave access 1 de ‘compose the matenal ‘With a wheelbarrow he tt about eolleting vartous ingredients 1 bulla up in layers, Rrst one of died weeds, which he picked from the edge ofa eid, These he covered with a couple of inches of earth followed by a layer of straw, flowed by a layer of cow ‘manure “lis biodynaale mare,” he sald with happy a “1 brought here ras #agh Courtney's i the back f my plekup. "should be putting in layer of quickdune, butt don't have any, fd with thls soil It do Just as well wsthout” ‘ee dig up some thistle, flowed by some areen wotds that were ave and dolng wel“ e white yarrow. he aa, tearing Cup by the roots and waving i in the ai. Tt grows wid lke a ‘Weed, But Ive got It planted around ere: we harvest i nthe Me seabed sing capectaly for Hugh. (one of he reps that goes nto Sig Uladdee Ar we use in our rim ies &gpod expetorat {Saber of filegn anges also a Gore f make you seat ‘Geog medicinal pers ta rate of ntent you hae to how festa eect yous ookag fr andthe hes ought toe augcaly potest, aderwac they have te or none of thelr natural powers” Tee wheels Darrow to where bed thre compost ples aatcndy working separiea y thee pallet. he at was com ‘ete a5 could be sen om the shovel of ark brown, able evil he produced fom i wet emeling en arty. crt tng wi cardreor, Next to ituaa ascond pet te process Umnegradng he gure woud be rendy in cole cf mnt. She tt ple excing fragments of orange peel and cag ah ‘is clei being bull up from htc este “Pye got other smal ples of eomest ke thls all over the ro ty anid Lne-When theyre rea. ca spread ther Fiat on {helapot" He shoveled some othe ocegradg ater oo hs taro and tard towed! twa een pile he wa Du. {ng ite of ts older stuf wil act aa a state tothe newer le. But thereastartereaete steneran prep: the ones eter ep talking aboot buted to ep restricted. tm png to user than an son ate ple about fur et hgh ae hae ska™ ty akin, be meant layer of straw ae aro inal oe {Nim ew armen, he babs ing one pile from the Mercer elements, ut not the quickening ran. This hie arranged cosmetically with his shovel before using the handle to dig ve holes a few inches apart. about eighteen Inches deep tno the ple. “Inio each of these holes Tm going to put ane ofthe preps, 502 0806." he explained, producing from his packet ve tite paste fontalners, not much bigger than teabaga, the contents of each ffwhich, about 2 glam or #0, he shook info each hole before seallng ‘The last preparation, 507, alerana officinalis, othe juice of ‘the valerian plant. he poured from a small quarter-ounce val Into his backpack sprayer which sll contalne’ the emanaas of ‘the mixture of barrel campost and 500. Ths he sprayed over the ‘whole pil ina ne erie “The compost has tobe dasnp." be explained, waving the nozl, Tor it won't heat up. But it anust' be too wet, or the aeroble microbes won't have enough air ta breathe: fermentation wont lace, andthe compost wil rt instead of blodegradkng” He ioked up witha sated gin. “Come back in the spring and you see a lovely pile of degraded compost. ready to give lle {the Gol, This ple wil have turned fo sof dark rable sms the seoret of agrscuttural health on this planet~couttesy Dr. Sener, his cosmic forces, and billons or uilions of cooperative rmiroorgatsns.” “Who els.” we asked, "is farming ths way in america?” ‘Anaal” came the answer. "For that you wil have to go to ‘imberton, to the blo Dynamic Assocation of Amerie, sod talk to the man who runs it now. Roderek Shouldlee He ea tell you. ‘where all the skeletons are buried! know there azc lots in the Dakotas ancl Ontario. As forthe rest fd Uke to now mye” Chapter 3 MOONSHINE Thirty miles west of Philadephia, tthe low ying ills of Kibertn, the fret bodynamic farm in Aerie CCamphal Vilage. came inte being in the Ite 1990s, dedicated to ‘ceologcal nonsyntheie, sustainable agriculture. On a tho Sand acres of what might be the rolling downs of Surrey. Aart Myrin, present ofthe Sun Oil Company, fist gave sanctuary to Steiner early elower, Ehrentied Peer, an ants Next biochemist and pragmatic farmer, wo led the Naa! mallennium to bring his ‘aster’ agricultural message to America The od mansion house, overiockinga sprawling four-hundred. acre farm, now hotines & large group of cheerful handicapped persons ofvarlous ages frail human beings, exterinatable on Ger Hite’ genetic laws, but cherished by Stelner, who devoted Same of the best years of his ife to the aclence of successfully ‘habiliating the handicapped, Camphill Vilage, now one of macy Such institutions sizetcing from Ireland to Botawana, lao Droft venture par funded by government. We found its mem ‘ers happily attending to thelr chores about the farm, which eco omically includes a bakery. a cheese factory. and even a store, ‘where onty biodynamic products are sod, including delicous Thome baked brea and remarleably tasty vegetables, ‘Ofte Bio- Dynamic Assocation, not sign. A wild goose chase, we wondered, frewarned tha the practitioners were waty of pub: Icky? Then we met tn the wood-paneled, picture windowed . ofleshop a quiet, outgoing young man in his thirties, Roderick Shonidce, recently appointed administrator ofthe npsocation, Fe explned thatthe orginal bodynamie acreage had been ah ded by Myrin at his death ito two farms, side by side, both Plodynnically run. One was for tbe handicapped group, where iting students could also lear the biodynamic method, The Uther adjacent, of five hundred acres, ls ran asa day farm to fours the students ofthe Steinerian Waldorf School ors kin Gergarten Uarough twelfth grade. Extra income is derved by track. fing feat milk, yogurt, and cheeses to Philadephia~the sate of Pennayivania being one of three in the Union which si allows tw milk forsale. ‘Asing at se suliclency as wells health, the farms grow their ‘wm wheat. rye. soybeans, and com, along with most of thei ult and vegetables. Many ofthe fut tres, deliberate planted by Plefer in the early 1040s on the strip-cultvated slopes to Delp avoid erosion age sill bearing frit: apple trees and pear iin a well-designed root cellar bull by Pfeifer near one of the tenant hosses--handy In those days as a war time bomb shet ter—Stemers various reparations, 800 0507, lay awake in earth aware pots surrounded by pest moss, their has daubed with yellow paint wo dferentiate yarrow from oak bark or nettle, walt Ingo be noculated nto compost or be sprayed homneopathically ‘imberton Hills as Ron Shoukice explained, doesnot use Maria ‘Thun’ barrel compost, but has enough cows of te own to rep larly spread the real ting on all its acres from a series of ity. fot-long compost reaps inoculated withthe prep, od does this Inimselt injecting ples that have been front loaded nt wind tows by two profesional biodynamic farmers who overece the land and care forthe livestock. Suriss and Hereford cows. ples sheep. goats, chickens, pigeons, all prodiceblodymamle manure for biodynamic compost, t being a part of Steiner’ notion that tery farm shouldbe ferlized by the animale hat lve on I ere ating a cycle of ever-inereastng richness in sl untainted by fr gn or chemical element “To stir the 500, which is made right there on the farm, Rod tases a system with a platform ae fet above ground, surmounted by a trelis from which a ten-oot pole dangles into a 138 gallon barre. The system allows Rod to sti ninety five gallons at a time, ‘with ite exeruon, being rellewed of the suspended weight ofthe pole. The resulting 500 ts easily poured by gravity nto a sprayer Hooked to a tractor, which can spray five gallons onto each of nineteen acres, Te entire farm is ferdiaed wit biodynamic cor ost ffom the windrows, lightly turned into the topsll in the Spring, and regularly stimulated by the cosmic forces released through the spraying of 500 and 501. “To these biodynammctsts, the whole earth i but a reflection of ‘what fs taking place in the cosmos, a idea that goes back Teast to Anctent Rem, cond to ther by intensive laboratory and eld experiments carried out during the past half century ‘Asan indication that man once understood the power ofthe sun's Intercourse with soll and plant, they polnt to the Eaypuan ave of the Sungod Ra, depleted with rays that end tn manipulative very twenty-four hours, sun, moon, planets, and stars, as observed by these stargazers, have a strong and pronounced ef fect upon the growth of plants Planting and harvesting a Cama Vilage Farm are done as strictly as possible in conjancton wath She Rtn ily Cdr ane eta. Sheryl at Towers maintain that ao te sun, the moon, andthe planets move through the twelve zodiacal segments of the sky they have difer {ngeffects on the earth and on the plants that grow inf Because cach day the sim rises four mlnses Iter than the stars against which it moved the previous day n'a yer it grad ily traverses the enire evel of he sodie, spending a mont tn ach constellation. The moon, in its monthly evel, spends only About three days n each. Apart rom is obvious waxing and wat fg_the tnfuence of which on tides and growing plants 1s 'n0 longer tn disputethe moon has two other motions which are said by Steinerians to affect both plants and planet. The moon's flipicl orbit brings i at times nearer and at times farther fromm the earth, ereating an harmonic elect comparable to the earths frawing nearer to nd farther from the sur in sumer and win fer When the moon reaches its nearest pin. or perigee, and a inter" moon ls evoked, the plants’ elation fo the sun, accord tng to biodynaune farmers, tendered in that seeds put down at the moon's pergee produce plants that tend tobe vulnerable to fungus diseases and pests, ‘European biodynamic moon watchers such as compost devel oper Maria Thun, point out that with the ascending moon, plant forces and saps law upwards more strongly to fll he plat wath ‘af. But. when the moon has reached ite highest point ad Degins tog down again, the plat. they say. orients ise toward the root, a ime more favorable for transplanting because It ef ables the plant quicly to form rootlets wath whch to anchor ft Self As the sap Dow weakens, 9 also a suitable time for pun Ing tees or clipping hedges. When the moon rans io of the hhorzon, echoing the sun's influence in aufornn and winter, the ‘tally of plants is sald to concentrate tn ther lower parts: te to concentrate on manuring. rooting, cutting, composting. and Tharvesting rot cops. Biodsscists point out that the forces streaming contnuly from the direton of the constellations are focused by the moon and are able Unrough ‘ts power to become directly elective tn Plant life They therefore choose to work with plants on those days wen the moon has entered a zone of the sky that especially fenhances the growth of that part of the plant they wist to ex ‘courage ‘Knowing which days are especially favorable for leaf or rut vegetables, Rod explained that at Kimberton Hills they sow cab bbage ses on a lea ay and walt fo a rut day for tomatoes, The four aspects ofa plant-root lesfstem, ower, and frat seed hhave disunet qualities and functions In cultivating plats, bo ‘dynamiciss uy to encourage the root growth of carrots, beets, turnips, and potatoes: te leaf growth of lettuce, spinach, and frase: the blossoms of thelr favorte lowering plants: and the THE KIMBERTON HILLS AGRICULTURAL CALENDAR A BEGINNER'S GUIDE FOR UNDERSTANDING THE INFLUENCE ‘COSMIC RHYTHMS IN FARMING AND GARDENING 1988 Beling not only as a reflecting mechanism, but, of ts own power frorks on the earth through the clement of water, availabe 10 APRIL Plants either tnrough rain or gation, and is a carrer of thos forces that tend to nvence represeton “Another baste yt ts brought about ‘ plant is affected by the earth's complete revolution Comparable to what Steinertane describe fut “breathing” ofthe earth. They the mang i ity th cay tn casa the tytn fends fo lnfoence the lower parts ofthe plans ‘When Stetner noted thatthe ey crystals that form in winter the panes of windows are diferent in flower shop from thowe appearing on the windows of a butcher shop, he sugested to Pfeier and to another of his eary followers, iy Kolko, that they experiment in the lab with the formalon of crystals as beans of demonstrating what ne called his “Yormative forces nature. To satay Steiner's desire to demonstrate what les "be Yond the vel of matte.” Pfeifer developed a system now as Chromatography in which vartous solutions of taneral salts, tn bibed by rounds of paper, were made to reveal te diflerig pat teraa left by frees at wark in sol and pane hfe. Wid a star ‘method, known as “capiary dynamoiyts,”Kollsko went further, Validating not only Steiner's but Paracelaus'sdlcrura that each planet ls lied toa metal on whlch it hae a epectal eect. vaxying ‘with the motions of that planet. With her method Kelisko was fable to explain such mysteries as wity highly refined metal eb {eets such as bal bearings ear turnout badly if manutlactored at 228 inappropeate planetary phase. The same suble forces she found to be at work in the lving cells of plans, affecting both ther growth ftom seed and the quality of rat and vegetable, and ‘even such odd fete as that haber, be lasting, moet be et the appropriate moon phase. Rod told us baw Kimberton Fis student farmers are tralned {nthe observation of cole movement, and the gradual ease mations of nature. By these means hey are able to reengnize ‘bat they call Use “plant beng that Hoes ane wna Brough all {he formas rom seed to 001 to lea, and back Lo Seed again Take tng advantage of cost cfs, they ike to Marvestletuuce and ‘ther upper plant erops in the marrung when they are mast full ‘of vitality. and root crops tn the late afternoon when they are ‘st full of le. Transplanting they consider best done at aight ‘when the downward Now of sap can be used for establishing roots ln thatr nes environment, By performing normal agricultural prac tices such as seedsowing, tansplanting, cultivating, and ar. ‘esting at umes when the approprat element ts worklng strongly {om the cosmos, they have shown that ne can eniance te ie form, favor. and storage qual of cops. Thhas been shown thar plants react strongly to changes tm he -weather by rushing sap to thetr rots in antlipation ofa coming Storm. This enables them to send sugar back up to leaves and boughs when things have qideted, and so repalr any damage By the Storm. The mystery remains as how the plants can tel that Ecneslie gupey ec Meoniting 2 ‘a storm is coming, but an empirical est easily mae fom the ‘content ofa plant ust before, daring, and flr any stor, “Tacng leat from Steiner and fis occu masters, Kimberton artmers are aware, as Rod explained, that the four parte of the plant correspond to the four elasie elements of nature: earth, ater, ai and fire. Clearly, they say. the oot of a plant ts con (centrated tp the clement of earth, the green vegetaie parts are Inked tothe ow of matsture, the Hower opens ino the airy ee sent and the rt is skowly ripened by the warmth ef the sum, ‘hich seals he see. ‘Astroogically—arcl enigmatiall—they associate the four ele sents with four segments of te adiae: earth with Taurus VERS Capricorn: water wath Cancer Scorpio Pisce: al with Geman: [ibra Aquartus: re with Anes Leo Sagitarus. And they concelve that the moon. passing before these constellations, enables those particular elemental forces to work more strony into plant le Marie Thun, and, following in er footsteps. the authors ofthe irberton Fills Calendar, have accurnulated years of data on the fMfecton the grow. of plants of planetary oppositions, tines fad conjunctions. Whereas oppositions and tres are sid Be poste, nodes (where orbits intersect), oceltatons (hen one eestial body passes in front of another), and ong ecipees (hen ope body obscures ancther. are generally considered wn favorable for plant work, usually causing adverse elects, espe ally m sowing. ‘And just as the rise in trae accidents occuring on ne days thas been contre satsteall, so have the effects of the moa on cattle breeding been establshed Uy Stelnerian farmer over the years. fa bul is taken tothe eaw on a node day ether the cow remains barren of, wore, the cat's born vath undesirable characteristics. Experience hs shown that when planets enter {nz opposition at 180 degrees, e Ht with the sun or with one another. the ie fores ofthe pant are inereasingly intensified. Deginning several days befor the acial event Steiner claim thatthe frees af both opposing planets fluenced bythe i alse fom the respective znineal consteiacns,nlerpenetrate Irucifying and augynenting one another in thew elect upon the feacth. The moon's effect, says Marla Thun, can sometimes be fenhasied through oppositions, but ca other occasions be cm shed. ‘Alf this lore, whien echoes anctent astrolsteal knowledge as Rod admitted Io actually te result of mazy. many years of ‘area laboratory expertments, with strety selene methodol (gy eared out by devoted followers ofthe Steinerian vision. When ‘Maria Thun fist began her studies of the myhinte cycles ofthe Zod Sign Influences (oom ome |S sae reat [pete ars. Il — moon, she was unaware that her Kassel vegetable garden was near the center ofa ring of fill, each connected since tenable her to interface the effects of moon, sum, ard planets, rious sections of which are visible at night at diferent ties of year. The result waa the creation of a calendar, the Blodynani Sowing Chart, incorporating all the data of the three moon ays, the planetary postions andthe sodiaal sign, by whet of such cortmunites as Kimberton ean plant ad = {his basis, Thum was careful to be correct, not only geometrically Ga theoretical but actully To sow seeds by the wrong moat Shine. witiont paying attention tothe exact cope of each par falar celestial sig would be to escape its inflvenee and, ice Proemustes, not make beds tot people of dierent helghts, but rocky stretch or azmptate them to fit a single arbitrary be, Chapter 4 GOLDEN GARBAGE {nthe peacefut woodlands of southern New York, just west ofthe Hudson River, a speghtty lady ts her eight feo, Margit Selke presides over an A famed Rut that resembles ‘more the hone ofthe Good Wite tn the Griz fairytale than an ntlsuent fr the purauit of science. Its Pee’ laboratory St Tireeold Farm, allin diminutive storybook form, «contains ‘ie ejlpment forthe manufacture ofthe Peer starter: alembics retorts, mcroscopes, hestng and cooling containers, great mix ng vats. specially designed, and a line of reigerauar stocked ‘th vais of multiple strains of incubating or dorroant iroor anisms designed ta chew up each and every component of ay ind of garoage se before them. ‘lso an émigr fora Hitler's Germary. Marge Selle continues to produce Peers starter. sll in demand by these determined tnough to request fe On the ay we ville, 2 Uhousand units lay ‘plastic bags tn a box Mal the size ofa foadocker, ready to be shipped to Said Arabia, and another thousand were ready for Dubs, each parcel designed to revly a thousand acres of bar ren lang, For the more volatile market in this county. Me. Seke Continaes te keep the strane alive, along with cherished mero fies of tats developer Prelfer wna barely tent whon he frst met Steiner at Dornach| just outside Basel, Sutter, ip 1919. The master thea in his Aes, quick to nee the young man's talent turned his interests Caidentatgs 2 ire ern near, RY fom electronics and phystal chemistry foward what he const tered the more wally nportant sady of biochemistry, Bolo, fd thelr sppication to agriculture, By 1925 Prefer ned set up his own Blo-Chemica! Research Laboratory in asd of tne Weleda Dwg Coempany, mantiactar rs of non-chemical mediines, at Arlee, near Dorminch, tn {ent upon foliwing Steiner's lad not only lato anthroposophy, Dut nto ia newly expressed theories bout the vial ste of ag ‘culture, Just before is death, Steiner had made the sane re ‘quest of Per ie had made of Kolisko, that he search for sos3e emical agent that would reveal the formative forces in biolog ‘al substances. Spurred by this need to show, by strictly ortho sox sefentfic methods, the enstence of whatever it maght be in wang matter that aferentiates i rom the tnorgans, Pile tn vestigated a grt numberof chemicals, nally setling on copper eclorde as the most sultable agent. With i Peter was able to Aevelop & method stile (0 Ralish's to analyze biological sub ‘lances which eame i be known as diagnostic entation, “To tet the effectiveness of Steiner's preps, Pfeifer carried! out 1 series of expertments by placing chopped potatoes in tind tions of $00 to 807 and studied the development of rots, dlscov. ring that 500 nada particulary stimulatve effect on 00! growth, fesing numerous forous rots. whereas 50] creased the as smuative activity of plants. and 504 bad a special influence on Mayoral the others strengthened growth compared with conte 2 soldat ii claed that te ll cntoy, mee ave of oe sie ferns sa of accent al er the wn bees eg threasingy eb pro, ho unt hee san enang sural ares ix oo wong apo, Buty canpaaneteinge heme row what seals Sea tye west cede: Hess shee ao te ithe psn Sane comaned 2 pccer Stover compared 22 peseant kor che mca row set ese te surmise she fa an amos insite am ant [2 terest rin conpareao0 1 esc cetaly- gown ess, ch en Meter tear Uber such notion wet oe coud neat Aldean Siete to 100 degrees faa fs Hal owt we Bede cunsc tl s spe, whens ai eased ket were don “Sher xpernete were made in Belts where pcs tard sets te ep elhsse ine moron pate “Stn sr opt ee aes toes te sews on 12 138 ter ln ran veer ait Hoa. toring et hunted ares: cost wi er we ue Sha bey for aldnespciny wean rex. wise {Sta of seven nun es. Blame proc eee Sic sone nae te Deets trated ee ‘Sree sosann apart be teed ova 20 feprncve cere son force bac ont te bles by ches Sie veeisd neat eer of arate pl etre es fear saring arsine ft Sook bakes in te Uniea Sa Beye Fir end Gu Contin nerit arse steaing ayn avec scat ripe ad cost ts pe sa stag he lg Seu as une glint ri ary ule eres Sehui ofuncd cov sa aero he iy le SFeala ane preps mere poste eset as geet Sno ternfacon ue Ne War age om ia Faroe, er uns saab sng hn bona doe in nes hy tae an tena dees sei tom rc eto beteal Chee tn Pilea “net chost rony snd oboe reepton ERS cease ologitreaearch wd the ue ef eran fine, Usage nope op of ck pues bo fe made ove fingose mint fr of hea, ng canoe iaiiaie aan anensen ose. ste aig Os ete artes hema, wo mle ase oe Beas be Msc usu Bo prc ls sh Ps ok (atte tinmore amen enor patron at kisiesian Hs, Pei nived to a 285-aere farm of {is om in Spang Vale. NV. which be sesated bodmamicady. ‘But the Land was siony and Srl, the cattle ese with the dreaded Bangs disease. and only Pete's cheerip determina toa, along win applic ctentcallyeoace composts, ehabied ‘hae mihi so years fo restore the land, feed dhe gain gro¥e form It to is calle and cure thew wtthout seduction: They ured theatscwves "war Peers suiting explanron, “We sin Ply provided nuts and care™ (Greatly pccoccapied with the genersl consiton of solls kn “Anterica, Peter ‘ound a third of dh Urea States on the way £0 Decorng useless ‘om evbatnn aot mat apictlturd practies. ln bee We stom ere avast eae lls year Because of unbalanced everaraing la eed age of ie sol, with 19 care adven to evotect Hh Oe sod was (gradsaly being Vsosened and te peotecte sol covert waded fo the atmosphere ly drought aid wind A biologeatly ven Gaal form of sie Dalasced, verlag farm, wth hea gue Plantings. meadows und green sucrarmg ene being gen pb fwor of coe sided monoculture. Between 1058 and 1298 vem 80 percent of the seers of the Creme Pinine abandowtd thelr traplealy ceacrtae by Steinbeck im The Grapes of Wek ‘Tomake things gow ona piece af wt, PesTer pointed oul was ‘ot necessaritfareung could be deateoving the carts fet ity. Aculdvate Meld. he stated, wus 0 tnang organs, & lig, femniy sabe totally oF processes. "A well-tendeet Red dca not Inmve an unas eapacsy or intreased produethity espectaly ot one directly peoportinl W the amonnt af feliz Apples 50 Sect ‘An increase in production aay be obtasne, bot the sl ae an ‘organic structure, can go 0 pies ca peuticd veyeatadry tht sola tstengce treated with caste tensor evened opcaved fr along ume mith eis Shetaotonges have omy totogieal acuvy. Thee begin wo de. Aso, ‘Shegazio iseated for vears wth copper and time solutions be ome gevoud of cartons, loving their capacity fr creating fama. ‘Stmg doses of chernialferGvers, ud Meter, especially those ‘untag sue salts ce porassier or aramaunn sua oF highly certosive substance such 2s nit chosphates. or Bok enous spears, lke arsenic ane lea prepavatity, injure a ‘Genisoy the microorganie wold. And he was qc to plat out Udat very ieawure Cat stusbs le tn ee acl to dees weap the carthworavy and hectera, renders the 3 Move Lice an Jes capabie of supporting psn le: the ony healihyaltennaue, Ihe advoeated. was Steners biodynaml ecm, ‘Bur epposiion to mevieds that smacked of witchcraft was si too virulent m Noch Arerteat and the strain ota constant sit {cen-hourday dicen between scvence and fas was oo feat for Pteer’s weak conattuucn. From cougeaital diabetes td acranced tuberculosis he caltapaed and was soatioed to a aM fariui far year. Ab usdefaigable researiten, Pleier loo the blow as an oer 1a tung als approach, Quit bee headed {or di suntarianr'sbacterialellaboratery to stay unde the microscope the ver tunereular bactera that had bee) EAN at lls ings, garecolars fascinated by the way speciniens Fatt ‘igestve uacts break down and clgest waste user whieh ‘gavel fed for thought Alcea at Gartach, Stelner fr ou ‘sted he search for a mechoa of wanstorming vaster uarcies ‘ot crganie matter ume ferullanag compest. To Peller Wis meant Iden¥ving ard ioloemg the iaidval siralns of bacteria that could digest and transferm te various Ingreilents i an entre Si dup Salfcinty recoeved, Pete founded hs locherical Research labocatory ac Mheeleld Ware, 4 Stemerlan center organic in ‘he 19206 by a disrple of ancheeyosepie wou apy to oer Preller the cppartansy fer developing Stenerian navans, ‘Wah Diehelp of Margret Sele eter paiecny sought on and laciaed oer various atrains of bactese wih. rerdered decent Atst added to Steiner tacidonal badyaamiie prepares Be Dreticted woul produce & nacterial starter so sal W would be ‘alle “ble dynamite,” capabie of (ranafeitag vast armors of ‘ity gage and langheerhouse reese ina valuable organic fer ler at compete prices that won Jead ta he demise Oem. als ge cal, ‘Tissoid that fester wa aan ed to thie development of Stelners rial preps beeatse ha fana tain to convince American farmers ofthe valdry of having to potentice the various ingredl. fas by suring for an hour la alane bry cow hota, eak bark (F Skulls. in his starter he malnained vse prepa bere alread ‘orrecty pourntzed Ey suring. Only a sit grep of dedlested ‘odyaame enckusiasts conuned, unosertalioualy,t0 use tie orignal preps, stufang ane surring as Steir ha ecentanerice “ile Pier launches ina the lacge-sene setolesale reduclon, ‘ley rfc. [By 1350 he hal approached Tons Daleso, present of an Oa land, Casfornia garoege-cobecing out. aud eller i transate inte fentizing hums as Buch a5 possible of Ue our fisted tans a day ef garbage collected by Dakine 3 teuces Some the f Oakland. Tedrwe nome to Valesno the foly of he prevent 90 tern af handling refine nee the advantages of safer, Medes explainea how it oats Acuerans. ae ixpayere bllons of dol lars year tocart away as garbage precious minerals até organic riskesl taken but at the sol te form: af food, whe ws costing farmers some 87 bin a year to put chernical fetes er hcand ouamract factory to proces this mata teter convinced the owner of sastepaper Dusiness in Bufalo, New $C nara Stowe, by offering him asa carrot the separated *eckcpaper to reeyle, Seven stockholders, mainly paper proces SEE Co caw inthe garbage the promise of reusable pip, were Persuaded o spend a total of $150,000 to start the Cameo Cans PShrtly thereafter a small slate-gray building arose an a penin- aula on ecg of San Prancaco Bay. nica hundred tone aay ‘write refase was fe onto conveyer bli, o come out a oa fost culated withthe Mees sate ‘Dr ln opal composing at Orc EDS, As desenbed by 2 contemporary ural, nes ofheaviy laden garbage tucks would eumbie down to Use Cameo factory, foune {ng across the refuse-szewm yar to duanp ther remallc loads “Tractor plows nosed the muck into ples tobe pusted into along lwough leading tothe plant. Inside a par of gant section fans hanging over the conveyor belt ke outsized vacnim cleaners, sued up mast ofthe wmstepaper lage magets seared for ‘ital objects and fen workers rumamagedthrctgh the ese with foved hands to pull ot glans or wooden object, Property ped cover. wat was left got dropped through elute onco waiting ee Golden Gatbage 33. tracks toe carted to @ hopper where enormous steel blades, Btating against staonary blades, chewed ike hamburger whe oedes showered # with water spiked with bacerta, a taiespoon Granta to every ton of goole tion of the bacteria was fmoedtate, Within two to four days they could multiply 300 milton times, with metabole action so fntense the mixture heated wy to more than 150 degrees as var. tus eras of furiously procreating bacteria deccanposed and (gested the garbage, producing enzymes to speedup the dgestre ‘and make possible chemieal changesa weird spectacle the San Franciace landscape as the mountalnoxs ples ‘actually cooked, throwing off dense clouds of sta In fess than a week. with decomposition completed, the ples would shrink and cool. As Prefer explained the process “During the egestive period, ocd building bacterta have begun to stow. ‘her furction, as tn the fe process stele o use the decom. posed matter to build ving orgarde matter, store up autrents fn ‘ve mass Wo be used by growing planta, changing basi elements {0 they can be absorbed into plant roots” ‘Such bactrta Ife, Meter explained. i present in virsin sci Dut n the garbage compost the concentration i several hundred times greater. "Aler UneRrst week of violent decorapostion the garage has ceased tobe rotting matertl and bas become slab. Teed plant food. ft has no odor. Actually it repels vermin ad ‘xrion birds wil hover around the piles but aot venture to alight fon them.” ‘Te result ofa his wns that some thre weeks after an Oak and housevie had sesape from her dinner plates lato the gas bage can the remains ofa mes! this waste, reconditioned, could be shipped asa sweet-smelling black earth to farm and murver tes anywhere in the county. The Ferry Morse Seed Company ‘istbutor ofthe product, alo used wt fo cutvate lta ow prize {gass anid ower seeds i Salinas, Calforma. Keven sprayed ‘rue’ bacteria directly from a helicopter over several iousend acres of is own fara. ‘Vegetables grown withthe converted garbage were found to ‘weigh 26 percent more than those grown with ooventiona fet fzers, and had as much as three times more vita A. Grain showed a consistently higher proteln content Laboratory expert ments showed that Pfefers mixture could restore even stele sand (ovgorous ferity. eventually transforming desert ino ic farmland so long as adequate water wa availabe, Organle mat ter mineral balance, and essental stricture were restored. Ber tiling the absorplon and retention of maitre “The hope was to provide the nation with a cheap supply of Me seed natural oganle mater oahu the tape and reverse the trend towards a continental dust bow. “all the U.S. garbage were [oceeed each ear ald fei, “we WoUd fave about try Ion tno af compost enough t ferUlize fea mull acres of land. Garbage curapa would Jast about dloappeat” “The head of the Oskland Sanitation Department, Water © ‘cen called the planta boon to any murkapalty ean: ah sound, ican be operated in ay area." The Ook Tribe ‘Shded San Francisco for not geting a compost plant, commen ig cahfonta does have its backward ce” Lady ve Balu ‘raining secretary of te So Assocation Le. of Bran, climb Ip ngery around te locks of garbage, sine out the Camco plantas the high spt in her U.S. tour. But Per had biten off more tha etter he or the phalanxes of hs merabea could chew. Cancested opposition by Ste produc trsofchemienferlzers, worried about losing busines, was too tough to digest. Within two years the Oaicand Camco company hac close fats for good. ily years later, no concerted eflort as been made to take up where Per It of. According to 8 recent article in the New York Tones, te next decade's principal agenda for New York Cy wil be the disposal of its garbage. twenty-one bilion pounds a yea. “Like tie." sald the head ofthe elty’s Ssnutation Cemsmission 1 he atin hls seveth-Door ace surrounded by an “art deco" ection of miniature trash cans, “ike time, te New of garbage never stops ‘Back in his lab at Tareefold Farm, gravely disappotated but unfching, Pfr continued 1 eaeareh, baling 12 his case ‘rom podium to podium. facing odds strony stacked gat be dqmnamie farming Along wi the efor of eh organ farmer, fhe wns derded by the powerfel cherleal companies wih the Yast assets and financial contol of grein calleses, eae ers magazines, and publishing Novses By 190% Prefer had succumbed, catensbly to tuberculoso, leaving Marart Sek 1 cary on alone Te her good atcha fame lab, ae reinlseed about the high ants of er hero's life. Doc. a hs co workers ied t all hi, ‘was always ready, se told ua. to elp wth hs knowiedge of to: ‘dynamies. and would devote aa much eare to smal Backyard arden a ta several hundred-acre farm ging instant ace from tis cornucopia of experience: Shown garden with a very Ig tons ron content, he would prescribe the Steinertan rere cy of planing stinging netes around tne entire perimeter. with te result dhat the next soll feadina vould show a 40 percent decne i rn, 200 stay that way. Foran infestation of pea aphids ‘he woul suggest. equally snccesaflly, a tincture of green soap, (ated 5 ounces to & gallon of tap water “Among his tore arcane suggestions ws the caveat never to take 4 sock staller than a man's As fon the so, se rocks are a talsable source of minerals, and thet less impoverishes the sot (fe an excellent means of controling pets in a garden, Peller ‘ecommended young turkeys "because they elean sp insect with fot alstarbing growing plants. and alk to each other all te ime Ih the sweetest voices, a joy to hear” Biodynamicist Helen Philbrick: author of « charming book on | companion plants, recounts how Pifer cured for het & peseh luce that had suffered a tnjry tots trunk and developed large decayed area, which, no matter how carefully pruned ad ence ‘ated, continued to iangulsh. Peter, te saye, okt closely at the tee, up and down, all around, sted the eo, the hillside the ak, ni the doting woods. Presently he stepped out onto the road and examined the érainage ditch and fences, “Beginning to suspect he had forgotten all about he ite eter Pifrick was about to remind hima when he aly returned and suid: “The trouble with your peach tre te that row offence posts ver there” "He rms, says Helen, have read disbelief in our faces, followedt by our stamediate question: “What could fence poste up there have todo with a tree down here?” "Wath his accustomed patlence, and wlth no snggestion that lnayone else's knowledge a bicogy might be disgraceflly Imi Ptr quietly explained: "The fence posts are host to white atielé fungus which you can plainly see. The function of felt nu = forreduce decaying wood to tepsoll so that it ean be retuned to tarth to start Ie eye again. The shelf fungus fom the dead fence posts spreads into the decayed wood in toe daznaged peach tree ad the wood thus contimues to decay. if you wil etter ‘ove the fence posts of treat (nem with erankcase ot top the ‘angus, there, You wil save your peach tree, here” His advice ‘etng flowed, says Helen Phiri, many good pescles were ‘athered from that tree for any years fo come ‘But Peers advice waa not abways so promply followed, On the whole he fled to convince his fellow americans ofthe tenets of biodyoarale fring as teught to him by Redo Steiner So fee of is isteners dared follow his preseriptions, he began to water ‘sem down and fale to talc openly of what BD preps were acts ally mace. Farmers were too fearful of being caught by their neg ors burying cow horns, and too lazy-or overworked-to opend an hour potentizing the S00 by ating i nto water Alo, they ‘nad mo way to assure themselves ofa ready supply of stag biad- ders, bovine mesenteries, oF cow intetines, So BD waa basely Jeep alte by a few devoted farmers who practiced on the sly wit ‘ut publieizing what they were up t. For many years those who-—ior whatever reason—could not handle the preparations for themselves relied on the efforts of & devoted sptrtt that stone azsong the hills of Pennayivania just ‘south of te Poconos, Tuced ita a petite five-fot-ane ich Body ‘with radiant peach-complexoned features, Josephine Porter be ‘came the moat industrious and indefatigable supposter of Steinerian biodynamic, keeping the preparations alle forall oF ‘Aeneratin, almost singlehandedly ‘Prom the muddle of the 1940s when she was fst apprenlced to Pieler at his Spring Valley, New York, farm unt he dled it 1986-—of emphysema brought on by regular milking ofelghty goats to which she was allergioJosephine todk care of peodiing all {he preps, With her tmy loved ands, se collected cow manure fiom a herd of her own Angus, serounged cow horns foun local saoghterhouses, wheedle sag bladders from fend neigh hunters, raised stands of yarsow, camer, nets, eset and valerian, drying. pressing, selfing, sewing wih her ney shaped fingers, day in and day aut, year In nd year ox. 08 & Ietime, until she pat a notice on the BD builetn board at uznberton Hl und obtained the devoted disetpleship of cur na val host, Hugh Courtney. Regula he cate to Penseylvania to learn from her te secrets of Stinertan male. convinced as she ‘that inthe proper mamufacture of the preps lay the healing of ‘America's s0ll and the future of the countrys agriculture. De- Spl ther elorts, for years BD In America remaled almost to. tally unknown "= Chapter 5 MICROcOSsMos Prete’ prenceupation with microbes may hhave been fess morbid than propheti, for the lle ereatures, largely responsible for everyting that lves on earth—may yet ‘sve the planet from destruction, ‘Not only fs the soll thelr natiral habitat they invented it: a8 base forall that Ives, Toothless and mouthless, they ingest through their mesabranes and chew up with chemieal 2euon the Seasoned clements from the hard, bare rock of planet they fn Ierited before it could be averted as ear, laying doen thelr carcatses to produce alving sol of humus in which the eariest blants, se lenena, progestors ofthe glant forests and the ma Jeet redwedl of ne West, fet established a tenuous toehold "As Carle Walters eit of Acres US.A. pita ein his Kana drawl: there are more Kinds and numbers of minute Ivestock hidden inthe shallows snd depths of an acee of soil than eves ‘walk the surface of that eld Te weight of microorganisms bus Under grassland is fs greater than that of all the Lage marals ‘cows, Rorses, abits, mice, gophers, toad, snakes, bids, aras6 hoppers, spiders, and other fypes of ania fe that run above t for take shelter int. single microbe reaching maturity and dh ‘ing within ees than half an our ean, inthe course of a single ‘day. grow into 300 milion more, and tn totter day to more that ‘he mumber of husian beings than have ever ved, As computed by Lynn Margutts ‘and her son Dorion Sagan in thelr bfliant 38 Seale Microcosnss, bacteria n owe days of unlined growth, cout Ctnumber ail te prot snd even alle quake estimated by ‘slits to exit thin the env Une "Sat ae should be oe eavaler about these mecroorgantams is trom inet eae for bie human body may be adrect dese Tats rat stngle-ceted acter to Inhabit planet earth Seon a lion years ago, Inventor of e's natured ‘este! eyten. fea unrivaled nthe universe ao we now Stare body lan! womaw9) along wit every organ tnt com pooed of quadiions of animal ols aids hunted quarien of acter eels, The intestinal tract fs ned ith vata teres that alone enable foo to get. Srebes prorat thrcughoa ‘he length of the intestine And’ every inh of skin teem with {end but unseen ceatores by the tition, Though we il them religous win gap, fet alone they lean te shina wel a ot {rez produced by Arden or Wek ‘Ao master chemist, bacteria have tansformed the plane rom a cratered moonlike terrain of vokeasie hasey rocks into the fer le globe we know with entrancing aeacapes upon which we ‘walked be well unt the advent ofthe petochemint “uf, ints basi form of microbes, has been a companton of the ‘ast rom shorty ater the planets inception, And so clove i the ‘iil bond between the envionment of earth andthe ricrotopte xgantsns thre upen fs vrtualiynyossole for bisogts {ofgvea concise elton ofthe dierence Between that wd iy lng and hat whichis not orto tll weiner microscope alga, ancl bigs, peel we fee yan of ‘Wits the sol, procreatng in high concentrations, bacteria sure fer, recyeing the elements through the cea labo Fatory that concututes thet" bodies, making them avaable To plant, Nitrogen and erbon are not alone in fequting te help of Inlcrobes betore they ean be reidered fit for plats As nitrogen is ‘coerced ino nae, phosphioms s tucned into phospiate sul fart sulfate, eherine to ehende boron to bora, nant 16 meat and 0 on trough he ekements hase tom ‘Whi a minorty ean subsist on mineral inorgante detritus, o eck dust. the majority feed on organic compounds, degrading ‘xpanie rolecules tn the soll deposted fer plant anv antnal tissues, reveling dead eels nt rlneral subsennces tn 8s ton that cam readily be reasinuated rst ty plants, and soon, Up the ln of te. ‘lerobes lat attack the substances that decompose most ready, such as sugars and ceilose Whe Uhee are used. - Sirs 39 most of the microbes ce, making up with thle bodies half the Beklot te ots organle matter and n staggering mons of dead fare decomposed and consumed by other ‘nferobes it ‘er ending eyes, The oxidation af pant aves belng co lignin tannins vie act, kerogen, an wastes wich re ist the action ofthe mieroorganisms~are forased into a arous Ghat undergoes a slower degradation, conferrng t0 the soll te fe, water-oving capacity, ts coltcal structure, and its entatance to erosion, “Animal excretory products, such as urea and ste aeld, are ‘tsanaformed by brigades of bactera working im relays into am Jmonia or montium salts, which are then converted by other ‘acter into nitrates "Without the bacteria’ bitty to capture nitrogen airecty trot the ar, the earths ie fOrms would long stace have died fom trogen starvation. Beer, wine, bread, and cheese would not ex fet wiinout the intervention ofthe microbe, wich makes of man ‘as peat scatophage as i the rtcrobe. For alcohol and carbon, loride—as in cooling Sprtzeare but the exerement and ex Dalea breath of tving microbes. ‘So varied fs mevobes! leery they can convert comn-step I quor—a waste product—into penitiin, or dead cuttlefish ito Perfume, Ard they reveal, as.shown in Brian J. Ford's highly Feadable and taformative Acrobe Power. an astonishing lve! of ‘ver-producton: the B.2 which aerabes prodice fe ten tots ‘sand fines as much vtaratn as they requite fr thele wm oe fabots. Coal. timestone. and iron oe, theeeasle ingredients of at dustrial society. have all been bequeathed to man by mcsebes, 1 {s postble that all the commercial las are dered from the ‘einains ofancientextinet microbe atoms, Foss beds contain Dillons of cubic feet of zerobee, one tenth of which waa orig, ‘ally ol And sulfur another element we ove langay fo becte ta, Texas deposits, which yteid sone O0 percent of the worlds sulfur, were eonwerie by bacterta fom caletsra sulfate, the ub Stance known a8 gypaum or plaster of Pans, ‘Eventually the total amount of work (a be done in the soll by ‘what Walters calls the “farmer's unpaid workers” ts vied up ‘among the microbes. Some collect nitrogen from the ait Some serve as scavengers, Some release aumanls fom proteln sa ‘stances. Some charge the smmonia to nite in the strug for ‘existence, same find stmnpier to feed onthe dead bodes of elt fellows than continue to ayntheste new supplies of food from ‘uray inorgante materials, Olners manage to attach themocives ‘8 parasites to other ving mlerobes, whieh serve them og wiling setts or wing boss Margin Sagan ae cera that lie ogni ave cee hough ato om hema poder, ie ‘Sing toe ong omc! teett tp he por sent shar of nn Tey ave convnced ha al tng pte Sis hey eal ney th est apart ge ‘Reshee noeaton tne sary ae onthe pane tse ‘one noi planta bu iy bacteta. TsHarneang ef dre favtieet ight eran ener oe ets Shemiaty that msl or thoroughly undead. etd fey Sey rn tater and ony pant ad sgn, Even ae tnnute een corps win the el Cl, whith esally Esp the radiating slr eer ma einai acorng © Natal and Sagan, have bees agependest microbes oa So ‘taeda put to wr wan the pat sown bene. oonmtheoe batons appear abe esgs ances hat blayed an important soe Bore Syano-baea appeared and Sued wate proc the fice yen they ia an hen taught un to eRe “Te procul fost ad emgen fo lip were o make mires te basi ofa git ood ie hat ‘tend ou oy aaa cold er ave ered tout the fbod ofpaewenmthet an the ge nthe a= ‘ow lant carey Oe ar part pony on cath wie most bacteria and teaser egee ste fang eure {Ee comer wits ol ing nanan ins ier substance salt santa To apie et ee, trimmers gre nga, an rasan oo Png san; beat: plac wa and micrngarian each ant Icy ateren cet oe one en srr st he thee ie an rier ofthe soir worm, tay be eu ae Cha thar eter erat atte sina where papel ‘olonpcana partners ae ise oy Srantant creatures” Allie veges me of Began, Daren Sonchided. pane ough “a wl gat puss many tes Sheu the etn cas a Thing this ranaly wang bao Aho ong su spend aged body on he dating tbo some area Sprannuaiedighchool bing can aye tcc mst Peopocrer grt carson jot nfl nears ‘Sebo againt wht ay be tao rs weft iyo Ns ‘ae sre cml ty Danette rae oman Santo grea vaive thane horse. eae ae poner ‘ttnartne ASean Cpr ad more inert oa at Sento eapite his classle work on the earthworm, The Formation of| Mould Through the Actor af Worms with Obsereatans nthe Habits. wntten shorty before nie death ix 188%, and de Fhe a comprehensive biography of research papers oa earth ‘Roos prepared far tne Darwin Centenary Sppestum on Barth Yor Booby. containing some two thousate Fleeces cover ‘igthe period 1900 to 1980, prepared by Satchel ent Martin in O61, de earthworm has bren grosly neglected andersellymis- (rented in she course of modern sgpiculture practice, ‘Gren Darwin msec the prime asset ofthe worm: that within its elgestive tract t neubates enormous quantides ofthe micro ‘rgnnlame which, in ts castings, become the base for Fore Bs it tooiea French selentst and eclogt,Antré Visi, author of the insightha Sod. Grass and Cancer to potnt out that the earth ‘worm, and fn particular the slippery hubricil, most common in the United States an Europe snot orly easentia o god agri culture. buts the vry foundation of all chaation ths Better Grasse Swrrd, Voisin traces mans ebtaatns a elation (0 ‘thealstrbution ofacive earthworm, of which he lsts some three ‘ousand species, “Among the most ancient of terrestrial animal groups, severat hundred milion years old, they come in various colors and sizes brown, purple red, pink, blue oeen. snd light tan, the aoallest barely ine ang, te largest ten fot gant Asta though South Aftcan newspapers reported abea-canstrctor sted mon= ster swenty feet long a yard wide Uarough the mide. The most ‘common European abd American earthworm, Lumbriou terest, ‘rows barely longer than sbx inches. "Ten thousand years ago, immediatly after the lst ce age, the fumbried earthworms were tobe found only in certain restricted faeas of the plat sch ato the valleys of nee reat etiiza torte indus. dhe Bupirates, a the Nile—where crops grew ‘most without cultivation in a sol of iomensely full Fch ‘As Jerry Minnich points out in The Earthworm Book, other ar ab of the earth ofered Ideal elmates and rie sls. Dat pro- Suced, with the exception of China, no such ewiizauons, The gyptin experience alone. says Minnich is strong indication that atcomplex cilzation cannot develop unl the base agricutaral ‘eed fits people are met, and that requires the earthwor Not that the point was entirely overkoked by the USDA An. Agricultural report ox investigations carried out in the valley of ite Nile #0 1940, before the fol of the Aswan Dam. inicated ‘st the great Ferlty of the sll wes due are par fo the work 2 seaeeot te fof cartworms, i a estimated that during the atx months of| fective growing season each year the castings of earthworms on se solls amounted fo @ stunning 120 tons per acre. and in fetch gram ofthat sol are more mlroorganisms than there aze humans on the planet. "Try yeare before the histh of Darwin, asthe American eno iste were breaking away fom the mother county, an English ‘naturalist, Cilbert White, waa wig: Worms ace tobe the ea promoters of vogetaton erat lng an noenng te sl rendering pervious to rine ad {he bere of pants by dear ata ae waif oven ae tongs ino tendon of a by thoming op such ae Ther of lampa of ext aed worm casts, Which Belg theca aS ns er kd ane ‘uve ef fermentation, and consequetty were “That the phenomenon was understood before the the of Christ ts clear from Cleopatra's deeree thatthe earthworm be revered land protected by all her sets a8 sacred animal. Rayptans swere forbade to teiove ifm the land, and farmers were not to tronble the worms for fear of stunting the renowned fet of ‘he Nile valley's sl "nthe northern part of North Ameria the lat Ie Ageso stripped tne country bare