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Unit Test 1

1 Complete the text with the correct form of the words in italics.
When I was at school, everybody (1) must I had to wear a school uniform, although ties weren't compulsory
so we (2) didn't need to wear I needn't have worn them. We could choose if we wanted to wear a jacket, so I did
although I (3) shouldn't I needn't have. I liked this system, because it meant people (4) didn't have to worry I
needn't have worried about very strict discipline, and we respected the rules. Things are a bit different
these days. My daughter attends a school where pupils (5) must I need to wear a full school uniform. They
(6) mustn't I don't have to wear any jewellery, they (7) don't need to I mustn't eat in class and they (8) have to I
need to do what they are told at all times. I think schools (9) need to I mustn't have strict rules. Parents
(10) need to I don't have to be able to have confidence in the authority of the school. Luckily, my daughter
is a sensible girl, so I (11) don't need to I mustn't worry about her too much. The only problem I've had was
when she wore a pair of earrings to class, which she knows she (12) needn't I mustn't do. I (13) had to/ must
go and see the headmistress and tell her she wouldn't do it again. She knows she (14) should I has to respect
the school's rules, and she doesn't like it when I check her ears each morning. She always says, 'Mum, you
(15) needn't/mustn't do that because I promise I won't wear them again'.

__ / 15 marks

2 Complete these sentences with the correct preposition.

a Eating well and exercising can lead better health.
b She takes pride being a good mother.
c My first impression the place was pleasing.
d No one thinks bad things will happen them.
e He can't help worrying _ _ _ _ his exam result, even though I'm sure he has done well.

__ / 5 marks

3 Complete these sentences with a word related to the word in bold at the end of each sentence.
a Someone who copies other peoples' signatures to get access to their assets is said to be a
- - - - · fraud
b My uncle works in a services company in London, and he works so hard! finance
c When my grandmother entered the home, she was not impressed. 'I wanted to travel the
world when I grew old, not sit in an armchair; she said with a frown. retire
d She can copy anyone's accent and mannerisms because she is a good . impersonate
e If he had studied harder at school, he would have some and be able to get a better
job. qualify

__ / 5 marks

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4. Choose the correct present tense to complete these sentences.
a She's not talking I She talks to me at the moment because we had an argument.
b He's going I He goes to the gym twice a week.
c Most weekends, I go/ I'm going walking to relax after a hard week of work.
d They're never playing /They never play rugby when it rains.
e I sometimes am drinking I drink wine when I am out with friends, but not always.
f She's working I She works harder this week than last week.
g Every so often, the volcano erupts I is erupting.
h We're catching I We catch the bus today because our car is atthe garage.
Currently, she's living I she lives with her parents, but it is only for a few months.
j I always eat I am eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.
_ _ / 10 marks

5 Complete these collocations by choosing the correct word in italics.

a I noticed that he was acting I performing suspiciously.
b She wears a wig and speaks with a different accent to conceal/ show her true identity.
c I can't tell you because it is secret I confidential information.
d Young people are under a lot of friend I peer pressure.
e You can never judge I tell someone by their appearance.
__ / 5 marks

6 Complete these sentences with the rnrrect form of a word from the list.
gaze look notice stare watch
a I've never before how blue his eyes are.
b at that building over there! It's beautiful.
c I at her in disbelief
d Do you want to _ _ _ _ television tonight?
e They lovingly at their new baby.

__ / 5 marks

7 Complete these sentences with a part of the The first letter is given.
a You shrug yours ________ when you don't know something.
b If you stub your t_ _on something, it hurts.
c Fortune tellers can predictthe future by reading other peoples' p___ -·
d A watch can be worn on the left or the right w ___ -·
e When my husband asked me to marry him, he got down on one k_ _ -·
__ / 5 marks

Total __ / 50

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Unit Test 2

1 Provide a word or phrase that is synonymous with the word in italics in the sentences below.
a We would like to formally invite you to participate in our annual public speaking competition. _ _ __
b I found the book accidentally while I was cleaning the attic. _ _ __
c He has the natural skill to be a good rugby player. _ _ __
d Presently, I am living in Iceland. _ _ __
e Too much pressure is not good for your heart. _ _ __

__ /5 marks

2 Rewrite the sentences, using can I can't or could I couldn't and making any other necessary changes.
a You are able to do it! Come on, keep trying! _ _ __
b When I was younger, I was able to swim fast. _ _ __
c If you lost a little weight, you would probably be able to fit into that dress. _ _ __
d He wouldn't have been able to finish the exam even if he'd had more time. _ _ __
e I have tried and tried, but I am still unable to do it. _ _ __

__ /5 marks

3 Rewrite each sentence using the word given in bold, so that the second sentence has a similar

a Did you book tickets to see Madonna? manage

Did you tickets to see Madonna?
b I passed my exams. succeeded
I my exams.
c Juventus scored two goals in the last five minutes of the game. managed
Juventus two goals in the last five minutes of the game.
d Scientists have found a new cure for the common cold. in
Scientists have _ _ _ _ a new cure for the common cold.
e Jenny could swim for miles when she was younger. able
Jenny for miles when she was younger.
__ / 10 marks

4 Complete the table. An example is given.

Adjective Comparative Superlative

long longer the longest





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__ / 10 marks

5 Correct the underlined mistakes,

a My brother's not nearlv as faster than me. _ _ __
b This is the bv far most easiest exercise. _ _ __
c That was the betterest match I've ever seen. _ _ __
d He's a little cleverest than me. _ _ __
e You're always considerablvmore laterthan me. _ _ __

__ /5 marks

6 Match the meaning of get in sentences 1-5 with its more formal equivalent in a-e.
I couldn't get you on the phone, even though I tried several times. _ _ __ a buy
2 We gotthe train because it was quicker. _ _ __ b arrived
3 Did you remember to get me a newspaper? _ _ __ c contact
4 Sorry, I didn't get what you said. Can you say it again? _ _ __ d caught
5 By the time we got there, Tom had already gone. _ _ __ e understand

__ / 5 marks

7 Complete these sentences with the correct phrasal verb from the list.
turn back turn into turn over turn to turn up
a Top professional football clubs an enormous amount of money.
b Jemma late for work on her first day because she missed the bus.
c The road was blocked because of an accident, so they had to _ _ __
d Ray a really good athlete since he started training more seriously.
e My older brother is someone I can always when I've got a problem.

__ / 5 marks

8 Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word in italics.
a His arrival I arriving will be exciting.
b The national employee/ employment level is improving.
c People have more money in times of prosperity I prosperous.
d I like to get as much information/informed as I can before I start.
e The completing I completion date is quite soon, I think.

__ / 5 marks

Total __ / 50

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