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This Addendum to the Merchant Agreement WeChat Transactions (“Addendum”) puts

forth additional provisions to the Merchant Agreement entered into on ____ day of
_________ 2018 between PAYMAYA PHILIPPINES INC. (thereinafter called
“ACQUIRER”) of the one part and __________________________ (hereinafter called
“MERCHANT”) of the other part. Whereas it is agreed between the said parties that
this addendum shall be considered as an integral part of the above referenced
agreement and shall in all respects be governed by the provisions of that agreement
for all the schemes/brands that the ACQUIRER carries provided, however, that
provisions stated in this addendum are additions to the ones already mentioned in the
abovementioned Merchant Agreement, especially for WeChat transactions. That all
provisions stated in the abovementioned Merchant Agreement where the term “card
transaction/s” shall be applicable and translated as “Wechat transaction/s” via this

● Transaction Slips & Original Receipts

o MERCHANT is required to keep properly the original receipts and
relevant transaction record for at least sixty (60) months or five (5) years
from transaction date.

● Chargeback
o In case of dispute, MERCHANT should present its copy to ACQUIRER
once requested within three (3) business days from the date of such
request. Failure to present said copy will result to an outright

● Refunds
o MERCHANT is given 90 calendar days from date of transaction to
process refunds. Submission within the given period however, does not
guarantee the MERCHANT’s processing of said refund or absolution
from liabilities or losses. The ACQUIRER shall not be liable for any
damage caused to the MERCHANT as a result of non compliance with
the terms and conditions as stipulated by the brands/schemes.

● Hardware

o MERCHANT shall use the ACQUIRER’s POS within scope of the

agreement. MERCHANT shall not transfer, lease, lend, mortgage,
pledge, lien or in any other way dispose of the ACQUIRER’s POS.
MERCHANT shall not transfer the ACQUIRER’s POS arbitrarily or move
it to other places of business or exchange between different frontliners
or cashiers, otherwise, MERCHANT shall shoulder any and all losses
and liabilities arising from such activities.
o Ownership of the ACQUIRER’s POS will remain with the acquirer and/or
its appointed vendor - service provider.
o MERCHANT shall take care of the ACQUIRER’s POS to the best of its
ability and shall be liable for any damage incurred by the ACQUIRER’s
POS as a result of negligence, misuse or abuse, acts of nature, theft,
robbery, or fire. Under such case, the cost of the ACQUIRER’s POS will
be borne by the MERCHANT.


○ All terms and conditions stated in Section 18 from 18.a to 18.c of the
Merchant Agreement shall also apply to the Wechat brand acceptance,
displays, use of logos and all other trademarks et al.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused the authorized signatories below
to execute this Addendum on day and year first above written.

PAYMAYA PHILIPPINES, INC. ________________

By: By:

______________________________ ______________________________
Mario Lazaro
Head of Payments and Acquiring
PayMaya Philippines Inc.