of eartharrans that tn very fer areas of whats now dhe United States were agyteultural ands rich enough to ‘support even moderately large poplauons of native American Indians. Ab Minnieh says: “Before European contact the only hunbriids ative tothe United States were eome acy pesies of Bismntus ad Eisenia, eseatlaiy worthless as sil ullers.” But wedgnd tn the shoes of the colonists’ horses were tay hunbried ega capsules, an tn the rootbals of Eropean plants ‘milan earworm arrived to remedy the stalin, Ino ise {rich but dormant soll was transformed ino one of high fri. “The lush meadows of New England, the vast farmlands of the Lpper Midwest, the great wheat fekis of Canada are all st ‘ied to the introduction ofthe eartaweorn By the cary part of the twentieth century, says Minnich, New Zealand sof alentats aber that European lumbricids were fuking vigorous inroads tnto the Islands’ predonsiy wormless ‘Sb. Hill pastes tht could barely support a stand ofertas Shere gradually becoming lt and green eventhough oo fete ‘as applied, Counts of earthworms ran igh un aver our ot lon pe ere, more than three dives the maximum populations of "= ee the sane species in the Old World habtate, The source of ah this ferttty was what the worms excreted inthe form of castings, compost of the highest grade, containing mineral sid organic faite ina soluble form, excellent a both a ferlizer and ss 2 fall conditione: Earthworm Can produce more compost tna shorter ime, with leas effort. than any other method. As they burrow, they ars can Stantly bathed in mucus which helps them Uarough the rouiiest ‘Bound, Continually rubbed off, te maucos helps cement the ‘lls of thetr tunnels. And while it helps a worm worin ts way ‘ut ofa predator's grasp It also elps hol the sll fren etal ‘otature as it hardena, Tm clasceal Greck tines, Aristotle called the eazthworza “the {Bus of the wot." because i produces pariles tat are salle than when they enter. eld together by the intestinal Duid hat Jhakes fora finer structured earth. An Omevorote and untnicy (Ber. the eyeless earthworm ingests whatever appears before ft ‘m morsels for ts toothless gue. Muscuarly pumping throngh the so, x angests ot only or- ‘ante matter but tne raw earth tel, alg sand and either min {al partictes as gunding tones in ts gimard, Mixed in the crop Mh digestive chemicals and dsintegrator bacteria, the clement 4 semastte st ‘come out in erent combinations, mare easly taken up by pants ‘Worm catings, nevtrallzed by constant adltions of carbonate ‘of ie tora three pairs of ealefeous glands near te worms [izard, and Nac ground pots ta digestion, are fee mes a ich In available nitrogen sevea limes as ich ip alae phosphates, and eleven tines richer in avaiable potash than anvil in the ‘Upper six inches ofthe sol, producing a nutrient in ust the right ‘condition for the plant te absorb Heal orpanie NPR! Whats tore, the castings are alwaye more aeldicely neutral than the sl rom ‘which they were formed, naturally improving the lea pH factor {as armies of earthworms work to keep the soll in balance, nelther tox aeld nor to alkaline fr the growth of plants, ‘Could it be that these great sinusoid fertiers actually rans. mute elements, asthe French savant Louls Kervran would nave Nor are they merely collecting, aisullng, and rearranging them 1 fer the soi? The farmer would appear to be mare ily ‘Castings. usually deposited in old burrows. or By might erat ‘erson the surface wien they come upto mate or dra leaves into Ther burrows, consist of abot one third of the contents ofthe ‘worms intestines fn plete form, an havea third more bac= teria than the surrounding sol, Bven when ample orgie matter Is avaliable, earthworms consume large armours of sol and by snusing the two produce a rc actus, perfect in tee, with more plant nutrlents than in the material from whieh it was de ‘ved, Castings contain a higher percentage of aggregates tan is found in the surrounding soll aggregates being the formations oftndividual particles of sand, clay. ane sl, groupe into larger {units which help make a enumb lee fracture of the sll A fartiworm i said tp produce ts own weight castings eae day son the prow. Hensy Hopp of the USDA estimates that one sere of good agricultural land ean produce well ver five tons of ‘asungs ina year, or more than 5 percent af the total sol volume fo plow depth. In the process of productig ts castings. on an tren an ordinary agricultural so, earthworms are crete with furning more than My tons of ol per acre, and inthe ile valley fas many as two hundred tons into a fracifjtng base artworms are prodigious diggers and earthiovers, capable of burrowing down as deep as fifteen fet, Mey ean squeeze be tween and push apart the sll erumbs. and one worm alone cat ‘move stone My mes les ot weight. As they burrow, earth Worms mx and su the sols, breaking Up clods, and burying Stones. Some carry dawn leaves ana other organic matter others ‘bring nutrients and humue tothe top. Tunnel held together ty thes mucus afford planted roots quicker avenues itn the soll ‘And the macs forming hums, prevents eroston, Henry Hopp te, 2 these materials, once dled. do not dissobe again in water, {Jol mile the soll thus treated holds De reqced moisture, Che durrows drain superiuons water. Experiments have shown that bolls with cartaworms drain fom four to ten umes faster tha those witht Converasy in Mt sandy sls, where water tends foram staat dough fo Ue subeot the aggregates produced thy earthworm casings act to mpreve the retention of weer. By saga toto the ebnoloosening fe and threading I wich tunrels, eartworms gradually deepen the topo layer By rp jing up tte mineral perces nd deposting them a3 castings on Ernear the aurface ofthe soi, they are constantly ding aut ents tothe zone mn which plant roots fed, delivery ninetal sab: tances that would otherwise cera largely tnavaable fo most ts. ‘With thetr mung, digging, burrowing, fertzing. and hums making activites, the worms have an immense impact on the fos texture, is fertity. and ta ability to support everthing ‘hal ves in ar on it especially plants that form the basls of our {hod supply. nut the worm tmist be fed, proliferating in dices proportion tothe amount of organic matter incorporated ito the Soll a supply whch must be kept up so long as one wishes (o {ean the earthworms. Bisowafoctida, a red manure worm that ‘inhabits compost heaps, uring animal manure nto sweet smell {ng hums, grows to five inches, ut eat live without copious ‘amounts of decaying onganic matter ‘Nght crawlers so named becaie they creep about at night on the muriace of the earth, fed on leaves, whieh they drag down Ino thete burrows, anc even with thel pin-head brains they have thew o pull them by the narrow end~in eontraditon to the ‘wate eal gathering suburbanite human who spends a fortune To deprive we earttvorm of hie autmnal fare tan orchard, during the three months of suturan earworm can dispose of 90 percent of the fallen leaves, dissolving even {ouigh material such an tems and roots, Darwin, wo reported seeing burrows plugged with twigs, bits of paper, Teaters fis (of wool, or horsehair, claims tat arms, though congenital Scatophages, showed predilection for celery, carrot leaves, wid chery leaves, and especially raw meat, including fal. Misch ‘eports that one Wisconsin commercial ralserafearthworms even ‘hoc to feed his charge ce creams ab treat on Saturday alghts ‘More surprising stil sis report that a German researcher. C. -Merker. writing ithe 1940s, astounded fellow scientists by as ‘serting that earthworms have voices, nd can netlly sing, ele {aint sound being acelin a solo stambet ut generally i series ‘marked by a definite and changing rhythm.” Dr Merker claimed tobe able to hear the sourds when within twelve feet ofthe worms, sounds produced not ty chance but ty the deliberate opening ‘and closing of the eartvorms’ mosis, How this coal be, wen fartrworms have no iungs—breathing through the whole sar foe of thet sa, matstened to aesoive oxygen, eh is pamped through the Bloodstream by five sets of double heats in rings oF segments close to the head all the more amaing "Aerie contemporary of Darwin, complained that earth worms are alao tuch addicted fo venery” tn sttable weather, hight crawlers can spend 2 goodly portion of thelr nocturnal 3c Utes in the pursuir of sex, even ‘an entre night coupled (© a balling hermaparediue mate. each passessing both male and fe fale organs. With the undersides of ther Bodies held firmly to {ether by ty bristles, or setae, they Ue with their heads pointing apposite directions. touching in thereon of the spermathecal tpenings where te citer a white banda third ofthe way down, thei bodies touches the surface of ts ate “They copulate by exchanging sperm cells stored In cuplike ho} ‘gases etn ht a ro oe lows in the ninth and tenth segments, exuding a special mucus from the semval region to protect the spermatozoa belng mut ally exchanged. More mucus seeceled by the eitelon forms 4 Jeli ring, hie picks up the worm eggs from ovaries ad ‘sperm ceils from testes, slipping the ring of the body, to form a Uny yellow cocoon. Grealy enlarge. looks ike @ lesion and 7s contains scores of fertllzed eggs, which can be found in the sat Goring te warmer monthe of winter. Under good conditions, a ‘verge sed worm can produce fom 150 to more than 200 young ‘nes annually. ‘One af the principal fonctions ofthe earthworm 1s to consume wallable mineral rutrients, and by actions of enzymes tn thelr “digestive tract, render them water soluble, easily abaorbable by the root hairs of plants, to be ade avallabie in turn fo the cells fofplents. animals, and man, ‘As Voiin points out, without earthworms there would be no cévlation, Bit Minnich complains that withthe single excep ton of Dr. Heray Hopp, the altitade of USDA seiensts, slong int many of ther associated colleges in state universes, has ‘wadionally been negative towards te earthworm. “Tey have lng beg with he assumption that earworm fe jst one mote tac of fe Sonarenie™ ext 9 gee frdeningand arming ant that in mets of rowing eos Erith ote edert methods eprentice tet Angie principe ot hemy chee! eater ence. Satirist f mani post agrees The et ‘oem thus ge gy by reason of aso (tho [pu rthod the USDA in ong claconaged nero ies: ‘Sgeon ito the pease nets of armors in mare tran haa evn ge a0 far a to denigrate or gna the work of other eseaehere wha have Fevesied ners bene ‘Site the USDA han sur conducted ot ieneed the gest ‘bulbofepacultarlscearch thie county ding the preset ‘enfay. ta pouton on ay feet of ptcuuse or oreo fe tad er-rencing, al determining eects on both st fhe deci and pie ates. USDA wl sensor So seiant earworm esearch and te ng aan of \grorsnce inthe cht reasn iy we on soe aout ete oom sd ay we hve aod to ilioe power oon Sut the pest centy. “The seriousness of the situation was recently emphastied by Marcel B, Bouche, Secretary of the Sol Zoalogy Comite of the Intemational Society of Soll Science, in is foreword 19 Dr. KE. Lee's last word on Barihworms, a book published in 1685 by Aca enme Prese, wseh for the st time places them on worldwide seal tthe economy of nature {many ites Rone owe abot oe pe: ‘Stteranenn actty of ue mon Inpocant areal rane tat sbnres wi un the ens fod urace sng intone 8 seatcttese eee ladatap cdr hc ane copier sen ‘hte eeu fees and waste water lgnorng the pina ‘Stina that habits te ences hte co fur freaunple the sincance accorded orice ‘oultud of bnnathere tng aboot one lor of Das per hectares inthe exten ned tbe of [rare orien eres nthe hundred of logan o ona pr eter sfeartnucrns, we maa once Vat oor nowt ge af eye nfurdancntaly date by ar above ‘end, rina perepeon of arare ahd ovr pnarance ofS cow pound Normaty healthy and long ved, caenworms ave discouraged rot led origi by aay peti nd most chee er thr. Copper sult, tr eonectratons near the trace of Sat eve ony 200 para per ilon. ean asia seduce the Sen popclaton an any tropa rll wil ql We Them out Sealy all commercial brands contain high levels of ‘isogen tae form of emmonin, which destoys easthworms by ‘esting ner high ace sl Sf he move onan mater thy rcv he faster they pro cetera they prolferate,s0 do tee Sable progent- {oes the senpann manactrers ms te bas Cee so Stcners premise was bate hat hi b-dymami Jrepetreae tne anions for the nom of the ene es hd tele tones fo generate ti table rac Chapter 6 Micacie Down UNDER ‘hae on the wast continents ofthe Amer ‘as biodyname agriculture seems hardly to have progressed be yond its introduction fifty years ago. stor had it thst on the ‘world's smallest continent, a hemugpinere away, it had success fully spread. tn the samme half century, to over & millon and 8 ‘quarter acres, To find out this was 9, and hove i could ave Come about, we set of "domn under to tavestignte ‘At he Melbourne airport me were met by @ short almost ele trial wry man with plereing brown eyes ofa Slavic cast almost unadorned by eyebrows. Alex Podolinsly. founder of the Bloc namie Farming Assocation of Australi Deacendent of an a ‘dent Rossla-Lithanian line who took refuge in Germany after the great October Revahution, Podolnsky was ralsed in Bavaria fd educated in England and Europe, where he was exposed to {he philosophical tenets of Steiner's peace-loving anthroposopty, Caught in Germany when the war began. as a stateless person, hhewas dragooned into the German Wehrmacht, slave aide to the Nets, "oliowing the Normandy landings, he wan so badly injured by bomb that his spine was permanent davnaged. Bit somehow he survived—as chosen to full some higher function, ‘Australia, in 1939, Alex realized thatthe esseie of te sent desert island-conunent on whieh he had landed lay not ts ‘crowded cities but in the wide expanses of its endless acreage, ser Foy 18 snd at is real cling was to work with nature, His startin agriculture came when a wealthy tend with ase rundown tar esr Powelltwn, Victoria, tiny hering center ‘ast of Melbourne, allered to foan him te farm fora yeat to See ‘wa could be dare wi es sot “There Podounsy began pulling (0 practice the BD knowledge ne had picked up ia Germany, and wo Una about how tteould be speciically adapted 9 Southern Hemsphere conditions. These ‘eluded an intensity and quality of lght unknown in northern Europe, short and long periods of severe drought. and sols of fuch fragility and shallowness thatthe dominating vegetation on the eastern part of the huge laid mass is malny represented by Soin eighteen hundred varletes of tall “gum” ar eucalyptus wrnose roots go not much deeper than those ofthe ea forest in he Amazonian delta ‘On the way trom the airport Podolinsky spoke ofthe olde farm es, wo had noteed what was bappeningt thet lad, who could ‘ecognize te indestors, in the 0208, they started putting | Superphesphate and nd a tremendous result in clover Which Sspurted ahead. Over the next decades, ane bag of phosphate did less and less ual nally fve bags couldnt do the same. in ga ‘on country twelve bags could do the trick. Se they wet nto Meade Duthie potash which ater two years no longer ad any elect. Next they hed nitrogenous lrtitzer which gave a big boost ingrown ser dunly sickening thelr sols Disheartened, nd not knowing wat {oda lot of them turned to BD. not because of ary anthre posophie or Stetnerian philosophy, which in any case they could Jindersiand, but asa uatier of elearcomiaan sense” "with att absohite. alraost dictator selfasaurance, modied yamine instinct a desir to dort by te wort, by plants, foumals, humans, and above all by the col of Mother Earth, Fodolnsky made iis point. "With the pasture that grew on Ty Ara itera you cold have fed two ead of cates clipped redise accent could pase for pikka English. “Ne compost cid ‘emade instantly {realized that what kept agriculture gong i the ‘old countries of Europe was the cow: but n Australia there ‘were no cows, only kangarbos whove droppin gare no such fer Ulty as ects in cow manure. So sensed that what cow manre had dene in Europe over thousande of years vould here As trala have tobe replaced wit the cow power of Steiner's G00 to ‘ct ao an Waiting poi, to achleve the same rest quickly. tng the land a "new impulse” ‘Over the past quarter century Podolinskys Biodynamic prac tice has exparided serosa the Anstralan colnet, unl now there are hundreds ofhard-itten practeal“Aussles sucessAl fash Ing his way, on all types of sll. coast and ini, elevated oF at bea level, even though he spent nota sre hous in publ pro ‘ooting, publiesng, or otherwise devoting to the method ay ora ot ealeemanship ‘By word of mouth the biodynamic message speead from the first man who saw it workingan the Podolinsky farm in he 1950s ‘until todays association, to which only farmers are ada, ‘overs all of Australia. "It took resolution, says Alex. "In the early ays people had very grave doubs.” For years Stemertans, of ‘ther Podolisiiane, kept to temeelves, largely because of the Strange methods of biodynamies, and als to avold confrontation with established chemical practice, Today they speak out. Theyre ‘Successful, And they're growing in nomber ‘What broke thelr seclusion was 4 thiry-lght-ranute prime lime feature Bm on Australian felevinion, A Winter's Tae, broad ‘cast nation-wide tn 1085, a8 one ofa mote than decade-long and highly popatar series, big Country. Opening with a Rann scene cf Podoinsky on his tractor spraying 500 on a aon pasture ‘th an ow hooting in the Dackgvound, it went on to ehow Alex professionally stung and burying cow horns, communing with is herd of cattle a Tush and ferde landscape on wich not 8 speck chemo a any sort had been added in over twenty eae. 52 Sereattesa ‘The Alm. unselcted by Podelinsky, but inssted upon by pro deer det Pal Wiliams of the Austallan Broadcasting Com. Dany, caused'a sensation. No other single program in tie history fof the ASC, ether on radio inthe early days, oF later on tele ‘Sion ever receved aa much response am the ove finally made as a ‘result of Willams trp to Podolinty’s Gum near Poweltowm. ‘Seon after the broadcast, dhe sialon got over six thousand let ‘ere, mosay handwritten, the largest number trom farmers buss {ng to know more about what they seen anc what many of them ‘characterized aa "Just pain muraculous” ‘Dusk ws fling in mid July. n the depth of Austrai’s win. ter, wes we pulled into the drve of Alex Podolinsiy’s medest FEewinouse tn Pomelltown where he fas lived twenty four years and ralsed seven caldzen. Nesting ina glen om branch of the [lle Yarra Aver, no more than a steam. the houses surrounded by small wooded mountains, reminiscent of the Welsh English ‘border or the foothills ofthe Poconos in eastern Pennayivania. A sdamip fog hung over the eechde vale, and a chilly though now leap atmosphere enveloped the house, permeating t except for the stenen where Alex ha prepared a meal ofroast beef cut into Slabs stismered in vegetable broth “BD carcasses” sald Alex with gusto, “have much more meat ‘on them and les ft than the average. And a fa beter tase, I ‘cuts out better, and has none of tat ty marblezation so prized inthe States Up before dawn, as any dairyman, to milks cows, year after year. Alex bad evidentyestablshed with his animals a relation: Sup ofa sort not normally granted t less sensitive herdsmen. “it tim not n'a good mood in the morning” Alex shouted chee fay, I very soon ams, once I get nearly cows. Tey tell me ex actly what fm lke, and they noloe eonmle happeaings. A cow Felites o its (otal environment, To lve ta harmony With one's Suroudingy ike Wat requires purty, tke the purty of chil [Ashe spoke, a roan Jersey looked over the fence at us, placidiy ‘hewn her cod, her limp eyes fl of peace. Plkdng tp a2 empty cow Hom, Alex waved It Uke @ scopter ‘see that cow Her horns are on her 0 to say. hold tn whats takeing place in her magplcent cosmos of digestion and metabo’ lism. Deer have anders reaching out, exactly Ube opposite from caw horns in expression. Unlike cows, the deer constantly com unteate wth nature na tate ofalernes, with a cera aroun ‘of fear inthe background, the exact opposie from a cows placid ‘emeazior. A mature cow bas hoes, and fey are later cat of that poled cow wil yo dull and never be the same as when she was Ronsed" Alex peered into the harm: “Whe ane leoks into v ieee 3 ‘such cavity, washed clean, one gain the impression that one fellnto tone might never get out again” ‘Looking up, he potted tothe roan Jersey milk cow. “See thet animal? tn comparison sith other ruminant, sch ws shcep ot (oats, whlch also ave several stomacts, be fpiclly Jost stands there, chewing her cod. Her legs are ot men for galloping sot Mts a gall or a horse. She i steady, cata, plata, and harmo” ‘ious. Her dlgestive systema i a vestable cosmos m nature, the ‘ost refined om earth, The manure that comes ont of her fs up to 2B percent microbes. ‘Under 4 watery son Alex walked to his hectare-szed vegetable arden to demonstrate the difeence between the land as he had {Bund it and what itis now. Grabbing « spade, he dove tts sharp blade a quacter ofthe way into a patch of resistant unculieated ground bordering the garden. With a sharp crushing nolse he ‘evealed a aaenpl of black sandy sol wo loosely knit it could have ‘been poured from the mouth ofa narrow-neckedbotle. Moving & few steps tsto the garden, Alex sent the sbovel full length this time silently, nto earth as spongy elastlc as a mattress, sam ‘up.a mass of sll the coor of chocelate te the huss that gies St that richness,” he sk with alls faction, “in Latin the word means arty’ and gives ise to the adjective hurls, or humbte, Ws mostly a collold. a substance like jelly. between 2 sofuton and a suspension that ean be ear ‘Hed'n the hand wathout running through the Rgers. The pane characterise of numus is that ft tal mes eoisbly avalebe tw plants because its slements neiter leach out nor evaporate” ‘Alex poked with his spade. "We've had los of rain here recently, fn ten-inch not one-inch, amounts, Yt you see, i hasnt water. logged the sll tn the garden, there ls over 18 percent of organic matter, maybe upto 18 pecest, whereas in the uncutvated stip Into which we frst dug theres Jes than 1 percent. All aries the applieation of 500, key to food production in ne future, is need efor 56 ower a ny peck wi enven ead sl” He plcked up aclod of earth from whieh a mass of thick plant roots protruded "Note the wht alr roots heltlyprowing even {nthe coldest part of winter Theyre only afew days ol, but very lactve. These feeder routs are diferent irom thet pipe-itke corm anions, which suck up water or tranepiraion anid are the only {es you'd see in cesnicaly-ertlzed ground. These feeder roots fare the key to biodynamic success ecause, symbiotcaly 1's ‘ot only the satthat makes the plart, bute pant that mes the ‘Sot, Roots and macrobes te and dle together, and tagetier tak Ing humus they reed new hfe Strolling over toa ea he picked S4SaaottiteS Up a pint-sized glass Jar “Hams and roots are made foreach other” Its a marriage made t heaven. At the height of spring (grow ar ful of tums fs buried in a blologically active work th pasture about four inches below the surface. Six weeks later the brown spongy substance has completely disappeared and the Jars solidly packed with nothing but wate hal roots that car be ‘extracted fre It only with great deuity. Onee pried ont they ‘sppcar as spankingly clean aa if they had been thoroughly 1am ‘dered anc dried. The Foote have invaded the Jar to Ingest every Sadan of the humus. not Just the soluble elements within leary ilstrating that hums Is plant food of irs pee and choke" "Aching the jar. Alex walked around the shed, as fleeting io chemistry clas: “Ta another fr sealed nus ale-tght for tree days. Cot off fom is exygen supply, che stu turned into ater Nokding gobs of putea, evil smling green partleles. This Iced of half rotted mater. proliferating with harmful anaerobic pathogens-—those tnving in an oxygen-deprived miew—is what ‘ales for ding aol. ning sola the pathogens are neutralized by aerobic mlerobes. Sensing this, cows wil ready drink fem pallet which a quanily of rata fas been que’ even though Dat humus was dered from their own manure, whereas they wl not dave to taste water infested wilh manure tn is tl raw form” ‘Behind the shed, a plot of ground about sity by seventy fet was covered with galvanised roofing and plastie sheeting: a treater protected winter resting place fora staggering number tf cow hurne190,000—all stuffed and burted hy Alex with the help ata single hardworking assistant "Tosccent the time and edu involved in ths aduous manual labor, alex chuckled dryly. “Not only does each hoen have to be Aled, alse has tobe emptied. Thats alt of horas: 190.000 on ny farm alone! The biggest It interred in any one place in Aus trata, though many other people are tow burying thelr awn in other parts ofthe county. One of them. Max Chance, with sb teen thotinnd acres near Monto in New South Wales, just deli tered thirty gf ge horns irom an inland atl breed, Theyre Dearytuice ax heavy as any fe ever seem. eau! Way Out ‘west across Ge eanlinent people are galering them up. One of tur members whe goes all ver the place cllocng wild ween, Dlants has provided a lot of horns. And another, 2 sugar cane farmer i nertuern Queensland, has put together a whole ton ‘ver recent months. Well need everyone of hem and a whole lot tore. Since the lm was broadcast any farmers, some of ter) (rowing upto twelve thousand acres of wheat. are aking t Join y ire Doen Uae 88 ‘wiih us, and we'd fil nour responsibilty i we Tet them exp Themoelves to mako the changeover then be nshle to supply ‘hem with sufficient sod for thelr needs” ‘Waste asked, the shape of the caw horn, that was somehow affecting the microbes through a process of imitation, or wa ft ‘merely the burial process which elected te alteration of manure {to the product 500? ‘Alex hesitate, “is the ‘earth pull to which the horns are sub {ete At the right tine of year, When vegetation is dormant the earth has a strong pull The proces takes place. strange enough, ‘when the soll temperature ts lower than #2 degrees Pabrenit, So cold it would seem that any inlrobes could barely be active ‘Tals cold area of Vieora is the best Ive seon snyuere by ANS tealla” Then he added with fale. “Ae forthe eow horn was smost strange to those listening to Steiner when he Art suggested iis use; Dut all subsequent experiments have proved him out. We hhave perfermed tests withthe same marr, on the one hand [put mio a cow hora, on the ether into a wooden box, porela ug. oF other roeptacle, side by side im the ground. sid only few inches apart rom one another, But the manure in the oer containers never converts the way it does inthe cow hora. Not {nat Steiner” he added with a sul, “dt say to go out and fexpertiient sith other ethods He was only leading the way. He ‘wanted the rest of us fo looks and see, and try on our own, led by our own inner son” ‘On Uh way back othe shed, Alex told how he had been brought up atthe nee of a German peasant, Ernst Jacob wh ran ane ofthe fist successful biodynamic farms between Freturg im Brelaga, tn Soutnvest Germany. and sel. tn Swltzerane. “scobi grew marveiovs vegetables” sald Alex. "Farouk of ERYpt ‘became one of his customers: The King sited Jacool—a stmple gaunt feiow, and a real philosopher to Cairo wo et up BD gat ‘dene for the royal estates. Ang the kang was very pleased” Inde the shed, Alex displayed the vats in which the 500 $8 stored when comes from the horns cylindrical fasts cut Into {ubleboxes surounded by peat moss and covered with de sone fo inches thick that do na close tightly but llowed alto cre Inte through a space ne wider than «love match Ta the tanks the 500, almost black, wa mint ¢o the touch ‘There were holes mt the bottom ofthe bist allow aeration ors below. aid a layer of ermpty cow horns had been plseed at the Dott before the 500 was added, further to allow neration. “its very sapertan.” said Alex. echoing the warnings of oat Virginia host. ugh Courtney. thet he storage boxes with their tanks ot be put else 10 an oul smelling souree of polation, such aga fery cam, oF a pump for gas or diesel fuel” ‘On 8 $-1/2 by 10 fot table lay enough 500 to regenerate a thousand acres of dying sll, A tiny mp of the blackish stuff between Ales fingers. about an ounce and a quarter—enough for ane aere—looked not like earth nor putty. nor the heat of a ily bakes loaf of Rossi black bread, but lke a combination al three, plant othe touch and smeiing sweet. “ite ike a speck of matter in atomic Dsston.” sald Alex, “wh can cause an enormous though much quieter explosion "To act: ‘ate it Alex mies ait over pound of the 500 int ify gallons Cf vwater, which he sls automatically with a specially but ma ine, He says that sing. to be more effective. should be done tunder the open sy rather than under the rof ofa bar oF shed. that dung be stitring, a suctlonal force s created ln the va by the whispoot like vortex which Alex explains x8 drawing in what ‘he ealls “cosmic powe i lke plates being drasm in centripetaly by the force of the ‘oun, wie allows them to remain in tele orbits and not dit of ino outer apace. Aa soon aa © good vortex ia created, che ma: ‘chine abruptly reverses itself, completely destroying the vertex, leaving’ feamy confusion and chaos in the wate. not nee the Shey water" inner rapids, before setting up another ey whieh ‘ng the opposite direction ‘Alex emphasized that the chaos between the alternating vot y Muto ner 57 ‘x9 was a most important factor To the Greeks, he eapalne, ‘Shas was eft state ofthe universe rom which cosmo ier land harinony eve “Though we don always recog te chaos Apples tour oom creative lives very crentve ais iva tale ‘tehaee bere he brings whatever nb creation wl etna at ‘nce. Hosts in elation to is enironsent nan nbearale ‘tein which someting is gem ini its lke tne choral pa Sig: in Bach's Passion According ta St Joh where one not fal heme ples on nother with eeer-mounting intensity othe nest musical exampte naw ofthat tres ‘reate chacsl= “Terex ay nthe ery morning sabe, esto in Alcs eget 504, equipped with apecal shock absovers fo nesta ‘he roughest at Auotrala's pot holed eoutnysoady on neers ‘stethousand-mie trek to visit @ sampling of Alex's biodymamie farmer adherents. “The tip was tb take us from Gippsland in the southeastern (quarter cf Vietorla 1 the valley of Australia’s largest ver The ‘Murray: over dhe Blue Mountains west of Sydney: up toe coast fo Port Macquarie, onto the four-thowsasfoot-high New England plateau it South Wales: back over tne Great Dividing Range that ‘Tune north-south along the eastern edge of the continent at an sverage distance of fty miles from the Sea, then up into topical ‘Gueensiand, more than double the sie of Texas, with inhebit 8 Series fs twice a omer. ‘Oe at eg ofthe trek the rond wound trough «forest when out into open faring county toward the Power stead crews Hatch, one of de very fret embers to ome Ino the associate whom Alex conaered fn poten “het the Sew would evel tea We asoctaton in hla mid fortes lean and as ang as a wresting champion, ath ome 430 are aed be aerating a ato gem operation, bought by his fates nthe eariy {hen te land's eonsidred fourth casa The ole a hah ‘haed ao eospetly fous meaning oem oes {fuer of resent only copes or carpe ot he land Scape, But the wo hal been dhe porest grade of whissh lay ior ieee than a inch below te surface To sow an explo us aborgi dict. Trevor walked to the base ofa lange eucalypt tree where he passed a sharp bined show Int the gone. Tere Was a ceuncny sound even Tonder tha at alex, and up cue an exapl of tal tess Sail Trevor then heat oe targe dock Ausralan tenn {Gra enced held —which sloped towns aor at te baton of ‘ech some eae were footing, Tere he ali the shorel bine Toteesty inte tensoovere inte of so back eh lower {ig wih eardwworma aa wea with white ede” rots. Pking tip aml pea shaped objec, he hed tate pal is haa Tips cured ito satutactory save "Worm eag"he ld," tone ofthe pate of eucalyptus, where the bark had beza sttpped by cate fom ie ground pos pata high ane anal could feaeh, Trevor expatned that bore he land had ben converted {o biodynamic agneattve, the cate had chewed the barf {feca to suppement something lacking in the pasture. “They Teeded no detian noe nutiuonat ead Trevor,“ tora then thatthe gress ras defient™ Sex se. "vou oly he o loka he sheen onthe coats those anima, or eeen fake note ow they stand and ve, tease ina now bey en alse on Bsynamie paste” ‘a we seed te aniseape we could se where Frevor's pas sures were sl verdan, hough Iva the dead of Australia's ‘rer compared wi the roves grayish paste on the nel bovine lane fvmed in the onhodoe Astraian manner. Terr {edu own the ang rewind win yw owen wale {Geen moriers oft acacia fay, wo a sbed where be toe {is 800 tm eontainers exely lke Ales. Thee wat lao 8 ma Chine he bat specially designed for making the S02. fom ‘Quecnslan he ad yonght back several hundred pounds of y reer 98 pure eqstalline quartz fr goinding toa four ike pom srated {or hours between two large, oblong mela plates, icons out ‘mbite a8 new fallen snow “There ea ight bearing power in the substance ofthe eral.” said lex, “butts congealed, and has to be crushed and ground tobe liberated. Buried in a cow horn throughout the sunset the ‘powered quart absorbs, not slight. but Steiner's light eter, ‘whieh is “activated by being stirred like the 900." ‘Trevor showed off the equipment und machinery he had made for hizasel's he would need to get off is tractor elther 9 put up hay three levels gh inthe she, o feed 1 out to the eat the paddocks, enabling his to manage the whole farm by him self, hs father being too old to do much work. Other fmplement lnvented and put together by Trevor In his own welding shop ‘were a hay spreader to delve winter feed to pantured cattle fom huge elght-hundred-pound batesin the shape of fat eros, nc 2 potato picker that, after elawang potatoes out of the ground Sorts and bags them by size, the whale mounted on a ringle sel. propelled vehicle. “Our biodynamic farmers,” ald Alex, “have fearned to design and make their own equipment out of scraps. It has reed them Irom debt and dependence on the mamaftirrs of heavy equipment that only destroys the and.” On the way north tothe Goulburn Valley nea the Muay Rever, Alex spoke of one ofthe matn concepts He had had io drm sa farmers, especialy those tnland 10 make hay while the sun was shining “it a go0d season they have slot of fed going to waste. anythang, instead of conserving i. theyl put more stock of, thelr pastuves. Then, when a drought comes, they lose most of the herd—up to 90 percent. Those aren' really farmers.” Alex Added with a shake of his head, “They're miners” ‘Six les north of the Waranga Reservoir we came 19 our rst nights stop ln Merrgum a the home of Parry Greenwood, Unt Fis death in 1866 Greersrond owned and operated the largest ear orchard in Australia which now in the expable hands of fis son, Linton, AS we sa at dinner i the email iitohen of thelr ‘odest bungalow Linton was exp“ tale a ot of it to the feannery where thave to ait wath our farmers while our rode {unloaded and inspected. Ive had several growers ask me how fn earth we manage without using lots of pesticiies, But they never come over to our place to actually have a Jock or fino how we get by with no ‘chemistry’ at all” "Mainly. sid hs father. “Hes Deosuse theyre seared that their rose prota biggie that seems fe hypnotize them wal Slfer they abandon cheraleale. And # will oan extent, bat ‘hat they dant uncerstan ie that chee net prof wi not ater, 6 seeastesat the ht so wl prove Te federal goverment’ Ageltre eparanen hes complete lst ofa tie OD farmers nthe coun ty. but ey seep hes en, Toe ow ll bout BD, but {ey newer eto Tey ace our method ama Ureat encroach trier sry reaton for Belag Mh ony jusieation fr thet ‘Slene a totel crater ordor, amare to use more and are ‘tnt deste chemin” Linton leaned forward f fi us wid steady gue, “Around nee th orcharave ge tan br Ot che {ls Didyou know tata pear Wee shouldbe productive some thing ane of a century and peach cree ould nora ve fort ty geart The Largest mato growers in Abra sed tobe ghthere Row Gey bo hae departed. having destoped al the good land ta the atic” “ihc oniyrematag orhard was tro hors down ever tn ‘val vara weve weston yare ago Tory MeDou. 2 al cnewy Ath generation cary farmer of Sets descent fa ben ning ru i land wa rere, is sot depen Envon moc aed mor fever Then he met Ale ands fam oom aed ih 1004, he purchased another large parce: undown, farmed cute te ore tian a spread of versal bare drt. bandon {rts previous omer. Today, operated ta ange and Sours tee fare Wis unvecopszabe a the place McDougal Doug ‘ceptor ane camer. Store we applied 800.” sad McDougal “the ol was 20 com ace atthe rots of ants just apreed out oa the surface. Se plas hemaches were sky Now lokt Theyre dep footed wn healiyt Tey considered me mad when Bough face One an aud come Seg oud ave more brain ‘ea ast he sory cna he property wa tout have pressed cate Buta couple of ears ago Same man came over and sald TU ake back wha ud Youve Drove what ean be Gane wits your Bodymami end.” “On tat farm add Alen the next orang an we drove along the Muray five at rt ight sive neon sh Fang te Sip. "MeDoogn! Ras rel DD vce. the any uly unpoloned ie Scar A nov te Australas Rice Bonn haa approsched Us Because. neato ery ict sil any Asean fgncultral duet The prices are slmos.gveawoy But we ial any enue of odymamc rice a9 Wry ge pe be ause theresa fig comand fr tn such countres to Sar fund where bony food mansactrers and other processors nee tnpolmne oe. ony tocotorm one ton sete mach Tighe standards on quatty tan bore We export BD gran ovr 7 MindeDietne 6 4B sens in 20-t0n containers, and we pay our farmers an entra 850 relma per ton for sb ua graine, Today ther petting 8200 ‘ton, spre at which they can make a ving. Thory gets aot {on more nce per acre than the average farmer, and he dovsnt have to pay for any ofthe two dozen diferent ins of chemicals the others went to make him se” ‘Alter several months of effort Podolinsky even manage to per suadle the Rice Growers Cooperative in Leen, New South Wales, fohand-store, il and market Mebougals cst BD crop tn core plete lsclaon from ree grown ly conventional means according {o the stringent guidelines put out by the marketing wing othe [BD Association. lmpressed ith the pices the HD rie could cor ‘mand, Doth tn Australia and abroad, a part of which i tithed ‘ack fot, the cooperative published a cover story in the May, 1987 trade journal, RCL Magazine "A Day With Alex Podoliy.© ‘Because rie growers aaa whole were in such bad stat, Oe ‘editor Chris Black, announced an introdetion thatthe oop. eratve was keen to have more BD pad, which waa faniaaonnt twaduiiting for the Aes ume, that rie farming with chernials as praciced for decades, was a "suaset-ooeupation whereas BD "Het production was ite “sunrise” replacement, “a deca 0° #0 ago." Alex told the farmers, “thousands of ba Dies were deformed by Thalidomide, drug to stop morning sick: ness in their pregnant mothers. Had its disastrous effects been Jnown beforehand Ht would never have been weed! Right now the same situation holds, nt just for preghart mothers, but for sil of us, We are all guinea plgs at thls moment. The effect of hundreds of agricultural chemicals on future generations fs a8 Le understood sentially as those of haltomide” ‘As the esul of Podolinsl’s speech anutiser of growers in the “taverina'~as the rice area Is known—began to tive for ass. Aoation as BD farmers. Thirty years of work hd broken a barrier ft up by the Ministry of Ageutre in Canberra which, Waugh ‘that fies on BD fariners, ese to admit that so salubrious 4 [Practice was in exstence for sce or any other agzicutaral crop. ‘The Rice Cooperatives story was followed, sx months later, by full-page teature in the country’ only nationally circulated ews paper, The Austratan ended “Bo Dynamic Man,” Depleted wth his let hand gripping his ever-present spade, his gaze directed ‘heawemward, Podolinsky aid is central message om the ine!“ {8s true thal you are what you eat then st thia moment, most of| sand our hveslock area complicated chemical eka ineee Licides, pesticides, fungledes. weediloes, and synthetic fri: Deserted as leading a lone cavalry chara against “he forces 2 Of eneaieal might,” Alex wa quoted as saying: “The worst po fons in ue today do not even show a tele paysical symptom ‘when they pase through the body. Aimost impasatble 1 detet they nevertheless cause Irreversible changes in the UNA patter fof cal reproduction, Ben ian ofletalingulry were ordered nto ‘he hart ellecte of pestletden. ther f no inboratory eqlpped to perlorm Anu so far dere have been havdly any fund ao fate for that purpose, largely because universities —no longer fee inatutons gore commercial Interests instead of the pub- eas they ahouid” ‘Centranting thi stuation with the one ereated by biodynam: Jes, the newspaper article continued: “Podelinsky asks why, on DBD daroa, planta are never subject fo dlaease, ate abdomens fever hloat om digestive datarbarces. ard sie never require take ‘Across the dining room table the couple loked at each other and wordiesly recognized thetr esting was to return home to ‘wrestle with deteriorating conditions on the fuly acres. With all their poasessions, including their two-Unousand book Nbrary they drove back to the home farm iy Stattsman County wher the Kirschenmann parents st cousins, had continaed tage cultural heritage begun & generation earer by eis Geran fore bears, migrants tke many farmers in that area of North Dav ota, tom distant Mother Ruste Partly inspired by tne elder Kirschenmann feling that some: thing was fearfully wrong with conventional agscultre as prac ted under Extension Service advice for more than two decades, Pred and Janet knew that whatever the aiicaltes, they intended to dispense with chemical additives and "go organte.” They had ‘been particularly impreasel by the fet Unt the weight of @ bushel fof wheat grown chemically on Fred's father’, as on maty neighbor farm, was mystertously and inexplicably declining, ‘Unsure of exacty how to start. Fred calle! his okt graduate student, David Voter, who drove up from Nebraska, Over several ‘days he belped them work outa plan. based om fils analysts of their soil condition, for converting one-third, of about seven Inundred acres of der cullvated holdings to organle practice ‘David warned us to go slow." aid Fred. “Tp convert seven Imndved acres of tillage al at once was to court disaster. Instead, he advised beginning wath afew contro plota. But wanted tod ‘more than that right away. so relenting. ne suggested planting ide side companion elds. the ones farmed conventional. ‘the others organically” Bepinning with wheat ond oats, the Kirschenmann ewded Vetter’ adviee to supply fruity io heir newly converted Nelda ‘over several years to give their alls a chase fo adapt tothe new ‘environment and get their nitrogen tung elover doing, Portis icy imported a Ash-and-seaweed gu shury rom Texaa va & [Nebraskan detibutor, ‘A the end of ther fist growing season they were lated to see nat mere was no ellference whateoever between the grain yields 1 surat Crude carer aseage and those on te conventnay hier hiya goin Might there decded to rush along. to go whole Nos” ald rd. ewer eager to pve tat orn agritire wa Jus SSgvod, na beer dar expenave ceil propa “te lomng yen he Rachermanna cant ane al chomieas an eats ihe wef te llage wh tra pros nd. ‘Sian iamenie We smo a or sts "other wl ot usr font oe ke. -plson gas] ceeping ane, Cannan thst ane ober pe ‘al ad staal weed that had never appeared ater sowing {he previous years geoned early an aleve ter planted {Gourd vorushabead ef the spouting gram crop. wna rca oncep wav bung ised au fox eing rug bya herd of ravenous eate= Torin cereus se competion wis overvneining. “Wehadat reaieed. sid Pred “hate re year we been sin WE ‘tan oenonably warm spring ust e 1097, Terperstes Toten in March and cary apr to the upper gs ar ow ‘Rect Tis anomalous hi weather waa accompanied by & Tait underarm with nya bls of lahtane that me Tow enanocdrtosensuppcs nthe si. The coneons were cay it ou get cto ue and etre planting and ea {out the weed tha mow st rod weeoer i dest of cima condone, rae the Dit Peaie county sas slanted the lowing ea 8 ove isa en Se ving, whith ance tage for wees topos i ate Thuy.” sevral elds produced ony seventeen bowls a acre iad eta nope rity sede of ard dm wheat exe itor atngopaghet tn oder pasta, mere ean ested ‘ih pion gras: Sere arly sate rer a “tere ally socket an sare Jan pein. “There were shen of ete you a remar br oor tors eto ed {ames usta’ ofan apeutare sna tnd ote past_ But Thutcoultne do? We'made a comment and tae abso Sel no sense torent rm tn go back te cher We ‘foresee fa shiptna stom ore to salen unin Ser rea out ito clement weather So we bi he let and feed ata, got so waht she aed sardonic "we ha ‘Reser ofiment Gem wo ofoor eater ext bot har Si toe poper oc lundiy soap ov ote exvenalbauoeott "Phen endorance pi of Dur the hier of het organic penton, te rnaesansa wee abet abs a sytem of GMpouiin to mappant the menceuturesone cep nd oe Womntedme 75 op only year ater year—that ad rst become pops in ons falaing county in te Woe West an were cg merengy Seopied inthe wheat country ofthe Dakotas and magnon “That mentally of com, corn more cor, ad corn ony” sald ‘Fred, “accounted for why the massive use of herbicides first took holdin the Corn Be ‘Weeds love and tiem momacatore ecvronment, such a is wise accepted in event grain reg en though is whelyuanetral Monsey Sept phere ‘ada when larger armers wer ated mio gtingred tc fat, plowing ip tet pasture cutting cow a the weed, Break ress earefly pant ae Ue 108 Gut Dow! sa puting the whole af he acreage no colration, concentrating fn one or atthe most fo, tain eat erp, This sang fteed ty Excension Servite ater, began io Teal ed tthe ate 1900s ad erty 10708. Te aisrs were ing pr cer a rae Oy they coal Hwa Se gin forestry, win mised foes being eed an se tre varies betng planted on thos of ares, ah you gree sbi know Btw a system ofsoaton, red explained tha he and other ongante farmer are ae to keep weeds “of balance" begs ‘when cd weather ery pring cop of winter wheat o Plante ina fel s e-apr ofthe Ast reatons] yeas ae ext yar tls fallowed ty sunflowers seeded inte gd {cid May, or let a the stone montis end alows the wets that have etablshed temecves inthe wat ear to cot op Delore sinner sowing andl be ke of tage “Ths way sald Kschena, ws wa atta latrin te cssie years te eatch another batch of weeds before sowing & fBatn eiup and Ail Che a ey are coming up wn an pl ‘nent called a rod weeder. ase rod onthe pot arned Uy 9 Gian inthe oppoate direction tthe mace’ leaves whet Yanks weds ou ith oot and spreads then on he suse {Sem the not sn, to nourish not deplete the sal” Fourth ear lela alowed ee alow an be ep fe ofweea sitsunmer nthe lal neler rop soon an the esa roared i ok row to reper org Yoana re “Yi cant magne how ou el proved sad Fre. sing “te Wort Jo tulpied emendonsty fo ur np fede ‘There were so any they Bung ot the tne ay hse pow lagers wener ty ed ot Oe round engi then a stndow erm them. “iia ying shane wh teen {won in these natraly ch Dat Pate sols On ie hone farm we began. lke many others with an average st to seven thes of back op soi Chemteal had been rung it, The pay te hat ft was all completely unnecessary. A sane organic pro fram would have required no chemicals st al. When Alex Ponnly visited our North Dakota Natural Farmers group in 1904, ater tourng the countysie he fold us that if an Ausra lan farmer had soddenly woken Up of this kind of land he'd {nk he'd died and gone to heaven” 'Norh Dakota, IE ott farm states allover (he country. 