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English Week Celebration

(September 3-9, 2019)

English Language and Literature Quiz Bowl (September 9, 2019)

 A group shall consist of four (4) participants.

 The contest will have three rounds: easy, moderate, and difficult.
 The top three groups will be declared 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
 In case of a tie, a tie-breaker round will be given which consists of three questions.
 The decision of the quizmaster is final and irrevocable.
 For pre-registration, please find Aliyah Avrelle Loyloy.
 The contest is open to all bona fide junior high school (Grade 7 - Grade 10) and senior high
school (Grade 11 – 12) students.
 Each participants are required to pay fifty pesos (Php. 25.00) for the registration to cover the

Rank Prizes
Champion Php. 1,000
Medal and Certificates
1st Runners Up Php. 800
Medal and Certificates
2nd Runners Up Php. 500 Medal and Certificates

On-the-Spot Essay Writing Contest (September 6, 2019)

 The theme will be given at the contest venue.

 The essay shall be written in English in not less than 700 words but not more than 1000
 The contestants shall be given three (3) hours to write their composition.
 The contestants shall be provided with a bond paper with their corresponding number.
 The top three groups will be declared 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
 The judges’ decision is final and irrevocable.
 For pre-registration, please find Aliyah Avrelle Loyloy.
 The contest is open to all bona fide junior high school (Grade 7 - Grade 10) and senior high
school (Grade 11 – 12) students.
 Each participants are required to pay fifty pesos (Php. 20.00) for the registration to cover the

50%- Content 30%- Organization 20%- Mechanics

Rank Prizes
Champion Php. 500
Medal and Certificates
1st Runners Up Php. 400
Medal and Certificates
2nd Runners Up Php. 300
Medal and Certificates
My Answer, My Help (Quiz)

 There will be a question to be posted every day in front of the POD office.
 Every answer costs Php. 5.00.
 Shakespearean Society members in your section are selling the ticket.
 Every morning is the declaration of ten (10) winners.
 Each winner will receive 100 pesos and certificate.

Prepared by:

Epher A. Baluarte, LPT

Shakespearean Society, Chair

Noted by:

Geriez Marion Idulsa, LPT

Student Affair, Chair

Approved by:

Rufa C. Salomes, LPT

School Principal
Xavierians celebrate English Week

DAMULOG- Xavierians celebrated English Week last

September 3-9, 2019 at Xavier de Damulog High
School covered court with the theme “English is my
second parent, it is for all.”

Shakespearean Society organized a competition like

On-the-Spot Essay Writing, On-the-Spot Poster
Making, Grand English Quiz Bowl and My Answer, My

Every students participated in the one week long

celebration of intelligence, skills, and talents.

The group of Jessa Mae Gallardo, Gen Mark Agor,

Leah Teofilo, Antonio Caburnay, and Charlene Shelou
Segovia was held as the Champion in the Grand
English Quiz Bowl Day.

It is the first time after several years without English

week in XdeDHS.


Established March 2012 Adopted June 2018

Article I. Name
Section 1. This organization shall be known as The Sword Post.
a. Throughout this document, this organization shall be referred to as SP.

Article II. Vision, Mission and Objectives

Section 1. The organization shall envision to train student writers to become disciplined,
unbiased, well equipped and God fearing journalist to promote formation,
human, and Christian.
Section 2. The organization shall pursue to advance the frontier of knowledge
environment through the society of the campus journalism that is conducive
to growth in faith, academic excellence, and moral integrity, social and cultural
sensitivity in forming students towards consciousness and involvement in the
academic environment.
Section 3. The organization shall have the following objectives:
a. Maintain vigorous standards of honesty, and fair play in the selection and
editing of its content as well as in all relations with news sources and the
b. Deal dispassionately with controversial subjects and treated disputed
issues with impartiality.
c. Practice humility and tolerance in the face of honest conflicting opinions or
d. Respect rights of privacy.
e. Act with courage in serving the public.
f. Serve as a constructive critic of school at all levels, provide leadership for
necessary reforms or innovations, and expose any misfeasance in all clubs
and organizations or any misuse of public power.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. Any individual is eligible to become a member of the organization if he/she
meets the following qualifications:
a. Must be 11-25 years old;
b. Must be a student of Xavier de Damulog High School; and
c. Must know how to read and write.