5 snow on tho Unestolé af having t pay the high pice fr its “tee "ie" with chemical, the binge i's been on n tet of si con furanaion. But Uiece are afew new straws In Ue wid. Last Year South Dakota psec lw requiring cat fests to pre ent nitrates from runing off thelr properties with fines of up 1 $310,000 a day for eat day the runoff remians uncorrected. ev portant consumer pressures Ding put on State House fel {ora o clean up sotres of around water and foe contamination, “Aasthe chickens afr previous practices carte home to roost sald Fred, farmera wil ave fea ong overdue bil, and fus- damental changea wil be In Ue offing. ‘The biggest of alo the fone to be mct on the question of depleted sols, "That crunch ‘ul ne mh eter of ad pa eu nt ut ‘That wort happen soon, bot the pice of bydroeasbona goes up sain farmers simply wil not be ale wo aford fos fuels or the pewochemicals derived from thet.” red paused to lets pander te implications of his words, then went on. ate more sanguine. “The hing eense happen tags ha ely coat amar ar pg eo Sharp-eyey at Ute botom ne, They lain raat Gri of eater or years and have read athe Fcent oro Stories out mereasing umber of farmers gngbanrupt. But the university exension people sill keep éeling them the lst {hing they should do ie eut back on thet chemical inputs, lal tng that if ey ty too 30, Uay'l see ei elds drop Sd get deeper ad deeper in the hole. and nto the red.” "Al this would, in is oplon. lead dou the road toa food production eis of mammoth propoction, followed eventually {hous unforeseably-becatise af workd-made overproduction of fiodby depressed prices tat would put gut of business the ‘ery farmer in postion to restore te altho Use lan inthe rit Praise area, costs for trizers and weed-bugkller rn $80 to 870 an acre which fora secon of land means 340,000 ot Tore, When that coat i compared to Fred Kirschenmann’ input {181.50 for clove ced pe are. plus 82.00 an acre for the body ‘amie prepe-a saving of more than 835,000 on his 2.100-aere Nemtedone 79 spread, its economically purine why farmers constantly faced wth Dankruptey donot conver to oranie or BD agevultare, Tae ‘main stumbling block appears toe lear ofa single year's aur, for which the banks could rapid orecowe “ve talked to near Unousand farmers n these praiie states," sald Fred, "and nota single one of them told re. -Chemicais are terri, just the thing we need for farmung In the future” What they toi me almost atari that in ther gee andl hearts they ‘know something ts fearfully wrong about the way they've eet advised to operate thelr farms.” But they shrug helplessly or Stare atthe ground and asie what they ear do, which f noth “Then they say sadly "That's how t lx One mote bad year and Pah schedule for service bythe sherfl™ ‘So trapped by the chenieal system are the Drift Pair farm ers says fred, they can thik only in frm of what ehernical [0 lise next. Many have now replaced ordinary RPK. that no longer plies the “ilck" i used t, sth antivdzous anemia, gas Yalfed into the ground uader pressure from a large tank. that Inlially, over the frst unre years, creates wht Hed termed a “temic response” in crops, bul Inter is less ar less efleetve yhile at the same time It tnexerably tne farmland ito he (utvalent ofa conerete airport runway, ‘One of the Kirscherspasnt nelghbors managed to aoquie eight ‘thousand acres by cheaply buying up land from destitate sealer farmers. “He's tan who farms with huge eight-hundeed-horse power tractors and extrs-wide planters” sald Janel. “le can af ford to leave more crop i the corners of fis elds than may ite farmers take off the whole of thts laud, “This agricul mogul was o pleased with Art year results of his anhyérous, a8 i'sealled here for short, that he succumbed tothe slogan ‘More is Better” and greedily applied a double amount the folowing year, When the overdose killed every stalk of wheat planted fence ‘ow to fence-row, to the exchuson of any other crop, he let for a ‘54 wuilion bankruptcy. But, having cleverly put the tite to his ‘acres and expensive farm implements in the tame of relatives, he fought off his creators and has gone right Back to his chem cally- dependent ways” Fred nodded. and added: “A second nelghbor, ln his sixties, with tee sons helping hum farm another eght thousand acres, ‘contzaated with dhe batirupt by atleast understanding the need {o use as litte chemicals as possi. Of all the conventional farmers around here, he's the best. H's been over to ur place Several dines to eareflly observe what Frm doing. in his hear | ‘now he'd lke fo change over 1 the organte method we're sir Standing newt to me in one of my Hei, while admiring nyse 2 eeu he ae What yoUT dngia efor you, but wt SEU ge fst of us wales alot of us make the decision Toumacn to convert together Otherwise the bank pl us of. ‘ne by one, “gave fm a hard etre,” sald Fred, “and old hime “you wast to have a ook at my aocousting ledger Tl prove to you ih afew ‘minutes that, going ial alone sn wy new program, Ym dotng a 00d as you are acre fr acre. or maybe beter” But he ust sareot Bazed al me sack Jawed without saying a word" ‘Use to growing only a single cropof wheat or aunowers, such farmers are loath to adopt new measures of retalonal cropping lat require a process of “re thnng.”“Mhe Herculean tal.” said Fred, Is one of undersnining the current mindset and seats ‘quo kept in piace largely by a yearly avalanche of ehemeacom ‘any propaganda. You sntpy wouldnt believe the arsount of TV ‘advertingfor chemicals to which we are exposed, Tesarts early nthe dead of winter on regular netwarks and cable TV to cateh captive audiences siting ily a home” ‘With new pest-contsol toxins appearing each year, n addition to advertising, farmers are begulled by and ely upon potion sales sen rather han agneuitual advisers far advice abot which pre toes to put an thet lds, in winter, printed ads of tie Ope sted im the Jamestown Aviation Service proliferate vevrever farmers congregate to announce what amounts “custome! ap preclation” meetings tobe held atthe local Ramada tn or other Motels where farmers, served fe coffee, couganuta, Danish past. es and crullers are briefed in detal by chemical company rep ‘eventatives about promising new polsons. The ayatem ie svar {otieone inwhien pnarsmaceatical company deta men push hhew drugs on medical doctors, and the Uist of Rerbicides contain Do less than seventy cight separate products, most of tiem with macho" names, such as Bronco, Roundup. and Blaze Flipping open a copy a the oea Jarestonen Sun, Pred potted to a story in ts business section by a Associated Prese"Faray WWttes" in which economist Leste C. Threw, newly appotnted Dean of M's Sinan Sehoal of Management. was quoted ae courly and direly recommending the government buy up surplus ld And help farmers move on ta oer jobs wherever they might be avaiable, red waved the article: “How naive ad tolally supkd can the ‘Turows ofthis world get? Of course tats been the poley for forty years, ever since i was made n'a Washngion- D.C office By the Committe for Feancmie Development to get tw milion ars 8 off the land and into industtal servitude. Bu, as Wendell Bey tn hs hook The Unstting of America: Culture and Agric ture, asks: Who benefited ty so grotesque an agricultural poley? ‘Certamly not the lamers or resdenta of rural somsetnlicn, Did ‘ty flk benefit? Bersy sa no, So who did? What the Throw ‘pe proposals leave aut of thelr narrowiy concelved Cartestan ‘muematied-econorate model i any Wen of the amount of fos ‘Stvfue) energy. and concomitant inputs, spent or misepent for ‘apse. That was te poly “The tragedy ofthis bleak philasophy, which recommends that farmers be sent to the efes has already ted la North Datta to ‘ch farmers buying out poorer ones or lasing Weir and afer ts takeover by banks or insurance companies. But the worst prob. Jem, according to Kirachermann Is that the larger fariners, prac ‘ing the art business "Get Big or Get Out” philosophies of ety economists, are exactly the ones with no concept of “land stew lardship"or concern fr sof care. On the other hand many ofthe ‘Staller farmera now bankrupted. or forced to sell owned farms ‘hat were models of vol conservation, all of which have been of are being destroyed by the deiberately developed big propricors. [AS We st forth in Fred's battered ear to tour hls BD fare passed what scemed to be strange “arillery pleces” in a nearby Fld of eee-high sunilowers: special “cannons” diued to go off| al intervals frm twenty second toto minntes, to keep eae ‘us flocks of redwing and yellow headed Backbrds from sora fn the sunlower seeds before they cold be harvested ‘On the way to the home farm tn Streeter, south of Medina feds were surrounded an every side with golden yellow wid ‘mustard that penetrated into corners and patches wherever fara tershad not been abe to ly down herbieldes guinrantecd to it. ‘ther feds of nearly the same color on the always distant bor zn turned out fe benot mustard but natural wid native paste ‘lover doranating all he other grasses with Ws easly July yellow Diossems, Dotted over the Kirschenmann acreage, a9 indeed overall of ‘he surrounding country. were ponds or small ake see sighs. bodies of water that de not drain inthe geologjallyacoescent overburden. the astm North America tobe freed fom tore upon {ons of glacial ice. Related tothe “10.000 lakes" advertised on Minnessia leense plates, they fem in late March with ducks, geese, and swans on thet way north to arc breeding grounds {nd again in mid-October on the return ep, when they come funder the guns of hunters ftom as far away as New York and alornis ‘More anomalous were flocks of pelicans, which fist arrived fn the 1950s after tv years of incessant rain had led the slouglis tothe brim, Pinding the climate t thelr king. the pelicans have been cerning ever ance to dhe northern plains to pass tele ‘Shimer vacadlons in the company of ex gulls whieh could be ‘Sten ere and there in groups of thee toa “Years ag, there weit many more gulla drawn to this pare of te country sd Foe, bata quarter oferty of ebemiieation fs so decimated the worms thatthe seagulls no longer fallow the catratore the way’ ney aed to. On my ona Aces YOU ans ee plenty of ters ot tage use” We paseed over a ite Teve cling arose the middle of « slouid whore alone mother Canada goose nonce a waring (0 ‘Stay eway om her nest wh ts new generauan of goats ‘Up are on the other se of the slough Fred stopped the car and potted toad of wheat “1 don normally ke put dwn ‘hatin aeighbors are dng, but wart you to have acs look Bitte ed ine fae entero 0A this past spring, when all he round around here was 50 dy lene would be fal foray fuse get ood german, Nevertheless, aa ou can ae, my wheat oeeds al sprouted and {he pants are now ner tree fe all” ‘nme around io sides ola quarter section to where a neigh tor had sown hls own wheat at tne same time aa hed ‘rschenmann, some staid of varying height were barely head Ingout, others nad no gain development a als gong to be ‘cul fr bim to at & decent rep” sak Fred, “When he ar ‘ets, el ether have to lose Ue ste developing pot ¢ sk ‘ettg gen. ye coe ere thee Ee yon runing parte! throug he tan m that eld. That's Store the weight of hs toactor ded acon compton to easy severely compacted ol fo prevent good grow. Unable deretan oistre lad died out soft at Ltn of his ker tls cunt geta chance to sprout or if hey did, came up very eal Dut te sponge Uke quai of my sol suc caught [bel every op fran ‘Approcening the nome fara we drove past fenced expanse of tonuant ined passes ceery treet tal. “Wht you're lok Ingat: ved Feed la natural native short gra pra exact a itewas paved by vllans of bison. We have abou ne hundred Stes ode with msm ate ann tnd ‘18 flowers that Doors n'a ferent set of hues each year. The aly of the frage ie insurpassable. We have lard to Use {he etme practice recommended to Australian gravier b Fedo We trout uct mine on che poron of foctwentytathiry day, thea transfer them to ange pordon to flow the fst io Fegan ie normal Relght. Bison, whieh newer ‘ead any books on pasture managerment followed tis sare Brae Nom Bete te, naturally mening fem one unfenced range to anther never overrazig ay of thelr God ven tron.” 'A the op of nearby loge was a hundred head herd of ate, basially Theodore’ Angus ttrefocd esse to whieh Free nae are genes om Taran bulls 4 rench upland breed knoe forts cold weather essing striate exclcnt tr dng iosincis of is males. ach year they drop sme eight feeder caves, sld when they Zach 050 fo 700 pou afew trees eg etasned to eplase ows to old fo be sou, he steal income fom the calf sales is tore than outwedhed bythe ‘manure from thelr mothers secamulned duty winter mere ‘the matstay of todynamnie farming we inject te reps nthe farmyard te one sie of Pred’ parents house was § el acre edi. the her's winter quarts two sheds vith open ‘ed trons alow the ankals shelter cui ate Cold tts or sudden savage blzzards, massed in te ot were sever to fight unared tons of cow manure and straw, scraped wh a fd ease W-12 font end loner fom wines cate hooves had impacted, pled intoneaps out-and--hal et high ae twenty feetlong, Each year Krsehenmann, Sag te same lade tara ‘he organic matter upsile down and aie otf allow fo com post before preparing and spreading fon 290 to 500 aetes of Fis clover low ten dent do inexacty rant ne sete frthighty. “dort ‘have tne to run ft trough 9 manure spender te Break I up ‘propery a the pats preach, lad tod tat wh Unsere manure, £4 beat that single lanka year 10 Ue exchaston of fnything ese” ‘88 a spoted-rump Appaloosa mare named Satya tame as 8 Inp-dog. nazted nur pockets for ugar red slated the sage of how te care to adopt the Siodynamie agricultural sate Th 1970, well n is way to saving moot conversion problems rong eam ty one’ mates” practi, be oganize the Nor Diora Natural FanoersAsceistion with Sone twenty members ‘who had like ztaaty begin fo poneer organic rade “That inter the newly formed association came to Ge allen ton of Hiichae! Marea. an eee yout man in is ary thirties who hed organted the Mereante Food Compe Bridgeport. Connect, 0 supp oreanicalygrowe cereal hind proces feds fo eallgtened North America and Europes fonsumes demanding something nstetonally rae wholesome ‘han wt they could normally find on grocery shelves. “To assure tat the product he was wholesaling wer fat of sawthente quay. Marni organised Farm Yered Organic 2VO), ‘program defining and guarantecing cleny stated onan st ‘When Marcolia visited the Kirschenmnanats farm. he was as impressed with thelr management practices as Fred was BY ‘Marcolla' offering hiss 18 percent premium above the price Be tas reeling for his grains tthe local elevator, “When I sasted inthe orgunte program.” Pred sd with a sate, “inad no notion at all of marietsanyarhere tht were wing to pay premiums, 14 begun in organics primary because of my ‘Concern for our nation sols, When Marella told mee was the market for 18 pereent protein organlealy grown whet old ‘aim my wheat contained 19,5 percent. After having my farm heck! Out fe inormied me, fo iy surprise at could get 0 tents more a usnl than the then fey igh 84.50 being paid at the time to farmers growing conventionally grown “chemi” Wheat Ives se amazed and excited that made a tp to Pre: port to tlle ith Marco, telling hit ¥ would grow syeing. in Iditon to bread and fourwheat, ana sunovrers, for whieh he fight have @ demand, He said i should bnmedately consider high-protein dorum wheat buclehea, and met, grains I baa ‘never thought about Tet lone considered growing.” ‘Marcella surprised Pred even more when be tld him that most cof he customers, more sophistcatedly attuned to the value of ‘rgante produce than Americans, were leated tn Europe where they were particlariy eager for blodynamiealy-grown produce. “De you low what blodynamics is” Marcos asked. Fred's mind flashed back fo hls efce at Ohio State ten years cater where fe fad beet harided Steiner's Agricultural Lectures bby David Vetter, Wher: he mentioned te incident, Marella pulled ‘ut his oun copy of the same volume abd Pred Kirschenmann ‘experienced a deja vi Fred asked wat he should do to take steps to becoming not just an ordinary orgnnle. ut a biodynamse, farmer. Facing the book in his hands, the president of Mereantie Pood soberiy re plied: "First read dhs.” "Then subseribe to back issues of the bBlcynare Associaton Journal pur out in Kinberton. Pennsyl ania ‘Then eal! your suldwestern neighbor Bab Stefian for help with species" "Bob Steffan, born and rlsed on a farm in region of northeast ‘Nebraska setied by Germans, studied with Peer for a year and ‘hail during which ne was handicapped in his comprehension by the German's inability to apeak good English and by his sur prising lack of practical faring experience at least 90 seemed {othe brash young native of comiusker state” “Treat yt all hat sold on BD." Steffan tai us. “Peter had ‘gente what | Uhought was tre theoretia! than practical know IemteDane an edge, The acuity nad in becoming acquainted with him oat DDegan to be corrected when, with his belp. we stared to miuke large quandues of compost at Boys’ Town, Father Edward Flanagan's home for orphans near Omahn. With x seven redhead herd of cattle we were taming ont thousands of tons fof composted cow manre each year Te cov have been one of the largest, and probably the Drs operation ofits kind ina truly Dlodyraate United Sates. But when Peller and Father Flanagan ‘bolt ded felt pretiy much alone. ‘Then I heard of Podolinsiy's 1e-work in Anstrala, and aid To mye Maybe ou BD people have been going about tt wrong all these years! For one thing non of us has ever dared to mention the cow horns or the str ing. 1 guess that was the legacy of Pfr, 40 adamantly avoid any reference to what he thought might be considered {00 ar ‘ane, Indeed abandoning the preps in favor of his starters. And 1 lunderstand! his reticence. Bven today Lkeow very few of ur BD leaders who can stand up and convincing talk to a crowed of eager yet skeptical farmers about etfing cow sit into cow hors foroak bark into sheep skull, and I tclude myself ta the mum ber. Therein my Dem clue to the falture af blodynarties to sprea ‘roughout Amneriea with ether speed or acelaimn 1 acilewed Sn Austral ‘Despite these misgivings, two days ater receiving the cl rox Pred, Steffan drove up to Windsor to tel the Norte Dakota he could improve his compost by inserting the 500 to 607 biody namic preparations Steffan aso expand that Fred wou have to lear how to treat his feds and crops with 500 and 503, rec fmmending that he vist Dennia Montgomery. a young farmer ‘ear Carsagon, south othe Fort Totten indian Reservior, who had a stiving machine ged to hoa by Marcolla, “So [started "sald Kischensans. “I called Josephine Por tern Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, who was making all the Stelner repo and training a retsed naval ofeer to take her place ater her retiement, and she began shipping them up to me." ‘Steffan was at frst dubious thet the composting method Fred had been using would work property: but when, a year later, his compost was a5 good as any Staan had seen or stale, with an ‘deal teroperature. he believed thatthe siccews fal rent was de to theTarge amour of straw, wth ts high carbon content, incor porated to the pls, Stellan then but for Kerschenmann a $4,000 string machine ‘mounted on de back ofa pick up trick, iichuaing two seventy ‘ve-galloa wooden barrels the water in which fo lmultancousiy stirred by a singe electric motor with a fost mechanism fore ‘ere lis ection eaeh time the Vortex one athe barren reaches ‘Inoptimal depth. For felt application. Steffan told Free could Sse is fathers old eemtcal sprayer, along chassls vel look Ing lke afte racing car called a “Kirschenmann Coupe ‘Bide ty an unrelated member of the Roselan-German elan. 1 falling on 14 new tak and two sets of ettculatory hoses and holes, one for 500, the othe fr COL “Te 106, having decided to blodymasnically treat one crop ata lume tn rotation, Fred started with buckwheat. Dennis Montgam Sime tec Nesweine 88 [ere hte peg tid pan a on ry drove from Carrington to show him how to li he 500 and {he 501 and apply it to his elds. As Fred watched the cone shaped vortices forming and swing skmultaneously in the (0 Dig barrels, he wondered io hime win the word anyone could have possbly dreamed up such crazy scheme, He simply couldn't belleve that the water, strained of all its residue, could provide ny benefit at all fois land ar anything growing on it. Only Inter, when he was introduced tothe concept of homeopathy ard its Central tenet that a solution, potentized to the point where thing chemically analyzable was no longer present, could be ef fective used inthe treatment of disease. di he begin to appre: ciate what at frst seetned to hii to be an idole ae obsoletly “aleherieal” process “There have been some pretty funny’ rumors going around ev ral counties.” Fred said, grmarung. “When we track the stirring ‘machine with those huge barrels from Streeter to the Windsor farm and back, people are sure we have a ew sill to make aur ce boca. And ight up to this day several neighsbors tink ay BBD sprays are‘no more than aches brews! Ile ‘em kid me al they want Because whe before we began. Marcolia fold ine could get 84 bushel for blodynamie wheat matead of the now Sepressedl going rate of 82.60. 1 was pecfectiy wring to humor ‘anyone who considered my staring and spraying tobe so crazy. ‘Now thal we see what the method ie doing for te land. 1 hare freat respect for those who preseribed I, even i's dulicult '0 Ho serfs ‘onal expan ‘i was father Theodore who first aw signs that the BD treat ment was having an eect. Walking out into one ofthe elds Late ‘he summer aflesnoon, he noticed tha the leaves on buckwheat plants ow Ivng wet arean which had turned almost completely ‘Fellow had become green again only thre days after being sprayed wth 501 About a year later my Dad also sald to me that he fey be Neved the 00 spray was beneftung the structure of dhe ol, mak ing mellowee’ That's the term he used. Ofcourse, wouldn't produce as dramatic a change an our sala, which had been Inn Fete a ce tre! ann Cen neon Besley ty soe Ws spare rant program fo sx year as It woul the ely seriously ‘Staple Soto of sverige arers our are, wh have hard nn rote gong dow ae Gee a he paw. ey do, A Ptr yore up tnccompactan nt prec tld by the true sles companies: such an Shake an Amey Dat these av ely to haven decane eet onthe cally 8 tan of tes a i ‘ver the nest tree years Pt Krachenmann sadly tend in BD pram ts west ot et, ae sanower ‘Satna le addhgetanoter erp rs orwtich, area {Shahin ne oad auod tare i Corope, dug there a8 "nen we put that se sald Fred, we wee oveared to a stat had Soangely nee bot ost welesme seat NemeDone 67 ilk on weeds tn te sunflower crop which followed it That's ‘natural process in which some plants enude substances fora Uhetr roots to ward off ers” ‘ster considering two schools of thought, one recommending three gallons of Steiner spray tothe acre, the other five gallons Fred began treating forty acres withthe 120 gallons produced tn So bre. ho which, daring the lst wey motes each our Tong string, he mixes 11/2 ounces of Hugh Courtney's Darrel-compost for each ounce of 500. ‘The 601 lea spray is pt fon in the early morning, the 500 rect spray inthe let eileronon land evening, naif of long farming dy. Fred ean teat hundred acres, taking fifty feet swaths with each pass, “Today, with al f his curated areage wander BD treatment, he Days 2.400 ounces of 500 in plas bags, cach labeled “i gilon. and stores it in elay pote a peat- moss tied box. ANG 50 renowned! Is his suceess with his miraculous prepa tat to March of 1987 Kirschersnann was contacted by Stephen Geer, President of the Midwest Technology Development insite. 10 help influence the sgnculture commitises in Congress. Theta stitute wae set up during a governors’ conference by seven ‘midwestern sates to pool their resources ina atempt fo obtain {cera funding for new approaches and methods in agealture The hope was tobe able to spa a seeminaly uncrossable chasm separating successful organi farmers and university agseultara ‘acules and get them to exchange views on problems ‘Gage asked Fred to testy al a meeting ofthe House Comin tee for Agricultural Appropriauons, wich had done nolhing to pt eet in a widely-eportedAgploitaral Precseivty Act passed {n 1085, that was designed to support research in alternative Agriculture by allocating fonds age! off paper anid into action, “Al frst we were allotied half an hou t0 address the own: tec." sald Fred, “but just before we got to Une Capitol, we found that our time had been eut to ten aunstes, not for each, bit for all of us. I was ertough to make ine wholly eynical about the poll process. Here was tis act that had jost been ing on | ‘shelf unfunded for twe Tong years, but the legislators nunlng ‘te hearings apparently thought so Itle of whatever we hal to ‘s3y about our problems that, with the ine allotted, it was aly worth the Midwest institute's spending all that money om out tuavel. If our experiences ypteal, then the whole situation ts Ironle. to say the leat Very few people In Congress have ay Inkling ofthe larger econonus or ecological ete elated 1 art culture asa whole. One has to wonder how oe government gets ‘anytng at all done with any real wisdorn, ‘After giving a short history 0! ia farm conversion, 8 seoenciest Xirchenatn tld the cezate: “By now I eystal ler to Almost everyone that agcutue Ign serous woubte nos oni in ie Unites Sates, but many ober countnes ofthe word Srould bea tere mistake thnk that only ile Unkering ah comect its is. The aystem Isa fae econo. agro ‘Somicaly. and environmental that esd no ee tha Siac overhaul ‘Mon rucal for farmer locked int he present cheseal ys tem. Rimchenmann oid the polar, wa praca nt ‘on on how to get out of The current agausiness structure ‘vale weight olor years ofreserchvon capital and ener ‘ystems being, a gen faroers te Dated npeaaton that ‘tevan the only wae agcatureaealabe. This as pater fase in that orreds of eal and lange fazer around he ‘orld have demonstrated, wi no help whatsoever om ay Ma Una or ttematona agricultural bureaucracy. tha ow-mpst ‘pmene were nt only feaabie Dat highy probe “The Agricul Producteity Act. ne went on, called for exactly une ind of eseareh needed to ow farmer, rom whom he was Feeding desperate eters ad telephene cll almost daly. ta ‘onside ranaton to natural ely reduction wh nal fk, Some inlays in tls crete had already besn taken {Gy inad rant colegs, notably dae Unieraly of Nebraska and tow State Urwersiy bat se represented ony atny stp on a {rit coul oly be blazed wi Sunda appropriated wo Feleve ‘toearchers rom hang continual to det ter ets ln to prove what the chemical companies, which supple te ona Share of funding isthe forts of feearch grant wanted then Pp botser his ‘appeal to the senators and representatives. and force ring ct to what depths purportedly abject age! ‘ual research had fallen, Kirschenmann neste nyt a8 how Sie land-grant college pressor ald Chares Walters ir etn ci acres GSA. that # Waters rather than the chemical Compa ‘Sle, wanted vo pit up $100,000 to fund research, his depart ‘neni would supply dana backing up anything he wanted to prove ‘nats happened Walters sud ny. i hat theyve changed {he Golden Hale fom Do unto overs aread: “He who Mas the Seid tate the ule ack nthe kitchios where Janel was preparing beef stew fr supper, we asked Fred what impresin his Bodynamae prsctice ‘rus aang on any ofthe agit scoot Wel exes sea, “Good Lord he repled, “I haver't even raised the qucston wo tem. Were stim an uphl Suge to gemesto eto canbeDone ap apprecate that ordinary organ farming 8 not only posse bet Drofabe. Fm trang to get ready for the meeting of ou associa ‘Gon, now expanded into the Northern Plans Suslaible Ages cele Association.” where tbe ging the emote spect which wl be attended by some twenty European representatives of ‘Marcala's FVO group as well as by aur own members and new farmers desperate to convert (0 non-chemeal methods. It wl focal on the problem of transtion from the old way tothe new. ‘Well old workshops in which our ermar farmers who have mace 2 successful go aft can expinin tothe new men whove already ‘signed up for the conference al the problems they're going to face land get into the nity arty of what to do about thea, and tel ‘them about the mistakes thnt have been made. “its. whole new ladder for them tomb, or even s dght-rope to walk Fred went on, “phen thelr precariovs Aaanclal cord tons. One misstep and they'll pangs downwards into an abyss, vith no safety net tobreak thet fll Most ofthe new anes wil be there out of desperation with what Uheyve been forced to go alone ‘with all these years. They’ be both eunous ane afraid. tts. big esponsibility. We have to go as slowiy and earefuly with them ‘say teacher instrucing acd sn mwtioming, horseback ding ‘of mountaineering = Continuing this theme durtag dinner, Janet spoke of a“mle- wide" gap separating tbe day-today converns of farmer from those of ext folk represented by Une majority of police whe hod he ives of ood producers in their hands, “As one brought up in an urban community who had to leara about a new cul {te the cultore ofthe land,” se sald “I wonder if that exp. =o alnfally felt by farmers wal ever be bridged. To give yous bat one ‘example, a Massachusetts congresaman ona delegation to study farm problems hereto Nort Dakota, was invited take part a 7V-panel discussion including both members of the delegation and ocal Iams. “The sharp conirast m thinking between the (0 groups, 38 stking as thete dress. was unforgettanly brought ext when the congressman, aired in his natty sult and te, turned toa dry ‘an in work clothes to ask i all sincesty ‘Do you have to ilk ‘Your cows every day?” ‘There most have been an explosion of Tnughters ttchens and vig rooms all over North Dako. The datryman, as he would! to a chs, qutelyrepled "Yee, si, every fay ofthe yea, infact twice a day” You ear really lame chat ‘ongreseman- You should hear dhe ane kad of naive questions {get fom my famaly and fends when 1 go back East. Its 423, ‘at ail of them dink agrcutture can be run ike actor. ot oftaem see milk ining out ofa tap ce water, and thes pale ‘fe cert ia oe re og of sect poe: tne curing out widget “he sae tally. a net, wa nated when New ‘erk'TV morning show viewed by mlions called one cold Febru iy mriing to say they were dong a story on organ farming hd wanted to fentue he firschenmann farm a9 ade! of tat Set te re we ayy theca 0 flag of te ar and expecially the a wont ‘you realtze,” Janet replied, unable to suppress a giggle. that ityou come now, ellyosl get. you Mm wb usa cf oquare fet of snow as white azn Antarctica” ‘Stence ensued, broken by an embarassed "OD. 1 se...We never Uno of hat Reape oe beter ely il sumer ‘Then. orth cheery absndon Se Just war yo know we fel sou ae tue loners” Chapter 8 HEAVEN ON EARTH ‘That all his chemical horror is nee: essary as tis unnatural that men and women ean te ite ele second centuny fee of att disease, if fed on propery grown cr ante food, was Dest proved by an early follower of Sir Albert Howard, a distinguished Scotish phyaelan, Robert McCacrson, who did so with the wid of a erew of city rats As head of the ‘utston Research Agency forthe Imperial Government of tt ‘and director ofits Pasteur Insitute at Coon0oe, MeCarrison gale | knighthood and an appointment as personal pltyican to King Geonge V. Bul tt was fis interte wath rats, whe sill a yong tuan attached tothe Git Agency in northern Pakistan, that made his fame. ted fo the discovery ofthe legendary health and lr sgeviy of the tababttants of Hunza, a handy people ling a te mote and inaccessible valley, surrounded ty the highest Hin layan peaks, ‘thie course ofa camparativestily ofthe dietary practices of people irom various regions of india. young MeCarrloun was sr prised io find that rats that ate the diets of Pathans and Sikhs fncreased thetrody weight ouch faster and were mca healthier ‘an those ingesting the daly fates of neighboring peoples such ss the Kanarese ofthe Bengals, ‘Even more extraordinary, when his ais wete fed the sane diet, 1 that of te Huzas, a le ited to grain, veeeabes, fats, ‘and unpasteurized goats male and butter. the rasente speared eset NSTDeTUch SHEE Ae Roma” thay eae to McCarrison tobe the healthiest ever ralsed in his Iboratory They grew rapidly. never seem to be ll, mated with ents fm, and had heal ofeprmg. Autopees showed nog what Soever wrong with thts organs, Throwghout Ukr lfeumes these ‘ate were geile lfeedonate, and playa. “Osher ras contracted precisely the discs of the people whose ets they were fed. anc even seemed to adopt certain ofthe Br fans’ nabter bebavtoral characteristics nesses revealed at a {ope filed a whole paae, All parts of te rats bodies. sn har. bibod, ovacte and'wom®, and all thew systems-respiratory rt nary. digestive, nerve and cardiovaseular—were acted. Many fhe rate, snarng and ileus, tad tobe kept apart they were fol to teat each other tole ‘So extraordinary was thle data, that several explorers: made the cic and dangerensjoarney tothe emote an inaccessible Source to find out fost what could be so miraculous about the lunes diet, tha narrow sur valley, dominated by the snow-espped fl smalayan peaks, they Zoand a real-le Sbangela, inhabited by fvhat they described as dhe healthteat, happlest morals, many of them centenarlans abjcets ofthe tay. semi-independent Kin ‘doo of Hunaa, legally «constituent of Pakastan. ‘Unt very recent the only way to each this casts of ie and enenontarh 93 Dealt from a degenerate and dying West was ia the outpost of Guig. « months hike from the nearest Puiistant rallheed at Ravwaipndl along a rough footpath over a 13.700 ft showbound pass, open only three mth ofthe year” Tals wes the route taken by Marco Polo on his return from Cathay, over swollen ‘vers and ce-bound passes, past the rotting carcasses of pak, Animals that couk! not keep pce with the tains of sk and por Celan hauled fom China foe bartered forgo, ivory. and Une splees ofthe great subcontinent For centurles entrance to Whe land of Hunga has been oves a reaeherously swaying bridge supported by ropes of woven goats hale. Then, at an elevation of @ mere eight thousand feet. ihere appeared before the traveler's enchamted eye a lowering seve ale-long valley of green-goid orchards sparlding n springue ‘with a paste earpet of priest blossoms, sharply contasted against ‘he surrounding. xbidding. snow-capped Karakorum range ‘nthe valley, mail stone farrahouses dota carefully cltvated landscape, whose endless terraced elds rice up the escarpment Im steps towards glacier etreams whieh fete tht with powder ‘more precious than gold. aac dust, teeming with sanerals ‘round fom the raw ving rock of the mowtain ve hundred fect above the murky rushing waters of te Hnza, siver—orhich threads through the whole vlley"stands the town of Bait, dominated by an old Fort, but whale Canute stil reigned In England As te traveler approaches, the women of Hunea rise and place two welcoming fingers to thelr forehead. pretty cit den sue enchantingly. mustachioed gallants shout greetings ‘mn Burashaak, 2 native tongue of unknonea origin ‘Hunzaktuts. as te natives choose teal thernsehves, efron other races ving in that distant corner ofthe world, With bronzed Dut Cancastan features, tke southern Europeans, they tve {0 boast thst they descend from thee foot eoaiers ofthe Macedon army of Alesander die Great who took refuge with thelr Persian wives tn this rem valley inthe third century ©. There they bred a warrioe race of brigands who thrived on raiding the trade route to China, that i, unt conquered by the Bish In 1801 ‘and pactled by a domesti Ismail rer, known asthe Min. wis had the wit to lesen the rules of karma. Visitor nave writen in reat deal about the extmordinary heath ofthe Hunsaat, There 's practically no plant or animal disease, and virtually none in ‘humans: absolutely no eancer. no heart or intestinal trouble! ard ‘the people regularly lve (obe centenarians, singing, dancing, and raking love tothe edge ofthe grave “isors tet of seeing no erippes, Wounds are sad to heal with ‘remarkable speed, seldom becoming infected iFtubbed with the sexta bea sof revs minerals, which somehow obviates sepsis. Huns ‘Women are wo healthy, they need no aasistance in delNering 2 hile, whom they breast fee forte to three years, deliberately Spacing thts culdren a0 a0 wean them one at atime Children fre invariably reported ua prowing up umecrotic and healt, fwith none of the normal childhood diseases such mumps. Teasles, chicken pox ete. The gis corplesions are depicted a3, ‘without ane or blemish, attbutablen part tothe application of Sot aprteot seed. Nor ls there any evidence of juvenile den fqueney, vistors remark that one never Reay9 a mother scold or Sue a child. Treated aa integral members of sooty. trusted and faven responsibitty, the efildren are described as growing Up healtny emetonaly as well as physically Travelers wo have been through Northern india agree that tne Hungalts are superior mentally and plystcaly,exceling in trace, charm, and inteligence. They are flak and havea feat {ese lok on featarea that are chiseled and appealing, Strongly tht men, with bold eyes and oval expressions, they ave phy” sigues which woud delight a Redin “There ts n0 moron oF retin among them, which contrasts sinarpy with the people In neghtoring valleys, many of whom Suffer irom goiter and erent due to lack of fodine tn the ‘water Allon surrounded by peoples sci with all kinds of Uicgenerative and pestllental disease, the Hurzaiats, who lead a Strenuous and spartan exitenee, do not contract therm. "Ao mountats embers they are superb and unequaled, et reat powers of endurance. Agile as goats. tey leap over boa Gere and icy streams, make holes inthe ice tn sent to plunge Inc glacier fed-streams, a8 swimmers second to none. They are als splendid semen, always ready to indulge thelr matfonal ame of pole. played in every village on its own narrow polo ground ‘eth balls and mallets carved from bamboo rots "Whether at worker at est, or play some ge, the Hunzabut ‘5 always accompanieé by a melodious tune wiveh ints him to ‘ioim and to dance. The sound of fue and drucn is everwnere fisred on the alr. driting up to the perennially nourishing ga ees, ‘Unanimously deserved ashing rosy complestons, good fea tures, and lovely eves,” Une women of Hunza are treated trie tn ie, both at nome and in tue Qeids Sim and erect, Sarichaired ana ovelte, dey walk with a Ugh glide, easy clib- tng the thousand often hundred Sect to the terraced gardens they lovingly tend with thelr menfllc ap the souree oftheir en ‘ouring health ‘very bit of Hunza soll as been hand prepared with delicate werent 98 care often brought from afar, ln tn narrow ribions om teraced elds hacked from the raw feof the surrounding monantais ed Dut up with stones ke a jigsaw, high as Ut fet, usta smaller stonos as rveing fim without mortar or thud Kept i tie with ongante compost. the strips ae watered iy the alt aden ‘eit of elacero brought in by man-made conduily of extrsra ‘ary engineering, constructed with nothing mare than a wooden Spade and an omc ped piek, Without Senet of ast or the adolite. the channels go Usrovgh tonnes, over agueduets and fren hang from the side of elle many hundreds of leet bigh, owing through tuber woughs supported by brackets, “And there les the secret of Hen health: inthe finely pow dered detritus of rock made by the massive glaclers as they i txorably grind down the rew mountains to prodace at ton talningat! the mineral elements required by plants, The sted ‘with organic compost provides plant, animal, and human wit, very element they need far lle. very possible stream fom a slacier ts harnessed and the water channeled to the fede, In Winter the channels are cleaned and the sit se spread oa the elds to ive afresh layer af soit forthe coming season. In the Rarakorum range les the most immense accumulation of glaciers anywhere i the world with the exception ofthe polar ‘regions: millions of tons of ie and snow, hundreds or thoveands of fet ‘thick, are plled high on the mountain anes. Ax Unese Blacers secede, thelr slippery Tooting quelled by pressure, the ass of ce moves sowy deweward, and with it cates a soraping ‘of the face of the mountain. No mineral, no fock, no metal, no chiens 6 song eoough 0 ext the weight of these alos ‘ons af ee. ‘A Bnely ground coat containing some or all ofthe elements motes dow tobe cared aeay’in the mullahs, or glacial ortents ‘The water. 2 mulky gray. spurts, splashes, anc sila out of crew fees, canyons, and any aperture In the mountaln wall wire ‘numerous mls are Tormod, Thee streams carry m colloidal ‘suspension some, i'not all, of the mineral constituents of the ‘mountains, the necessary feriler for tbe Hunaa fel, Tn thet manuring, ube Huseakists return everything they can tothe aot all vegetable parts ar pleces that wll not serve a food for man ar beast, itluding such fallen leaves as the cattle ‘wll not eat. reed with thelr owm seasoned excrement, pis sang ‘a urine irom their byres and barns. Children flow the cours through the feds with shoulder baskets ready to cate the pre lous substance aa emerges. Tobe sure that not an ounce 1 ‘wasted at tueshing time when a mixed nm of come, Sones Iles, and yaks, yoked abreast, are driven ove the eu erop om the threshing foor—a person driving the team, usually a pretty young mat. keeps a pan in her hard for eaten mid-tr, n anny anipating when and which of the arumals is about to Srop. On mountainsides, ciliren seour the elds to garner every last blade of rans for compost very lat errant speck of goat oF sheep manure. Like thes Chinese neighbors, the Humzabsta save thetr own manure in special underground vats, clear of any fcontaminatable streams, there to be seasoned for a good six ‘month. Evering that once had iets given new to ie through loving hands Fora thovsand years the Hunzaluts have farmed with the same seed and the result is reflected n the health of thee plants. They hheve no central source af eed supply, yet the species all survive Riis ine Himes ach farmer saves what's necessary forthe next year’s crops, or bartere with his neighbor No Hunslet owns more than Sve acres land many faies have divided up thelr ownership nto ty lots Sometimes no bigger than a Peeian carpet, every inch af whieh is ‘ared for with affection and wnderstanding "Yet in all these plots the produce Nourishes, carefully tended by hand. with no ather instruments than a pl of ex Born a wooden plow drawn by bullock or yak: Plowing ts neceasary to erate the roots of the plants which would otherwise sufler par talasphyxation. But the Hunaabut doesnot plow dep. and would not, een if he had the modem moldboard plow. Deep plowing ‘compacts the surface and submerges bacteria and other vali Able organisms to levels where thelr numbers are reduced ich in organie matter, Hunza soll ls porous and spongy. en conraging the multpleaion of earthworms, which make tow ‘sands of burrow holes nto which water ean easiy seep. Each farmer applies his water personally, and when the rigt amount has seeped tat his eld the Now ie stopped by manetwering the requisite stones. Were overflows or run-offs allowed to derclop ‘hey fear leaching of the nutrients woold end in an lisbalane of tlements.emusing crop disease and bringing on insects. The ter ‘races afford perfect drainage and allow for deeper penetration of air nto the sol all which promotes the growth of sncroorgan ‘sms. enabling both the bacteria and the rots te bene. ‘isilors to Hunza desoibe the vegetables arch in favor with a delicious taste despite the fet that there fsno seasoning which 's not missed when vegetables are grown in mineral-rch sol Popeye's spinach generated- muscles may be more than mlakey: ‘uunzakuts eat large quantities of the green lea at almost every meal, and the mineral-rch water is teamed inf always saved ‘Bul it not Just thelr spartan diet that accounts forthe ex traordinary health, amiabity, and lack of neurosis among the unzakuts. The real secret appears to etn the same mineral rich glacial water that feriizes thelr elds, brought to the vl Jages in canals for domestic use. Cool and inviting. tt called because of ts pearly gray color. Every ma, woman, land ud. drinks an abundance ofthis water, which Is nether Balled nor fered, And so does the Mir, though he is plenty of clear “clean” water forts, nicky, foreigh guest, Sir Albert Howard once said he hoped some day some enter prising fellow would get hrself samples ofthis Hunga water have ‘analyzed, and find out exactly what f contains, it should give 1s clue,” said Sir Albert, “tothe health of these remarkable People” ‘John A. Tobe, an American traveler and adventurer, first 0 sclentifcally analyze the glacial mal” says the Hunan minerals ‘into the soln ‘whlch is described as the state Sf solute when molecules are not present as separate ent ties, asin a true solution, but are grouped together to form solute parlcles" These particles, approximately one hundred thow sath one ten-alonth of a centimeter across, any detect table by means ofan ultramicroscope, cany a resultant electric ‘charge. generally of the same slg for all the particles, usually negative, and itis thelr collodal state that enables the fuman body membranes dircly to absoro essential mineral elements twthout thelr having Ast to be processed organically by plant land animal Every cll of the fsuman body Is made of callods ranged to perforin specfe functions, Collldal particles are so Smalls and therefore have such a large surface azea—a teaspoon of paricles has a surface area greater than a football eld—that, ftetording to Gustave Lebon tn his Evolution of Energy they gen Crate surface energies that have powerful effets on pysial and "Tobe believes the Hunzakuts' “glacial mall” with which they water their elds and whieh they drink so coplously. supplies {hem with all the elementa required by hele bodie, tn mutrent form, and dha iia the explanation for how they ean be so stron. so energetle s0unneurode, and have sich powers of endurance oth physical and sexual, on such a spartan diet He believes iis why they always Iook content, why detr galt is springy and fll of ‘tality, why they look forty winen tey are seventy. why the men Can sire children in thelr aetis, and why they can wall 0 Gigs ‘Sty miles away. over the grnmest terran, transact thelr Dust ina world of atomic threats, and the mstant daryer ofan epr emi of AIDS that might mak the Black Page pale hnwnicge ‘of a group of people living in such complete peace. free of the ‘ajor fears of mankind disease and war-sbotld have mede Sempact. You might think so, says J, Rodale, an carly cathusias. wo wrote mach about the Hunaas. You mlght think that des Sration of the fact that practically complete elnnation of dis fase in an entire group could be effected by the mere eating of proper foods and drinking vital water would ereatea tremendous Strin medical cwcles, would exytalize a demand that the mecha tiem be Immediately created for carrying these findings into ae {ual practice. it cin.” he emplins, even prociceatny ripple {nthe pond of medical inerda, The doctors too much involve in the morasses ofthe dlsease and phiyste to be able to gve mich time to the question of mere health In the mid-1970s Senator Charles Perey, a member ofthe Sen: fate Committee on Aging, visited Hunza to note the absence of heart attacks, cancer, and neurosis. Back home he made a I able effort to awaken his colleagues in Congress to the amazing Potential represented by the Hunsalcut phenomenon, He might as well have dropped a pebble inthe Hunza River. ‘Now the Pasta army has bila mltary toad through Hana tothe Sino Soviet border Where Polo's mule trains carefully trod, the treads of tanks grind hard, and in thetr train come sugared drinks, NPK, and the inevitable pesticides to ralse the specter of disease and early death. ShangytLa is Shangr-La no more. Yet the secret ofthe Hunza health may yet survive to save the soll and health ofa sick and ravaged planet. A sample of Hunza Water, recently brought back by a young American traveler, Betty ice Morales, has been thoroughiy analyzed with sophisticated) laboratory techniques ty SAGERRBREI, stor of Buon Ruger The rors are as astonishing as they are encouraging ‘They explain not only the water's fe giving qualies, but vind! cate Steiner's clurveyant vision ofthe function of the vortex snd fof the intervening chaos in the hie giving string of his body ‘ham preps, designed to revitalize dying sol Chapter 9 Y VorTEX OF LIFE Sa strange and mysterious are the proper: ‘des of water just ordinary tap waer. that anything new about ts behavior has become a lamark nt the history of stence. Inthe 1920s when the Rumanian scentife genius Henry Coanda made the discovery. apparenty banal that a fas flowing ver any sur face tends-as it were allve—to cling to that surface, it was ‘onldered ly piysicists so Important f was called the "Coanda Bite” Thiriqued by tales of te loge ofthe Hunzakts, tn the early 1930s Caanda made the arduous journey to Hunzaland. As a water expert he was delighted to be told by the Mr that the secret, to the Hunzaeate longevity and health was hidden in Une water they den ao frely. ‘Convinced tat any health tmprovis properties of the Hunza water would be related to its molecular structure, Coanda set Shout analyzing a sample oft slongaide “orainary” water. using the flies ofthe fuyek Research Laboratarie in Cormeetieat tewhich he was a that me a consultant Hls novel method was toatudy oaterin i enystalline for as snowflakes, cach of which they fal by the zillon, fe uniguely desipied and molded by ‘onksown forces in ta mcro-environment, no two being alike, 3 fav as anyone ean tll ‘With a fuld azplider” a device he invented that could make sow from water, Coan find inthe center afeach snowlake a ‘Sreulatory system composed of ny tubes im whic stl unfrozen ‘water etvelates like ap fm plants, or blood in anual water ‘hich he considered fo be what dowaers characterize as ving” {o distinguish it rom is stagnant. Mfeless counterpart. ‘By carefully tuning the ie spas of snowAiakes, whlch “ae" when all the water in them becomes congealed, Coanda was nble 10 festablsh an extravtdinary and direct relationship between the uration ot his snowlake water an the Ife span of pevple who regalary drink such water, The “ting” Mule appeared to adc ‘more fe to humane, ‘On far-flung tavels Coanda found that the water that produces Innglasting snowflakes 1 the princpal beverage not only ofthe Hunzas, Dut of other long ved peoples ip Soviet Georgia, Eon dor, Peru, and on the mountainous Tibet Mongotan border. Sl he did not know wy or how the special glatal water extended tnaran Ife Before retaring hs native country to become pres Gent of the Rumanian Academy of Sciences, Coanda entrusted hs water eg iu yung colborator at the Huyek orto BRR reson xen. haben incre megnarc co one of Arete’ top ten scitats,“ think you are the only one Tow,” Coanda fob him, "who can ‘rentals come up wit ystern to make Hunn water avaiable Shere inthe wor Tanagaa, a short man of fry, with a closely clipped mous tche. hs cad as razed as Koj’ or Yul Brynner, metus ina Sa motel next tothe tiny Sedona airport op a mesa inthe ‘Gouna of ental Aria, Al around ws roe a magaicent rie of ed eck city nad epee, Sominating the town inthe yon far below read everything | could on water” sald Flanagan, at ease in ho kil clothes fom the Banana Repu, only dscover It Aten one of te world's most ysterousty nomaluis substances” Once a lamboyant adventurer who wos savor the gal bad der of rtiesnakes and cobras fo assume tet powers and in shun, regularly earning thousands of dollar wh fr ung le {res n suc arcane subjects a Pyramid Power and Tantric Sex. ‘Flanagan is now aque vegetarian, ax recive and peace loving fo a Tibetan mote healed and domeateated by his lovely wile ac soutmat oe a roma equal aestrous pst. Stnewpert onthe structure, function, and properties of crystals Like herhusband, Gael rected the degre of Doctor of Medicine ffom the The Open Intemational Univerty for Complementary Maines in Cobo, Sr Lanka, and now help. ithe sec Bon of thee Sedona laboratory decp fn a pinewood Soest. with Feveare onthe colledal properties of water Gadi concent. or serendipitously propitious, the town of Scdona_ ivr the ctl of te lt Gui Creck Canyon rounded by ghatled terra cata peaks against ashy so ble ts “ergy fs tangible is what Lyle Watson i his The Romeo Brrr Seacribes as a unique “power spot” one where great concent tins of encegy ean bef coming up fom the earth trough fu Separate tlle vortices. ‘Visto from allover the wor, alerted to the existence of what they belive to be “payee energy vortices” Nock to Seana to thuk and meditate tothe exrsordinary energy ete rm the Soll and describe experiencing visions, teepatc commurica on, past fe epressine, recognitions, UFO sightings, enhance tulomate weltng spiral healing ad other peveic pheno Sha, copecally during the period of te fll eon "Too ofthe worices are smo be magnet, he third electri opr, ting conan ate capers Astor and lecturer Dick Supers anafnade of Sedons ‘tions of refers fom what they Dec fob te catecatc destraction of Charehward's legendary pacite continent of inet prsenocol gent yeas uted nen tess ove the source, they ay th wore power eae real esate devope pp to wale ie ald lces wipes Shame, Gua bard aur des ode inthe vores fin aft tha maga acta dot onthe lac plcss by the tipo meando not pow perpen but tora ae ur purene—ao wi hese anomale—was with the eeret cf Hana water and ta enon othe sted BD 600, old Sh which Fat Fanagan tured out tobe a exper fen androgen, water iin acta rn ara Cotte ‘Wi trai tint nope, each posescng ferent prop Sf insting any anal the clement, ever Ang a ‘oni Become fret tee ‘mull umber of quid cysts and a very trge number of {hlvutalyranow molec." thor, utd war even when Soring, Haw mictoncpicalyny Yecbre of eytaine water Set bgld este tat renter aestactre whereas there of ne ler all randomly ened, wating gor Sy Cool water automaticaly cess more of he eras ntl aca the whole mags becomes rytalne oe The pt he whe vovnake was awe ving organi suchaba plant cram antnal ee nwateristractaren ints Scrpostton ma high percentage of octagonal gid estas Sha ecry ow percentage cf organaed moles, Tha, sald FTanagan to Gone by mean of high encryeall partie oopeoion or enon total facet be wed ha Srcrymcrencope “Cae parties as ny bebo fray charged oateacteelyrving water miecien, ae th ‘EE. the noc of gud cytala But to do tin the cll roraly of unstable charge, ree ath electrical charge In tet ayes they fan ang by beng protected by oun such meters as glen van, orca “To tlusate hie mening wha analogy. Panag expaned dnat sma cei: not und innate are atl a IRetred bythe detrgencndosry. These, lend have two ito. one Wop Cig wate) Ye oer pope ing 0 Tpeluter of te nde ftng the elt, he former on the out Sie ncng te ld nwt the es suspended. Tus tue ESrinmalowe the water fo penewat dy Soting “tine fre causes water motcules fo frm long complex structures knows as drogen bonds These enable water et Seicanccs uc es gaaniohes, powders, or ons hands a fees tia can be strengthened or ween hy atractring the ttre nteral competion twas these to poperte of water at showed Flanagan the way to dupes te Hunan wat ad thereby ole part ofthe Maat eft tkes place nthe Duce of Steines BD 90 Dlg ita a tis snd nf vores and ehace tr 1074, Fiutgan ound that cyt of al ins sth a8 quart tn pecs gemstones ave amare ect on wale Surface testo, a characteristic now to ancient Tibetan phys dans who applied tt to make for thelr patieme, if poured on weal, mung Bor ‘adit seeds, the ‘Dut where, Flanagan aske iid the crystals get the ceneray with which toaflect the surface tension of water? tecemed {him they must be “resonators of cosmic energy impulbes gen crated by super-novas, and other deep-space influences "70 de. {ect such forces he basicaly thought to be gravitational nstane he constructed a device to pick up cosmic gravitational waves These he converte andl ampliied so a to be recorded on xchat recorder heard through aloud speaker, o dsplayedl ona ose Irpcope Frcaing stow that whereas ordinary tap water has a surface {ension of 75 dynes per centimeter, the loudy Huns water that appears diy” when held up to ight souree has a much lower fe of G8, and is neqathely charge. "unza water was als reveled! to contain almost every known ‘mineral element, with an especially high content of sive. To Flanagan the most interesting feature ofthe minerals was their betng nt intone, but in ella form-—meaning that the mite Iineralzed particles, though mieroscopeally tual, do not dis Solve In the water, as sale dors, to become fone sod and tonic Chlorine, but emain n suspension as tiny elctziealiy- negatively charged and therefore sei epeling stable particles, Pure water melting from the glaciers in the mountains of unzaland, Flanagan realized, wold be devald of minerals, But pressure from the millon of tons of ce enough to grind te pow fer four inches of surface cvery centiry—wou) scrape and carry ‘minerals to the valley at great speed to spurt nto the mullahs vertiginous torrents, And such ts the pecullar nature of water that each time ts speed ts double, can carry siay-four more vi colli matter seemed 0 tnspertant.” sald Flanagan, t pursued the Kea that i wan these stable colloidal minerals th Joidal tainerals tn his laboratory.“ tried all kinds, many of them Hays. Bul sone had suflclent electrical charge to lower the sr face tension of water down tothe aby characteristic “ panagan next dlocovered that the mineral particles in Hurza water hada faty or oly organie acid around hem, dened, be {Ssuimed, from od trata Unroug whch they had traveled. which fnhls eyes, had to be made up of petriled forests or something ity anfent. What was necessary, saw, was to fd a equally (Sma the non soluble minerals clioidal by artictally puting ectre charge on the, iflasbed to him that such a charge could be produced inthe Therein he learned that all lowing water, though it appears to be ifort actually died into extenatve inner surfaces rly inner surfaces to low at different rates of speed and form epirals trvorices which separate fom the rest ofthe usd and generate lecirl cures ln Sowing rls, breaks, streams, and river. tons of vortices form wen water rushes ver or against stones und other obstructions, Iwas the vortex, Flanagan realized hat ould put an electrte charge onthe paruicles of matter suspended fn the water and thus render them “clloda,” each tiny element forced tobe distinct, repelled om ts neighbor bya similar cha ihe could find a way to duplicate this charging ofthe mcr ‘scopic mater, he might produve an elective fast ofthe Hunza From careful observation, Flanagan found that vertices have special cence of tern. Tey abn claeter a ext anne Jt the 9 pel or he mnnapring of ch te glycerin to the water ad poured tint a clear eylindrically Shaped vessel similar (0, but rach smaller than. the BD 600 Siring vat vith a hole bored theetgh the bottom fem which srecasaa: secre wee | y Container. naga found, was an eu shaped eps whee fa few drops of food coloring are added, the whole vortex pears o come alle. Not only cat ls fythumie pulsation be ob Served, but agers of tnermal formative aurfaces can be seen opt ning much more rapidly than external cnes, which themacires| which ace built to scale on the basie ofthe Fibonacc! series of is great senmliity to cose force and ts power as a bearer of formative living processes When you read sid Flanagan, you realze he organs of eves? ving thing are parts of frozen vortices. Scinwent gives example after example of wortetal formative pro esses i nature and comes to the conclusion that the vertex formation i tuned t the warp and woof ofthe Universal matrix ‘This accords with aiclent Vedic texts writen mlennia ago in the Indian subcontinent that indicate the shape of the Unmerse as tha monumental ten-vokume work, Wae Theory: Discavery the Cause of Gravitation published in 1949, TJ. See, an Amert tan professor of matheratics who inthe 1690s was in charge o the twenty-six incl Equatorial Telescope at the U.S. Naval Ob servatory n Washingion, D.C.. showed thatthe entire physical Universe revolves around a geometric gure, known as a recta {ular hyperbola, which alo defines the curve of water Vert tent many phenomena, including the inveree-aquare law of ectromagnetics: the laws of magnets gray. a planetary ‘tion: the temperature ofthe sun at any geen point from the the surface to volume relationships and the structuring forces Dinding all matter ‘When Willen Reich, once considered by Slemund Freud is most briltant disciple. nevertheless broke with the peychoans Ipc movement to make his momentous dscovery ofa ie-en ray. “orgone. related by some to Steiner's hemical ether” he found it be made of Rretscluslle or spiral waves. In his book Cosmic Sapermpostion Reich describes the creation of tat ffom the throat of cosmic vortices, ach aa nebulae in his laboratory. Flanagan demonstrates the cose proper tes ofa vortex Closer examination cerly reveals thatthe ere lating water exacly follows the laws of planetary motion around the sun. such tht in ts laws of movement he vertex i ml ature copy ofthe solar system. aid, on a lager scale, feito inthe gre ntellar nebulae, as Reich already showed in Cos Superimpesiion. ‘Schwenke potted to other properties o fhainga pointer Uke compass needle, toa mood chip. Asters the poter always pointe tm the direction in which it was ory bali aned when th chip it the water. Like the compass needle itis constantly directed toa single point i inte space. Accord tng to Schwere, this i a clea indieation of how a vortex Is ox eda ft wre held nace by pseu cami head produced in erstallzation of mineral alts by planetary raat, Flanagan realized the same cosmie encrgles coud be capture water underguing turbulent chaotie movement or vorica Now ard—mnostlmpertant—that these energles would sera in he water afler the flow ceased until the water was again agitated “olen encugh to tismapt them ‘When the velocity ofa vortex nereases, the dameter ofits throat sets smaller. Ina perfect vortex, aa the diameter approaches 20 the velocty approaches infinity. Because infinite veloetty tn the physical universe is impossible, something has to ge. nthe ing electric charge. And here comes the frst clue to what could be so mpsterousty charging the BBD wats slecric en ony _ a happens, Flanagan xo, the hog bon rubber bands: at which pont they absorb planetary forces, which ts the molecule snaps back alo shape ae retained and energie the molecule. This goes long way towards explaining Steiner's ane Kolisho'splanciary foes energizing the BD preps To find out st how much charge is generated By a vortex four inches in diameter, Flanagan lowered a thin specially shielded wire electrode into Uhe center of tx vortleal throat. being caret fot to allow the wire to touch the water. By means of another tlectrode touching the water he was able, when the vortex was ‘moving at approximately one thousand revolotions per minute to record a charge of more than ten thousand wots erate from is swearing water: quite a boost ftom the cosmos, ‘As forte telluri ores that aflect the BD preps while they are buried. in the 1890s an intrepid German pyle, Pat E, Dobler showed that water moving in consteted underground pessages Eadiaten energy in what waa then called an X-band ofthe electro ‘maghetic spectrum. X because nobody then ha the spectrom ‘He enuipment to dferentate any stgal tn this part ofthe infra ‘ea band of radiation. Asset forth i the Birt of to books — ‘copies of which were destroyed by the Nazis Dobler was abet demonstrate mysterious earth rays, such aa are aid to radiate from the Sedona vortices, by using a highly polished cnazmeled aluminum plate Inscribed with the words Unterindteche ‘Wanserador oF “Underground Wat ‘Combined with Xray Alm and positioned on the surface of the ground where a vein of water was known to be flowing. the fm, became exposed to earth raya via the altima, and when de tloped gave a clear picture of wae words “Underground Water. Toure.” Physicists repented ‘but were #0 petplexed ty the resis theyfeected them betause “physics rec ‘pies no such radiation. ‘Continutng to work on te problem of vortices, Flanagan found that the vest! best suited to contain a vorter was ane dstgned eee eee ee charge on the blood cells By adding one ounce of is newly made clloldal mixture with its 8 surface tension toa gallon of distilled water, Flanagan has been able to create a product witha surface tension of 55 to 65 that he fees may have the ste postive biological effets on ie tng enna as docs the Humea water. To nd out, he allowed his thireen-year-ol teh, “Wishes, 115-pound ezoes between a St. Bernard and a Great Dane to dank nothing bt “Hunan” water ined with what he cals is “Crystal Energy Concentrate” Within just three weeks, the en fecbled dog. whch previously ad to be lied over logs on the tral in the forest beliind the house, was able to leap them by toa valuable thoroughbred stallion so ad he could ony get 2 ive feat once i three breedinga, Soon after being pat on the water. the hors. whose coat went from dul fo shay, was impregnating tits mares without a niag, Given the suse water he mares oo had euch easy births that often the stable men would arrive torind newborn foals on thelr fet. though no signs of labor had ‘cen evident in thelr dame te previous evening. ae horses own as “blenders—because ther fang are so weak they emit bed from ther nostls as they run—showed no more blodlet ting eymptomne after a regne on Flanagan's water. Nore important to humans, and especialy to secretares, a thors nd all hose oblige to face a computer terminal for hours fon end, isthe risk, aocording to specialist John Ott of having thelr red blood corpuscles coagulate or hump into aggregated asses the Prench call rouleausx Flanagan videotapes, taken {rough a microscope n hs laboratory. show uch masses is aggregating n a matter of nimites after Ingest of his water. ‘Whe these extraordinary biologeal results areas yet no more than empirical, strict “double blind” tests not having yet been Stiempted, laboratory tials run tn Minnesota proved incontro rin that thar amazing structuring Properties. fin tis intone the test subject was neither anal nor fu ‘man, but pain old coment of mised with other aggregates such te sand or gavel-seometetr Mace with ordinary water a block of Cement, thoroughly dred, has a resistance, rir to cracking oF Stndering cf 400 pounds per sare inch. Add only aii {lof Flanagan's water to each gallon and a lf of ordinary water th the mixes and the same cement has a resistance f4aaDpa. In another tal, called a stomp test~baslally@ measure of ai content in partaly liquid cement—tt was found that the nor fhally entrapped” air which makes cement weaker, was only 30 percent compared to 70 percent with ordinary water. Remark 1c trenied cement contained lesa water: wth greater plas telly or flow capacity i ls also 90 percent lgher Unan the un beided in concrete It also does not burn dhe hands abd arms o Flanagan says the electric charge on his cll sso well pro icied they do not become unstable even if froze bolle, auto powerful cation eecroites He found thi out after exposing Thou to auch tnfloences, by measuring ther electrical charge it a U-shaped glass tube, a Ope of electrophoresis cell in wie Colloids Hf overcharged ponttvely oF egatvey, wil migrate to fhen Flanagan viewed the Australian film on-pedediesiay thai\ Se a oetientrentiedicion ieees on int compres iy terma"Semer ie aca ery nce tbe water each te the cretion of otraag im reversed ‘ign on in mar std Put wth exctewent "toe havea Se ony wen aa isctrommetic chases rote gp, Tavagge tater Geared ht mechacic fw te varies mcaty refed. ‘Whats formed in tc Ausra BD at ting mache trot tro vrt ut a perebc cure eae a potable of atin, Acolyan gg chapel reese Sects naka coed, tt pera ene cllpeetatrancnny tent tea Sema prhel see tne wide deep cemct of the paraboloid colapce,” sald JFranaasn, Sacaiporpeasywewrdeseeeentrntae ams Frames ter cri ren tsar etry vrter eee wach espe nto fam sid chaoe techs I chase but youre telnet bill ef al orden Also we haw et te aout of eopy tre hee the ent of rset tating tia temedoue fod mass in ove descuon Whe the Mesut ty tothe masorpreso set noaecaee age WGecsasaameotztonn Seat I rcrmenon smc amir to peas ea in le alive Asati ad also {a Bavaria. Ina biographical book on Listy Water. Swedish a ther Olof Alesanderson includes Schauberge's description of lw liquid vortices are associated wit strange energy chocharges such ‘as halos balllghining, and a feviatona fore eapabe of bring ing heary egg-shaped stones up from the bottom of a stream f its surface, where they foaton top of the worices. And implosion tras the name given ty SGI 2 the act of vortical col Tapee 1s the leviatienal energy: said Schauberge. that allows the cascading water below them. Schauberger was the first to fefec wo the creation in nature of Edelioasser or ive Water.” the scton of wicls e effected in his laboratory wh Seprtonereer carat cas meer anne stirring, Unnoticed. 'came up ta the barrel nd glanced inte: there was nothing there except clear water. Eventually the oi man lec me ed In reply tomy geting, and coated My glance alternated between the farmer and the contents of the barrel With Mek of is hand, he would throw bis offen sail ino the Darel as he continued to stir the liquid st to the Fig and then fo the left. At the same time he sang quite loudly fad not altogether pleasantiy into the open container. lls stir ‘ng the water fash, the farmer lade his barrel onto a ox drawn cart and, proceeding into hie elds, would dip « pals: frond tate W'and Sprinkle the water acsumlaed on tt onto the ground in very fine dstillations, not unlike a priest who opens Sater on has communicants. Eventually the water evaporated lear Ingescoedingy fe crysis which camied& negative charge. These cxystals attracted rays rom all directions and then ve them out Schuuberger noted thatthe farmer had, through trial ander: ror, learned at what pitch his voice would setup a resonance ‘withthe shape of barrel that would stimulate the molecular bration ofits contents: The practice caledin Gertnan Tonsiagen “singing to clay"—was done at specie times. prinelpaly immed ately after planting and firming of sed inthe sll, a et this oF tha sce of Easter, When Flanagan read Schaubergers account he was so struck by the apparent sitalarity ofthe old peasant’ sting treatment ci his water with a colodal substance and the one sewn in the ‘Australian fim that he wondered whether Rudolph Steines, who "ved his rowed rom the same Kd lay anger” ‘Tos the one described by Vikior Schuler “it lao interesting. sald Flanagan, “net the earth Hon of Hercule at twenty kilometers per second. The combina tion of thene vo movements produces « helcald trajectory. beautify ahown hy the allan scientist Glongie Piccard. whoue anlznated mode! revealing it wan set up atthe Brussels Word's Fair in 1988. Chapter 10 CLAWS OF GHBBATION and Ph.D, in soll microbiology he Salis Department was uni yet intense “twas under the direction of Jacob Lipman a Rus Siun-born profesor who ad migrated to the United States hd intr became the Dean of the Rtuers Catlege of Agicultre Thr whele eld of padlogy, from the Greck peor ‘earth: o 30 science "now in Giause thanks to te prlieraion of chemical iStince, was onghated and developed ta Sarasota Russa, De fumed geologat” Doituchayer developed the singular view that sol was a “ving body" as independently ditinct in natare as any birch or oak {hee and ofwork that took him all over European Fassia to study Solo, laying de foundation fora science that differentiated be tween Iving and dead branches of nature. At the age of thirty seven, Dokichayer published Russkil Cheragent (he Black Sod Of fussc), te fiat extensive treatise on the incredibly produc the sols of the Usraine, Three years later, be put out another Tellme, Mlustated with maps, the first w present the concey {hat sols can be classifled by “geographic zones. Prior to Dolaichayer’s research,” said Schatz, “and unfort nately subsequent tok, soll was and i Ui largely viewed fom: the geological ange, siopy as the upper weathered crust of the ‘rth, or duc to es agiculturel applications, solely asa medion for pant growth, as something in which a plant takes root." ‘Dolaichayer's follower Konstantin Dmtvtevich Glink, elated to the opera composer) extended the scope af his masters work Development. Translated into German in 1014, hada professed influence an the penetration of Dokuchayev's views into Western Europe, Clinka’s election to the presidency ofthe new interna tonal Society of Sil Science in 1027 le to the book's translation {nto English by a Missourian, Curis F. Marbut, head of the U.S Department of Agriculture's Division of Sal Survey, who wes 50 pressed with Olnkathat he taught himself Russian stage sev fenty to become acquainted firsthand with the Iterature of the ‘expanding “Dakuichayer school” mastering the language we ough to converse with Gia an hi fellow Russians in their Dative tongue. A year before his death, Marbut wrote an intro ‘uction to Joties seminal book Pedology. published tn 1996. ‘whlch made use of hundreds of Rasalan articles aeatered in doa ns af journale, wherein he recommend that all American sar ulturistsfamtitarize themseies with at least the Broad tines of “The Russian work, wrote Jolle, “brought the study of sols ‘out of the chaos and confusion of the geslogc, agronomic and ‘heal (Liebe) potnis of vew. For the fest ne, itplainly showed. {hat sol isnot ust phiysteal but is tnimately related tothe Bo logical bodies within It the myriads of fsects, worm, bacteria ‘and fog that give the aol ts he, and vice versa “Marbut stressed that. atthe tine when Western Europe was sil engaged in the file assertion that sof per sets dominated by the materials aut of which thas been but the Russian work fers ad long since showm that soll is the prodact of a process ‘ther than of material and Is, therefore, ot a stati bot ade veloping body. They alted soll to le rather than to death. In Marbut's view. Dokuchayey cceupies the same position in studies as Sir Charles Lyell an geology, Lyons in botany, and ‘Marbut lamented the fact that sols inthe United States were looked upon solely as producers of crops, and io discussion of soll development worthy of the name wae attempted! in ay book ‘Sealing wits ther study. The treatment of soll as such ls not ‘considered “practical. but the subject met be made practical at fl hazards. tls outrageous that the whole Beld ofthe sgn fectng ink between the ving and the non ving, between mate Fal antmated by vital forces and material subjected ta physical Schatz. wins had learned to speak Russian at his grandfather's tence. and could read the language, ai thie advantage was the ne tat led hi Into pedology. “reall myself a pedologst in ti. Ine tomy Ruslan teachers becalise people wh say they are sol Sclentints these days are largely taken up, not with pedology a3 Seen, btwn he uta ects fei eras a8 hey apply to plant growth. And soll eclence here is concerned with thd equated (o, agronomy. which focuses on the large-scale pre Gucton of eld crops such as grains, and others. Mi perspective fhasabways been inaplsed by he orignal Russian delinon."Asked bow many true pedologsts were sill teaching the Russian birthed Science in ag coboges, Slat rt replied “Hardly one largely because tis seen not to "payoff I le considered unpracticaly in 1966, Schate was insted to write an article for Compost Sc ence, published by the Rudely Press in Em, Penasyivarsa,t0 Explain why oll research, suaidieed alnoat completely by the U.S. ferilacr industry. was leading to a decreaning interest in humus and soll organic matter in the United Stace to the potnt The central problem, to Schatz, was that the grants to colleges of agrlealture provide continual financial support to an army of fadhuate students while atthe same Une thelr profescors are mking of thousands of dollars as constants tothe same et oguls who are supporting the atderts’ research. The research problems pursued are predominantly thowe soma which the ferlleer companies ean tale more proft, walle the Indoctrnated graduate students go on to work along the same ines after reefing their degrees, nd those reelving teaching appotntmente train iew stadents nthe same chemically onented ohliowopy : and soll organic matter become more and more abstract textbook topics shit gradually lose thelr Mentity real objects of wil interest This decreasing attenton dramatically Mlustates how frvate and selfish economle interest can distorted influence Ec dircetion of selenite research tn a major discipline The neglet resulted ina corresponding ecline in sol micrbi logy. Chairmen of sas departments at may niveraes com st to tech the subject and bad been able to offers course for several years. Graduates originally trained in the seine were herd-mandedly rushing to accepthucrative appatntments Pharmaceutiea fermentain, and fertile indusities, where ‘ara remuneration was steeply higher than in univer fac Lies. ll of which echoed Alex Podoliney’s complaint that ay resentation of soll ciene, of whatever stamp, bas been all at Aropped from the curricula of Attrala' agricultural learning Tneastern Europe, on the other hand, scientists. whe purse Ing vestigations on chzilcl fertilizers, Insecticides, and wee Xilers, have not abandoned research into the organi content She soln 2961, a collection of lng essays, So Organic Mate As Nature ad ts Rte ex Sol Formation ad nS erty. was sted by MM. Kooonora, a member ofthe U.S.8e Acadetay Sciences and a senior recarcher atthe Dokuchayey Sol ine tute. it was made avaliable in English by the Pergamon Frese fn London. Three years lar an tustated book, Humus and ts Stniicance,eultored by & Prat, ws published by the Cactho slovak Academy of Scices in Prague presented a compete hisary of hums research ast applies both tothe astral ad tif fer of sets I went nto deta onthe defen, clas Ssicatin and characteritea ofall onmos sbelances, thes ane formation under natural condos, and their physiologial ef fects on germination. morphology. anatomy. chemical expo. ton, photosynthesis, assinlaion, respiration. nutiin, speci enayine systems. plant Owh, and general development these pertain boi to algae and higher plans “But even ins Russa heartland,” Schate complained, traportant humus research could not signieanty tnluence furn-around rem cb style artical agreulture. 200 frenced nthe Svs at aot Earopean sy of Aga Drafted at age twenty-two into the US. Any. Schatz worked fn Florida mltary howptals where he collected microorganiams in the state's stl and swamps andthe ocean of te cosatines, Cculoais bacon, he went on. alone ie a baseman laboratory fsolate and patents non-toxic antibiotic whch he called stepto Greek for twisted" and myke fr-fangi Possessed ofan unualy Broad antibacterial spectrum, and fc gas uber ep ca om SSk te othe rom the thoat of chicken, thus revealing the Encreatures walling upon t. The discovery ofthis fe saving drug adc bya trenty-tnce year ld ate earing only $403 week tras awarded the Nobcl Prize. The recipent. Rowever was ot chats but hus profesor. who co-authored the patent nabeshed by such injustice, Scat cura was next at trav tothe problem of what exactly was Bappening chemically tthe formation of ol as rock sdatnegrated int smaller and smaller parses the question that pursed Schatz was: ow was that lower forts pant fe, such as Hchens, growing on bare rock, could penetrate into minute fractures in sear of foothold and food? “Acoluton ofthe probiem of how the obvious rock-weatbering ropees of icons actualy wor seemed te Scat to hve i Forint peaccal mmplcatons lo grculre, especaly as Te Ea to lve woul amount of minerals in sil on te one hand, and in 1024, Ea fy had suggested, tn the Annals of Botany. a pret meatal explana cto cam, Ae Subject to doubt by American soll specks, uo of hors con rapertant work by Sevet scents onthe pede ae fl ‘hho. Ran stes indicated that though sls were essen: tally produc of limateof sun, wind, anid ke —tncrobes and plants sso conisued. ie heat and fret othe "weathering" of Focks not only by penetrating deep ota cracks ied crevices (0 Ghert remendous sping pressures wit thelr expanding eels but, more importantly, by disintegrating rock Uarough a myster tus chemical action own ag “chelation. “Taken fm the Greck word chela meaning “law” of “pincer iste property that allows the formation of aring shaped cher iteraly clamp onto atoms of metals, fer floating tn the sol. The oulng more complex compounds thi created can then be ab Sorbet by the cher: ance within thie Bodies, the metals are Ficased to serve whatever faction i required. The chemical x ‘lanetion for this canny phenomenon is that tn chelation one x more electrons can be shared between two elements, dragaing the metals along to be released as the compound is dissoled (Chelating substances, present in up to 96 percent of the dr weight oftchens. ave them the power to disscve iron and a ‘otal minerals. grab them and suck them up i tirectiy on the hard bare sock = Tn 1064, Schatz published inthe Procendings of he Pennsylva nia Academy of Sctences the frst of a sertes Of paper: “Chelation ted to work on the problem, carne fo hm that ifthe chelating process could explain the predisposition oflehens i ine or tore appetizing @ menu than a‘rock surface, could tet nso fimportanty be involved in the creation of sal erly? Were the pants not creating sul just asthe sol created plants? And ‘ul formation not an oi gong process that matnfained fereity? tt was when I found out haw lichens were chelating rock (2 extract minerals” sald Schata “that {sad to yee! tat some thing inthe sol had to be working in the same way to keep formang it from solid rock. One coun think tha just a cevaln ammount of weathering produces sol after which theres of the Znineralereimaln ntti forevermore, i had fo be aease Neased minerals for plant growth. as wel as the very ‘natural soll fertaty It was then that! conclude The clae—or eiew-—wtth which unravel the mysterious mecha nism of chelation came to Schate when he ran crows an arUl Published 160 years ago in a Boston newspaper The New Br Of the celebrated Temple ofthe Sun, in the high Andean oun of unc, Peru, who reported finding stones softly cut and grooved be could noi incerta neede between them. The at beled ths feat of masonry tad been lost with the demise of the Ina, whe thelr emplacement. Schatz mediately saw & possible Connection between tis lost art of masonry and the power of ‘elation. Debing into the lterature onthe craton of hear finely expertenced agricultural knowledge. perhaps the word's certo feast tot sophisticated, then or since, {oe City of the Incas, by Hira veo discovered the Inca ety Binghaia considered Cuzco, the anc 3¢ Most interesting places in the world. In aquest of Pera it was te largest ey the importance of org ere been resurrected since i Spanish conquistadors eseniction at the hands o "asf applic to stonework tha! f rare igen. sl four repetitions. the birds discarded the leaves and ess to peck atthe rock, quickly forming a circular depression, The process took only afew days, atthe end of which the holes were suff eve me aman couldn't aril them more perfectly. The birds don which fis foice tha softens the rock ane! leaves tke wet ea fl tale” bat when many others all over the country oflered simular accounts, he began to wonder whether i could be trae Frnully an Englishman. about whose veracity Fawcett had te slightest doubt. tld sna slory thal clinched is beef tn the My cui wa the gon of Cabal the Btn nent inning chemical that enables them to efen and sez ah fav tock te elements they need fo surve. When be ede {estoy im his Teaco Stone th So dll han ‘Sin earned cra corrependen in Chie where be had au. atthe Unter of Sasag, at te Chuan newopaes. sprang secoring Sate night 196868 esearch pro ot sie a a arn ap ae au wen the lng an ales ected by many crea which say disso nea Schyimporanto the satan of wl fry becasae plant an play the metal grabbing and metal-releasing role comparable fhat played tm the muuch simpler lichen rock essoetation. More spec wtch chang five compounds wold be rset and Eastern Europe—Schats found that only huss filed the wa Schatz leo fond that his quest was a lonely one tn that no fund:-granting institution responded favorably to ht equcats fr suppor. The only interest shown in his work wo that of the Kearny Foundation. wich offered him lectures tn sll se ce that allowed hima to present his material erally to various At the University of California's College of Agicnture, Schatz gave a lecture on “The importance of Meta Binding Phenomena {the Chemistry and Mlcroblolngy ofthe Soft tn whieh he pre sented all is own experimental results. But when be found, 1 his amazement, that no U.S. agricultural journal would publish his lecture, he was saved by an Indian prbleation in New Dei Advancing Prontiors of Plant Sciences which accepted iin 1963. sald Schatz “though it s vitally connected with health, not oniy hat af plants. but our own. The dilerence between sll Hchiy endowed with hiumus and one deprived oft the efference be ‘beeen a well-nourishedeltizen ina developed country and as Suffering from starvation in the Thid World. Just asthe poor'y fed sal wil produce weak plants s0 the poorly sourished Tard World naive wil predce seklyehdren Chelation goes on not only in the soit and! in microbes but the cells of plants anid in the bodes ofa osely plants and tnmains are related can be explained by the ‘etracrdinary fact that both dependon a tclating chemical con ‘Pound basi to thelr physiology Inman tis re-pignenied heme that transports the blood Uhe oxygen liberated by plants which ‘hemerives have @ compound, geen ul that is ‘© similar to heme that. to deplet its chemical forma, iis nee ‘sary only to substitute an ron atom for one of magyiest fs one ofnature's maactes” anys Schata, that i coud so simply ori ey life-compound, ene way for animals, ane anether Asked why the feder roots of plants prefer the humus packed In abelow ground open jar to the soll around as demonstrated tn Podolinsky’'s experiment, Schatz replies “First, because th trace manerals prised by plants are mote realy avaiable in hus sus since thas already acted ns a chelating agent to sohabiae ‘With respect fo the colloidal nature of ana aa compost. ‘chats potted ou thatthe whale of human is aot made of colt ro dikisrate his point, Schate puit a large wad of ordinary steel ‘wool in a tinned elec can and applied match to. The wool Caploded int a white hot ape.“ yo ry to gate an tron all seth a mate" he sal, nothing happens. But Hyou conver: the Colloids, becomes very large I you weigh the sol before and Siter burning you'l ind the weight has Ineressed because the final producti no longer fst the fon. ut iron plus oxygen. oF fron anid, The saave thing happens with ron hall you al to rust in water, te difference being that in te Dura of tel two the oxidation effets are far mere rapid. “ro relate this tothe chelating and cada! properties of hu ireater chemical effect than if they were both ot acting tn con ton Nutstonaly pealang, where por hunen beg scparate links, including studies of chlorophyl Sood, lichens, mms: neat masony, the pito bird, and a plant called hrarakkeh re. Porged into a chatn they help disclose the chem Cal revels of eceaion of so and hnsmos, from which alla if derives. But what the motivating foes might be blind this mi faculous process of chelation remained a mystery. What was i ‘at was moving the atoms of elements to put aut claws with whlch to grasp anctlier element? Science, even Wit ts moss phlslcated instruments, for the moment, could probe ne further. Some finer form of vision was required. Hence Rudelf Stner's mirveyant gif. with which he was able to depict cxtrardiiary aati frees at play and at work in the sl forces thar could motivate cements to seareh ut and bond to each Details of Steiner's background and of is development of the stthrponehical Sci towhose menberse ie hi fen the appends to tls volume, along with some of Stetner’s more Chapter I Sonic BLOoM weaving and ving eround thera Ta spring and situ, when swallows produce vibration 23 dune and bardsanga, say Sein havea powerful efecto Che dower and fting of pans. Remove the winged creatures, he warns, and thee would be & stunting of vegetation. Hs pnt was well made for us in Florida. A bird's-eye view across county south and east of La Belle, inldway between the great Lake Okeechobee and Sane! Island. reveals an ocean of crus orchards cut bya skein of Cust "se lanes," extending for sales toward the shores ofthe Gulfof Mee once a paradise for seashell unter, Any bird orerfving this greensward in the mid 1980s would hve been perplexed by the lack of avian fellows among milion orange tees growing in the confines of Gerber Grove, sat sted by a fog of chemicals Lid down to ward off warts of darted among the tres or pereied singing tn thelr branches To this oasis, the birds had been attracted, net by natural concert of thetr collages, but by a sonic diapavon closely re sembling birdsongs, which to human ears—~incapable of dt sisting he waned harmoniesrecals the Ci This sone symphony was beng emitted from a series of black lout peak hme at op twenty a pen, each esting fTuract birds as to increase the sl and total yield of a crop of fru hung” as they aay In Florida parlance, on tees as it were 2 collection of decorative balla at Yate “have hang oranges the se of peas, shooter marbles, gol balls, and tennis balls, some sill green, others fully pe, all on Union City. Indiana, department store magnate, part owner of We had driven down at dawn to his $20-aere holding where two young fled hands, brothers law, each with a tractor and a trailer tank of ola feed had started of between two long rows of trees. dousing them with an acrosel mist rom top te bottom wale ‘speaker, sltlar tothe ones onthe poles, tuned to maximums Tole, shiieked a whistling pulse eally audible above the roa of the tractor motors Pointing to one of his many trees, McClung raised his vote: Thies the fypcal ute Fm getting with this brand-new method called Sonte Bloom. Iraynchronoualy combines 3 spraying of the feaves of any plants, ftom tiny sprouts to mature trees, with a broadcast of that special sound. With that process simple but ‘Sclentifealy unexplained, fve been able for the fst cme 1 ft all over the taner branches ofrmy orange tees, greatly add tna to the umbrella type et whic i cerpatiere the norm. And that's not all. wart to show you something fr more impressive ven fantastic” On & potion of MeChirg fhature tees with more than half tetr Branches withered or dead ‘were being treated with a solution similar to the one inthe traller Tanks, but delivered from plastic bags la tubes and needles pune tured into the bark just above Uae ground. “What youre looking a.” sald MeCurg, “are tee specimens, afficted with 4 mysterious dlease called "Young Tree Decline’ or YTD. fe has taken out at least one of every ten crus tees tn roves all ver the state of Flora, whic has spent more than ‘Known to have been withering and sloughing root hairs, was re "YTD trees such as these." explained MeChurg, “sicen at be roca et to ten years of age, before they-e Begun to bear. 10 as ta disease were stsking young shiléren. A healthy orange See, ie enc ve up 0 ey one yeaa, Mos ut out a henry Boom, yng to repeo os Tack in his pleasantly refurbished capboard hotse, eldest in fhe county, MeClurg tok from his refrgerator a doze orange fhe sizeof small grapefrut. “These were picked at ty grove yes fertay."he explained. “Orderly oranges as bias these woul be pithy and woody inside, with very Ife fulce” Slcng four of them with a razor-sharp butcher's carer McClurg Sed up scr feral ofthe hemispheres dripping with fice to show off ris no thicker than an eighth of an inch. An electric fuer processed ‘hree of them to nearly la pint-sized ass, Oranges lke these,” sald MeChug, “wil give me crop with at least a 90 percent increase in yield and a marked! rise in pours sold.” Add to thatthe fact that the Garvey Center fr the in provement of Human Functioning a medtaly ploneering sear Sroup in Wichita, Kansas. has lested the Juice to show an te {rease of 121 percent in natural vitamin C over normal erases land you can understand that this new ‘Sonie Bloom dlscovesy ‘were talking about not only improves quantity. bat alse quale ven blindfolded tests with scores of onary people who have compared the taste f my Juice with that of oranges from marty biter groves. and they all elected sane asthe most ip smacking super While McClung was happy harvesting his oranges, Hi Steins la Meveytown, Pennsylvania, was equally happly appiing the Soni Bloom method to a hundred-acre Geldof alfals, the ep rooted leguminous plant grown for hay. brought to Spain the euith century by iremdng Moors an since spread io create agricultural wealth all over the world. Nor di his animals have any fic distingtshing the high-quality fodder sprayed with Thal year Aunget took of five cutting, one shoulder-high and 0 thick he ua to gear his tractor down to low low to pall his {cutter Dough i Wit this harvest Aungst won the Pennsyvan testants by producing an unheard of 7.5 tnt per acre as againe state everage of 3.3 tora To deirymnan Asmat. the sige of his harvest was not its most Important characteristic Hay from this alfalia fed to is hed tha winter allowed the cows to step up mle proton frm 6 800 to 7,300 pounds per hundred weight of cow, yet eat one quartet eas feed. could hardly believe ft said the peppery Aongst re yer owes ia propery "cows were devouring ny. Acowia nose is the vey best baremeerto tll how good yor ‘lop ta. Cows are realy ficky about what they eat. threw down er of my flee alongside ths record ‘breaking a cattle fret went foe the fed exposed to that fey res to the other only when the good sound every te, changing Stuff was all gone” tn the cellar of his house, Aungat ahowed us two died alfalén arts ome fom hs farm, another from lus negibor's. The Sonic Bloom specimen, twice as long as the other. was much green fn hada far thicker root mas. “Let me show you something.” sald Aungst, holding the neighbor's plant by it root and fing against a bare table tnt the top was iered with dry leaves. Sweeping ens off wis his hand. Aungst slapped the Sonte Bloom plant down against the surace. Hardly a lea fll of “tere!” he said, speaking emphatically. “That should tell you sorting abot te erent quay of hoe plant. hes Tbtotits bull the way the other does” ‘One clue forthe cows preference was test run on pr Sersily“Ag-Daps exibition aw far Aungat' sound exposed hay ‘cored a record 29 percent for protein and an extremely high 80 percent for “Total Digesibie Nutrents” (IDNs. At the far the ‘aime test showed similar percentages far Aungst's soybeans Accs the United States the Tha Indian pueblo of San Juan New Mexico. twenty minutes drive northwest of Santa Fe. t hight alkaline desert sols coetposed of playa clay cae adobe west sulted when mixed with straw to make cheap building blocks for houses, ean be as hard-packed and impenetrable as a New York sidewall Yet a garden under the mirustratin of ‘owing as if in Eden AIongoie more than Aily kinds of herbs, vegetables were our arid region at the connence of the Chama tnd fio Grande # To Gabriel Howearth, a beard, pony tiled master gardene employed by the tbe, veteran of several years! work with Maya ndlan farmers in Mexico's Yacatan penngula, Soni Bloom was as mfcaculous in its resulta aa was the Mayas aby to grow ‘rope with no chemical additives iy stmply mentally comm ‘ating with them in some mysteriousty hermetie way long pat of ~Asyou can se” sd Gabriel parting the purplish geen leaves fa German bet to eup his han actnd the op beso o ft my hands completely around it. All these bects, which nor. tly scale of at no mere than four pounds wil weigh at les Hine postby ten a ‘With the steely determination of conqutstadr overatd bythe gil trats of Comanche, Howearth upracted the gant and seed open with his Meslean schete- Like McClurg’ oranges it had no spongy core. “Pure beet throught” ald Howearti “Shows very sigh of overwintering wel. One of hese wil last a pute ‘amily awnote week” Hews also sowing qui. a forte wain of amaranth. te pled tape ofthe Incas, both richer se ano sca neceosry toa Dc si ay ferperate ciate cereal Wid Sonic Blom. ie had achieved a crop of both grains any umes larger than any brought in bythe Costa Rican Con de Agra Troplaly Bison which had plonrered thereat ei alutudes foc over a decade ae hls ‘The emai Uangaot these erp td Gabriel, thelr aby under this spectre ‘ent fo adapt to altitudes much lover than those of thet nah limes. Like the bets and theres ofthe herb and verablen theyre in ie balance With this Soni loom our sory sols soc tobe 'lehemtzed nto getting softer through the plant’ transfer “ng nulrents foto the ground tselt You ean ext als by sme ing even tating, the sal feetng the ‘ram fit structure and noting how earthworms praierste fn f= ‘One of the pucio adrnistrators seid the earth with his ‘boot and sad Wonderingy: cating what woud happen oor people ike myseltworkng with bad sls al ove the word were widely alforded this remarkable mod could ip Dit Bow a great part of everything they ace fo support the mt Zucchint, squash, and other vegetables grown with Sonie Blo Aste ce bayer put auf meager he reat. This pro ‘The vegetables had been trucked toa special booth by Wiam rants. a former sccessful Twin Cities stockbroker, sick of the Snanctal rat rae, who had bought plot of ground ia River Falls, Secon aioe formal one or to, ewect corn growing thee stalks, each with two fo three cars all froma single grain. In one corner, atone viny plant occupied nine square yards of ground, mothering the autumn sunshine tarteen huge salon colored pupkins, ‘Al ofthis produes had bees treated with the serve method used by McCtarg. Angst. and Howearth, abvisting the need for fn artifical fertitzer: 1 cost no more than 850 per acre to sprey Wits Sone Bloom. The same treatznent has been experimentally Applied to erops ranging from potatoes, hreccol cauliNower car rots, wheat, barley. and soybeans, to mich exotic tropical ones as papayas, mangnes, avocados and scadamias, in all ty stats, ‘eth results as starkingly impressive as those oblatned ina Bele MeVeytown, Sen Jian Pueblo, asd Three Rivers ‘The iden was seeded in the mind of ts developer one biter cold twnter day n 1960 tn the Dezltarized Zane between North and South Korea. Dan Carlson. a young Minnesotan recrutt serving ‘withthe U.S. Army motor pool, happened to see a young Koreas ‘mother deliberately crush the legs of her four-year-old hil be neath the back wheel ofa reversing two ton GMC truck. Tearfuly the woman explained in distraught and incoterent English thal ‘eth two more chitren starving at home, only by crippling bet Sldest boy could she beg enough food inthe ety to eed ber ealre fy There and then, Carlson decided he would single-minded de wote the ret of his ie fo nding an innovative and cheaper way to grow food, accessible ta anyone with even the smailest and Poorest plot ofland. Back home in Minnesota, he enrolled ia the University’s Experimental College. Like David Yeticr at Ohio. he twas allowed to design ls on curretium and reading progrars horticulture and agrcuitare Soon he concluded that in poor sol plants could be appro- priately fe. not through thelr root, but through thet leaves ia he minute mouth Ike openings called stonea—wtich plants ‘constantly use to exchange gaseous acroscls and mists wih the Surrounding atmosphere they might foursh and even row cap flyin sotls that were aidulous,alkalinely salty. aid, Geaer. ot ‘But some motive lorce, he soon realieed, was needed to awaken {he stomata to action. Puzaing ato what tis might be. Carlson stumbled on a record ealled “Growing Pants Successful in the Home’ devised by George Miisein, «retired dental surgeon who had won prizes for growing color bromeliads, etubers ofan fxtended plant family as diverse aa the pineapple and Spanish ‘oss, Milstein’ innovative Ides had been to get a secovting com Dany. Pip Records, fo amalgamate into a popular tune the pure Sound frequencies broadest by University of Ottawa researchers to increase wheal yields, which he had read about in The Secret Ufeof Mares frequencies that would mativate the stomata to open an ibibo Though he did nota rst suspect te with the suid that case the birds to lock to McClurg orange grove, le managed thro ‘stroke of sprtual aight to hit upon a combination of freq ‘len and harmonies exactly accordant withthe predawn Carlson enllsted the teceal expertise of a Minneapolis ms sic teacher, Michael Helts to elp create a new camel poplilar mus into which his nonmusial onles could be ibe ed for inclusion in a Sonte Bloom home kat fr use in smal ae yard gardens and greenhotses, and on indoor plants Within see fonds of hearing Carson’ “eicket chirping” oscillating onto Hote realied is pitch was consonant seth the cay shoring tectop concert of Frds outa is edronm wee “The first cassette, using Hindu melodies called ragas. sulla toan Indian can and apparently deg)! to both bird ana plat induced stomata to imbibe mare than scren tines the amour of folar fee rtrtent, and even absord vibe rater vapor tn mosphere that exists, unscen and unl. in the driest of cl tmatie conditions Dut the sound proved inating to America horicolturists and farmers, e=pectally womich, apart om those few shone tastes for the exotie accepted raga aa in veg ‘Looking for wester musi in the range of Carlson's hig frequencies, the anes which in Hindu experiments had shown the best bumper crops af corn, Holtz cued several baroque se Iecuons fom the Desionary of Musial Themes setting on the first movement of Antonio Lucio Vivald's The Seasons, appeop ely called "Spring" “Listening to time and again.” sad Hatt ‘Trealzed that Viva nhs day, must have Keown all abou! tardsong. which ne ted to imitate in his long votin passages” ‘oly also realize that dae violin masie dominant “Spring! reflected Johann Sebastian Bach's violin sonatas broadcast by the Ottawa University researchers to a wheatield, which had (Obtained remarkable crope 8 pereent greater than average, wit larger and heavier needs. According, Holtz selected Bach's E thor concert fr violin for inchision tn the tape. “chose that particular concerto explained Hols, “because fas many tep filous but few varying notes. Bach was such a musical gents wis chords going fom E to 5 to -sharp and s0 on, wheres Vivaldi would ‘fequently keep to one chord for as long a fou Incasuves. That's why Hach le considered the greatest composer that ever lived, { chose Bact’ string concert rather than his ‘more poplar onan music, becatie the mb of the Vs ts fe suc, fr richer than thal of the ong” Bip nest octet io whet Sr hon wnn-n whe Sow wot Heoarretocis. tne 100 tovtno Saunders. eto of Gu Peed ooge: bad coveloped a method of vmally epreecatng Beregn sty devioed sudio spectrogram, the ats of cing Bee irntcanncttner be descbed tn words nor adequntly ahews Sieny accoacy on a nce tal tefned at Cornell Universtiy tabontory of Omathogy into Benopersn’ which show cectronic Requctcies and ampivates tether ne moniel notes, day were frst populety used 1908 Teaild guide. Birds of Nowh amersa. whee thoy are peed estio ment ofthe mdocval eserptions of 5 spect et beds fepresenting 75 ons tative orth of te Merde bore tafe songs of particularly high ptch—Fom 6000 fo 12.000 tpslegetes per socond)sich as tat ofthe shy Tennessee war Hie whose protectveycolorec tight geen beck bead nto te Ipares atthe tops of teen areas inaule to many cldex peo Sete requency dog whine, They are dstngulabable Buide becuse Uhey have to Be represented on an extra-large Sogn Son Fstecame tosce here the various predominating pitches febrasonga could be caltrated by reference plat on the snus falscale ad tetr harmonics. Dan Carson had insintvely hit Upon tequencics that were the ideal electronic analog for aid She“ was Usrling” sid Fle "wo male that connection. 