Section 2. In order to become a member, a qualified candidate shall:

a. Join the annual orientation held every first week of June; and
b. Observe rules and regulations of the school and the organization itself.

Section 3. The Secretary shall maintain the roster of members of the organization.
Section 4. During meeting/assembly members are required to have an attendance.
Section 5. A member can voluntarily withdraw from the organization if he/she is
transferring to another school.
Section 6. A member can be forcibly removed from the organization if he/she is not
functioning and not following the rules and regulations of the organization.
Section 7. There shall be an advisor of the organization who shall be selected or
appointed by the School Principal. The adviser should be an Language
(English/Filipino) teacher.

Articles IV. Officers

Section 1. The organization shall be headed by the Editorial Board which will be
composed of:
a. Editor-in-Chief. Serves as the highest authority in the organization,
represents members of the organization in activities, programs, and
transactions done with other legal persons and individuals, leads the
meeting of the Editorial Board, signs all documents of the made by the
organization, and approves activities that are suggested and proposed by
committees and members;
b. Associate Editor. Assists the Editor-in-Chief in the performance of his/her
duties, and takes over in times when the Editor-in-Chief is unable to
perform his/her duties and function due to temporary or permanent
c. Circulation and Budget Managers. Keeps the financial resources of the
organization’s safety and security and oversees its disbursement for
projects and activities. The Circulation Managers will disseminate relevant
information about the organization and its activities;
d. Writers. Contribute, spread, and gather authentic news/issues to the
Section 2. Any member who are able to meet the following qualifications shall be eligible
to be elected into any position within the organization:
a. Bonafide student of this institution;
b. Must be 11-25 years old;
c. Can read and write;
d. Can communicate orally/verbally; and
e. Imbibe the quality of a good leader.
Section 3. The term of office of elected officers shall be one (1) year. Elections shall be
conducted every first week of June of every year.

Article V. Meetings
Section 1. The regular meeting of the Editorial Board shall be held every last Friday of the
month. In the evident of a lack of a quorum the regular meeting will be
Section 2. The members of the Editorial Board must be notified about the upcoming
meeting no less than two (2) days before the meeting including the place, time
and the agenda of the meeting, if it was not decided on the previously.
Notification of the special Meeting that is called to solve urgent issues can be
sent by electronic messaging a day before the date of the Meeting. It is possible
to make decisions on the urgent issues by means of surveying of the members
of the Editorial Board through electronic messages. Decision which is made in
such a manner must be recorded and affirmed on the next meeting of the
Editorial Board.
Section 3. Editorial Board makes its decision by open simple majority voting of the
present members. If ever there is a tie of votes, the Advisor will decide.

Article VI. Standing Committees

Section 1. The following standing committees shall be constituted:
a. Committee on News (CON) shall gather or cover all the important events
in the school and community.
b. Committee on Editors (COE) shall edit the information gathered by the
Committee on News to retain/substantiate the need of news.
Section 2. Every committee shall be composed of a Chairperson and at least five (5)
members. The News editors are qualified to become a committee chairperson
and members. The advisor will appoint the chairperson and members of

Article VII. Impeachment

Section 1. Any officer may be removed from office on any of the following grounds:
a. Culpable violation of the rules and regulations of the organization;
b. Dishonesty, oppression, misconduct while in position, gross negligence, or
dereliction of duty;
c. Abuse of authority;
d. Three (3) consecutive absences in regular and special meetings;
e. Involved in scandals and civil interdiction, that may destroy the image of
the organization.
Section 2. During the investigation, the officer who is under such will be suspended until
all due processes are undertaken by the Editorial Board.
Section 3. If proven unworthy of his post, with due process and evidences, the
officer involved will be impeached upon the approval of the Editorial Board.
Their decision shall be final and irrevocable.

Article VIII. Amendments

Section 1. Amendments and additional provisions that will be made to this Constitution
and By-Laws shall be affirmed by two-thirds of the general membership in a
meeting called for this purpose.