1 Bete tht Co hd created te or moe tan ut Hy fs about and warbling. The very sewing ust some Tow be inccly inked to te systeies of teed germina plant grown, During wists back tothe fowa farm country of his bith, Hote learned that there nad once been ieraly thousands of songs aller the countryside. His aunt Alc paruculary missed the Apel beaut and extended ie keeling of varous spot tEdelied thrushes, the hgh thin whising of the Dinka Iie warbier andthe buy fe-nute song oft cous the Ul Winged warbicr. recognise byte bright yew hea thet Trent and underparts, Mot. oot all of these songatces we leng sace gone frm the landacape, “Tees Rachel Carson was right Hols nostalgealy, "the Spring sanon down onthe fares such more sent than eve Before DDT ile ot many birds and others never seem to have faker their place Who knows what saghcal efecto bird ke te Wood Thrush might have ons envrcamnent. lag thie sepa Fale notes al atthe same tine, warbling two of test and ve faire the others tng forall the world ikea canary, lew, a f reading is mio, perch on the top of a tree outside ls bedroom winow and, a if ocd by his band maestro baton. burt into song Hol grised bis tape recorder and managed regster an aria that went on the lite bird restr a igh 8000 cps. Drawn deeper int the subject. Holtz consulted books that detail the structure of bitrdsong. uch as Vocal Communication tn Bids, Bor to Sig nnd Biel Sounds and Met Meanings. He aiso Consited Wolo What Iwas trying to igure out with Dan Carlson was what carly we were cnliatng implants Hole expitned Looking at drawings ofa cel Hote further resentation ofa subcedlar stricture within ie eytoplas ka to a miochond/ion. Pointing tothe enlarged craving of one them ne asked “Of wh esther shape remind you h glance suggested the form of the wooden bodied sound box ‘ata or won. Thate right Holts exalted frequency of mitochondria ts 25 cpa, which, if interpolate wads gets toa harmonie of 000 ep, the ame frequency fs larger than normal wit four anes the average momber of ahots las reported in Dorothy Retallack’s The Sound of sic an Plas could be that he equency ne sed brated not on the Ml tncreasig the surface tension and thus enhancing peetraity ough te cel wal Toit coniected ths to Retalach’s having also discovered tha the tranepiraton rae, indicating greater growths acti in er mental pants, rove when tcy “stened” to Bach, 19208 tole suc ent musi.” said Holt, was tao much for in that rock tound cu ave sirtualy blows the cei mpar Tourn wolunicer fo the US. Navy who have tatened fo that ype Of ani nice elhoad have been rejected bees of par dees, even before reaching the age of wen exhibit characters hide in he gene pool, png ou avanlageous once that may have been der bed of ir. Ta connec tote everett Brough out Suet te pte pans to reapon fa plant breeders, and genetic engineers have fasled to understand Plats onatrounty acing and plcng pens wt ao aucs ar {Beal fevers tc Poule who cut ond fat animale ior Fes. This has ed sme of teat proudly annoanes that in ord to produce a leaner grade of meat, they have developed a cross eyed og that staggers pathetically on fega that can hardly ho it Up." He looked up and avery withthe frm yet benevolent gaze of 2 comunited sou. “We should tender plants and animals, ot Gistort God-given gifts stl unrewealec in his creatures, bul coax these its asl learn to lve cooperatiely with all God's creatures He paused to allo the emetion fn his words to slimuner away Some people, with particular philosophies” he added, harden tng his fone, “might accuse me of torturing plant, abusing thet Selicate nature. Ths s not $0. I would challenge astyone fe look the plants, witness the remarkable fractificaion, and taste ofthis frutl. to all done with noting but affection. natural nuts But perhaps the mast encouraging prospect for fuldling System with one dewloped by Ren Johnston of Sfsssipp. an ‘muateur farmer in hia thirties who doubles as a night mare ia Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee Scene ee a ereeeemeten pects sae fring amount of delicous heathy produce. With discarded a Serta the sawml pu to plektp ticks af re saweust and tne of sad, each box requires no more than a few hours of labor {e built: and by Jomnston's conservative figures a box eight fet tide by sixteen long can produce as maz as 800 eantaloupes or 3.000 pounds of tomatoes many tes more than could rer be frown on an the same seed pot of round “al came together fee me,” sayo Jolnston, “ace years a4. Before that coulda grow a thing down hereon the dead sol of Miseonipp: Tae 1 got hold ofa tape of Dan Carlson and tra armet using microbes. 1also read about the French inten te the idea forthe boxes. The system. gad weeding. AGatly watering ct slated, and extremely economic. My water bil han gone Up only afew dollars since fstarted: and during the drought of 1888, wile mo etghors were croplesa my plants were a Junale St aeltny green, ha mere expenditure of $180, Johnston added a frame ant Plastic hothouse to his first box of sacust-aid-sand to produce lotnatoes twomonther terre RRM Each tomato plan, Planted seven inches apart. and producing twenty-five to tasty ‘lossoms. gave as many as sireen pounds of ut per plant same Individual specimens weighing as much as a pound and & hal mon le ar ct sia Jon ise sere funded stab Trower box proccea to hamdred quarts of stareberiee wth double he normal gar Content Ain fast one normal bor of bean plants alone enowgh to feat a lay of four for a year With cantaloupes capped ont strings and claubing towards the rafters of the greenhouse, Jolinsin i abe ofan twenty full ized fruits from eae pant Stchstand sand fora afl conaisteney wich lows pest ‘of escentel air and water to reach the roots, Bul the rel heroes Johnston obtains from eultrator ot California all therm raat pBranhas” aid Johnston, only half joking. “They dev (Chapter 12 SEEDS FOR SURVIVAL arson guid "Sand and tended drowght. John Kimmey restenaly awoke from hs nest ia munity School in Santa Fe, Kimmey was a guest of David Momontye. a tnd is leader and elder ofthe Indian fhe, the Hopl. settle es alop a trio of side-by-side As most ofthe the dooed sary the midday rest hour impose by Grandfather Sin, Rimmey let lmelf out throug the screen door into the are the Kiros the central plaza ofthe wilage of teria, tat that hour on for mad dogs or Engishmen Drawn by an urge for whic he could not account, Kimmey ambled to re edge ofthe third mesa and down a dhsty tral guided, a8 i om the prt realm, by an iridescent nard across te country side toa ple of tomy abe at the base ofa cif. Paving. Kimmey bcame aware of an cert song wating through the ard surround ngs. Beyond the last ithe outcropping. an expanse of planted Comm ws 9 vat i didnt seem Hop, The singing became clearer. Coming rom a sof. powerful voce, though Kemmey could not see the singer. To his amomishment he noticed that every one of ie thousand or more clumps of waist high Hopl comstai, cach witha doren or more ripening car, were rowing as usiy asf hha been planted tn ran blessed Iowa. the whole ld contrast ing sharply with the brown. wilted crope sattered on parched land all around the valage iptocing through the comnstalks, Kimmey spotted the grizled white pate ofan old indian seated on the ground, his closed eyes Impervious to the presence of any paneing creature, Inclading Kiminey the atmosphnere about hi indicative of deep commun ‘Ginger moving away, Slmmey returied to bls quarters, where his old HHopt host smiled: “So you came upon old Titus! He tl leepe the ancient Soph way. wich unfortunately fag all but dled aging as extended drought. stead of worrying. he goes to his fren n the high heat of noon te impart courage ta them with see what adifeeace the songs make to his crop. Why ds fing to thelr also?” The old Hopl sighed: ifs too late. Mavod ie Polongre ale in other men's seeds Returning to has home in Taos, where for fifteen years he hal apprenticed n native ceremonialism wit the Tewa indian elders, Kmmey noticed for the Art time in several years how so ile a assed was under cullvaion for eed or even animal oder, Lis the old man's sed calling to him that ther Nevot power might " at thee Neve! power mig stl ie wrapped nother aces long tore in hall negation castes fhelay pots, ok coties cane. or lard buckets fecal sre te ark corner of fool sheds in the wall of adobe housen, or ong bras of died corn woven tno oan What was calling him, be fet was the od ee, gathered years decades, even a. century before the commercial sald ce pack ffs began 0 appear each oping on general stor and superna Kt racks, old sed that could sth retains ter vay the Ancient ce unbued into during an cin wen then tl sug ther planta Teoh ocodchorsed is dcopertion tat be foe) Sncoingy put ine ground lr oappenred in tion, When be fo ls egy to year-old adopted tna fer About his experience the oid mate face seemed fo reel as Steaming back tnough tne to happier Gays, Aang slowly fm Hschairne weot into ase room to cacge wits tree oa Ahckets fl of wnt parted to Rrmney ike Bat sapphires, As Hestaredat the dark blue com seeds, be heard coer to the one tat had come fro Tass treat ls indian father explained that nly the weck beore he had found the buckets nashed imam kt tran in us snes rs house among ancient ool, strands of rawhide, assorted fr Guolses snd oder ital mementos Planted the flowin spi foXimamey's own signa the aced grew ino nine-fot tal plants foie amazement of the puch’ eiers, who coll ot tome soe Trough contact with small seed companies, Kimmey went o to discover the truth of is Hopt agricultural lesson, And he aso Aiscovered a serious problem that has Geveloped tn the dsaina Pat Ray Money a leader tn the effort to promote a wide diversity af seed for the world of farmers, wrote fn hls 1979 book, Sends af the Bart Te should alarm no one that some gence material uch ght ulate een fue major crops, aac sire wholesale eradication oftreplaccable breeding material ove? ‘Sofas s the prairie re of genetic erosion spreading. that bi ologist Thamas Lovejoy estimates thatthe world will have lost, one-stath ofall ving pant species by the year 2000, And Mooney himself concludes that existing wheat culdvars calint survive ‘wenty years without a constant nx of res genes fom plants o allow them to tave of ew pests and al diseases The sttuatien is more than precarious. Based on the rediso ery of Mendes laws of genetis, a aew ecence of plan breeding Uhrough disease. The oniy remedy Isto have recourse tthe aa breeders are foreed te rove deeper sind deeper Into allot va les and forests in searelh of new or rather older—genetic mate The real heart of the problem, says Mooney, is the so-called Green Revolution. for which Norman Borlaug won a Nobel Prise 2 1970, lis basleimpetis derived trom the idea that “High Re sponse" non self perpetuating hiyrtds be excustely relied upon. White the Green Revolution has Been a plague of genetic Fe Sources because has led to a galloping erosion of naive plant artficil fertilers and peailccs, sold, obviously. by the sem ‘Companies with Une bult tn blan for industrialised agrcilre = er of factors propelled chemical rms into seeds, Fist. they had fas conducive to mergers. Second the costs ofbringing new de fa pesticides onto the market were sky-cocketing. due to (Greased public health and environmental protection concerns The easy victories of the Res and sates were ebbing and the strug to find new compounds was growing haste: Third. thay Gf the major patents won in the fifties were dying out anv some fopcampanies were buying other firms in far of oni their prot teat With these concerns and others in mind, chemical firms bought fut large areas of farmland, net only in North America, but on Keeting. In November. 1970. Business Week asked. "What has household bleach to do with lettuce patches? What have tart ade fers todo with raising hogs. of chlorinated solvent wit Gals farming? Not mich. But a growing lst of U.S. compares ‘based in chemicals and aed prodacts are venturing back tothe food earth =| Yet American business journals fled to note how the seed Dbusiness was coming unde the domination of pant conglomer ates. Te growing dependency on chemicals of monopolized seca reduction has led t what Mooney calla highly unactlig tren Increase buy-up and control ofthe world seed tnd here and agrbuates cerportions been to utterty transform the seed industry. Where once it was, ‘stall and fariy-based, its now lange and highly corporate. in 1972, Royal Dutch Shell ad no volvement whatsoever in plant breeding: Now. having acquired thirty major seed houses it 1s the largest seed company in the world. wih sales of more than half bilion dollars, and is seeking still more acquisitions, Every Other company with an interest in agricultural chemicals Allan techie, Brsh Petroleum, Ciba-Geigy, Monsanto, Stale, Upjohn. 17. Oceidental Sandoz—is moving tnto seed Sandoe, the 95-bilion-ayear Swiss multinational. has spent ‘more than $900 milion aequiring America seed and agr-ches, al companies, Along with DeKalb, Ponce, and Ciba-Geigy Sanco accounts for about otis of al sed sales nthe United the sorghum seed. As seed prices rise, coating farmers hundreds Derpetuating vanety. ean repeatedly milk the farmer with a0 Feproductive hybrid for years and years fo came. US farmers and ranchers spend neariy 4 bilion each year on seed: wrt along with Upjoln, Lubrizol Limagrain. La'arge Coppee, and Arc Seas has to garnered more than 230 vegetable seed patent ‘Other corporations hope te aed industry will open the way sxpanded apicaltural-producte divisions curentiy manfactar ng and marketing ferlzers, pesticides, and ether agricultural ‘Skaggs of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. “No potentials be transmitted to erops through new seeds, but these iso can deiveragvicutural chemicals to the ids torogh con riled delivery ystems’ such as seed encapeulation processes.” Moran Seed Company. based in Modesto, and Celp Industries in Manteca, Califia, have been experimenting with palymeri seed coatings, This process, which has been applied to secs i the past, makes the seeds the sane slze and weight ensuring cron planting. Celanese also has been developing chemical additives" for seeds, sich as fungicides, to protect plants from Sol organisms, pests and bad weather Mooney foresees the Dud Ging chemical seed partneratips pushing their wares tn fvor of ‘developing new plat vartetes, nope 8 captae o the ge, td no longs inant. promaie fgeacticist at the University of California et Davis, they see a ‘Sonal market for lott agricltural products that may be a thuch as ten times as large as the potential market for blotee thedical products, with a marie potential af up to $100 bi bythe year 2000, With gene splicing. the entice plant Ringo becomes one open ended gene pool, In whieh genes can be moved about freely fam ote opecies or genus to another in higher plants, upward of te fnlion gence-ore than ten tanes the urbe found in man mongol the way the plant perform, With the modern abllty Screen ali of plant cells fm the la in @ matter of ours t hove the required genetic charactertstics from one cell to an other. new varieties and breeds can be created in a matter of days, avokding the ald painstaking process of eroas breeding, = results can now be spread around the world tn a matter of weeks tough normal trading and shipping he Japancac i the space race, with impressive possbiics, fa thls ew biotechnology, almost anything can: be envisaged, snctuding, save Jack Doyen his Altered Harvest. a ity cow a5 igasien ccpnone capable of producing up fo 45.000 pounce of folk a yeer, The Cernition Company, known forts dairy prod- tosis ready genetically manipulating and selling frocenentlc fribryos, which, spit and reseate, ean prochce aera ofa hun dred Clones, And the futurtetically oulandioh plans of the new Plant mocopotats to use the newly born and fat growing toch gues of gence enghneering bid fate not to dispense wi {als but to foster a vast expansion ef thelr sales. the seeds remain the primary ingredient of agriculture. Kimmy found corroboration of Mocney’s concerns about thelr pt as Ihe visted the chronically underfunded seed-storage faites of the National Plant Genetics Resources Board in Fort Collins, Col ado—healthuy soeated halfway between a nuclear power plant land the Rocky Mats plutonium facility which operates for some £240,000 seed collections the equivalent ofa Port Knox fr eld So crowded are the facies that seeds were pled othe oor i bbrown cardboard cartons and sacks, uneataiogued, some having lst tice aby to germinate or with viruses in tele pervs plas the equivalent of « biological time bomb. Not that Kiraney fo the collecung effort any better operated by the United Nations Food and Agncuiture Organization in Kame. aly Tn search of remedies, Kimey came acroas a Hetwork of ind vidual seed savers, pancipal among whom was Kent Whealy jdvesterner. Having organized in Princeton, Minar fis Seed Savers Exchange (SSE). Whealy publicly appealed for help in collecting hetrlom seeds fr propagation. oflering instr ton for ther storage and planting in gardens Invited fo lecture atthe Fort Collins seed bank toa prestigious anidience of plant breeders and genetic preservationsts in Octo ber, 1865, Whealy was dismayed to hear satire tel hima that thee way of storing seeds was leading {o a decline in the rate o ‘their germination after a period of only afew years. Whealy's vt ‘what a single citizen had been able to accomplish in twelve years, Of efiort in the area of weed preservation tn the United Staten rt of their own food, and cultivating a vegetable gaen of his {arden plants the old man's faunlly had brought over from Ba ‘aria four generations earl. rowing ther out to ensure thelr multiplication. and preser: ~~ in 1996, Whealy pubtshed » 250-page eleventh edition of his Winter easbook containing Hats of 690 members ering to trade teats oF secking to fod varieties hell remembered fom chit ood: Over decade the publication ed grown to the point where fis exchange-memivership was cllectvely fering 4000 differ {al strains, to allow for over 900,000 plantings of track garden fad orchard crops, unavailable from auty commercial souree and fposityon the edge of extinction, ric material we have been ab to locate, i really fast the tip ‘fan lecbere” says Whealy. “The unique herttageof seeds in our ountry has never been systematically collerted because moat {government sponsored plant exploration has focused on foreige (countries. Our next task i to organize the fielding of several un. Ged focal plant explorers, region by region, and state by state ‘Many professorial plant breeders are becoming exited about wha ‘we Ime already imeovered, because tts material they've never teen belore, much lees been able to work with With these rare seeds the breeders produce, not hybrids, but open pollinated, sett reproducing stock. Typical of breeding pro {gama to which Whealy referred is one at the Uniersty of Wis onsin in Madison, directed by Dr. Pred tis, who concentrates foabeans to create upright plants twenty-four inches tall hat can ‘bemachine larvested, He has married into thelc hereditary font vation through distribution, Whealy wondered how many other the genes of oer varieties with tough, rank stems in what Whealy hone gardeners night also have cached heifloor seeds tn atics Bt Wea Decor St er herein Pcie ar or cellars 50 he desided, in 1975, to mount a campaign to sek fare oma 2 ner ef coargred p e g po out the cations As reult ofl forays, he dtecovered to is SS ——— Surprise tha while old vegetable and ft sceds are not comm. Fetter are dey al that rare, sPane frnows where to find thet Whentver ne ana his associates went imo isolated areas, suc as ‘he rugged backwoods of the mid western Orarks or hada io lows aig the blue ridges ofthe Appalachians, they were offered ‘tediches no longer een in towns or ties or advertised th Cals toes Abo hentage of plant spawn trade at country general stares or over backyard garden fences could la the basis for breeding Programs to produce a vast wealth of new garden varieties oF Feammate old ones, Parteylrlysolictaas about seed saving were reugious sects lat have maintained ninterropted testo the land, scl 3 the Amish Mennonites, Huttertes, and Dunkards, Ae Whesly built ‘rustin his exchange enterprise. he was honored to sttract © hs fort embers of America indian tribes, lng relictant to share wath he peridtous white man eceds whic they considered sacred term an arhitectarl application ‘One of many old ean varieties being brought back from the ‘cige of extinction is the tepary, discovered by Dr. Gary Nab Director of the Native Seed/Search program ofthe University af Atzona. Wilh the remarkable aby to grow lusly green. eve in normally plant-withering conditions perhaps because 00. Was ‘Sung io over several generations —teparies were once widely ct tivated m northern Mexico and the south-western United States, and Papa nda who il gf therm, “ve seen the teary degrees Fahrenhett. and ground temperatres over 170 degrees, where pinto and other beans complcely filed” sd Nabinan ve seen it survive om les than (we and half Inches of rafal under extremely arid conditions. Is just plain ornerytrefiases odie Other crops highly resistant to heat include tf. low yielding but high-protein extracrdarfly drought resistant Ethiopian gra that western scientists, knowing tle out bave recommended be replaced with corn or wheat Pat Mooney has seen felds oft growing neat to Afcan corm so drought stricken as to resemble fields of withered onions. “A main reason." ches Mooney, “wy people are dying of famine on that continent is because of foter ‘Western agricultural advice We dot with the beat of intentions hotamcan bone in our bodiesbut not uch tama etter We need fo recognize the humanity a tae people who are otarving. 1 ‘we don't have the means to end world hunger they do! And i we Gent have the eapacty, they dot Together, we might have the ‘combined wilt solve the problem" Concerned with another aspect of the problem of disappearing seeds once known fo parents or grandparents, Whealy began sy tematically to collect every seed ual order catalog he could to cate, no matter how small or obscure. By 1962. he had put out a $448-page Garden Soe incentnyeampiled from 139 separate ea logs listing over six thousand non hybrid varieties stil effered ‘irougTout the United States and Canada. The greatest value of hls compendium ists indicating wich varies ae i the most danger of extinction, so they can be planted and dsifbuted be fore they are dropped completely “ns the Garden Sco Insntory grew towards completion,” sad Whealy. "it became not only more and more fascinating, because the tle-known diversty ahd extraordinary quality ofthe garden ‘aretes offered is almost beyond belle but also more fghten ing, because It became apparent that nearly haf ofall noah bad garden seeds were being offered. aa anomy as haphar iy by single companies. And at of those have either been oped in the item, or wil be as soon as emaningcupptcs Beta. Our eto am at reversing tis ominous end” in okraco, Wocaty was shocked to eam thatthe computer touts ofthe National Seed Storage Laboratory showed Ut Beeston ony 3 perce ofthe fo pants sted in WW. Tracy GrrsAmercan vrvetes of Vegetables rth Years 1901 and 1502, Hlahed by he Untew States Deparnent ot agree 100 Tis depreasng” he sid.“ ae those enornous Ist ef garden ete svalabic a etre of te cena and orale aioe Ulefthem have been oat freer agin be emeasous emo {faguc material that wound si be avalabe to trees fey Af at esriy USDA inventory hac ony teen Updated anally td endangered varies synicmaticall provared and tat fainea™ Se 1950 moa ofthe loaus vc been do teonome pres fre, whlch oeuard ot onthe need fhe guencs: bet fhe iteresis of commercial growers, who demaned such fox fares as eave ofharvesting exc ora, tnd sbi ie To this howiowing by pant breeders to the needs of large scale Aprustocos i due Hot only We os of irepincenle heirs thi the tose of wae Wea cal the “est peren Saree we toil eve sor Even wis the main 100. the Garden Sed inventory, Whealy is ‘es picking up ihe pices. Dut we must atleast that” be Explained, “and do quicly, upcaing te trenory evey couple ljears. One gnc example among ny, of material tha ava fe right ow, but probaly wont te fo long are the Chnese GGtonges Tree ta tromendove smount of Oncol tera Savreny owing into thie untey. But moet of tt coming throug oot afew eral pecially rapes and ta macy canes these ares ar ted for ony a single eet" ‘Becatne 60 percent othe rare, conpercally-unavadale seeds Set hi by his members had not been pertuanerly “adopted” Lyhis Growers Neswork. in 1988 Whealy tented five acres sich Bomland to grow out two thousand Varctes nclading tre Trundred beans tomttoes, and squash, and ont unde varie tes each of patos, com, mstenelons,watetoelns, peppers. with smaller amounia of peas letce and many ole: ropa “allt ecorna and alfa the cucuris were han polinaed be sald, “anal we ave been protectively enging al of he peppets afer reading some tudes Pom New Meats whach repored fat Seder ome conditions, population f peppers can cece as much 3560 percent, thie mixing genes and recerngindrtal wat sfeet thas on vistors, When he takes tour out onto land where ‘mouths falling open. “They fut look and lok. as they could fever set enough of "he sald exctedly. “Weve talked tnces: Sany about the los of genetic diversity, but the concept isso ‘Sbatract that most people. fading to even recognize it as a teat block their ears or turnoff thetr hearing aide. But ifwe ake those Sime people into our garden. show them hundreds of unique es, aint tell them that most would be extinct except fa OUF protecting ther, then they light up with understanding After a two-and-a-half year search, duriig which he toked at dozens of properties, none of which filed hs erteria, Whealy han horoe stud farm near Decorah, Tow, with a large barn and ‘acre spring-fed pond with a continuing ow so strana it never tcece over. Tete his Seed Savers Exchange is the Pr ‘eas of sting up an exexiplary sed preservation center: “in Our [eautifil new seting we wil expand our buge garden and bull tfwecan.a system of special greenhouses and large underground totes, We ls end te plant ara appl rads of wp 0 hoping to focus on some that might fall through the cracks 38 txboting collections are transfered into the new clonal repost Hes, The work will make possible a massive exchange of fo epread the apple herttage across the land, Jost as “Johny Appleseed” did in the eary nineteenth century —now as mythical imagine.” sald Whealy, “a place where the pubic could come for tant ests at harvest time und our telling Wiens: You probably of thoman Je ‘Gronte, te Esopus Spitzer tone of rare pouliry and siinor livestock breeds as a way of Sup- Fe wants to altrct young apprentices to came during the sam. fetes ah precration frie aig pa a ‘Over the past decade ar so several pioneers have been working to full Whealys networking Cream. Tn Fockefeler Univers Alaa Xapuler. who taught at his alma mater as wellas a Yale and flthe untversities of Connecticut, nols and Wisconsin, sik. a fge thirty of urban life and the academio rat race, founded. with thers. Earth Star Botanicals, since bocore Peace Seeds “plan fay gene pool service” in Corvals, Oregon Ins 1987 Cataag aru Raseare Journal, weiten together with ‘abotanist and alchemist, Olafur Brentmar. Kapuler laid out long Seedllss arranged according tos computer-based model orcas sing plants devised by Professor Rolf Dahlgren Beentise all ie known plants are traced schematically to thetr ance sce how lettaces, the highest source of silica in comma lets, ioctortng wuch varieties pert! Wier. the Kalan le Zlnthead Lolo Rosco, the French Barcarcle or the purple leafed dock, or to chrysanthemum, marigolds, innias, sunflowers and enisalen artichokes. effere. inciting the orange and yellow Marvel hatched wih fed sripes. Tels relations to pepper, tobacrobuckiebervon Purple Peruri potatoes an! te Chincoematrtiony shrub are Spelled out in the catalog, Out of twenty-four paae a seed Aes four are devoted to rashes, mustard kale cabbage. eres, ey, squasies, melons, pumpkins, and cucunibers al fag to a snwe super order of bresscns:corcbits and their ie, calte visor ‘Gene Pot ard Punetary Peace (1067) fous othe fundamen eee wars ce maven iets a far czy from the monotonous cloning of white-coated blotechnolopists in agebusiness. And. as a measure of te grow ing Fevelt against such autoerae standardization 1s Guerra Gardening. a book by Washington State Unterstty Engish p fessor Joh Adam, in which he tella would-be hetloom seed collectors exactly how to begin collecting rare plants and sees Withthe use of step by-stepllustation, he provides siple row Jnginstructons aswell as grafting. budding and propagating tech ngucs Adams, “but anyone who gets Into planting rare seeds will be will offer them extraordinary taste experiences they've never had fand-ehoulders above red, pinto, andl other varetes fond in permarteta that are grown from commercial seed. There are a ‘Sosen diferent vartedes of beans, going bac long before Colum bus was gven dubious cre or having dlacovered the New Word? Ifyou grow them you'll ind out what the pre Columban natives Forbeginners, Adame recommends starting tng heloome, marl out your patch of garden, s0 yo When grow venom what es ee ee SS ‘other act of God met by @ couple, or even a handful, of our men ters willbe more ta affet by the preserved seed banks of il Chapter 13 WEEDS: GUARDIANS OF THE SOIL me deal food to feed the world wold be a ‘ass, heavy headed with sed. whch could grow perermaly ke the wild grasses of the praise taking mitogen straight from the ur. Such grasses once grew uninterrupted across the whole Midwest. fom Allegheny to Rocky Mountain crest. some shor. some #0 long they reached the underbellies of the first ‘Now, except for lslated islands sill being chivalrousty pre: served by a Handful of senstve farmers lke Pred Kirschenmann ot North Dakcta, the wild prairies have ll ut disappeared. Fer ‘sive monoculture has Jed to dhe wholesale eradieation ofan ‘tended happy company of praire plants, which for centuries SSencod in variegated hues of spring, summer, and autumn flow nore additives than sunshine and a shower of Fa, ‘ang trogen nto he hanya Psco-ere how plowed. earn and op of wheat oo corn. Tees sa ot the strendih to reproduce perennially obliging farmers to wante weeks of labor tankfuls of fel, and tons of feruiacr to ‘But what if edible proteins could be grown without the b nergy wasteful expenditures for gasoline fueled tactoring plowing aid harvesting, and petroleum-based chemicals for fe = land soil debittating practices in agiculture: plowing and sow ing, ‘We found Wes Jackson n Amaro, Texas, ging a lecture on “Star Wars in Apialtural Cotes for a Sustainable Future” Wi asked how it fet to have his newly coined term-—sustainable Uuntersally and unatibutively co-opted, he dewaared Inationg been “in the air” that Lady Balfour, funder of Soil Association, smight well have Been ite ciginator sad tarpied at sect wha apzears tote ben dropped the Land institute m Salina, Kansas, but left ihe told us, "be muse Thad contcded thatthe deterioration ofthe envconzen Was gutwardiv mirared in the present inner human cond ‘equired not endless dleession but practical tion, Most of my students were only Passively absorbing my ‘what Thomas Wolfe sald couldrt be done: "Go Homie Aga. ‘On hs hundred aces of native Kaan patie, of postage samp stor compared with te expanses of heavy fertile wheat grow ing Ormiles ll around itn evry drecion eroding soll into iver ‘petens, Jackson was etracc with how hia Vginal setting, pe ‘niall teeming with ie, contrasted wit ts surroundings re fy and arvfcalyinoeminated. Why couldnt some of hs at rally growing plants be eaoxed to tbat, or uy in terms tutrigous gran harvest, the articalyplanted acreage? Was it posublc to get members of such a nonhybrid polveuret0 pe Eee seeds in copioosly sufcient quantiles for human needs? Could plants tn an ecosystem that had fe malin of ison and tier wild asta not sponsor het wr: erly by xing ito fen fom solar energy alone? Could not the germ plant of 20 ‘ea weeds" considcred so patiogentc to ordinary Cereal crops beenlste a alien the arin growing ar? ‘naps as was spelen i the Kingdom to about 1100. ts pf ‘hoke out more destrable ones cutiated for food, was applied fot to thelr being entirely worthless but to thelr being without Cale wen growing in ceran lection, Weed could sso mea hier detved tom the Latin heroaor any plant that doesnot erelop persistent woody ante but ke grases des back at the tnd ef each growing season. To add to the confusion, the term herb also appled more reseed (0 a class of plants having “Ts ld Anglo Saxon aichotomy suggests that weeds ik people. canbe foes or fens, depending on how oF in what cr Ecrotances they are owed What may appear unsighty, trouble n Romance lnnguagee there ts no word per se for weed. The rence roee"bad tetbe or becate here rubbish gras or sore amply, in the singular aa sora. a plier equivalent to rude, which characterizes a human being ‘Spanish pest, who spelled herba wath ay.” eauld refer toa = Hisgrant Calornian plant of the mint family yore buena ood ep wrens Calon arora se wel sn Mesa Boca Aesican vegetal specimens co ced herb. When the conquistadors disembarked, they found nitive tn them for both food and medicine, not oly for thelr own bodes tbat fo nourish and revive the sol, Interplanting thera witn do festiated crops to increase their harvests. The vegetal uso [iscated priests seeing beans, com, squashes, and pumpkins Bursting sce by aide with what to them appeared tobe totally tiseless companions, dubbed the non productive offenders falesas—a word vaguely implying a sense of moral depravity Going by the established standards of Merian agriculture. the [reached that the bad" weeds should be rooted out and burned. Be heretics to leave the elds as bare asthe apees of thelr gr ‘embeds Sackaon took a different path, surveying the literature to dis Jd seed production records, Cansiting the Plant introduction Genter in Pullman, Washington, as to which relatives of hgh $elding plants from all around the word might be worthy of x Ferinentation, he recelved, tos astonishment. 4,300 accesses, lot which fhe planted, each in a three foot row Inna several yearlong tril, he settled on two ofthe most prot fing. The first was gant wid re, a native of Siberia and north fast Asia, wth seed heads twelve to fourteen inches lang. which tad been prized ty Genghis Khan whose Mongol cavalry hordes (arred it with them on their campaigns of conquest almost all the way tothe Bale Sea and the sats ofthe Bosphorus The second was Eastern gamma grain, with starting high 2 Percent protein content seeds that could be “popped. Hie co fade inte tamales or brea, or used as an espeetaly rich aizal feet chess 0 convert srg, topical Ot Word gras stata Wwinter-loving. ne crossed one variety with its sorginun cousin, fhe nocously weedy Jolson gre, to produce ten progeny. three Ofc survived the harsh Kansas winter to be ceressed int fRthrough the winter. Currently be ts worcng to nd out if his Benlycrated egal opecenens cane safely propagated oF ‘ull another preire specimen betng researched by the Land as Jackson's intte i called fr shor. tea 94 percent prota ts own fertilizer and ts pried for lis seed by qual and wild tur feeys, thos suggesting ite potential excellence as poultry feed ttn birthday cakes. Preliminary extrapolations suggest that onc superior strain may yield as much ax 9,000 pounds of seed per cre. whereas 20 bushel per acre wheat reduces only 1,800 pounds (Of several alleopathie candidates, which suppress:neighboring spectes by exding naturally herbicidal (axe substances from their roots, Jackson has selected, 8 most expectantly success ‘Maximiian sunowers What weve after, in an effort that wil take years of dogged work suid Jackson, are ot ont perenne, ut pee natural ftegres wath a complete syst art at the heartof ths problem, Jahn Piper one of Jackson plant-experts, Has, on a transect of the Land's chastely nsulledpraine. clipped above grotina potions of al its mri ‘eunflower-family-nese” to other "nesses" tn the whole biomass Ths sty ts hoped, wil reveal best bet constellations of plants for meeting what Jackson calls“the expectation of the land” the tmportant main goal being to ithe appropriate mies that can from harmoniously and productively nt, this new research fas lad bare various never before considered anomalies and curosttes. Bundlelawer, fer instance fs planted separately from its mata neighbors, found to be mone to «splash borne fangus bombard from the earth below Eto the underatde of i leaves which are attacked and pruned ffom the bottom up by the fungal infection. “The usual react tf plant breeders touch attain Jackoon ronically expand, fo lnsnch ito a seven year, highly expensive program to breed the eerices of arial crew of enetiata and plant tenders Bul ‘wn my people ada coe lek at our nave pre to see how undiclowers were faring i atural conditions, they were found tected the Bunuieowers from attack. = fan volunteer beerves In a needless bate, whe n the sce bod they can. wits far les travaco, take advantage of nature's Ktadom to manage eanly and costicaly. an otherwise cratnous shor uP the ference between natural complet faethe STe madest side of twentieth century agvicuture ts to Jack fon isang become over-operational ani under sbservational tit the modern farmer losing the ably to ok” that wacom Sagpculture has been subjected in it often nonsensical re sear 1 4 Kind of mlltary attitude that pervades research € Gyre, a atc that sells tel with misplaced concepts of heed. Our traditional idea of going west fo find freedom, aba ong wort-out land to culwate vigil pasture. ts part of Suine syndrome. Dut if we had looked at the land as a nurturing other: ss Use Fassia dic we might ave seen that tue age Illaral fredoan e not freedom tog, but freedom fo stay. What (Star Ware snd chemical eraeation of weeds have in commons Aha they both aim wt putting. blowioreh to the planet Weeds do mich more to protect the sil than to harm f= {When Wes Jackaon chscdinaly says ois Land institute, Were Butto save the word rom stn ac death” he s only half kang Be fact that his dens of planting conventional annual gras Bas been taut for decades in state agricultural colleges ls 12 Bia sure sgn be is onto something ea! Speaking at the Salina County Farmers Union. Jackson rid Sale his audience for wearing ther ally visored cape advertising fie products of their corporate chemical veriords, comparing hess to s0 many inedseval ses ackson his no tusions that iis program can produce rapid Gfthestra from scratch. Then we have to persuade at agrcul Weve gota tremendous job and.” His fend and aayicultral pilosopher, Wendell Berry. co au thor with Jackson of Meet the Expectations ofthe Lada col Mechanie the corn and wheat beta who gamble or the everstutng grain tote bonds i an uptake But Garth Youngherp. executive cirector of Maryland's Inst Ate for Alternative Agriculture, thinks that some 360,000 frm ‘fs reporting annual sales between $50,000 and $100,000—oc Cupytag a niche beerccn hob farms and glant spread wil be ‘pen to new approaches sic sa Jacksons because af tet dea esate search to cut costs Richard Harwood. deputy director of Wiarock International fine. He talks of replacing usual ansiual cereal erops with ual perennials in a “decade of let,” providing Jackeor' in network of private and governinental professional experts. ‘According to Charies A. Francis, agronomy professor at the University of Nebraska, whois intradaeing new idens learned 2 Robert Redale’s research center in Penneylvania, this trend te underway, Ifs, the files of malesas, so genoctdally decimated Since tie first Sparish landings in America, may vet be reborn play thei role in'a sane and gentle agrt practice that is tru ral ‘Whereas monks and pllgims, equally misguided as they ar ie in te New World, et about destroying weeds wherever icy ‘appeared, beginning the process a debitation of america’ greatest ike their indian tenders, may yet brig back sense to agriculture An enlightened mind on the healthy role of weeds, Professor Joneph Cocannouer, a widely traveled Oklahoman soll scientist. the use and functions of weeds ia particular in Weeds. Guard sol ike prairie grasses. weeds, with deep-diving roots, bring the surface elements beyond the reach of sost culated crops Tey also pimp up motsture raking by capdlary action along the miles long surface of thelr root systems, breaking up hard pan th mistreated solls that can range from an tach of to to Several fet deep the ground and its lowe: Strata, I the weeds urugue ability, developed over anleniata way through concrete ike compaction by virtue of special dis ‘tana sume ead om te probing ot, . restated crops, pampered by man, have log te ably to probe oat has been made in the root uniele of the weeds. ultfvated ‘Gupe can fellow in search of sustenance: many normally shal low feeling evope wil ferage deep int sll conditions are made _ 9 fr tes Sr Cocennove 20x Jackoon ares that one of natu’ au nics fn rca rot yt do er when roma Figea are the anchorage roca, aupport tne plant oi ean Bee hugh 1 reach the powerhouse of mnlight witht endless Poppi of eres fr photocymesining fo ela! bora Fes Ancornee roots hve oberg. yet Dixie enough to sand errs strain. Next comes the great ssa of roots Known asthe TGoatnanter, rang osc wm cy pls rough the so from fmany Inches in Stameter to slender treads et. when these The reached ther source of food dante. they cannot theres fae wp. Fis must be done Tbr tiem bythe tiny tise one celica rot has. which tiie mostly fro the smallest rover rots. ese Gia ab teing rote, visbie eniy uncer microscope. are very short Get deveoping on the spo, vant end ping ia quick sucacs fiom es they absorb food nnd water through & tenious cel wall Sd fener merabranc. Tho water steams tp through foot and fore clinbing to the very top ofthe tallest tees, depositing te Tenis tthe tet factory to be turned ino the sugar watt Sich shere would be no hurnan ie Te remaining water tan Spire through te leafs mouth ke stomata ie returned. along Wis pace, to the ntoapre in an endless ining cyt ‘Oczaic Yarmers point ovt the danger of soll saturation with folubie chemicals soeh as KK. because the plant. sblged to Sick up eater to transpire, and normally selective in what wahen {oehnnte anc absorb, cannot screen ost the exeas one ces Gals thos becomes engorged wih an ibalance which hough Team eatse to grow fst and fish falls fo ge ft and tose ‘ho at. the balanced nutient they need And the rootlets sbity to fmcton efictealy, dang up sub Sane fom the soil equaly depends on the sas conton They Gantt do 0 ithe earth lacks oullable Ser, causing it tobe too Sepa or oo ose alrdng no super orca the oes Hence the wscfsiness of weeds, Live weeds break up the soll th ther own roots. Dying ty equa to the sl ther o Hhetr bodies, encering the hard clay spn the bose and i Abe all weeds from szflomers to carpetweed hep make te Works best tert ether an compost or when taraed back to te land, ang. in Dodyoaics cosmic and eure forces fo the sot ‘Aina Pederson Kummer, i The Role of Weeds in Maintaining port pate wend, lat wi rane antares thinned throughs overgrazing ‘or along persed of ‘When adverse factors kil the grass. t cannot come back ‘Toots, lke yeomen forthe squire. or nature spirts for the devas, bodies to reestablish porosty. The process may take one ot se ral seasons ut terete the wea ont dv out te grass They only gt esl ready forte raat come Bock Grass bas ihe pone rout weeds when condons ere ight far Ua Fear, of rane ‘Once the soil is rich in fiber, grasses dominate the weed at this could happen by chance, without the aid of som verligiting intent, ie cearly a notion a nited as are the ac suiting about tngercepiytmproving weak oso Ue grass Special seeds that cam ie dormant over lng periods of tine. ven hough sprouting eondiuons appear to be excellent, walting fo when they may be needed. in hia way “nature” miraculously hot avalabie and ready to go to work as necessity calls. Only tthe the land has been completely peeled by erosion oF taal Poisoned by cheaucals wl there be ao weeds. And this as hap pened by the hand of man unl half the Wests desert all grass regions. arid that the dust storms of Jackson's Midwest fan be prevented in large measure by the correct use of pains weeds auch a8 mallweeds, tists, tumbleweeds, and others 7 Prepasntonquadenn-Cosautiice ieommencis planting pg weed pce far enough apart t pera stromgsoot develop [rent without ubess. A-hertey PS Si ig ees eres we cassette. Mother wee" wt i I error errepoee nsec ee ge cae vee cmc fa, heeng evaporation frm the surface sll The sane weeds fim provide fine shade for the ground when the sun le peti fcorehing, or prevent a trrenal rain fom poursting te fom insect pests, even having a pace inthe Nowe beds 25 os fo ther ornamental breuaren i weed ind arose pan, their roots work down into th advantageously with those of ther hosts she America indians ong sice discovered, and man and Souths Americans are rediccoverang. gether with ol fects of heritage almoet completely bloted out by white teach petits and govern buen large percentage of he welding weeds are themacives succulent edible in one Way oc another Most of them. including poke shoots, sew thistle bess Guarer smooth lea!pigweed, are ever stingg nctica it Young and tender enough. are very nourishing ful of elements Hashing in domesticated crops, Dandelion and wild lttsce make Salads far more nutritious than the water illed teberg lettuce ominating the nation’s salad bars M can be cooked tn a large Ketle and seasoned to taste with anything fom salt to bacon ‘The fender stems ofthe common mieweed, when baled three waters to remove the milky sap. are aftr subsctute for Dest sjinach. Mikweed's small pod, when cooked, resemble ok. Andare considerably more savory. kkweed roots, once the orig Tal biter taste is removed. can substitute for potatoes, The rots + atpriarose are highly nuiritous, and sheep sorrel fs delicious erin sla rw Ags pies Ad heft ofthe ound EE Seavey erer Boepiabie covironmmenia on art, the na he mont i failed to that wasteland by tres invading fom the north, make. + Blade, regular meals on no less than eighty ve wild veges, ever once setting eye om the les than a dozen kinds of plats Hhst today make up fll three acters ofthe global "as by the black sowtaned wht co advisors of Stout Cortes," ooking out ove the Pact from Fis peak in Dares” could, ad they tonges, inform vs of mam Bhrenfied Pfeifer in is book, " we ‘dant growth takes place only where nian has missed the paint Fegurd to them, Asnatur’s corrector of mat errors, they te ich nature heips sols by balancing and healing ri The powers of plants such as the fang! that produce molt were long unsuspected. For centuries the exinmon mold, pene Hom, rom Faneld, o being stored in teraperatres insuffisentyeool fpr Serve frstiness and combat decay. But when. just before Worl ‘War I its nontonie aelds were discovered to produce powe antibodies against microbes such as coe te graduated in mits tyes from lis umbler role of mad, to that of guard on bread, cheese. other foods and even bewere ike molds, weeds are Both alerters of decay and survival spe alist supreme. trhumphantiy persisting in circumstances where ‘ullvated planta, softened Ulrough centuries of human protec ton and breeding fll to stand up against nature's od capric Thetr pecllarties alow them 0 be classed into three majo Groups, the fst of wich indicates increasing act nthe so. TRembraces such species an sour juced sorres: docks. coarse long taprooted members ofthe buckwteat fal: ngereaf Lady's Sentinels ofall for they provide warsngs as to wlaen changes for ihe bed besin nso the acct being de to lace of sufficient alr water standing in the upper surface layer. insufctent drainage ‘acess of acid fertilizer and, most impertart of a lack of ura. ven where sols are underlain with natural limestone, a8 i kentacky's famous “Blue grass” county, acid-loving weeds may torve because the topost sll hasbeen Gelimed trough unbal anced cultlvation. as wen graln fs too frequently sown without (Quack grass, pineapple weed, as wel as cresses and carmomles. Lp by plowing. or an excess of potash, ‘Caltrain “extenstons ait were nto wai artilaliy created c plantains. chickweeds, butereaps, dance realm, These inch _ Fee pretreat. sandy, or othervie poo so, und thoac of fp tee eters of woos where they eolablih a “bordesing”catare ee Sattrate ad uncutteted nate IMeeds, anys Per are dctary lutions which, a offered a fall pen ofofis, wl go for those carefaly hed and manred rather {fan their natural habitats aa fast ae any bon vient wl go for a branch of opulent varied dates rather than s bom: of oatmeal Ste sccurately delet the properics of ghrn soll t's acces: suty, he ads, to Judge by the prevalence ofan entire group of frends rather than of a sie individual. Should many distinct pope of "Wile plants Begin tn invasion tno any aska where hey have previously been absent~the lage, coarse fern called Braden, comes to mind—this i a sure a ign of decline In soils Th the rest ofa book Peter provides an account of what each fd every weed among four hundred varices can te the gh Son, he says polmedy “i you lear to listen tothe lessons flourish particulary abundactly. they indicate not ther fare, Dan's “There are many, many dant lant called weed Says Pei. "Go out im the lds and discover for yoursell how benign thei properties can be! i pein sujecte tothe famalled by 8 5 yin the course of the coming Chapter 4 Betas proceeded al the genie rate of bout a mete Ieee petrcrconcaty controOedcctattonecn oer Gianni recently dually reducing fos fae epee New, wits ti svat to fnumandy of tecacca of ‘roughte, coms d widespread fain, the problem hha beau to Dnoush mass companies ICICLES IN Sige sernnt bot act ‘fe colng sovocats, THE GREENHOUSE ag mao ina eters gotecany mre ine economic hardships it dy temured professors of cats is based on aces iteal data, 19 protect contin ‘Sifuels TP ficve clmatctogsts, thet he greenouse elect wine does increas for. has an opposite and much more dangerous effect of sucking wo radially conflicting theories about an LUpmotsture inthe tropiea. In heey have poland the & pellet by prevaling wins toward the poles wi In the 1050s, Sir George Simpson. then Director Meteorological Ofte, described what he called the pe Sian tach tay el gerne Beaton peor tt pcs thos sem marming tend supported by ofl govern pheno widely reported by the ned, taintan tha Age wan for, are creating hot ai wrapped Abeavy. sto cate the ice cae to melt bastion. CO2 was aiscovered th "York City they say. wil someday risk being not covered Where fmsmans could walk una again by a mile of ee, an lt was twelve thousazid years ago, Put bas key led Stmpson to the od conclusion “i of eased by m decrease of sola 4 a beoasne the weight of the low knee level It is one ofthe most important tngre lente of the planet's biosphere. Exchanged between plats an lantimals, between air apd sea. ata rate of hundreds of bllons 9 tons per year the gas araes from and tes sustain ale ‘arth 0 lang ast is kept wath nita-—which i eurrenty te not. tn glacial fe, scientists have estimated that in 1850, ina leo per million ofthe atmosphere. To e ‘was placed atop the Maina Los volcano in Hawail where i has Shown a rise fom 315 ppm in 1058 to the current extrem! dangerous 343 ppen Well aware that Tyadiall was correct about carbon dixie inga greenhouse eflect at the equator, cooling” elmataogssts the late 1060s stl claimed that the planet as a whole was warming, but cooling. with alse of 1/5 degrees Celsius in aver ‘ge Northern Hemiephvere temperature since 1698: thatthe arc Uc was expanding that growing seasons were becoming shorter that millions ofthe earth’ inhabitants were threatened ty droveht potentially dangerous situation, " Ing reached point where the “age fie” began. a period wich has seen aries fie ages of increas itenatty, Furthermore. say the climatologst, the overall temperature has beer falling forthe last six milena, and expectally daring the last ory four This flatly contradicts the data of the warming temperature experts who, according to the chatelogints, atop takai ac count the eee of ony warming, a factor quite distinct from the feneral tend. Tey attfoute the errors of the warming expert Shilous computer models Modern climatology, which only began to flower in the mud might actually be happening in the world’s climate, was largely sparked by the discoveries of Kalan bom Professor Cesare sediment dred up frm the Gul of Menica, Brant wa able fo trace the ellmati history ofthe planet going back mailions of dears, and producing the first reliable paleontological framework Wat be found was « succession of seven recent lee ages. each Tnsting about a tncredmaillennia, with relatively short interven fg periods of deglaciation, lasting ten to twelve thousand years She greentiouse effect e therefore not the only factor o be Teck lone wit in the scenario of threatening disaster. ice ages have Deen returning, tke clockwork, every 100,000 years or 0, with short intervening respltes such as the ene we have been enjoy Inge the mythical demise of Plato's Aants, about 9,000 BG. Ae matters stand, warn the “cooling” climatologiats. ony ‘ur intelligent technology ean postpone cr prevent another cata Sysmic freer, which would wipe out the beter part of the bi “The caries scientific deseiption of fee ages ana thetr org ta mate inthe re of the Inst contry By Scots pion her-scientist. Janes Croll. who postulated that thelr cyleal Hel ort, he tito te axa and its anornalous so-called “Chan ler wobble. Quickly discredited, the Uneory was only revived the 19300 by the convincing mathematical calculations of a Yugssiar gcoptysicist. Mutin Miankovtch, which supporte threen earth and sun, with the earth's orbit chaning shape every finely thousand to one hundred thousand years. Prom being a fost perfectly elrelar, the orb lowty becomes slighty elip tem Hernephere and back over a period of twenty-one thousan ‘Bren so, skeptics ematned, and it tok Eman’ oxygens jing straight fr the lockers of a de Seep tecze Milankovtch all corroborated Crlt' orbital data. climatologts looked to see what right be done, But they wer haar thetrmares when the warming counter theory vss one ‘more bnoogit io the fre, epeariended tn supper ment snd the petro chemiea) interests ty Or head of the Scnpps instution of Oceanogr man colleague Dr i. Suess beloved by ehldren, thes _ ~~ pained in Bulan’ cores, in the frst of china, Telogsts met at Brown University to discuss ent Inter (Becta: When wil i Enc?” the consensus ening fat global cimate change consttates «fret order environsaen talbazard eters were issued by Use university to the governments of the lees in which they were warned of an ‘Advanced Study (FLAS) heid = nce in Bonn, West Ge fndiedually and collectively, to plan and act to establish the tech = fained sufficiently foreboding evidence 10 9p Supply depends primarily on climate, current u mT Libby then produced the key phrase of th ence: “We Setecas to rect more sunlit onto the planet. chough to otse allowing for nightwork tn agricuture. mulleropping, and better Street lighting: Though what this might do to vital biologi ‘The system woul require thousands of rockets to place som 1.5 millon square klometers of reflectors in ott. costing h dreds of ans of dollars. Put its proponents claimed the cox could comforatiy be amortized over the sixty t0 one hundred years the system would last—-avolding the considerably grea ‘iscomfort af another glaciation ‘That the problem is real and that the word is faced wt ‘veloping catastrophe of unprecedented Jabal dimensions be ‘aune clear from two CIA solcted report, which suanmarted the ‘stlenifiliterature and showed atte United States was facing a world of chaos. The firs, "A Study of Climatological Researe as Tt Pertams to nteligence Problems,” prepared by the Office o! Research and Development for tt internal planing parposes starkly presented the findings and opinions of the clseatobgea tras imminent. The second, “Potential implications of Trends World Population, Food Production, and Climate prepared by ‘tamely that “Ifthe cooling continues for several decades there tates guarantee saris Beste osoingcrsicogit tne county wth faced chor =o ae Bnd snow Hence: mere CO2 atthe poles, more ioe an show ‘An since the snow and ice reflect the rest of the solar energy Spectrum back into space. the growing snow ad Ice art mat turing mereasing amounts of cold (Steady in 1078 the slarming increase in snow cover during the period 1968: 72 was dactssed In the worlds largest alent Journal: Science. Por several years thereafter the Rigures for snow entined wel above the pre 1972 peak Beologist Irving Kaplan then found 4 further correlation be Inveen increasing cold and the namiber of earthquakes, The cold Ages, the more earthquakes we get. ee and snow accumulating los the poles press down on the planet, causing ito bulge atthe Seams ike balloon. Tha Wiggers the pre-sreased eartqake lie into sipping hence eartinquakes, I also causes volcan fe potentially even ore dangerousby aquecsing the olen ‘Average Number ot Eartquakes por Decade ‘ot Rlcher Magnitode 6 or Higher, fi nagma and causing eruptions. The colder it gets and the more Sow presses dow on the pales, the more mazyna le compressed nd volcanoes act ‘With the eruption of the Pinatubo voleane tn the Philipines tn mid 1901, sulfates and other aerols cooled the cimiate in 1992 nd 1993 But thereafter the climate warmed up again. The aver fc slobal temperature tn 1998 twas higher th _ teen Yat wt es prea meet en reser minent worldwide eatnstropies, The warm Chapter 15 Dust FoR LIFE pests, industrial pollution, and inreasing forest fires, When th start to die~as ndieated by decades of narrowing tee ics tay flo pl excess carbon done from the armospsere, Wi forests wealeen tray ging bolts sar huge forest fies “Trees on hls, says Hamaker, go fst because they cat! sure win daa down i Ue hollows, ps the fact thatthe thinner on the top of hills, an asserdon recently proved all oe sleroorganisms ar eliminated. The only thing ald rain aces shes, according to Hamaker. eto accelerate the death fo es tiready dying of starvation. Efforts fo replant seedling on st Semaneralized tant equally fall because ie in the sl is ales ‘diminished. There is ltte for the plants to gram ‘According to 8 UN-FAO estimate, Bal the worlds troplea! fr cesta nave dsappeared since 1950" 37 percent In Latin armerica 156 percent in Central Ameria. 38 percent in Southeant Asa ercent in Aiea. And reforestation is slipping far behind. Be {beeen 1991 and 1995 the world lost an average of 11,3 sill ‘cctares forest annually about the size of Honduras, Hama warns that man's gross deforestation ofthe tropical rain foes! added tothe rapid inerease of C03, could tigger the next ioe a wien the asaount of carton dou inthe almosphere reais 45 parts per llion—just two pips up from the presert S43, ‘cholas Shackleton and other scentists tn Great Btn writing in Nature showed that the lat Jaca period ad begun wer th Cctocentretion of carton dani nthe atmvopinere reached atmere such lice curs, with carbon donde rising over the last re th scoping drt an cole Gegest in 2 quart ‘broke alec fr oi. So ro uophee,capectlly n Can hn oi fey soon paler sx rove tes fn the Sve Seager The Rows, 108, winter worn i Sve Europe Bee rmercantactny. Otinboxmn, Nebeaka, Tnas had eer preaking winters, Blockbuster snowstorms. quite Fecmsons pruned Cardo and Wynn Ui eared Bide, while t the Rhine deta of Uhe sunny French Riviera Pteeeds of tring dod because they could not get at thee tet prey tm brocksah water covered with a layer of ce, Sia resenty a0 1006. foods, uricanes, witres and ot Spestner lated catastrophes cnnsed a record 860 talian in eco omic damage Severe leoding in China cost the lves of 2.700 People driving 2 milion from ther homes, A series of eyelonc Pontwestern Pacific Ocean damaged China, Tawan, Pulipines Geel nm. A cycionc kiled 2,000 tn Inca. And that ye pr fined the most screre storm inthe Great Lakes in iy years. Death, south ofthe Equator drought ravaged Bra, As feats Attica, ax milion ciod over a milion In Etiopl's Sate qapon alone. And milions more were threatened by a repettin tthe drougt in 1988, Vast drought nce tropical rest res [ctteal factor, according to Hamaker in speeding the course of @acatic—were act ablaze to release tore smoke and CO?2, as Gecumented by the semi accret NASA photon ken fom U5, Sstelites. in Ladoncsia a massive forest fire 1084 burned for remontins, devastating sn area cqutvalent to Massachusetts and Connecticut combines Considered perhaps the most sever en Vionmental cinster thc earth hae seed n centuries, wiped ut plant and animal Wie. melding onreds of thousands amt maogany tees. contens birds, bear, der ples. iets fret calle. and rodeats leading 1 the exec tion oF TAY Sp a earthquakes inthe Nort ological “experts,” who had considered the resion—formerly Borneo, now East Kalsantan—one ofthe dampest parts of the word and ecologically stable, began reevaluating exiting eo Hegca amino, athough the immediate case ofthe re Tile oat the possiblity that logging concesslonatres, who con ttolled some 2 malin acres, igited the already dy forest Ingit would coverup ther fate Yet, despite the general accumulation of evide * cer are begin o cress tet dots : caste language for political and economic reasons. He claimed anderstandable only when one realizes that ‘offical’ announc ments of our situation would plunge tne word into a fnanc fame waa riddied with Agent Orange, accidentally spray yet his strong Midwestern woe, like gravel rolling In a r yd, resoundingly ‘ot hurry twill bee al stage with ony 2 top the onsiaut © ist plant fast-growing trees to absorb as much CO2 as pos mo aleoba, a foe! which does not contaminate te ale. And wy Jan's sul not only to save the tees and agacultore, but t = ect etn moras Breen proto that can Never scope Sarprisine Gove plasm, and m2 Seonmaibesol the prana of the Hindus, an energy from the sun that parallels ‘tin ferent rom electromagnetism, builds up minerals: Pur toning as the controling agent ln the chemico-piysolog changes in protoplasm, pram lead to differentiation ad 0 th Duidup ofthe various Useues ofthe bodies of plats animals, speaies of prana 9 invisible and fery “Ives.” which supply Ilcrobes with vial constructive energy." enabling thems to bul the plytcal cello, the sae ofthe smalleat bacterium relative that of a ery le being as that of an elephant to the tntes ihe eye of lie ald Joln “is realy the stor ofthe travels of protoplasm as i goes from microorganisms fo ll the le awe the sol then back into the sol That dandelion started me tna all kinds of new expertments” Saucers all over the place: Like pets dishes tn a lb Anita, sealing benevolenty. “A kinds of things ine Vola. unperturted, picked up where he Ie off “Tare ‘he inetable conclusion, never taught in Age college, that plant was sucking protoplasm directly out ofthe mlcroora feaving. just the akine behind. Fresh organisms, not consumed ry the plant rots, dehyrate and Join the bark offer with nimost nolo to leachilg ar erosion. Utimately. realized, what's Jeftover isthe makings of real good healthy amos.” The facts Bt precisely with Fodolinly’'s description of the gen cols of unas” but the aoton thatthe roots were carniverousiy| Sevouring the insides of the imlcrobes was arresting. 19 Podlnaky’s case. his rots devoured the entire contents of the Tors ar he ving wit the dea. “The ag college," sald Hamaker, “funded by the chemical com panes, have all along insisted that root cannot absors anything fenger than an fon in solution, meaning their NPX euing out the Ingestion of whole molecules of humus rtd Uerelore an advan tage to placing organo adatives in the so fe waved is fork for empaane: “The chemical food fasts concept that minerals are taken fn ty the roots only ta the frm St fons, and In some unproven way are bulk into protems by photosynthesis, fo false. The protoplasra of the organams s stm ply transferred rem the mlcroerganiam into the plant ell to pee farm the functions requlred ty its races acids. Bach higher form of le ues the protoplasm transmitted up the ladder of fe t make compounds speci tits needa, Prosoplasn in water is lightly milky and slighty yellow. Hot fect are probably fom lipids ats) sate of calisdal emul Brie result sticky tothe touch.” Reaching fr the side iden placed a senall aon Jaron the ttle half al of wt ke ice brown earth. “Put your Anger tn that Jar and Peale tc. Thay the protoplasm. ein Bets Colo ba: ernest many active by a pach good local fen tis normal complement of microorgatams. Put tothe Fount fs ready tog! mprend ten tons of on one Ah an Bees paren. it bad ben finer Td have only needed about we fon. fier iis te bigger the aren itcovers and the more tls Tetable fo be chewed up by the microorganism” Sine ee cn Uae mineral fal the mixed rock (fie carts crus. plus carbon. water and the gases and sea Sus from the sr all of which they turn to protoplasm. The rect. Seis fn the microorganisms and the tvistle root hars suck up fis protoplasm. But they can only do so with fesh microorgar fms: many of which are provided by the castings of earthworzas ebyother larger organi which feed on the deydrated car (aes of salir ona” lat she top avers ts was falling ito ee Bese i rt Bette te od of other aucrorganes Hetty shone accordrg to Hamat ar capabieal ane tine te eorqc rock dust tothe yar eg prot Beir leo rots, sucking in tis base agree poset sp Beker ot tie an ogi conect. twats br contenant beans otscece, nut eaves no doubt that planta must get Geir ssceient and noursing susenanes than the spate Shemale ashe pin PX Sle no micescopc ernie ofthe underground process is Byer poo, anyoncs estrpon 9a patside as tc next Be tane ery, Professor emits of Sod Science at Berkey etwas authority onthe sutec, woo we conse ote hone, scan shat ttnongh the orthodorlena “contact ex ps restricted tothe exchange of bm bebven sll end Fete docs nck exince using te fren lsat ove the Pei ercte cous. porting ty srosaall cmagir ona Mths context, being a matter of opinion De Parts Sacks. of tc USDA a Scie, Maryland. man Hes that tx sn fogs rclcuce w nied Uy the oot Is ete el neers to ten axpsecai. a occas Beseedin cot cuitars nthe bornnory, betncrer in ig pi feraince he Todos carefl researchers hee malate at Bent rots can aber much larger ronerlen Recent research hat shank to cheletng eompenents ia hem, plans sctlon into California's uni ste most obra dealy anid sematonal Allance for Sustl ‘rian i ss university deans sp rategoreal i her large molecules, and © esos cere erence sesso Se than the tons of the NPR the ference ts bet aon. Comparatively speak (ga mouse and an clophan m times the si ofa colloidal ndred times Eiger than 2 sal fe made of aming ifs whose molecules a far than fons. The sele is Boxpens to watermrons, but peas to inosatirs thnd ye. a= Dr. Rateaver points out, somewhat scathlngy. the pemical companies, whe tnaiting that plants can only take ns in lution, mainain, speaking out side of the fon, at large noleeuls of ter systemic pestckes can some ew be ge ie plant that anya he pees bound 12 cc. Nomention ta made of what such a bile Fay do to Pr on parsed to te: cad.“ nature. thins the only Sei pant ie, the oer parts the ro Fees conte with the cecasiceimcon ata moses Iter fed new supplies of microorganisms J). Dittmar eva State University, found that the total lenglh of roots and Feat hairs of x mingle ne plant was seve thosand miles are fotal surface are thousand square fet. The roots alone fBew more than three miles per day in search of microorganisms ‘Aad only the finest partcies of mixed rock dust can cover te Phenomenal surface area required to grow sigaiicant quantiles something so small as 2 microorganism, And such particles Bre only tiny fraction ofthe aman ep th Inerouth. "A lotof the wlton's in 0 Dll include very fine sandeep Beary ran. And the eartnmorm grinds up even mre than tal. Res big operator. and he works cheap, Winle the worm clear to make fr Inently avotding such dtsase we fail to keep fre carbon throughout the toprol, which pies farm. sald John. “The motors are t "tle 4 reasonable conclusion that witho Pee are too Tigh. 1 would say th temoved in the crops, When the stock of protoplasm sere. iene wilson res never any sugar in thie hou Ber Meee catastrophic flooding, food riots, and revolt at the no es ‘wintry landacape, “the Misses Rver wl havea Bit free water all year round. Annual flooding tn the low Chapter 16 a es LIFE AND DEATH PI Ge IN THE FOREST {in his native country. Brozek could find no official willing to tab Btrgnging! No one would believe it unless they could nee i for a eee about the impending doom. = gives: how. for instance, mile upon mile of stands of sev- Wolf Ocslies of the West German Institte and International Affairs aftercare fl ging East Europe ipeime eases. “We arc between Scylla and Charybdis” said to how Fiitelat “ond we have litle hope, but we cannot give up the Conditions tad become, Of al mvonnte pose offanna, 0p Bsa cre wh te scope mvc tof a eckson cou ofexpbitiane, 89 percent of mannan sod $0 pee Ghasindesd co ace ide scope in what amounted wa web ‘optic, te afb were eared rated wr San Be etitig cxicntie forte eaten or cron alegaione ‘ion the partdgee onheom Sates rat em | sith 0 percent of toe ence abundant Hares and nee al Bre ct pecvral reoccpation wth pute aces on fot ese terse towing Sesto adh cnet perp | ‘chats qucted ana setae Hote tren Sern Gra nis wus a ha at (oa 20,1960 Sealing wha fact ng vat o Coren Hiisntiy cast wah he bby of Franks lessncher by Austrian government functionaries, ane of wh Hof he vled up dressed as fae had ust comme from a along feamp on ste wid moor n farmer's brogans, rough wihtish (geen cord pants and tattered ‘over a white shit fiom whose collar bilowed a cclorta silk touara Thick gasses gave him a scholarty mien. A sight mp. de toa back mjry, gave the Impression ofa cross between ars ancient Geena Ror returned fom a campaigh and an ant-business ult environmental activist Avan lan restaurant around the corner Hatefet cutined the campaign be had mounted over six years to arouse German Buble opinion to the devastation it faced wilh the demise of is uot. A constant travel: he had just returned from a tip to and to discuss with foresters what was happening in thet ar went io Poland.” said Hatefld. “to have a personal lok a Rouiny whieh, ce to te avid urge for mace sad sore tndusty fas ignored the ct ned by the factories t spawned onto Surrounding nature. Even our alsost hopeiasaitation does 01 Pebimakeh what taking place in parts of Poland and neighbor 1 Corchosiovakia Poland's cver optimistic national anthem Polska Me zine’ (Poland tia Not Yet Pershes}). my PAM prove fale, notin the sense of human polities, but becase Secade wo te hey 4 ple of year af slag, the problem of pollution was evident enough Haailit'sSetiows Schoenstein(Beautifl Roc) towered subi over the banks of the Seg River. surrounded by still beaut svoods with centenartan oaks. There we were met by Hats associate, Dieter Deuinling who explained in perfect Engl th he had Deen living in Oregon for almost a decade until he had "eeetve an urgent cl fem his fend Hated, t come back Germany to help save the woods, a request with which he had ia four wheel drive Land Rover he chauffeured us pint ast tact of forest several miles above Schloss Schoenstln. Sra tng through a deep wood of dying beeches, he indicated the anes fan the let were mere adoleacents of 00 to 40 years the ones the ight just maturing at 160 to 180, “At tis relatively low al nude” sald Deumling, dejectedly shaking hie head, “deciduous recs, lke these beeches, are already as badly affected b Waldaterben asthe evergrecns. Itis the same all over Germs Im the northern and middle reaches of the Federal Republi third of our heches, maples. oak. and as have the disease Is rot qutte as bad for our 60 to BO year-old apruces, al of wis areallecied, butts a ghastly enough outlook nonetheless, Ans disposes of crowd of optimists who aze voelfeously clalzsing that a perfet solution would be to replace te dying conulers wi hardwoods, Jumping out ofthe Lan-Rover, Deurling walked over tothe csige of the road to cut a spruce bough from a sick tee and ther from a uee aa yet unafected with Waldstorben ora leas ‘ot appearing tobe ‘See, here he sad, polting his gloved finger “On this healthy Doig the grow ie symnmetical and there are needs growin fut all along the central bran: you can clearly make out the lanmual growth by counting the sepmients But on this sek one here are no needles on te central branch. You will note i pearing in an unusual place or in an irregular or sporadic man. Fer" in German ts more hearrendingly called Angetiebe. ort ny growth," term that concisely iustrates that tive is do _ = I rn met ein ne & en oreo a meee eee Se feta vilage of Gr fre was, and not faraway. near the ite As sing on the Dante's rite gauche. just dow fom the stern city of Melk, dominated by ts age Benedictine Modioste both Hamaker anc Hensel. There. tn the summer © 1980, Radolt Schndele. a arnifacturerefite veneer, eae undreds of ber European foresters, that something sn etwas happening i the measly one square rll of ily forest he As perplexed and worked as Deuinling. and le realizing he Poids a cacovey that cola go along way foward the ait had bough that were severe afficted with Waksterbon. As ‘of smal forented mountain, he Scie substance tormed ct in existence or more than two hundred years, the area ‘once been covered by an ocean so old dat no living org 1 the sediment. which ultimately tamed inte rock Dring the {S30ed to powder by the heavy equipment and blown by hgh su ter winds to parts of the forest adjacent to the roads, Justi. weeks later. the spruces in these afeas, whose needes had be rowing increasingly yellow, a sure sign of Wasterben, were tng back to a radiant dark green. The total area of recov toees extended over some thirteen acres. Durkag the next f years, new growth on the seated trees looked beter aad Dele: Because of the particular susceptibility tothe Waldsterben sy dome of firs and spruces —now decimated by the millions ‘To sce for ourseves what Schindele had accomplished—a could demonstrate—we took a train to Melk in td-Noverbe 1985. There we were met af the station By Maria Felsenrele Buy adpinic Austen uatmusscnial wat woe owe large organi herb garden twenty miles from Vienna and han or ‘anid campaign to save forest throughout Europe's Gera Speaking region. She introduced us te our host dressed app lately inthe forest green of a Sirian woodsmman. Over lun 3t he Gasthof tn the towe's central square Schindele tld us the ‘ga of hls success in bringing trees back to fe with rock dus adding with conviction, that he belles that by ingesting suc Gesteinemeh{ even animals and humans can regain thelr healt Strong his salt and pepper tal, he calmed that by tmx to teanpoonn of the dst everyday he had managed to um show wit odes cl to gray claim confirmed by various news paper clippings which showed him before and after To see what the dst had done for is tres, we set forth Property over ground covered witha foot of res sow stoppin fo put on chains when the narrow road grew 0 step the heels ‘spun ominously close to a vertical abyss. Progressing through tees hud with dazaling whiteness, a8 fapper colored leaves sll clinging to thes branches. Deciduoun Iiees lke beeciaes, are aleo Deing affected allover by Watistevbor Bott's intaguing that in my forest many of tiem are beginning Wo keep thetr leaves much longer into the season than belore Bom that they have had the benefit frock dust” At acurve in the Hadwe stopped to look down a slope to where bay spruces mere Bowing healily, eight to fen fet high, two to thc times tales, Sehandele explained, than had they not profited from the Tock Gust that had fallen on them “as fom the hand of God” Furthe down the slope. tier shore. sicklier counterparts had recelved so dst How long” we asked, “can the European forests sure, with ‘areal help, eter from rock dust or ome other agent” ‘The anwwer he shot back was ominows. "About five years. Ten atthe mos! Proceeding “downhil” Schindele provided more gruesome de Bie “Pvecgrocoe normally tok tic edie sever years beioe Aopping them to make way for new growth. Trees that have bes lied fxs Gesteemeh! tow bok ther eaves for sleost Ae Pests: bt tose allcted by Waldstrben are dropping them Wo to four years. “To see more evidence ofthe eliciency of Gesteinamehlin other Parts of Austria we ised a Tyrolean agronomist engineer, Goon ‘Abermann. Independendy of Sehindee. he fiad made some 2 Deriments with GestenemoNt, tis tne ground from rock ick, Hom quarry in the Tyrolean sit resort village of Ktsboeh Tonsbruci’s Grauer Baer hotel, Abermann. alan. graying 0 Joking man of forty-two, with pale blue piercing eyea, and selFassurance that comes with high ineligence. motiwation a5 the Joy of cause-oriented work. offered to show us uneguwe, D106 of the dats fictions. Thuclang through deep snow into the Matzen Naturschuts,o Nature Reserve. haifway between Inusbruck and Ritsbacit ‘Abermann explained that one of the reasons ground-up rock fox {Quarries had proved disapposnting inthe past was Ga the chan had not bees! ground fine enough to be easily available t tag plants—er, in Hamaker’ terms, to the mroorganisma, “Th Said Abermann, “permitted the chezleal Industries to proc that rock-derived materials are uscless tn agriculture But i 1960 Abermann met the owner of a KetzGehl stone quarry and gravel works who had been turning out grave Gina Dasalie stone known as dlabase since World War ‘The crushed rock, extremely resistant to erembling. and thus to deterioration, was used main for railway track Bede, tn de Drocess of crushing, a great dea apparent uoclese dat el Feseed a8 a by-product, useless that In until the quarry ow noticed tha farmers would came to his works to truck it eay or {ee and apply it thetr lands in quantities of about one te ‘The quarry owner donated to Abermann twenty-Ave tonsof this stone four single ilo of which could cover an catinated 2.600, ‘square mers. “On agricultural cropland." sad Abermana, “ie trick isto mix the dust with dred eow manure from erhich the dust appears to remove the odor. providing the stil wit organ as wells mineral fertilize. In the forests scems to da the tick About half ile up into the snowy woods. Abermann ea his breath, anid said was aly grin “thought weu have noe sults whatsoever to show aff before at least two years had gone by. But when we dutifully roadeant Ue dust by hand at fos round the trees themsciven, ut over this whole area, te es very square meter of sl to my sinazement. five month later could see the tle tees burgeoning with new healthy explo frown Pointing toa stand of spruce over one hundred fet tall, whose branches indicated they were already half dead, Aber aces "Ws bik dicut to photo docunent the changes Decauee the (Pecos toe roseg cc tears Hinks are bare cost hathway up, and the greenery is way up in Heal nacceasiic. except maybe by helleopter. But you ean EBay pot changes or the good you lok in this chump of young ‘Stating nest tone of them. about as tall as hime Aberman ‘went on enthnsstealy> “Hefore | started experimenting wth Hie tle trees had no needles at al. The whole above ground Potion seemed stone dead. Then it was treated with Gestense BBG did ce. ts needles regrew. very copiously. as you can See What we've demonstrated on a few trees can easily be re rated on mons of tem, even hundreds of milions, whereas the young tres which sere planted herein reforestation 1 ied before we began our experimentaten. You should also thatthe pollutants ta this en are loaded with copper snd Geir hte fo the nl and tat the res rca Bidaing us follow him over to another bateh of spruces ne a towering larch, Abermana pointed to one of the tn looking atthe spacing onthe tinkcbetireen the verticaly series of branches you can easly se where these spruces sores rowing, chen, alter treatment with rock dust. put out hace? fur feet of new upward growth eacs year fo three faniasie.” he exclalmed rising ns of Schlings have been spent by eur shores te reocest areas dying of Weldsterh Yetmost ofthe newly planted tens cael pit the ng ineginning to say’ that by using my rock dust there te no mos need to plant young trees; thanks to Ube dusts eflccts plese o aw ones are growing spontaneously from seed” Aalced what the eflectve diference would be between dust sound from Schindele's paragnelse and the dlabase quaric! KGtabaehi, abermann replied “Not much! I, and when, theta fusing massive attounts of Gesteinsieh is adopted in acl Circles it wl be of no real importance whether its ground paragncia,cabase, basalt porpiyy or certain other rocks ause al of them produce dst that works i smiar ways The nly problemi to get the Gestefismeh adopted in ofa tcl Sha for that one needs a great push, est key from on hi When we came to parting this san ofeart tightens a ey sp acd sald with & le “Jeno ay fends wl ake 2 Evangel’ fervor fo bring about tbe reared charge in tia he word, for treatment of bath forest and agrculsra and, on for adi fo aman dete, Plating to his own darkening al Schindele recommended a dally alake of two spoonfuls of ne {inur, potastum. ton, magnesium, and other trace elemen ar esertia to health, that waning taken inthe lor of supe teats are without elect nies trace elements are prone wit them aso factors ‘News of hp remarkable rock dust was soon spread by radi. television, and the press, with the result tat wo many eustumes {ured up in font of Scundee's plant that there were nea ‘are several hlmeters long. Schtndele eves ned ul as Fesul fh sales of rock ditt the general public noha Brittany atv, phan epred at nr the pnarmacetial indy. tnght have boca expected, was Peer en ny ng ts enn ‘pid and dency Mhecording to Schindeles uncontirmable estimate, milions of atlrs were spent on aroccla campaign to claim there were de (Betous amounts of chrome and cobalt in Schindele’s product. See results were a cot back in his sles of rock stand a prot Baton bythe Federal Republic against distributing tin Germany ertnamian consumption And so artiically incited were the good People of Grimsing aguinst the rock dust they petiioned the ax etiies to prevent Schindele from parading hls dusty. nolsy Bees through ctr Clean and quiet town, This cost Schindele hetrouble and expense ofa new rac to bypass the town. But he Hasccyencuigh to obtain egitration for his dust as a"wineral etary suopienent in ancther European Comman Market cou Hysand this enabled him to selit in all particpating countries. TWhen the University of vienna found that Schindele's product Werked against radioacivity—a claim confirmed by a Soviet in Bite for siomicphystes inthe Ukraine the Soviets sent a truck, Torpck up two thousand llograms of his Gestetnomeh Analysis Funder a ticropolaiacope revealed an alteration in the molecular fd atomic intice which nad an effect on tontad radioactive par Hels taken into the body This led plant scientist Dr. Gernot Graefe, in Austria's Burgenland province near the Hungarian border. 10 add Senin yc dust to an organically proceased product he has z ” Bee pete: tan extncang our aware ant knot. Bee wach in doe course wil apprehend the supersenuible ure Siig not ada.” suggests Piers Lehmann, 2 Swiss nuclear Medersisnding ofall the phenomena tovalved is cmpotly age reer yond our reach, and hen goon to pread Ane} oe eck dst fee anginal rock substance Lehmann proposce—may have Peapitelyaiterent properties when ground fine. just as sls Geach cceme ctirey tert the form of bots or vandow panes. Tien ground fo fine colloidal dust can cause orginally neutral ater fo become alkane TAltbough describing the action of rock dust as catlyte frie processes woud be rejected as non sient purists, Learn fPalniains tha ts certainty saicient to Just spreading stone Seek Castes farther sclentife leptinizatin, To do this would te Betiasing Inthe ec and to ty to ake thers avalible again. develope ov the past en yeas fom tana of reside tat See ct nae een spread i wil be rato hat acs over ‘ape harvesta, With ite was abe to bring lage str acreage Bien sy her reaction whee or ot she secepts ou fe Eis ote te merefore crveloped a homeopaticaly domed tne" to te mriace of pllsted ponds aod lars has Dee nd Tse snd Suisesandbepn to contradict Une dooms fears Sring weer back tie formerly pristine condition. Bren ese Gftacexpers of the 100s ae wel a ete cll tot a pal markably. be aims ean beiejected nto calling toring Mas theeang cae of fren deine ncental Europe A to be carved for illometers-even hundreds of kilometers lana reports in toe forme Federal Rep of Germany be Sg rents hele cei iso comet wit te lees ad fyeen 1964 anc 1002 fed to show the predicted steep sein Dect and, via the so wit oot,t holds promise of eau Mh degree of carnage that had occurred in the 1080s, figures {iting van tet facie woods at feted the theory that ack! rain Is the primary case of “Te stl lovable ad Intangible postive eects ofthe opr Watisterben. ver ri the Black Pores. which had been p have Uns far beea objected ly through measurements ae eet che win teryears fed to do oo. Tee was ower. ty dowsing wir a pedo superactty revel atau SBlaneraion of the proportion of damage tween haroods and (Cina by novel nin ene Ml coeiered by itu Sealers swing de ob damage to two hardwood Sienna cn nek Geo ewainary ta Species Ue exry 1900, whereas confers sowed lower evel ming nan neverbceas been very saceemfally employed ee 3 UMEimage. Inthe former cnaten be countrcn sued ise i exienaivly cated a ear bets fe deat at neyo W600 were nc resprtte fc oent atnage oer sever oeve tat the rales) ofthe downy aul toot or $d eguare konto on oth shes ofthe Ose Mowrainn te cope wi the dificult and dangerous sage of amas develo etricied tothe age fhe toa accesso Bifiere the damage was enhanced. in support of Hamaker wan Chopter 17 Savory SOIL Hasbeen swallowing Sepineat—not st fet up wh ey Me x San Franceco, convinced that wha 2... ud war-tme Victory Garden, an was apy ‘wrong with America wot ead, and therefore Ue ol fom wi dered. Sick sil sald Rolin, means lek people. And som tare there Ind tbe a remedy Told that gypetuma might hep neutralize alkaline sos, and th uf mined with fertilizers i could help grow betier crops. Rel packed up and mved to his native Utah ta exploit © &YPS fntne owned by his father But. before he could obtain the nec Sry equipment, World War Il broke out, to scotch his every Roving the river district of Sanpete County, ie came inst: upon a range of terraced hills with pink shicen. trent\-on them fo be exact. fsing two hundred ad Be hued fet f the aril desert terrain, all with pinkish re. Inrigued, be to ‘samples to Salt Lake Cty to is end Dr, Charles Head. ranking Sclentili: expert and chief mlcroscopistat the U.S. Bureau cf Mines. Head placed a plece of ere beneath the lens of ls ml Scope and et outa long low whist. “How mach of this stuf do You thiak is out there? he asked fm ao way attempting to dis Several bili tons,” repied Andersen. “That's what reckon. Hens exclement, it developed, was not because the sample contained nltates, considered vakuable as feruliers, wii ‘ida’, but because was aclllda clay contatning quantles of tninerals very salar to the caliche rock of Chile and Pee from ‘whch the word's nitrates have long been ned. Between 18 nd 1025 Head had been seconded by the U.S. Goverment 0 Sudy Chilean and Peruvian nitrates im South America. The hed developed the convetion that te benefit plants were der tg fom South American nitrates as ot from the nitrates them selves but ftom minute quantities of trace elements which served fscatalyste a word cotned Uy the real Swedish chemist Berzcius fo descrbe substances that speed up chemical reactions, but come through these reactions without themselves changing tn the “any twenties” few men in the sclentie field, expec ‘blige to be careful what he sal, lest he lose sft. The p Saling pin connie race lees mpi ta fom which these “cortaminante" were deliberately emoved for posed tnprorement in utriuve quai mt last Head! hada chance to eeci hs. ow theory. W. i some of fis montmorillonite ore, p fe aun sce what Ieppencd. Anderson, ike everye ons pla age vonsine powered nontmoriontc ons nc pee Betas regratim Teavng areal rows ex coctrols io ox eetaterenes gh creep. Betang hie bullog cn win evident pide, Rot tc of tie sees “tne fret trates we pce wah inc essen Perc eatin, werent contrea were wiache ty hi He ne areen wore, We pled of thc worms wherever oe Ppp bt tae ate all oftaven, On tne Arceate pot sok Strrm. Te planta were sronger held ft we and tn reat Fayre youve aie a vega grown wath Arlt uve for ls The bev nthe conte! pot were ulclss and Seedy Tones with Acie dripped wi jute andi were tei MBatages of tes crown by a one maces Phd ww vane att ieee Rates janctndkix en pein ect $e ost an casty as the young ones. The same with tomatoes, Sree Sys eres Bplecs covering sujocts ten Agate to Steioa, mary lesions Sate crore anti nace erase Uehditwespe l sancsvtione vase 8 ie Ones int, eas gg funding sate bust weesa wectne Se lonite clay. Now geologists consider it to be an ancient oceans ‘deposit brought to the surface by volcanic action. a form of heey "ati, as laid down by nature. tn this form the minerals are nar, rally chelated. as n plant and animal. tn an orga, easly Siinliable form ‘ ebtatning machinery of any sort. Only when the colonel in charge Gfa U.S. Orinance Depot a Tose, Uh has Sen ‘small hammermill and an ancient Fordson tractor, With this su he wl rng aera mira ban. deficieny rom contmued use over lng pen of tne bell ot uel. tockeg pape ore scm tre boning a ed Fopy Sse en ‘soll the worms are found tn, from early spring until late. ea and Be hea. with Arm ody tases thanks to a aay poet may hy yo ate ‘knows that after a few hours worms tn a con: Be ei mr _— ‘keep replenishing the container with Bel nen ‘fresh Jearthworms in a twelve-quart pafl filled with the sot! an ce eee eevee ere erent te ccico ncn teak te fee Ber tty arpbing foo sy con eee Say eater estas sovene Cove roa ste ae itn pay ate laying again. Baby day, ground fae Ded for us (0 a Betk then fried 8 Aran, Azote gave tie tite and iced It up the feed ot for tre months had been 8140 ahead. Since Anon proved. Another farmer wrote that seven Holsteins that ad bees bred four times artis flied to actle uni 5 percent Azam ‘was mixed ino thetr dtl feed. On the Mth breeding ll due cows ‘ete. So we fed I ts Hogs, and by marker ‘time the rune bi ‘aught up tothe others. With goats we managed to breed eulles ‘cves past lambing with a ram that waa supposed tobe tert fnew got plenty of kids, ps 90 to 60 pertent more wool fo the sheep.” To make fs pont, Rollin waved a small booklet: The Stony Trace Menerats by Dr. Melchior Dikkers. Airady in 1091, 0 Dikkers, ax Professor of Blachemistry and Organic Chemistry Loyola Uniweraty, wes 20 sick by the properties of montaar lontte lay lating ft to be one ofthe most amazing and ur ‘usual materials he had ever been fortunate enough to ome Contact with he Insnched an extended research program. Yes Stinteraivestnty convinced him that trace elements were Key llllving organs essential ta the structure of cera comple ‘hemtcal compounds that infienee the course of metaboltem ‘tal factor in the health of everyting being “Metabolism the sum fotal ofall chemical reactions that pr ceed in every singe cell of the body twenty-four hours of ea fe shat keeps ts all live. Some thin triton cells are Beer constant. Bierman rain one tn each cet, metabo proces etch foostuts are synested into comple cleneatenis fut by entice lau proteins which are themselves ey Ghent ty te cells. And t became Clear to’Dr. Dkkers that Betrasement were cone tote creation of these enzymes, > Fe canto tring aout chemi chars ty tr mre without undergoing change. Wis 2 phenomenon for Bier ecince has no real explanation, but which clearly cannot Beurwithout both the enzymes and the ements taking tn and Being encrey to achieve spect eects Combinations of trace elements have Deen found, under ce fats conditions, acquire entirely new properties, very afer Femitose of dividual ciements acting ingly. There a noted fmeracion among (race cements, such a ron abd copper, both Getic are concerned with blood formation, tn plane ronan fam are sssociated fn cloropil formation. HMithowt chlorophyll there would be no Me on earth, the very Best geen plants being the understood link between the enerey Dfthe son nr ie on the planet. Oniy green plants and certait Gcrorpasisros ae abl oubmorb the wane energy. store rans fem and dnen transier ito man in the fora of wheat. cor Pegtales, and rut Uncooked and tuprocessed food wil sup Bi enaymes directly to the blood, Some two-thousaad diferent Euymes, every one protein. are synthesized ty every cell rom fetin acids furnished ty the blood. obtained from ingested fod best eaten rae Gate est oer 119 ears ratvenet estore cannes. as Pasteuriang Many chemical substances —flvrine. chlorine Kh berbisurates, Senvedrine. aphetansines. nicotine carboe Meade rates, sifur Goce DUT. and most ler pest! See hetbiciaes, and chesrsalferiizers—all aioe enayre a hele, es do waicr and air poUutanis he activities of cazymes are exresely suscepible to foots Biemere presence of chemical adres in aod say cause some fee ements o become unsvalabe The sme apples to chen! SGlerliers nthe sol. They can cause trace tlre to be Se uavataie to plants. Enayine reasons are infiuenced Sy Réetcency of any functional matient eeiiBaselnk Aboerhalden, Director of the Laboratory for Endo lial nd Eraymace Dagon a Baal. Swan. sn Bovesthe major of al cacases may be enzymatic in origi. He that metabolism ss emaemvmans with enzyme acy, and > ‘me ect, a att dependent on the presence of trace pstthemineral parices pass into the cot : Thenta, Brealsiowm of the ereyme sya ts in disease Bose upon reaching a ceital size when th ets of tect Many trons a pyaar om a feos sng ut a oftheir p ther ils derive fom a fe condition ready for immediate use by plant. antieal. orf We now know." sald Rolin, “that the myithests of all known, ce natural ner ents thence ofthe harmonious Topipncns peel mater canbe mvt no mate fsa complex compound of natural colloidal silicate minerals an Eeful microscope. Ata further stage a limit is postulated beyond race clcmcnis, Some tity fr trace clementain, cobalt febich particles cannot undergo subdivision without lols tet nesium, zine, copper efe-—oceur In auch munute quaztises th Themical character: tis they cal the molec. The smaliest par asst be measured in parte per rlion, Yet they appear fee wnble inthe microscope is stl about one thousand tn basic in the eommplex chemical and eletrcal mechanism th ferper thas the largest sooecule. in th stne of maticr makes up the human body. The form in whlch the major pa 3 peculiar forms Brat call by Thomas “Sin plants, rootlets and root hairs are generally tn intimate cor eadlly crystallize and have th n of diffust Tot int own Diese book, ore the beste ptt bout Sree etd my in texan rte ra scanner because they erat. he to ch Sisco tach > nates te dese, te rere pore mr produc mia dehy of acter that ta present et Coppers nes ests csc in pasts oer ree secihey ax de reatafanintag weccases wahanisioence cut MMI, and cat fete when yrewet one pat pe fall proper wo thelr ae. Whe Ge qoay of ay On tae trent maybe all and fete, compared fo another. mo By ave of yin, the smaller an lerent i vied. he tgora esr cree ofc ty. sec crc ow oe ace aera veaty- Cons artes Pome. Bp tress comntvesurace to coormonly creased: Ad : nt Rola Asay ubjetng oar Sretarger te race espwr tne lager ne partis poor : Be cent win ony aay ones Botti th rt of cone surince eet une of ate rei iooci Batces rom each otc, cotda parties are hcp separate = : Beerctn,rcing tne vals Do if tac cage creases : : ee Wetced by i Sete ce) the partie end : : seaman Bs cla! ctavcr an becemes “den tn both opie a cs : : Sorzanie teu he 1 wren M- = “All of ive 's found in the colloidal form has many charac > onctude th ds provide the most important known i reste t cocrect. stead we are ky ourscives, Bt the be Between the fnrgane ad the organ, a ci to Whe Very 50 Bip eturally destroying our eropa becaoe feeding the : > Keeps the reper od ie are not wg the at pom amen edie — : I] Od NVD ssvWoIg 1 dey, Chapter 18 Biomass CAN Do Ir ng potsonows chemicals, stop burning fossil fuels, of C02 and feed a world popation ierensing rower isnot the fantasy of some crackpot dreamer, ts spelled out by the U.S, Department of Agrculture’s ast Betsile Research Facility, a mutt malian doa outfit spread across miles of the Maryland landscape jst north of Washing. ‘approach hasn't been put forward be fore, ume and again, over the past quarter century, by a seres af caperts writing in Charles Walters Acres U.S.A. it ls only that fom te proposal comes from az oficial government agency, ‘Serious form, throug the loci wring of one oft protest expert in the study of hallucinogenic plants, whose office too it is to carry a single book by either Steiner oF Bieta n creas and vot hav burn ee of fas fuel tthe ane tne we coud have @ ft petcins fom lezimes and grine: and we could Per etion's appaling balance of payments by sume 860 bon Prot stmly by planting our marginal sll all 62.5 mao Roce oft and imitating the American Indian method of inter cas with cereals such a (Gente energy forma” on sod not presently explasted. Such farms etd not onty fed the nation, wth a surplus, ut produce abun Gant fuel fom crops, climinating the need to import crade ol fom abroad. And all Us without talang ino account the 125 Fopping legumes suc a pacar ct yet spencer os ‘vlc is grown for ivestocie To make auto foe! fom fresh plant tiseue te Just a8 easy as raking ft from the fosalized remains of plants and mcroorgan tems. But plants have an enormous advantage: they are renew able year, and tndefctely, Pru fresh plants low polation fr ts economically avaiable for both gasoline and diese ful. ‘would grealy reduce the greenhouse eflect by cuting down Create a great mane of vegetation to absorb the present surplus. farther offsetting the greenhouse effect Organte wastes Bom this onan would help rebuild a degraded soll Aifalfa, says Duke. grows well ia the eaol months, producing cnetigh vegetation to ied the energy equivalent of two to sever: barrels of ll per aere. Basing estimates on average alfalfa vei Dike conehides that we could get nearly a tan of eile leat pro tela per ace of alta ad that's only one seventh of what Hara Anat was able to get using Sone Bloc). “The trick sald Duke. “iso tntercrop a legume witha cerea “True, you grow grain alone, youl get more grain: and iyo ‘gow legume alone youll get more legume. But Ifyou grow the {fo together youl get eater biomass, and tha is wat youre ‘Gorn is one ofthe more productive planta, in a eategory known as C-4, which photosynthesis best tn te heat of summer With ‘the ald of sunshine, its stale and leaves produce the enersy ‘equivalent of twenty bares of al per acre, plus another six bar fels fom the grains if these ae used for energy. To achieve thls ‘put requires only two barrels ofl pr ace, nearly one barrel fofthich goes for ittagen feruizer. But alfalfa, ike mest legumes. takes nitrogen from the atmosphere and puts it nto the sola the rate of about two hundred pounds per acre, comfortably com ensating forthe ane required barrel of al. Other highly fel peo ‘Guetive C-4 plants meade rice sorghum, and the taller erases, Suet as those that Wes Jackson is improving at “he Lar “The $5 mulion tons of protein derivable from the 62.6 millon acres now tying fallow would be about ten times what Amer fed for their det, Te Testes remaining after protein extrac {don would yield the yearly equfalent of 250 milion barrels of {nthe form af alcobel from dhe celisiowe broleen down to supa This alone could significantly ct oll porta from Persia C Revitalising Peter's dream, Duke suggests that, we were to fertiae with sewage sludge. cur 625 milion acres of corn and Betas orn or present daly port of neary seven allio bar es Aiady in 1979 Dan Caton had uted propo tthe ess) production of fuel deriva roes an acre of corn rain Bose frttnout the leaves or statka) rom a norinal 250 pions to Iptaaper 650. and posnbly achieve two crops in a your. which Speuid comfortably raze the ow fo over 1,000 gallons renewable Gamal. But DOE, in the throes of nearly being aborted by the newly (Beried Ronald Reagan. never made an officiel assessment of this Sagaine proposal Nel there sil remains the patrimony of 125 mallion acres 0 “work with, presently used, ar misused, o grow hay and corn for Grestock. Were these green acres to be made into “energy farms Gbappropraic combinations of legumes and cereals. we coul. etordng to Duke after harvesting for lcal consumption and for fxport of 100 milion tons of legume protein, produce more com {teal tian we have ever harvested before. and generate 3.5 bi Gon barrels of ol from the reaue ais woud take care of the country’s entie energy sempre ‘ments. And just as appealing ae all the other benefits acerved fn becoming selt-suficient via organic energy farms, we could lays Duke. generate employment forthe depressed farming, hous fing, and automotive industries. Move hands would be needed to Plaat cultivate. harvest. and process energy crops Small factories would be needed near the energy farms to com ert energy crops into renewable fuels ke ethanol (gra alee Bl methane! feood alcool, and methane gas all of which gen rate less polution than gasoline Detroit, says Duke. could revere its slump by manufacturing fouverters needed to run our carson renewable fuels. Decentral faing the fuel production process, eliminating the transport of il hativay around the world, would stimulate depressed local ‘eoniomics wile coneersing energy infil transport to say noth fig. acs Duke wth a wale. of removing the ol producers in ff fom cur economic thro By converting to organie renewable foes, we wok! generate Resear and jobs for America rather than for OPEC. Price sts Glowing sues 3 conversion snight make it poste to ffl the Heng ck Greass of U.S, farmers of trading a bushel of corn for Darrel of oi, Alia Los Anges and Denver might once more be fit to breathe ‘And then there Is the problem of water, becoming ineeasing’y ‘energy problems call for maaive use of westera waters that wil be needed by farmers to grow thelr crops, The orgie eneray fre, says Duke, wil alleate both prob Jems. Water removed during processing of crops for energy an protein can be piped back tothe fede tn adi, the bald Inurmas in dry western leds would help to hold the scanty sa Another creative way of trig adit area to avatag Dule’s suggestion tha strip miners convert the tor up tad energy farms interconnected by canals dug with their eat ing machinery. Stripped ova could then be barged out and sc ag sludge bg io frie andrei the land. Be ing. says Dake. barges Would be Hailing renewable fuels t ban centers and aude back othe enengy farts ringing a nw tng smile to Pfeuer's ghost Already in the 1960s Donald Despatn, a maverick economist and industral-relations counsel, had proposed a fundamentally "ew industry to transform agriculture from only a source of oor supply toa supplier of industrial products, which would create degree of agrarian prosperity never before experience in Arne "Wath agriculture entering along depression, he told audience tm 1972, “and farmers getting the saine pees they got near twenty years ag>~whille paying prices rte times heres ‘owing crops Jor power alcoho could pul Wem out of sk Despain quoted a Dew Chemical Company exceutive, Win S. Hale, as telling the U.S. Senate's Subcommtice on Agent ture: “Alcohol which can be manufacture from any farm prod nkng sugar erstals e te only out Ia mass forma So, whiy 1s it f the fact has been known and proved for over halfa century that internal combustion engines can run on ale hol as a sole fuel or on gasoline with an alcohol additive. eth substituting for gasolinor stretching it by 100 percent. that ths Bonanza ls ot available fo oe and al In the 18008 Dr. Leo A. Chatatensen in pamphlet, Power AL cohol and Farm Relief. diag deeply Into the extensive stentite Mrature on the use of eth alcatol asa cheap fe! for all com Dustin engines, Al the investigators agreed that from the sand Point of national economic welfare, alcool was the best fel be use offs many established advantages plus the fact that ‘could be produced within each country: whereas petroleum fa tobe imported Most attractive to farmers was the chance to distil thet own fut on thetr ow farms, oF make lager asiounte as much t= en sy clop containing sugar or star Wbppostion of the ol coxapantes, says Chuistensen, was orga Mand brutal: they went about distributing to ing-station rt ore across the hatlon cost-ice mumneographed material 0 fhe public ito believing that alcohol was inefMcient or dar rep he Petru Institue, with branches in every sate etinto action. and inthe nation’s capital money gushed ike Wit iotty senators and congressnen, Mnteepelly Sighting for the “Farmers Alcohol” Charles Walters cell decstcie in a sre of artes a Aes USA gical atitode ofthe “Big Ol!” cartel mesabers before, dur fig are since World War 1 as they fought bitterly agaist the Aslan of a. evcn grains spate af preven scot Gia wes at stake tn World War. Only on arders from FDR's -no ferape” Baruch Committe, did 8-29 bombers eventually fly cn lemixfure of high octane 100 proof alcohol But right after the Meer ememmnent closed down is skcofal redneries, ven though Be GE Hibert, Ciiet ofthe USDa's Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry, reported. on the basis of extennve testing {Batter aleobol makes low octane fe! equal to regular garo Bes emphasizing that fe could economically provide a vast mar Betfoe surplus grains To distil a bilion bushels The sid, cost only 820 rnlion—a small amount compared to the $8200 milion required o build incre storage facies, “which frino.way solve the problem.” While grain was being stored in bins, elevator, vacant lots, fens. stipe and even on the main streets of towns, each bushel GEgiain containing better than 2 1/2 gallons of ety alcobol, Superior to premism easotne, the farmer was belng sibllized foretire land tor use ‘he move to alcohol was even supported by Truman's See fay of Agrcultare, Charles F. Brannan: and & USDA expert tld fhe U.S. Senator there was no reason wy all damaged gral ‘ould not be sed for producing industria! alcohol. But. when Dwight D, Eisentiower was elected 1052 as doyen of the mil ary industrial establishment, Ube machinations of which he ‘warned agninst jor before leaving olfice—a sper commission tras formed to look at American post-war agriculture. Blatant Ignoring seventy-ve years of alcubo! experience In Russia. Fo fetid, aly, France, and England, the commission concluded that Aad found “no encouragement fr believing that, in the present Slate of knowlege and under present economic conditions. the WWE of industrial seahal for motor fel ca be juste.” It was @ specious statement predicated on ol being available at 4.6 cents a barrel at aa Tantra and other Saudi Arabian ol efincrics trybutun. And whereas the commission used the excuse thats cohal was not eficient as a ful, Walters pointed out tha it Is ‘ulvalent to gasoline im power, bums cleaner, produces lower funissions, and oases no tmusual engine weat. Cars in the tn ‘danapois 500 tse 40 to 75 percent alco in heir engles an’ the world's Speedboat record was made with 100 pescent scot ‘So perBidious are the petrochemical companies, now faced wit Imminent depletion of ther ofl reserves, they are looking to co trol the source of bemass as s evident font the mianpulation of farmers into debt and expropriation by foreclose. A stra In the windy poles ofthe nation’s capital was seized by Vice Presi ‘dent George Bush ashe ged lime! o carry the chenmleal en ner into the presidential race of 1988, In Chemical Marketing Re ‘porte of August 10, 1967, Ine was quoted as touting ethan and ‘ethanol as a step toward “energy independence, less seog in es, and more America fob sseultural Energy Center of the USDA in Peoria, nds, top pare at unbiased! comparison of two hundred ofthe moe pro famg renewable energy species of planta. included. along with the petroleum plant” euphorbla. and the “goper™ plant, whose milk, according to Nobel Laureate Melvin Calvin, ean produce Sy barrels of ofl per acre per year or dese! tees lke the ge opaiiera, which bleeds lke a rubber tee t give fifty barrels of diesel per acre per year: or the keresene tree sindora, another large tropieal te which i led forte rein: and petroleum mts lke pitasporum, a fast-growing tropical legume tree grown for Arewood to burn for eleetriety: andthe fast growing fue! wood specs like leueaena, the Pillppne tee from whose fru kero ‘ene f ready derived Tn Havall, says Duke, i Ss economically feasible to produce leetrictty from leucaena. tn the Philippines Pttosporum resingferum busbes cauld satisfy the Kerosene needs of every Pilippine fazuy. Four percent of Panama planted to Leucacaa ‘could satisfy Panama's energy requlrements And Duke potnts out thet allo! US. petroleum requtrements ‘used with the hydrocarbons derived trom planting acreage the size of Arona with euphorbis, commonly known as “punge."a shrubby plant wit «bitter my juice dat sarees ten there is the family of o palms, considered the third the plant files important to man aller legsoes and Stay prodice quantities of of, and ean grow very well on Fearon or oven descriied lane. According tothe Offec of ech Migjenl Assesament (1964), sbout two balion hectares of tropt aiid are in various stages of degradation, awasted potential Gatet Technelogially mmproving such dcgrvicd Inns with sow ee ude and planting encrgytrocs woul eller an orgie st Ghent would lead to higher productivity of energy sources while teaporaiy but vitally fying up CO2. “Fropeal countries, especially amid counties, with fw or no Foost foci, bankrupt by high eneray costs, and hungry for en alternatives, must sys Duke sole towhat natural resnarces {ey have at hand. For the Third World, he soggests a varety of fols thst could make many of tose countries sel-wuficint Fafiel. Much degraded land requires expensive irrigation and Gesalinvation. but the aypa. a palm of southeast Anan ma fgove swamps, grows even whic i arundated once o twice a Gey with selin tides, The nypa can ire two to three mes as ferch alcohol per heciare na can sugarcane’ aad the Paiippiaes sce hae 400.000 feciarca suitable for nypa production: Up ipading the OT a two blion degraded heciarea to give twenty fe berels of cil per hectare per year cowl aid Duke, reading fom one of his serous papers. ncrtiovny entitled “Reading Pale fino the Future produce the required fuel to ron the worl OPEC. he added with a smile. “might become an acronyan for {Of Palm Exporting Countries” Olt pak trees, representing EManding biomass of ebout ten fo onc hundred mets tons per Iiecare, would mosrwhile tle up alot of CO2 in previously a Jodkctive Ian that ted up very te The babassu tre (Orbignya barbostana Burret is reported by {OTA to yicls more than a ton of ful per year. During Worl War liquid fuels were derived from the bubassu: they burned easly fod cleanly in diese! engines. Reskdues wore converted to coke fd charcoal tn Bra nearly 100,000 people are presetly ex Dloecton 15 milton swaupy hectares described exprobably the Tacgest vegetable ol tndustry inthe work I wholly dependent wld pans, developed from an indigenous cotage inchs. Spade of further expansion. Of the fruit. 10 percent Is kere! 50 percent of wich fo ol, indicating a yeld of about forty ke fain of oper tre, ore barel for every four trees. Ironically Bran a icader in developing sleoho! fom energy erops. produc {nga lion gallons of alcohol a year. mostly fem sugarcane. Is {bliged to mnport ese! fuel Yet is adirably sulted to produc Bag dee! froma pale that have tice the energy content of Sugar and ten times a9 tiuch os the soybean tt nota last ‘palm off from the intertor to the coast. ia Jopland forests: Jessenia bau. 119 rch source of both He ft which cond te ip plenty of COZ an marginal swampy Tt should take only a milion square kilometers or a 100 (maures of lewcacna to soak ip the 2.5 billion tons of ito the air each year. And all the Leveazna were we Dt Geese ove ey tet of uring fn id te mero be doubled. CO2 could be stopped int rac it Duke warns that palms are presently an endangered spe rar fagiefaily dsappenring about as fast as the energy rcs ty could hip replace. He urgrs concerted ello to yee all pie for thetr economic poten, while they are sil Stes teres consevnn, A gpd lf these this ne Pscomor for thas conmsmed by 0 this fe work's Popuincce could be saved through conservation, which alone Bobi decrease the US. contrition tothe greenhouse efit by Gopercnt denting tne world total by one tha Mach Nocih American consumes sbost 2.900 gallons ofc Sigatvalent pr year, or nearly 70 bares er capt. 17 percent of fico penton food, whrens the world mean soy about 11 DamsisAtsricans une much more eneray © produce. process fetal an prepare fod than there energyt Ux fed produce tha cach year tne average American conmures abut as much freed in tne osm of paper aw people fn the Third World (ack ce oo. Mt lahes as mach a 900 gallons of ot per acre to cultivate land InAmerica, Ninety percent of all grains, tatuding crn, grown in fhe Untied Saree spe to vestoek to provide the sel pretln that Americans cae, or have been manesvered into craving A feat centered dito tne most resouree pensive of al des A DReneren steer ents twenty-one pounds of plant proteln 1 pro Ge only ove pound of protein in seaeA stunning 28 thousand force of energy are expended for every thous calories of Dee protein produced. wich only goes to putrefcton in the human gut fr America were to take the presently unpaatae Sep of song vegetarian. saye Duke al at grin could be saved for energy production, rearing the energy cris and sealy Amproving te health and energy of humans : nergy coneevation, eaye Duke. does not require the cuts tent of ial wcrvices,Linerely rere the cortasiment of wate (ten a dolar invested in energy conservation makes more net nergy eralable thar x dolla invested i developing new energy Fesourcen Thirfy percent to50 percent of the operating energy in ould be sive in sew bulls Planting gardens on rootops: developing two-and-Caee ered haturl ale conditioners, conserving energy and cutting dow plants, But like Hamaker hs prime suggestion ato keep pa ‘casting slow growing ones. A rewood fan that generates burned instead of fossil fuel, frees up more space for green plan And Duke recommends using iving fence posts tstead of e rgy-consuming metal-electe fences, man's existence depends as much on tees as i does on plants, chr of Ue total land area af the planet, arti we have imperi tthe pon that we are losing an sere ofrain forest every secon eared area, Trees create microclimates in which erope Aout hey reduce the aed of wind. Mit the water table, feed af fee tall. wl rarapire over eighty gallons of water a ay ne fleld that has raised wheat continously fora hundred years fs surrounded by onks whose roots go deep, tapping minerals to earth an rot Surfacing worme cary down thelr resi Jet oF decades, the trend fas been to fll rees and plant ps crepe, deeded (0 do something about rforeaing man-mad = Bort cen ceredl ccurwaleted ts cvcts mul rcs etcsre re By Sa nce encarta Pact monte Boe toec rec geeent srs Boat: Props oh Bt stetcsccren teed, Boule ccd sue fig single handed planted a forest ofa milion tres, covering 3 fst expanse of previously unparalleled desolation. now a the Ing eountrvsice within a plencic! French national preserve Gaya milion people inthis or any country were cach to plant 2 Single tre, the feat comld be duplicated, and the number worl Bietesse cxponcricaliy ao more people planted more tees, Only thus, and by bringing new hfe to 8 remineralxd soi ean 9 hope to save what passes for citation. and recover the Bouse fie this planet. the secret fo which, a in potent, nes ‘Ons problem is with time, if Hamaker right, weave lt the ehance we had to plant the tees in tne to save the plas ven cisasicr But one list hope remains: microscope tn size IBstpsniuen in powcr the olde, tardlet plant form onthe plane fable and tnimagsnable, dished up by an indilferent fate: the one ceed, blue green sige, known as Aphantzamenn. Prot fling atthe rate of mots. thealgne, could, according to Dar Rotkinen.sccrtiot author. and educator. dispose of surplus CO and feed the world. Grown in man-made ponds all across the world, especally such vast spacea as the Sabara desert. the metabelian biomass could suck up vam quantities of COD. Plant, says Kollman, grows fast enough to create the bass Bet us out of trouble, “To propagate blue green algae all one need isa pond, a pond ner, ore Water and rock-dust asa nulriet~al infinitely easter. cheaper. and more effective than any’ af the elimatelogits far ‘out uggestions. Te water doesnot have to low, bt needs meres be strred so that the infusion of alga all get exposed tothe su Froiferating. the algae draw in CO2 tram the aie Harvested. says ‘ollman, the age are the world’s best nutrient, suflcent with their protein to eave the Ives of millons of starving Africans and Thurd World peoples. And i, for any reason, a batch goes bad, tt sakes organic fertiare ‘Ancient organisms, algae resemble and a tar greater ca teria but have cell walls scty to photoayitveste. malin them the ‘Bost efcient chor producing oreaniam in exlteace, Mon cellar, each individual in self ifeent. Having no circulatory System as do planta, tey are mostly microscopic. though same frow into gant seaweeds, hundeeds of feet lone To Kollman, the blue-green. standing as i does at the very ofthe food chain, ts more basi to biological ethan even acterium. For bllons of years i has celtic Mffwrater and every inch of fer sol, transforming tainer Tee fovea sig nto viable ood for bacterial. Plant. ed ie, responsible iret for about 60 pereent of he wore's of fod. PRlew years ago, Kalman came acroas a soppy almost inex bi green algae in Kamath Lake n southern Or nent the quiet lumber town of Klamath Fall The lake's $Bo square mics m area, the onty known accesafble and spel ited source of such algae growing wid and in abundance. Ge ‘Bogie estimate tha fr the past ten thousand years the ike fhad had an annval procreation rate of 200 mllion pounds of fle. a rate that can persist ndeftely without disturbing the fies pristine an healt ecology nrely surrounded by the beaifel Cascade Mountains, with Mount Stista in fll view some ity miles to the south, the secret fo the lake's bonanza lies ie its Ication. a natural tap for tbe Flrlent makings of ie. Rain and snow that fll on four thou fod square miles of rch volcanic sal ofthe Oregon Cascades, Wash into Klamath Lake millions of tons of nutrient topsod. all Tre reuirea minerals are carvied down from the lacers, aval Able for hungry algne to turn, wath their strong supply af coro Ppl and withthe power of the sun, nto chelated organic mo feiles of superfood food to feed a starving planet “Todd to this matrent supply. much of the algae has accums ate rough mllennia nto ich sediment, which now covers the Bollon of he lake toa depth of thirty-five fect. The top one inch [af this seciment alone, ccording to Kollman. could support a ‘iassive aipne tioom for sixty years to come withou! any new ‘stents entering the lake. And its waters are unpolluted. in a tea devoid of industry, town sewage. or the chemical toxins of Agscultur, the rivers and streame that enter the lake are pure lean, and potablc, with ite recreational boating where sige farpel the surface oliman came t his dlcovery by a circuitous route, A teacher land administrator with a master in Science Edveation fom arvard, he was trained In aly in the Montessort method. Over [twelve year span of teaching young cilren he noticed a steady tcreane in problems normaly essed ne Tearing dsabites, [problems he soon recognimed aa being associated with the ci Ishing quality of the chikiren's let Under-nourisbed or poorly ours chicren were not capable of absorbing information, Ai therefore, of learning We came upon Kollman ina Los Angeles suburb inthe house vege AH fone of his supporters, Just ashe was beginning his campaign tf for President of tke Unsted States on an ecological plat Mall balding. qulet-spoken, in his es, witha deeply fines iat easly breaks into x pleasing sme, Kollman explained hat concentration was the rst requirement for earning. fat was geting more and more dificult fer culdren to @© Bee Ftwranted to be success in the classroom, something had Bie cone to esp the children's diets, An excatve computer fear throug citing erate rveale a micro ane were fused in Japan and other Far Eastern countries for the Femetlation of poor educational performance in scheolehidren, on 1078 Hollman and an asccciate became the rst researeiers ‘fhe United States to systematically grow and expertment with ‘and chlorela, forme of green algac now widel mar Ete. But Kollman wasn't satiated: he ddr Uke the idea of Ipaving to prow the algae arufcally in man-made ponds: and the (eliose cel wall of chlorea mace it dificult to aseumlate. The Glocovery of algae growing wid in one of the world's richest nat al nutrient traps” completely fc of artical infuences, a Spree for hin both problems: the Aphanizomenchs cell wall was {etna tobe composed ofa substance nearly identical to sveogen. Taking the slgne 05 percent sasinilable by bumans. And the Age contain al the trace elements esenttal to animal and ma Mo get the blu green distriited even more widely a ster Pres devised for harvesting the crop during the summer, then Frome drying it to protect the beneficial enaymes and heat sensi theviiamins, gusranteeing oth the algne' motrional value and We ake’ ecological integrity. The result tx = 100 percent plant Mibstance, 69 percent protein. with all the trace elements in falda state, realy sealable the highest source, aceording foKoliman. of natural vegetable protein and chloroptyl tn the fwerk, containing all he essential amino acids in perfect bal Ae, almost exarly as tn the urna body ‘As food he says has no poe one gram of blue-green algae Fas tested out as containing about 1,400 micrograms af beta caro Aipe. To obtain that much betarazotene one would have to con Same 14 grams oftver, 70 grains ofearro, 14 eggs or 9 quarts of fle tis also a rich source of neuro peptides, quickly absorbed fSnourth both the nervous aystem andthe brain, ‘At dinner with Eadie Abert, of Green Acres fame also a de led supporter of organtc farming and an authentic ecological evra. Kollman expanded on is program: “The frst or Bsineas is to get the people ofthis country fealty. That means {leaning up our agriculture, and restoring healt tothe sod. Irwe Tact now fo clean up the erviromament, we may lose forever Chapter 19 PURIFIED WITH FIRE Te took De. Viktor Kowda, director of the US'S. Academy of Sclences' institute of Soll Science to turn aifenicn aeay fon wb ie conse more than an ample canon ote nas ‘al pollution of the atmomphere toa potentially more ntracta problem: the introduction of feat * Such as lead, mercury. cadmium, aluminuen, asters ont eee ‘tum tnto the soll and thence iio the fod chain, a proces he feared might be treversibie, : Buta surprise was inthe ir As fin answer there came a message from the subcontinent of Ind, ty a Find Vox, thatthe process was not kreversibi Sething cov be done oN the planets paling plague iin Baltimore al he way fom a smal rlirond town south MeePetin, be caso to eve been specaly set by Migher sw rth a surefire method for cleaning up the atmosphere, et eat to forest, and bringing back to thelr verdant Mocks of happily singing birds Mier message. he said. was from a venerable sage responsible fercintrodvetng to this planet the ancient purring wisdom of emia, Parva Sadigura Shree Cajanan Mahara), sid be a Pans araiaror ascended master” who needs not return for Beother ie to this wen of pollution, but does so fr some higher eatcome to preside over the destruction of pallution on out ‘alls beg polation, ls messenger. a your Yo! named Vasant V. Paranjpe, born foie ola Driishstronghotd of Poona, southeast of Bombay. hav fhgridhmset,n he manner ofthe Gautama, ofall hls posses Gos, arrived in New York in 1972 without a penny. Inthe great fly Vasant walked the streets until people spontaneously fered Hime visa, 2 green card, moncy, whatever he might need to set Hiwel/ up. Decining all favors, he tiated he had « mission eriors tnd that destiny would gulde him, 1 di, frst to Ja Hopkins. then to Washington, D.C., where the rector of St Stepher's Episcopal Church. Father Wiltam A. Wend, the Ast Priest fo promote the ordination of women, tok Vasant under his Protection nnd helped hin get started with is mision. He was to Spread the ancient science of Agnhote with methods every bit Beastonishing as those of Steines “spriaal science.” ‘Again the hey ingredient turns oot to be cow dung, ralsing the Igietion of whether the lindus may nc ll along have had some Kogent avi highly teneficial reason for tending thetr cattle as they do. allowing them to wander unmolested ough country Jane and city ster. ‘Ts tine the dred Gung is place n wn sverted copper pra Tid, the sizeof a monk's beeen bow, stepped ike a rggurat long with a spoonful of ghee. a handfl of ace, and a pinch of Fealent sazudalwood. This strange assortment is set ablaze—to ‘he accompaniment of a mantra chanted i Sanskrt—as cuting Bear: gray smoke ries from lapping red-and-bive flames to pu Bi or so ts devotece clam. the surrounding atmosphere, fa Fxculously increasing the quantity and quality of rs and ves fables grown in the aren. Agnin Sanelart meane-fve,"and hora Athe act of purteation da building on a farm on the outskirts of Baltimore the frst, evetecs in this country of the exotic practice have kept an ‘Agahotra fre alive tor years. During all hat time a dediate Store of lndvduals have taken arn recting an onintermptes| ‘ants, around the clock. day and night. samme and winter. Satlnfy our own curtoally we traveled to Daltimore, aid at dawn ‘wnat was to become a bright sunay day in May of 1987, sat cross Feaged in a small buikiing on a hillside ust Beyond the beltway barely ity feet fom where the unisterrupted mantra was bei util but cheerfully rected by te chain Bring devotees, We twere to witness a petate Agaihotra ceremony performed by ‘an with Middle Eastern features and a thlek Blac mastace Ww Sat ima yoga position facing an inverted copper prram Beside him stood a gall jar Uhat must have ance held mayor. patse, now haf fll of translucent ghee. a round biscuit in filled ‘wh dred cow dung anda tll ea box containing special basa Fe. With these unlikely ingredients, the you! prepared bis fie in the pyramid, breaking up the caw dung. pouring on the ghce. fad Scattering inthe rice. As biue-red flames danced up from te ‘Opalescent copper. and pale gray smoke rove toward the black (Shed celing he intone Saraki mantra by mean of while Doped to injec into the atmosphere suleert mtrents arf srance to stimulate plant and neighbors to grow happily together Tn the trees outside, a lock of leds was aeady warbling = cheerful morning chorus. According to our guide, Noo! Ford « young accivie wits prettily Beaded Hat he fire mut be tt pre ‘Geetpat sunrae and sunec when certain energies ri out ofthe ‘cath with a quintessential sound sdle to developed senses, Toestablish the exact moment of beth dawn and dusie anew here In this country. the devotees have computerterd the location very tiny hautlet in the United States. and ean produce a com ‘puter printout at a moments notice. Later, nthe main house, the ower of the farm, John T. Brown jovial feldow of forty. father of two teenagers just on tk way t ‘schoo, explained how he had goten ite Agnhotra after years as ‘2 member of « group that follows the teachings ofthe famous Indian yog!, Paramahsansa Yogananda, whose autoblogrphy is 8 laste tn the genre ‘Our main objective, said Brown, was not to create any formal ‘organization. “People simpy began to show up, out ofthe bie and the message spread by word of mouth, There was no pule ity. no proselytizing. Vasan's message was simple enough: Be Inappyt Be happy here and now. And practice Agibotra to clean ‘up the planet” ‘Brown sided an if tndeed he were a happy man, connced thats solution to the tans had been found. Then he elaborate! (Boe ene han, rc Ana caratcery oar te Meshing tne ore mead Pepe Pi Dok Pa Gradually the practice spread throughout the Baltimore area “got now there are hundreds of fanes invotved in the regslar Durning of dung. rice and ghee in copper pots. To spread the Message. Vasant has traveled during tbe lst few years all over the country. and all tarough South America, Asia. Europe. and ‘Mica. Pracitoners of Agaihotra are everywhere. especialy In Such unpleasant and far lung formes dictators aa Chic and Poland. In one place in te Andes, Cochiguas, in the Elgut Valley (FChie, an Aguihotra fre was started eight years ago Dy a tle ‘ld woman inders thatched ret beside an ancient pre-inca wall. Now hundreds of prople congregate there daily. shanks to the ‘enormors success local farmers have ad rating thee crops wth Againotra at oracle dust as theyve come to call ‘Noni Ford showed us out ino Une garden. “You should see oor feo and potatoes. Ther color and taste are remarkable. Last ear had raspberries right up lato the frome. And, despte the ought ad the freezes, we had wonderfl pears, apples, and Peaches “hast scall that air!” sald Brown. “Last year we tried to get government people to come out and test, But they said: you St bad we wl come. your airs good, wy ould we bother ‘Brown expand that up until the previous year he ha ua! business with about a score of employees, wliom he could ocd ftom the three acres of land they culate. He pointed to some (rays of what lke lke cow dung drying in the su. “We soak cur seeds i cows urine for two hours then coat them with cow Suing and lay them out to dry. Then we plant them a ron tne round with Agnuhotra ash and say a mantra, The as seczns ‘Stabllze the amount of trogen an potassium it the sol. Arn ‘chemist in Colorado who works forthe US. goverment ts fount from repeated soltests that the ash greatly increanes the sol lof phosphorus. Brown desentbed the Vedic technique of Vajaya, a process of ppurticaton of te atmosphere through tte agency of ie, Vajiva ‘s tuned torah of nature, to radatlonal eects and to astrc ‘omical combinations. “Vajnya.” ald Brown, “hjeets nutes ‘to the atmosphere and neutralizes thelr effect ata subtle lv Nothingis desuoyed, nly changed. A powerful change takes pace im unwersal pranathe ie energy that pulsates tough ad connects us with the coamew creating sealing effect on bx land mind. I also leads toa better abmorption ofthe sus rays the water resources ofthe planet. Fire produces out of @ nore state of matter an ideal stale, which allows energy tanetor fon at 2 different level Bursts of energy emanate from the ‘Agnihotra copper pyramid, depending on te pate of the soon ‘ad the position of the earth in relation tothe sun.” 'As we looked in through the door of the small unprepoasessing dnderblocs balling tn which the uninterrupted maria was he Ing sounded, Brown elaborated: “Clarvoyants say a strange pe nomenon occurs when plants are grown in an Agnihotra atmo sphere. Ar aura-ype eld of energy ie generated from te plat nd persists around it while the ceremony fs being performed fis promimiy. Ts enables the plan to maintain maxrmams grove and yield levels fyou breathe in that smoke, te quickly goes nto the bloodstream vie the lungs ad has an excellent effect on the Streulatory system The main object ofthe exercise, according to Brown, i to heat and improve the land rather Wan plate and destroy wth ches fal potsons and thoughtless farming practices. “We grow supe Hor cope without the tse of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or wwe make the seeds more disease arnd pest resistant. Under pol luted conditions elements ofthe earth begin to change. Agno tra toa process wihereby the ralecuar components are reconstructed So tos Jeause seepage of radiation. A change in the nuclear struc ference amen, Seeioe patente Sects See = dete ofthe bowel. Ade wa aa that peopl tt ...... ste eater anoreceea Untied States living near radioactive sources would be deve ng sores. He warned that pollution lads to hybridization of sects, whicls become immune to insectieides, ad that a she time we may be bearing of giant man-eating ants being added That his prophecies may not be as farfetched as they sot was indicated by ihe forteillng several months before Sead Gying dolphins surfaced along the Adare Coast and seals ve found myaterionaly dying in the Novth Sea off Britain, that ir shals offs would be dying as aesultof pollution inthe ace ‘ast explained that i the language of te Vedas when pol tion goes beyond a certain limit there comes a change ft nuclear structure of plants, and they become unt for hum: digestion. He considers Agaihotra the only solution, and i i hope that chains of Agnihotra centers will spread around the United States and then around the globe, He claims ft wil ev holp solve the problem ofthe caone le developing over An Se pea sri danger tte ant 1s the vine wil that fom ths country the whole planet sh bbe stved, But we need in each state a place where we cat show how Agnihotra works, and where clean produce can be araw abundantly ia a small area, which becorics a place of healing with just the use ofa stage simple mantra. When we hear myone interested tn pracuicng Agaotra we conser four du to goto them, at our own expense aed teach then how to doi Ter only investment. apart rom litle cow manure, some sh (easily made fom butter, and some basmal! rice. is « coppe Pyramid, which costs a mere $10—a stall investment to el ean up the planet. and atthe same thne grow huscious. healt ‘crops. It has been easier for us to start with organ farmers: te axe more open, and ey have already taken the fst step by se ting rid of pollutants on ther land. Even you get only the sam ‘Held, we tll the ote. you don have to spend money on fer taers, peices, an herbicides. Your land and water are sae pero Asked what he considered tobe the formative fare in Agshotra ‘Vasant replied without aimoments hesitation: “Sound, you test Agnhotra with an oacilescope, you wll hear a special ss com {ng from the fre. Iris a sound that heals. Al the otaer physea things are there, mutrents. vitamins minerals but Sound, Ifyou are subtle enough. you can detec Fre produces Sound, bat i alse reacts to sound Ifyou sing special vibra Pee reproductive cc Resonance pis al Patina a pasting shot. Vasant recommenced (0 te on is with a couple of complimentary copper pyramids, he es fue to help clear the pollution tn our respective areas, and Wi the same time rid ourseives of unwanted sce or roaches in fhe coll. Just sprinkle Agrshotra dust wherever you see an infestation, be said with a smile as benign as was clearly heartie, “and Abe surpines tow quik Wears up. 1 does Ml he ents. simpy drives thes of swe drove of, discussing these strange events, we were struck by the number of stnilariues between Steiner's “Spartual Sct fen” and the practices of the devolees of Aguhotra, including fee common tive of cow dung and thelr simular remedy for iv Prom Europe we receved reports of groups of scientists in Fin). Yugoainvn,expersentng to establish ust what Agnibotra es. nd how. Their interest had been aroused bythe discovery int ater they had burned the quired ingredients sn the copper [pyramid their naruments fed to pick up radieactvtty in the Mamediate area, a ancraaly since the Chernobyl disaster. which Aadiated, slong with large parts of Europe, even thelr small (atic weaport on te Istria peninenla inthe province of Croa Whe Yugoslavs also learned that groups of subcontinent Indians ring within toe bordesiands ofthe Soviet Union who used died fa hg to sel thetr huts had remained unaffected bythe ra GGoactive contamination. intrigued by these mysterious develop Bein, tne Soviets hn tte one ofthe Yagoslay scents, Mato Modric. a tiochemist to visi the Soviet Union to demonstrate he meinod ot Agninora ints hope that i could be of ‘zens "Te check out this curious data, and the amazing paralle! be fhreen Homa arming and Steiner's blodynamle farming, we 3 fed to Rovin), the former Halian town of Rovigno, a charmng Adriatic seaside community with whitewashed tle-oofed houses Bunce together on a tiny oval peninsula ting om the Isa Asis reminiscent of the Monterey peninsula of Calfornia ‘Mato Modi. a siocky welterweight ln is late Ses, wath 2 broad, strong fice and plercing eyes, an expert in electromag etc fess, dowsing, and geopathogenic zones. Ines with his wi, Mara, pete dark wort wegng only incty pounds, i small duplex everloling the hareor - Over a supper of grace and roast chicken thighs, Mods who speaks fnglsh remarkay well, and Geren and hale Shuey. say he Deca ivoire in dhe Apuinou poenaaon ‘hrogh hs iserest in pyramid encay, or area fom sages long with such alle subjects as what tne Pence ado Trained i py, he was parcularty curtous abou the Fo the special vesbel mare of perfor gold and ts specie gg, shape arm elated tothe norm attennas used nigh Reteons ‘aamissons, What high fequency, he wondered. might be ‘og amplifed and broadcast by such an antenna to alee! hua aura. ts nadie, chalras. ors Kundan? That the ae ‘ould produce disinfectant. antcaagulant, and tesue contrat sng effects cn tving mater be aid was wel eta. Are sd ie beleved Vasant when ine came the ah ha peste snd fungleldal properties and that t might ultroately save the Bobi of mineral deficiencies. i remained fo be exabisies ‘hat trace elements were tn the ash, research io wich was Boing ann aoch disparate places a the former Yugoslav, Ger any. and New Mento, Maire explained that he tlieved he was deating with com lex that could potetaly aie the whole eavirsiment, cox tering the tains of modern technology Sevloped ver the ot cent ty the industrial revolution, a thatthe procen gt have enormous implications for our very existence He aed that he beleves that Agata ceremonies performed ‘at vartousspecically spaced potnts on cart, i done aaety at Sunrise and sunset. could alec an encray associated wi the arth, ane such as deserted by both Steines ant Rech thee hancement of whic woul have a healing elect on the entre ens et a ght bet understand oF prove terns of ‘He explained that in his conceptin the Agnihotra ceremony was energcically quite complex. uolvingat last tree enpei ‘sects, or feld phenomena, having too wits the fre atthe ‘sh, sith radaton of an undefined ature, and wth ESP, oF ‘ychior, He suid that tot of research was needed fo IM the subject rom the purely speculative, there bing at play biophye. Gal and biochemical intcractuons, and that sauch the and money for researeh might be required. “We believe we can ctablsh te fact of an electromagnetic radiation daring the ecemany: fe elaborated. “But we ae in an area beyond wat consti sts Pein wihie 303 eonstiers rational, into an area of informational transfer niermolecnlar and tnteralomle processes mediatcd by See ae een ee ee eee ees een, see a ee een eee ee cetera career ae eee ee eae ee pS ee aa eres rec Ss D pitable despite thetr gloomy political and economic prospects, with es eee are Bcc escent nue era eee eens Qhad seen in Poland a diferent nauan’, prophesying for ita se Ressance, with a sigalicant future You cat imagine” sald Leche wife, Helena, “the elect of the mote ceremeny. Bven in ghly hot row. wit no Win ‘dows open, or abr culating, te af ding aad ater the cer ‘ony becomes fea se pe . Forti. Acuotra wae brought to Poland ty Vasant n 1871 Svtcn he attended a sytposiam on paychotronics organized by Tech, But to the Stefanahie, Agnihotra has come mostly through ther twenty sour year-old danghter. Bogus, who studed the prac Chapter 20 TUNING IN TO NATURE ate ta the scr Maiaence must be fal ingsoen. ace the moon in Swords: “7c z Pepper in effect, says Sener, the inect world i= connected wit Aquarius. it 19 whule passing through these regions th fun fays out the forces which relate to th world tver the beet fields andthe nematodes wil by and by grow fat | n faintness you wil certainty find very effective four dear By that tine the nematode ean ao longer live, Isbin i ithas tote it in earth thus peppere iolsko explains thatthe ast ofthe burnt insect radiates i tne surrounding soll ani thatthe insect doesnot like tive Iie free, ts power of reproduction, That insects attack only weak and dying plants has, by now ete 801970 become a trufein, thanks to the efforts ef Howard, albrecb Walters, and a whele tain of agricultural experts, One would ik {o know, however, just how the ereatures gain the information gy sensitive instruments, and the use how they know just where to go and wher which plants fcc fam electronically smell out~at quite a distr and which ts wel Dirersely. by the same Infrared, they can be Now. tanks to the efforts of an entomologist wits a special Seat understanding of the mysteries of radio antennas and of rared Most mysterious of the known electromagnetic wavelengths radiation hat once appeared an necromancy can be reduced the infrared, only discovered in 1865 by the English astronomer ere Se Wiliam Herschel, ave remained vniathombl ntl very Fe Tn the course ofa elie of tvestigating the habits and abt Gerth there was ne instrument wth which to time 19 them. A tats of tects, Dr. Pillip S. Callahan, professr of entomology a fille longer than the longest rays of light vstle to noma, they the University of Florida in Galnesvile, and a senior entomologs Gover al of seventeen octaves, sixteen more than visibie leh. withthe USDA has discovered that insects are well aware fw lerya of some two mliontrequenctes, largely fcoanita foes on around them because they communicate onthe infrared Heraciel happened on them when he place! the mercy: Alle thas of the electromagnetic spectrum preisely as we cammunt bulb of a shermomecter against colored prism, nd was as tate with radar. microwave, or radio, using a variety of antennas Ise to find hat although yellow wan brightest, el wan ott cane Haas the vsibe rea to an ivisble area just beyond #, whieh procaced rele light" came, afer more than a quarter centy of led pared ration ti one most linked to fe, Vat Hs amt fe bubbles up 20 {onvetically sectioned prairie land of Kansas there rose bef ns the Great Pyramid of Glan tepica a sparkling white as t ambridge for spying trom saeltes, te instruments capa in'a bomber, to identity infrared radiations from buuldings. a tas done inthe sncak rad to target Qaddal' Libyan quarters cers sur ttn wurface'of be tent and owe to art: A tee = BS the one ct shape ofthe receiving ates onthe me I ors oscty acter rear, wom posse sta Fie plant Mas, or tin ty Jupiter ean posto ho pcre wn at cio Sie afbael there can bens anny inccts as there are humane oh and South America combined? An insect nothing but FBeough 2 sen of electromagnetic wavelengths. At various tine Sboospherc layers ae sinated to glow at very tow Intetes ubenutul hues o red green. near-infrared and traviotet. We FBtensties of ght But the insects see perfecty well with ultra Wnt taht, and they communicate wit infare Beckster whose discoveries shout plant communication aunched ihe Sere! Lie of Pants, now shews Unat mlerocoamle bacte (@emmuricate with enc other, and at quite a distance: Dr Pitz Died Popp, of West Germany's Kaiserslautern University, has Bown (iat ndvidual cells do lkewee, by modulated electro magnetic radiation. Electron microscopic studies of bacteria re Neal arrays of long rod-shaped elements, closest i form to the Senalls antennas of insects Antibodies are known to roaring fang bind invading microorganisms. while eneymes search cot fad colect raw materia to convert int biologically sel prod lets. Even molecules, says Julns Rebels. ofthe University of Pitsburg, jure and tap each other. Callahan goes furter, pos ing that chemical clements racate electromagnet signals ‘0 find, recognize and join each other Sbstanuiation for this “fight of fancy” 1s adduced by the re ‘markable drawing ofndvidn elements podced by Leadbeater land Besant with their ‘sidcn™ powers in their Ocalt Chemis thee Appendix C:) Ae analyzed by Callahan, the horns. pikes fd antlers depictes by the two theosophists are replicons, tt Griginals, of sophisticated man marie mtennaa tsed to comes ora wins gut of ery hgh trequcncics, fy Collette Uist, Steiner strange dicta about the slements being sentient philosopher. nthe made of Goethe much of Steiner's mystet 8 talk about “the spit ee, to academic reapectably Allof which a its start in Callahan's boyhood, New York State in the woude and Heide around the mall Hudeor River wlage of Means, close to Albany, Tere all ls re ti was speat inthe wild, exploring nature, or pouring over book about insects, birds: and expectally hawks Tischer great boylwod fascination, only apparent tncongr’ ono att you tag the wiring ofa pio tea providingboth strings are tuned tothe sane frequen {hat his crystal set worked on the same principle. vibrating tranemiting antenna tat could vibrate a feceving antena cot Getchow taned to hs harks? Was if posste that ving things fpyasyet unkown electromagnetic signals smu to radio waves? fen Callahan jned the army i the er War at Be ag: cent tes yond expe i ai {Bren any enlisted man during that confit As hordes of Acne an soldiers were bring ceonvoyed rom tralning grounds in Nowth fa ireland to ships headed for the Normandy Seachhead. (Callahan, a sor of-Wrong way Corrigan.” found hitnsel proceed dng by Jeep in the opposite direction. Destination: th Magheramena Castle Radio Range near the ry village of ele Between the Eriish province of Ulsier and the Irish Free Stat Winsten Churchill called “ine Bate of the Beams” Ane Magheramena Range puto Bere frequency radio bears-as yet undiscovered by the ener fending nortieard across nid moorland known! a the Pian, i Adan. Using these beams, RAF fying boats londe with could soar out over the ocean, no rater what the Preathcr to sink German subsnarin a for ther by the nmand, ten safely return to ttt bases, Far out WBsen, five hundred sales or more, the planes would use «rat KGmpase to home in on signal rom Farrancansldy Cross. neat Belek. Win a hundred ies vst they would wach (beam frm Belleck station, then, neary home. pice up a ado told them they were in he wspace directly bore Blanes to locatc German boats ts Callan wet! tne eat Bay home along hs bear, he was remind of he way ne hs IOs eave one alernoon by a crooked tries ai the foot of Pal Brae Hl, Callahan spotted a beatiful moth engaged in odd be Paice wit ts wings of pure whe and dark bul was hovering female was hidden be ye code signal varied eilser side oft ream causing the plane to By back and forth across 2 ‘What, Callahan 0 fallow such a is. in the wake of that the Persian Gulf to lags port of Baars ile suspecting tha iking past the Basra Petroleum Company, he found his sino nie deep in cndered insect corpecs as he watched faze faring gam fom chimneys at Ube edge of te ol ed mmibined Influence of the electric lights, winicls actually destr milion of insects hat are attracted to them. and the gas wes und furnaces, which lick up in thelr constantly burning flames ‘ther millions of Insets.” Scooping up a handful of desicc beetles. fies. wasps, and bees. wondering wheter it was reall the luminosity witch had caused thelr death, of whether i was From the eastern shores ofthe Mediterranean he took a boat southern Tallan ety of Bar, hiking northward across th ge Till in Apulia to camp near an ancient hunting lodge the Castel del Monte, where Emperor Fredecck I, a sctentst Stature, had housed and trained fis nantng falcons. A Calla was writing in his dary, to the light of a thick candle, a s own moth flew from te grass to make darting pases over the fy of the Night-Moth,” which assigned the moths sseldal a = the galley. but only arexnd this one. From farm, the hoopoc darted through the sm darkness o Since he hat been part ofthe erew that had painted that same oor the day before, Callan realleed the only fleece between {he "hoopoe" door and others ignored by the insects, was ts fresh Plat. of n0 special color, ust Une sual dull gray. Beets an Zmotns Sew infront of in capricious circles, eventually scling tthe rough painted metal. trating their antennas on ts st face Bist parccular door? Noting that its paint had faint smell Bananas, exanuscent of his mother's agerall polish, he remem (bred that Hiclland had deserbed how night fying inoths were leencoction of beer and bananas to ensnare them. Strangely, mos Dfthe Insects were crowding aot over the whale door fell. bat Daly on that part of it well expored to light. i was the ight which attracted them, then why didn they also go tothe lit por Hons of other doors on the ship? It mset be a combination of th Tight, pls the banana-ike odor o then, ‘And w iy torn this combination might be. th fsects seemed tobe resottaling 1 it, not with thetr eyes or w rei oinctory senses, aemmostentomclogts maintained, but with Hhetrvtrating wntennaa. Could tbe, he wondered that he sap's Bigeye ight wns heating te do aed caning the scent mek tle of pint to onctae a ey were he anata Hse raciaton? Tt mas the way the stn was suposed Berk acting al gace in the atopic, at molec ve Tezaine the tny rain stations, Wa te Sight bua oerency gonad 28? Ifeo, how ant why Hest oro wares ihe o te epi, come thee ot by metal devices, but bythe rade and cones on die retina tong as. light source fs avalable. Just beyond Ure frequen ne the 30-elled ultraviolet ones, which the eyes of insect, antennas can ena pickup, allowing them tate” aright Sword dened to human beings in Between the band of equencies captured by metal at @ the band sensitive fo the visval sensors ffm a ‘lly explore frequencies of he wor infrared, an understanding of which requires nat cnly a spec Knowledge of antenna design, but of the physics of optics, Just ing out these infrared frequencies from the ether, as radio rece tr do fr rade, had yt been pinpointed when Callahan attacke the problem, To Callahan, the antennas of insects, whose unac Countable behavior he bad been observing around the word arts, they were recelving strange signals to guide them to 0 jects of desire: food, members ofthe opposite sex, or. tragle source of fie. Unlike higher Lequency radiations, these seem ‘orrequire nonmetal, insulating antennas, such ashora or was Tan Callahan wa beginning to suspect. insect antennas we indeed receptors ofinrared signals, the principle. duplicated wit nan made transmitters, might enable man to control Ueir tes and goings. especialy those that cause epredato sertaton, and in 30 dolng avold the pestilence of chemical pes cides. No entomologist had ever addressed the problem. pe raps because ts solution required not only an tn-depts kage ‘ge ofthe behavior of insecta but a detalled description ofthe melcup, of ther antennas. The tac was all Ube ore daunting ata, prefer cyof wcking to thelr specialues, were inenas of ect snot that preyed on farmers lids, par tomatoes. and a heat of etc agricaltoral crops: the com ear = sof dollars of food plants Hoc mot, when together wit re Fe escrnaea to have deotsoyed bl Traround the worie ishing, be brought into Sous the tiny opines jutting from Imeantennas of corn earworm moths, I wast take him a deva Bhata il beore ne was eicently confident to pubs « paper PBessousty Shstrating and Geseribing tn Tull tat the’ eso thie teroecopic stem of communication tx the tn Fined band, Bh antennas lok very much lke TV antenns, with tong ies or spines for ong waves, anv short spines at the tip shorter waves. They are even oxganteed mathematically as log le anfernas, with bars closer tops as they srow shorter Hhplping that nature not only grometrizes but mathematies Mite the paper was in press. a new technological marvel was fap microscope. As soon as the frat sample was delivered to Uisted States, Callahen, accompanied by tis com earworm moths ‘tushed to Cailrnia where t had been tstlled Toe amerse Eeisoction he noted that. at powers of magnification and resale Gian with his own microscope, the huge. cear images of antes is and thelr senatla~‘tny sense organs ia the form of spines, Blsies, rods, cones or pegs. each sorsposed of one ora few cells Sih a nerve connection exactly corroborated the drewings Bad made What had taken ibs iteen years to accomplish could Bow be done in the same mamer of das ‘Appointed to teach at the University of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, Callahan sed tt excelent Iboratory fetes to tscover that female moths. arouse rom thetr quiescent daylight pete gage in a peculiar behavioral sequence. Moving their anten Merward. hey spread ther wings to ibrate so fast i's dificult to See that thetrngs are actly moving, This wing-ration rales their body temnperstore about cght degrees higher than the usual 5 degrees Fahrenhet throngh which male mothe fy at sgt in earch of rates. ‘AS the female heats up she begins to radiate waves in the in fed. With «complex instrament. known as a bolometer. Calla oui see then ngnalsematted bythe cor earworm aot ast a= fady ao Aft were a firefly And the fact thatthe signals were red by the moths wing: beat—ike a biker signal that chops Blight bears into agents to produce messages to send fom a Abip briage—-supported his theory that the moth was broad fasting a crxique navigational messare Using an oscilloscope to read ot tude of the signal from any polnt around roth, Callahan was Stic to determine the anol position in space: He could tel ‘whcther a male deector moth was located above a female emiter Toth oa ana pi pl approaching om two oc "Yer no matter how excellent the characteristics of the mot raochlaied infrared signal might be aa a navigational gulde ‘ino not likely, ta Callahan's eves, w also include the trata ‘Sai A'male moth woule be induced to home on this unique -... Af some other message tol i the agnel was actually a al of toscana Bie a etecve search of further ccs, Callan began to the shape of moth antcniae. Mevecomparon Saree Beene antennas and those of various noes caused ana fo the saring conclusion that eve) sing + fone we antennas electronica engineers could be our at much smal Gea he insect wore Inecis had indeed atte man ss fhegesigners of mio antennas, Calaan's microosplc staden onthe pots thy produced, revealed a word of eequnte 6 GeLA try green peach aphid, or past tose on deren Get hed dome shape scracrs os antenna suroure by fearing spines. The spines onthe antennas of are bende eat fpbermetsronc ike plckets ona ence specs fal get Geese exten fay belongs ne Heslan hy that Cestroys wheat Peta host has 1oop-ahapet opines Ayelow jacket coe of Ges of oral wanpm as pyrantel anc compet ell sew fila reminiscent of highly crcctona loop atenons ‘Stamp off fn all directions, as they do from light Dubs. Wit Such coherency, Insect antennas coud aot possibly "une" to res ecause his colleagues, lke the majority of university m sav to ase fense agatnst insect crop depredation, Calla rn total agreement wit his pont of wew that chen cred mouain, 0 spend an evening ia pul Bie strangely sculptured and weathered by th Minds that blow acroes the moor. Callahan bec < Hous of small insects hovering agains th Ginee for which entomologists had no explanation bis mist, fll of scent. coming fom the heather. bog cotton rimoor, where the ghostly hound ofthe Baskervilles had spr ated Tock to emit frequen ‘signal that could not Speaking, make them physieal chemist. De R fy scent molecules thr hough ow they might inthis poston as if she we Suggested that ingects might communica ep the countryside sng with the wane rs didnot always track the oferts 1 downwind, he came to the Conclusion that th its promis, ney might deteet infrared ra ™_= petting guste he ilea:"When speaking of sen. oe show igo unk oF waves in the ether ti false to asounas that oe es consist of gases or microscople substances. Periarne ie fetes yas wn tiny ee of musk and yet ave wl Nomoreconjectureon the subject appeared in pnt unt! 1040, fehen an electrical engineer G.RM. Grant. published « paper Gee Australian Proceedings ofthe Royal Society of Queensland to {fears that sensory pits” he had foundlon insect antennas igh peresonators fo mfrared radiation dnepired by Grant's conchision, Callahan began a search for Ieavioral patterns among insects that might indicate bot lac fon and an iirared-sensing bans for Inect communication. Mis Ses helgtcned his certainty that ths must surely be the ease fhe lasects “sinell” odare electronically by tuning Into narrow Id infrared radiation emitted both by sex scents and by plants they desire as food. His next equirement was to prowe fi pushy. (On the premise that older knowledge, so often spurned by Younger scientists as passe sight sill have value, Callahan ry Bi what he called nus Russian ryrarecd Machine. an iatnarnent ekadieva. forthe purpose of detecting infrared frequen Shen he was finally able to place his mothe in font of the Mhemachine tobe the real thing. females tried to lay ea oo it. Males atempted io mate with it extending ther genta twrard’s He components. adding one more rung to the ladles of pro Wh the samme machine. by broadcasting diferent frequencies, Gahan was able to deere hat sickening plants signal the fare infrares radiation, which goes along way towards expats Hg heaithy plants remain trpervios to posta, At last st was clear what actually happens with the mating Salers they cntance fram her body. The male math, yng this plume of pheromones, uses te sensilla of his antennas Bik up electronically the infrared signs emited by the scent Mi signal fades asthe concentration ef hormones becomes Tite He must therefore turn back into the plume, ine @ ser Beatine path io anc io tonarde hs gol, jst ke an RAP Catan following its rato bea Scicecaane etme econ nae me tos whic pcs up song era Zoey ta txts etal was havent vbasnara. as Tt the se wey tots ane Wo the weveengs exe de opine part ey are designed to eed on The scr th veok, Tui f Natve, Callahan make the Bal cae pot — = at he pect wi eect fo various character ft ryt dewalt pons by ateaiing en aes pecgraf ctr fee contr yarn, adn ois aiiy to atau msl antersacnanccre, phyla chemise py ie ony niece spree which func. te ably be ay be possibie—of course with the aid of morphlogistst fred off unlike tole potsons when not requie present arcbale,indiseriminately lethal, and outdated eysten fn the graph He adjusted a knob to produce a pinto molecule of reat, they give ofheightened rays of inured Th must be pleked up by our acupuncture pots and fed back the body, casing an altered state of chemistry. which af fe laughed happily and olleced to let us ry for ourselves, wt prised em up picture of an AIDS virus which port The similarity fas can besten in the accompanying i fs fanny: sald Phi asthe walked us to our car, “bow ma works of he almost total mneteeithcentuty Ir sciente gents. John Tyndall. ec a lost chapter story of scenes. described bow molecsles of perfume suc those emitied by pachoul sandalwood, cloves, lavender at oses, lemon, Giyne. rosemary, spikenard aniseed, and th wh absorb infrared radiaons. Tyndall’ fen n the Bneyeopedia tannin as {w his pernonal ‘on the natural history and topagraphy of Ireland, The Way 1 escrito Son Beneficent Frese dnconeres fageth Jl ipo opecchless, may sete tncsry Chapter 21 TOWERS OF POWER Kitmacdiagh sandpaper ark tow raticialiceny ita Eitborsndum mex ough Tower in ea “a Beet whore foo and window wer Bbatticulary trond strona b hese tines of force we BBB that can be measured on a reso. Pitenna. called electromagnetic rod ir words it looked asf the rl crops. han, was cll ce energy, and focusing with thee Re han die occal pyramidions,ordunce-cap covers, wer ideal conductors feed feces fepcting emetic fe fact Qocowere oy TBeperiacntal plants growing arotnd tern invartably bowed to nish sient genits, Michael Faraday, and contrmed i er the central tower. gs sprouting more quickly on ‘contemporary, Jobin Ty tested some thi he north se, leaving those on the due south ent pete fe a ‘hty bout Pal the si sere, weaveguide detectors Bie frst serious large-scale eld test of Cal nay tans Quackentons. a gente: ould capture the 14 6-ucter war HP the teat Round To ry region ofthe universe to whch small-scale models, the winter Bee snodels trate on breathing out highly paramagnetic carbon diode Tnmared ‘aware that form aa wel as tng t necessary for stron P90 Callas hat his small ee structures with Pyramicions ofbaselt mixed into cement Total investient: 3250, elds of cotton and soybeans were planted in eafy sum py al the happy reall wan a increased harvest of more an 85,000 above what had been expected. The faiowing year the Quackenbosses raised twenty-one “towers of power.” hoping thereby to increase thelr revenue. And far increas what cre tage Clan comm ration igh 0 pte “John: made studies of dowsing erature on subterranean water ‘ein, ant above-ground ey nes wits the object of stuatn ths ‘towers of power” dlrecly over apota where his dowsing rod tndteated such Ines were crossing or overlapping. The results ‘were surpasing rom another and novel angle: i as rca plage by arought tne Quacker tke their nelghbors ot pen train, enabling them to harvest 1.8 bales ofcoton per ace and ver 40 bushels of soybeans, the second Dest crop in ther his {Gay an extraranary feat na year of drought such as 1988, The tErous powers ofthe towers, Ge only extraneous fcr ‘When two former colegeclasematen heard of Jon's explts they induced tet own fares to ty the experiment [ews ths that tn central Virginia, on the land of well mown Richon businessman, Jim Wheat, his farm seanager, Richard Dix an nis actual farm, Ray Thomas, had the unprecedented courage to place seventeen towers ona thotsand aces of tidewater land in te estuary ofthe Rappahannock River So impressed were they by theft year's harvest with the mag cal towers, which brought in an added 850.000, dey have dete tuned to goa step further and try Diodymamics al ofthe fve thousand actes he farms and give up the use of chemicals as ferlvers or as pesticides. Ahappy move, for when we were tere th the cary summer jst as the corn waa beg planted tn hrelypolsoned fd. we found the remains of «beaut haw, that had feasted on one of dure dead crows, and ot the edge of his burrow dhe tracks of dying goundhog “That the syetem of brcadcasting cose cneray with towers. bela, or pyramids goes back to the historeal developers Such attuctures the Egyplao, stakda e reason, but the pre Stic very recent, only tow come fo lght through the elt Gabriel Howearth, wh for many year ia bckpacled hundreds Studying thelr method of handing the lan. he found them o be amacingy sophisticated, with feds of ch produce. some mes as ange a our hundred ere tt, sich intereropped—es tion om ceeerace Ie re Weas the practice before the arrival Permacuituresiteen hundred years a Bow they have frit and nut tees over fre stil growing and bearing: ‘hat the Maya were in contact withthe Egyptians, as pains Tikingly documented by Auguste Le Pongeon, snd thoroaghly foeroborated by such eminent epigraticrs as Profesor bay Fel, Beno longer i. question, except perhape by such exalshanent Bibsicized skeptics ax Martin Gardner and Ray the “Magica” Irhose stance, lke that of Cardinal Bellarmine with Galle, i to rege all such wonders as spurious or here Tow the ink between Mayan a egypt firth supported by Gabriettowesrtsclacovery tha the Maya used a method of Jreed and insect control that amounts to «form of what ts 3 fnly known an radionios. This they matried to an amazing st Spand relayed by tiny prams, direct slong the local pid of ines. just as with Clahan'® towers of power” “They kaw.” says Howearth, “which pets affect of Cortés. “They had says Howearth, “And hnousand year ol that which Bects—such as Venus influencing ladybugs. and Mare infiaene Jp not only of the planets but of the varfowe weeds ad i fevis, the Maya attached movable sections, which enabled the rij to determine, and then manipulate, as id Stlner, cosmic Their expertie in these mattere, says Howearth, passed oun hopper they know to carry a virus tha eliminates a certain weed “On one dnusual calendar stone, sald Howearth. the yp 0 the planets are not arranged arcuad the outer rim, asin some butfun straight down the center inchuding gps ther well Kept secrets, not divulged to gringo arceoiogits ‘can do tt with thetr slyphs and pyramids. They keep and nurtur the weeds they want for ther tntegrated agricaltre, but have fbe method for controlling the ones that otherwise get out o hhand. As dia Steiner, they wil take the ash cf seed ari place aller pyramie inside the larger anes. They a have sreontaminated lad dhe ancient wiedom kept alive by natives America, whether Nor, Central, or South, Tese are the at ee era COSMICULTURE tama, to a eight ee, « ew ere fe tan toc t's hghly Sod thats what weve d Bly years Galen has been pioneering fn th n of what be calls “subtle energies” enespiea outside the cletromagneti Beira, 00 te und by onthe sae cee Ipeity or aavity the world of energies so Iaciy desorbed tn the Hinds Vedon. n theosopty. and in aithroposopt As carly a8 showed that solar Taining 2 U.S. patent for an instrament that ei ft World War 1 he developed radionte i Bean cor borers laced in hie this metho hat Ihe invention, Bu Ipstem might be appt Bisinese as eff Lakemont headquarters. appropaaicy called Oasis, surround by lnnumerabe electronic and radionic instruments, Galen spoke cl eoptic energy anf ie were a findly ein ie doesnt ike els. Ie les straight Unes, but we can manipulate fe with cola anc tale ie radiate. And it moves withthe speed of ght. We prorec the sates, We knew, teen minutes before NASA, that they fred ther retro recta, NASA was ovt of radio communal bbut we could plot the astronauts with elope nergy Wellinta his nineties, is eye as sharp, and his step 2 tvely as that of a Hurzalnit, Galen looked forward to demolishing Premise that chemical fertliers in agpiculture can be of any us whatever. "fe dont get emt in Uns le,” he Joked, “Well have to fet'em in the nex To help the farmer clean up the polsons already in his soll x tualance fe for helt organic growth, Galen developed thre 0 instruments or tse in connection wih the commie pipes. His eopti ng the sol 10 ind out whats good or bad in it. and ow t ‘lagnose the health of tvestock. Both land and livestock can th ‘tality to the sol eliminate pests, and cure cows of such ds: ‘eases ns masts or leukemia With the dll wet for a partly potson, and the right detoxfing agent tn ts “well” the instr ment ia alan sed to clean potsons aut of feed. get the bad al font of eatte tanks, and even, says Sarah, keep the bart. {ora During down when i's packed with flammable wet bay. The third of Galen's exotic contraptions. a beam projector is designed to transfer a selected energy from ane source to ance Ifthe farmer neels help in analy the salsa hi land, Understand with tetrtnstrisments the balance or tnbelance Soll crops, seed. or plant, He can lao be shown how to rem the health of chickens, surkeys. or other snals that have bee feeding on poisoned foods The end reat ofthe jnt use ofthese instruments, Galen tl tu, leads to rjrenation, enrchenent. and retaliation of te {ious crops, healthier stock. reduction of pesticides and fertiz rm and a consequent increase in profs. Not only isthe cosa pide designed to take in and redistribute amplified energy, 1 is bso furnished witha “well” around which the descending wire I= Colle and inte which what Galen called "reagent ca be Ped pect. a5 many as My. The regents modulate the wavelengths itn cari lope” energy, the same way a radio beam ns ued by voice or music to be bromreast. With thts nate, the HMieronyruses search fr an energy they lke, then transfert (pil of oll or water, place it in the “well and broadcat i to te Bibetarourd the conic pipe Most amazing. the Hicronynzuses had been to broadcast the ps, as wll as the barrel compost. by lnserting them Hilo the wel “Afterall” they std, epealaing ia saised unison Bik power ofthe preps is the forees they contain, and those Forces can be chanced through our pipes and Broadcast with lopli encray st lke an her force~ There are now four diferent sired commie pipes. a small one Bhat wi cover forty acres, canting 6500, two intermediaries, and B super pipe for 82500 that will cover 3500 acres In the Ace seat states where they ave been installed they are aso cre Hed with affecting the weather locally, with less vislet storms, Weatler. more consistent rein. and milder temperatures “The cosmic energy mantests n earlier crops said ‘up an apple orchard, just about iteen miles down te road. The lind had been 20 heavily dosed with herbicides and pesticides sand commercial fertizes i fad not borne frat fr years. Th {Gees were i bad shape from dy rot. So we pur the pipe ther in January of 1986. in spring the blossoms were a gorgeous cloud of color, and when the leaves came out they were a lash dee ‘cen, The trees are vigorous now. withthe moat apples Ive ever, “The resy apple aphids bothered us at firs.” said Sara “bu we puta reagent inthe pipe to resist them. We got hold of labd put it inthe teat tube, corked it and put it in the wel ‘Retrument to nd ts energy wavelength en found a aubstance Welln ike and reduced its tality to zero. So we eated what lives on and made it so unpleasant the bugs woulda’ stay. We ‘ls Had good success with larvae by putting pictures of the trees ‘the well with something [found they didn’ lke ‘Sarah paused to pek upa small ial ofcolored water with whic to lustrate the process “We took the leaves ofthe red gerantu land transferred ite energy into thls val of water and intense i about ten dines the equivalent of luting i and shaking i tmcopaticlly. 1 put the val with the cut up geranium leaves the well here, and neutralized the wate onthe pate before tara tngom the power about ten times, That charged the energy taro this plate into the val of water. To check its effectiveness I put ‘worm ina Jar and began fo treat it with the geraniam water Tb Door rfter backed right out and lay down to die. So we did the Same thing for army worms, and tent caterpillars. and is me tere to bea level of comect very hgh ar fon. haf somcone were to hit a bunch of tuning forks nnd we fu distinguish the vibratory diflerence between them rathe athe erent coun. esembicd min nd se Machaclescllabration stared with the members o ibe Nature Ringoes “Iwas gven introns 1 wae tld what ets uy. What fetiner fo se. How far apart plan the Sets When 19 thin the plants, and how much space to leave ferent pM sin vibration, wnt aner a whe she ould ee ferns iy entered er awareness, "One dy. ih avec Bt visaton, snd foun! myself connected the Orerighing Deva of the Garden” lscbanc ways tht becaune she eso ser the realty around Batre cry rather tna foe, se expences te a fre saris ne swing operesoftyycocey. Out of conser. Bn or cw the tarure spr choos to be vse, they iso «context with whuch | tn comfortabie—cveray. 1 nov Bhat bey o appear to hsmane nthe om of ches, ares, gone Be Bott cank tts only to pple who are comfortabic wt ee conceps.To manifest that way, Uy soake usc of our ow thought ors” Pha we aan he shade of yung onl re by the edge of the Beis in wise ner garden ives ona ow et fern foped of Saoetay tts to albu te nate sports Machaele eoghect Spey “They've taken some bad raps Deemse of our isan em or cur own thought forme, Tey ae extremely powefal alles, eopoebe torte enatence ool that has orn aru sand athe bk of ex's eye. they can rernove that form Itwas then tha Machacle a god ookag, a ber eat fo is, cake hat ead back fom the madeunmet eat, cheeuly Sawa uo how to gti touch wih er sable compos Fits easly done witha form of kinesiology” she explained. “eld Your eft tie ager to your le thom. ino that exe throat the thumb and index of your right hand, pinched together. Then asic question, any question, proving can only Have ayes ora no Bd Willinger. I they part, t's no, if they stay Brmty abut Yes. YouTl be amazed low quickly you cateh on and how icky You be in touch with the world ef eementals all arn vou Elaborating on the science of kinesiology Mache exp ‘hat it ic inno way mystial oF magical. but tat when any {Hleuncal energy gad contained within his boi wl ect Steiy respond by abort crewing” making fleur the sce to maintain thelr strength and old tte pot tore pressure is added. Conversely when & "postive fs placed ‘iu te el, te elect! sytem lds andthe muscles are Tf you ask a question using the yes oro forma.” she added adrolly demonstrating with her fingers, "Une clementals can an wer your question by tansferring a yes peste) ora no (eg fel nto your energy eld. You ean then read the anser by test tig yoursof with Kiesalgy” Gurther inatrictn are tthe faw'To Appendix) ut our fret proveupation was with ding ou about he gar ddenin which sie appeared to have gone oe beter than Courtney fecdolnaiy, Herons, or even Lise producing, as she put hough esta food fo fe Philadephia all frm about a quarter Sere plot. withont benoit of Carton. Hamaker. or BD preps, e ther dprayed or broadcast froma commis pipe Nor doe she water her garden, except atthe moment of planting. Thereafter. not dlecaved Virgin fand several easter tates) an agrcatural Sstcr area because of the drought Wile al around her well nulched gardene withered in the sun. Percandra stayed Seah ‘id brght lading her sigbors to suspect her of being atch The garden, a hundred fect across, oii out a ele. wth concentric rows of luscious vegetables and brillant flowersin the Shoot amasng rarely and jospostcn in te cer. tna area Specially reserved or birds a feed and bathe, sland wre struc ‘Eten te for ofa “ene” crystal, namin device made of four copper aries. two fect in diameter, desled by plant ge nctcit Dera Laghan=to attract to te fe ore ener 0m a farm within te range. cleanse this energy, ard opin In back Slate above a Flanagan pyramid tensor. The haven ts lso founded by acirele of toes lke Harvey Lisi’ to crete a mane in foal point says Machacll, “has changed in content but not in postion. It use to havea tral white quarts cryotal the center but then ! managed to get old of « ich more pre cious Jewel” Three oral pathe lead from the periphery tothe center. A fence surrounds the garden to keep out te nthe hares and Cows iitnot thc antals of Ferlandra which are re to come ae ts they please mcfing rabbis, moles, deer and any hid Bet No cig rp orice ned one oe. i maintain the garden on the principles of eacrgy sid Machacie, speaking with the intensty tnd singe sancencon of Bera’ Santa Tereaareocving the sow of ove deca fer blecing heart. "Ths gardening this co-ceatie energy Ea ening is a meaphor fore. Au you change your appro to the paren, yo wl turn, charge the very hb of how you Approach your he. The Periancra garden tyes my heart. fey breah eo my Genny eer ny murat and teacher special of myst pant, ty onrese ts ay key tote etree greene acto to operon eth and everest Tallaw contained within One vere flow tis the Getanota Hon of chae irate ant awe played out corey eyes sy Tot thet what i spiciualtrth and universal aw courses trough all of realty and us teh a gan dod soe erenve marae must ceraily be berg played out Inthe beds ofthat sal gurdn, for Machaclics seth of el feng eran is more unbelievable ceen than that of Podaiahy Garton, Howearth,Heronyaun or Lise. She has mace up wha he call her“ balancing hi clleco of ty packages acerca soxk poptate aos 10, peemann, coved eal dotomite ime. kelp. and eseence of comtfey a from he: dev ti : : People dont realize that without the reper nutrients the phys cal aspect of the plant receives na ife sustaining suppor emus “These sie hokds out. one ata time, just. a pinch inthe palm of her hand, andl asks ow much of each is needed by the sll. As she gets a responce abe request of te appropnate nature sprit tt receive he chery from the usin in her hand and shit fin an appropriate amount to the appropriate depth in the ap n the nutrient you are holding.” sald Machaelle, quite matter -< actly, as if describing a recipe for fudge rather than some quintessentially metaphysical feat. “Hold your hand out about En secenda. Once complet, just drop the nutrient on the ground Don't try fo save because nothing but form without energy vd is no longer tcf At thi pont, the nature sprit shiftng the encegy of the subslaice you are prowiding fram te form Your band and using as tie base to expand the energy tothe amount needed, The nature spint wil etnfuse that expanded needed depth, Once the energy is tn place, the nature spirit you se working wi wil shi he ener he frm eve cons of greensand aver a one-square mile area to a depth of five feet and ital stare witha teaepoon af greensand in Your hand ‘Machaelle smiled happily, then gazed again at the beauty of her gasden. ‘When you've done, spend a moment sensing the landyou have just balance. Note ay changes. fyou sense noth ing. don't be disappointed. The elects, beenuse of the nature of wether more easy. You'll sce the gacen ats charge. Tings {Out an outsider wouldnt even nolce, bu the very things 2 per ‘son working indmately with the tand wl pik up immediately = ‘Machaelle explained that if they wanted to, the nate spits are powerful beyond imagination. ran and naar together al this union i the creation of the Earth's own healing eneriy through is gardening ystems around the planet And the healing power whic wil raiate fom the gardens and ultimately fron = he grid formed by the ink ofthe gardens wi be squnly ava fable wad usable fo both humans and to nature, chase eas Greated by mame and nature united, Machscle's approach to insects turned out to be as amazing When dealing with disease in humans or nature, the insects fquestion may be conquered or control! by tan with his tect flogy: but the cscase itself wil not be eliminated unt then ferving reason i addressed inareas where Insects appear tobe Hpoublesome or out of control. 1 suggest you draw back and lok atthe larger environmental plcture for tie answers you are seek fg you sil have dificultyideatfvng the real problem, look at Dressy how the inecis are Interfacing with human or nat form: there le the clues youll need forthe answers to the overall petuce DMachaclle headed towards smaller circle, about twelve feet Glameter, entirely devoted to tom ff the plants and gently placing onto the ground, “that tthe garden insects function as quick cepatchersofcomemurieation Hi see a plant or row sucdeniy overwhelmed, or seemingly over Whelned. Tl open to the appropriate deva and ask ifthe plan Balance sof For example. may find that a particular rose bush fs covered with aphids. When 1 Ast inquired, 1 was tld not to DBnie, just do the monthly fertitzing as planned nd that would febalance the bush. And it's trie: ones Ive done the planned ferttzing the aphids leave the bush within twenty four hour From the tomato ere she moved to another cle filed with flowers, her tone becoming mare serits.“Bverything can be tng along just nein the garden and al of m sadden, ut of Stables. Ihave learned that when this happens, more often than, fot tis because there has been a adden and! dremati af a fray or community connected with the garden. When it comes nergy is invisible. 11s no less tangible ints effect on the world Of crm than insects, heavy rain, or drought ts Machaelle headed fora shaded outdoor table where some cool. of my adventure, Ihave tied ten peroent ofthe garden back to nature, just on general principle. To be frank, don't believe have cverfully been taken up on that thing, What Ive observed ts dat where animal and plant interface, tts with the softest of touches, Af the same tne Ive felt an alr of aggression whic bhung over the garden gradually dissipate and eventually Sip pea altogether Then I vealzed 1 had removed my attitude ofa Sresslon toward the animal kingdom when change my rindse and this, in turn, changed the eolective attude with which the imal Kngsom interfaced withthe garden. They no longer had ‘ght for Me. They could exist within a natural envzon vthout fear of reprisal. What's more, i set into motion the re {Mion ofa new balance--one in which the quantity and quali of sect was increased malik By including all rembere of the hain of fe who belong within the balanced garden environment me encourages are enhances the quay aad intenally of i ergy within that chain, and within the enetronment asa whale DMachaele's description of how ae handles the cabbage Warm tener perhaps, and certainty Kinder, han karin thems into semua traps however appesiing the bait and patnless the death said Machatlle, “became heavily Infested with eabbage worms, lem in the area, {connected with the Deva of th mand armsourced I wished to give one plat at th Cabbage W > - SPnnis. except forthe four which 1 hed designated? oT Machaclle smiled happily: “The next morning al the plans in fhe ur se wre hue cage worm ep tt Bnount of cabbage wore on the end plants. ach had ony th Ser of worm could conforialy support thereat had iy cSasppeared! rds, wasps ane varios odber creatures had fess fnstng on the abundant cabbage wort und the plants freee fo condinve ter growth without rising a bent tn leas Bian seve cays the teste pans had healed, lewing no heies Bp ac Ioees: und ty late eummer even the deugneted part Bticned were bur punt hes fatal young man witha thn moustache and the gente expres foo of peroon wo cares for what he docs, came wandering Up he path om tne hone n quarter ae away was Clarence’ cx Proios seminar, wo had ven up the Cth tive end work Sta achat. “Ton, st aa our cora cop began to tase. oe Bera on. waving to st to fon ut wee abcd —revages he word by Japanese estes. Mey ate the pollen and demet Bete the silk: But based on my hack with the cabbage worm. tected to contact the Deva ofthe Japanese Beetle, Much tom Astonishipent. Touched into an enengy thet I ean only describ is that of a battered chi. t was an energy of defeat. of being eaten into submiselon, Yet st had med in witht anger and amare desire to gt forits he. Iwas told by the deva that what Tas experiencing was not deve but the consciousness of th ‘Japanese beetle tsclf S01 simply asked thatthe beetle recognise Perelandra asa sanctuary and intted ito oto sso that could Tog to heal I stated that we would not dastage or desrcy the Deets. To seal the bargain. 1 promised to leave snmowed spe fie area of tll grase that was a favorite ofthe beetle The sa was almost onto the crest of the Blve Ridge, casting ong. cool shadows from the woods that reached slimeat to the arden while the rt ofthe evening ewallows dated after insect fa the seuer light. “I addressed the issue of the corn.” sald Machactle, “stil oping to salvage some. 1 decided fo ry to sate the vibration ofthe individaal stall. Peshaps the ears would fl {Gu despite tie Japanese becle. 1 spent three days putting ands on each stall and loving. At the end of thece days, Uh ature tnetigences had had enough of this nonsense and Iwas fold to leave the cor patch and ot return vnt Rarer notiaed Devas and nature spits do not respond to what they eal gooey Sseniimental ove, Their love is of action and purpose. thie kind yy sty omnes une rng ss ines ewe Nomar Fal she was tld it wn al that was needed to feed the birds. ave with the nature word both ph also as part of the garden crops. I encourage thetr heal Beyire never Cute. They sek a co creative parsnership with bu forancy as | would anything cae inthe garden. And | lok fas, an insects which, in tin, help to support the overall feof th heard itis used for medicinal texs. Each year T dutifully fer dvi appear in the costmary. Not long after that. here are apllds, and the ladybugs have scattered about the garden. mtmary in the Perelandra garden te obviously intended a .Oziive Crombie, beter known as ec, fiend of Pindhor possessor of brary of arcana in Edinburg worthy of belng th cnt which sits and heals all touches and enflds. This hough harvest and ingest subway stat the Arbat, heart of the city. Along inte Tearie building nthe process of novation. Thowgh no ident nicely born Sovtet tached to tne USSR. ‘Teruichestc ment for Theoreteal Problem pean aquline face i which + Poon! Aeecatcn fr Payton Nena, which, capt 3 . Gpoleed roman abies and urnsed imental reserves Wally informed ws thatthe Ode! in Moncow was hawbortng th possessor ofa mysterious power to increase the growth ofp tnelp people come nto harmoay with the bieger world around oer atorgs biack stereo ctssctie recorder Sion tn 1088. Hanging onl ur wall were loons depcng eat ec Chris the Virgin Mote: and aia an Rusia Ort Ss gs ner oor ang pore ate oi At fl st fe a we den tanapoted by 20m Beence hy nice tach en tua atone snoSennes (ncn en nace cee te sca coc or pease and td culaton. One Gy. to is hore a (eceel ts srange muccrioa oting would nx ve om food ie colin wat nid to hm "Dad el me nasag Teteulofary etyman we found pte and atrace mde bes hy area cater seated x aldo acres bom te crear a haere cleo cote ae sonra sae a ine of tr coouny Tara ores bined fess fis rushing slong to Keep up wih your bande Ss cat hare gee back pipe bo a eho of Ea Mistress ie ary hn wages was eno ‘he oat Deserta he way to tego raw Roos fs test ad ber fier wa ale ote 1 want to nvedace yo aid Beret, lang his ois. "o threo four hour wal wh rang Orne tie caresses enor mt eoclag fice: re Piston mse Ween tees pacinc cgi one toe soy tna ts are ogemnnk pyri ony ea Pieper a cof et duets cues oc towed with ESP Bf, may reason lor existing hereon the planet. Iwas tortaented by Tuk Kad ecwerocd us bt un evramdionry wom orc cqoeetcns What gar aces eatiog? ares gues bv cea Bll crops bp ove 100 perature foe machine operator {love working with on and oer met fat wer Sek: Alla turned er hue te way cet Ae our group mild about the oom. the muted char ms Bato wes tenting ey hn ne ould sates op normaly tae followed ane Reetancxehange herent Sten Iwao ol smal. Wiener out tcce wih a oti “fens then tat we ced Rage aprave of whet and rt i rnnasiiy scocoen monte ens s Acoli se pia tough the room “isan example Betance vis yore fc out ofoorie ee borechteaa bp Bt by bik was explained to us what Alla could accomplish, A Dre my father's legs 1 began to lok inside myself ora exp Sc eso fans Dagaiaival rpeted to bave etre Wiss mertny teres tey acerca ee ee eee eed Unt nator herself might be vie eng to snc es Sang inthe proton que toto were core Whatever my bands were ena et te power, dled faay things and not ott cr particular mation fined fy that ter 50 ook no money fr my healing metrst thi then, Alla meas er wor How Ilive. hove Lain, at ay geen moment, determines what wil Ihappen ome later on. So many people are taught to worry about Wnt ty wll become that they forge they already are becom, hat they exist right now! How useless Its for people to think fs they do. II reach a given point, then such and such wal Trapper. When they project notions into the future ebout how they shoul! be. they are seldom happy. or hulled in ie When {am traling people oF subotances, 1 ada to anysel fever stop fo we thls beauty, We snk it by making what amounts fon drngef our ives. Life should bejoy. When ain suffused with Joy. bear lis voles in my heat. iva then that 1 know I can Belp hat moment Alla was iiterrupled wit along te r cr a ‘conversations taking place amullaneousy, so we could not eatch And t remembered stil another things miy mother used 1 What she was saying. But when se hung up, Berezin explained Forget anything you've ever done out of duty. all thats unde {hat seis eapable of treating water, ol ar cotton weol over the taken out ofa sense of obligation brings only arm. Only things telephone, no matter what the di done ot of lve serve the positive and the good experiment” eld Bete, we have nd that tn ther they were ooo ad” All kinds of remarkable things ‘comes connecting nk and, that connection, becomes highly Deyo pp wn tare dea wih pepe wk po fmmportant that ste recognise her responsibilty with regard o her them get im the way.” that any person. as a receving and transiting stat ’As a basic explanation for the development of her talent. Alla tracts or rejects rs i “Bad one ted the ited Soviet chilren'swster Samuel Marsa “What self ("learn to his Kind of under he lving saul ofthe person touching that the word wastes far too mach time Andiriankin's office. where he looked at us with kind of leer as ty reaponible third party oficial. with figures showing th eet out at the soaring alurmimum parabola of a rocket on I way to a space-monusient to Konstantin Tsolkovsky, fst Ru trial travel. in the nineteenth century at atime when his del, we wondered, exploring of mental pc ould hard, substantiated data be fe gon Ala's extrac griculture in a dimatrous state, as authoritatively reported by iow if he could comme over with something interesting fo show ‘ to us in Moscow. a cop he pile was a three page akt da = Seo — Proved success! r : bbe allowed to treat water for over te yusand birds. But th ite results wee autsing In ue months of January and Pe Bihoat sic. tat is rounded out wits meat. marrow bones sree and haifious wore tu a similar group of control chic fn Certain Experiments Indicating Postive Etfects Produced o cna ate about 15 percent lest fed 7 Pkcmiber 30, 1967, by the director of the Serpukhov State Dairy nt contalnes wth ayer ection woo, special et Plosted in the expecmental hundred were plo produced 452 ‘tea that dona. as lated ty the resais obtained Ofcourse not noire sores a et tne ay ero 1087, he signed an agreement for continued work characterized Nowy of Alls woo athe Serplow farm trace al te way invitation for her to come and work on an experimental eld sta tion tn Kisghiaia ear the Chinese border where five be ep of about one hundred head each had become so texplica. iy nervous and fumipy-—cwes, lambs, and rams-—they had lst a (grat alot weight Treated by All, the abeep were quickly calmed nd egan regaining weight after drinking only water treated by "finally found out.” sald Alla, “why all he sheep on the far were dolng so poory, when the director admitted to me that he [actually loathed teep, Tae animals ad Become senstzed to his Rost ets jun wit people rea communication newer ‘Bere looked from Alla to us and then grianed at Alla. “Tell them sbout the pond.” he sad, ae to imply wed heard nothing fill sated. “It was a narrow body of water, only Sty meters wide but kilometer long, The water i was rank, muday. and Covered with a thlek film of algae and a prolerating growth of Stoeds. Tasted If some of the water could be put in bots for me to teat then poured back into the pond. That was done in May the pecoen ay ut to a physicist, mathematician, and engineer. ke Berein ise ving things. but electronic instruments, “Shas,” sad pondered emphasis, ben able to reals peristent mane tos and breakeiowns in highly complex struments, bo with is tare base. perhaps acruclal part ofthe verse since ts a trted, Ala tds, wt Vlas Vassiyevc ‘he Tartar hordes before they were reduced to submisaion by fran the Temble—-where he was working as 8 senor mipersiso fr the ONIPL-V computer center A delicate ietrament ased to nitar heart conditions ld broken down to the point where 2 team of rpatemen could do noting to set I to rights. Alla sent ther spect way. end asked him to spnkte certain key parts o the instrument. Within moments, said Lezhnin, the machine be fing bout hie work in mechanistic forma, terest, ned priate pcr artes ps boyy a ing lovingly on his maintenance work he gain smoothly. He is avery open mulnded pers nlc so many Kind of theory works, nat my kind of practice. Some of them eve models SM-1403 and Sil-1600, which work at speeds of 400,000 (Operations per second. They have adjunct equipment suelo Put. snd dram-type alphabet-rumeral printing deviees capable (Of producing 500 ines of 132 symbols per line per mainte Much in demand, the machines operated twenty-four hours & gy in a “rmt-terminal regime” om shared time. AS a result of theirintenstve use, the number of malfunctions and breakdowns, fs carefully recorded inthe engineerin og bepan to rise sharply Information transcribed on disk packets could nat be consistently ead out, and there were “Hoatng faihures" when the machines would not supply what was needed On All's recommendation, the machines were wiped free of ont wits loth spree wih er reed wate, ad us of cote nth ate war were apie toe places roved as did the morale of the wark force responsible for main Ienng he machines nop working rr In Lezhats's analyses of what seemed tovbe miraculous gotngs en. he refered to complex cybernetic wats beng sg Ship. reminded him ofthe father ofa boyiond fend who coul Fepairelevision sets despite only three yeas of elementary sch Yan could uneringly select. ftom an array of parts, whatever ‘The most saliing explanation for this elusive S pitmoper and coenoge: Ar bddcfen Young eas eat ts ta eavague tec cs th meas et fre of is kind in the United States to delve into the morsterien of rnomalies research laboratory” at the samme uversiy. They have Sionscans teu cer siege donsty cniewuiel ta 1 cooepia whch wore nivecacedtohelp ose at anid do not even pass the test of object ceses with which we try to explain what ‘backcgro une Jahn and Dunne, ttwas Duke Louts Vietor de Bogie (whose asepected explanati at large the even greater prosperity of peace between the t Blanes superpowers, btn Delicose gant, deprived ike APPENDICES Appendix A (Lic FROM THE EAST ak Appendix B SEEING IS BELIEVING = rig on THREE QUARKS FOR MusTER Mark ‘Appendix D STEINER AND ANTHROPOSOPHY F ‘Appendix F How To AND WHERE To Bis bot onset w Bsconietcd Bewasted et ‘wyomi BIBLIOGRAPHY Yes sataeeis chapter 3 Chapter 1 — Ss satan oe Agriculture? Wyoraing. Rl: Bi SCs Litera MeCarrson, Howard. 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