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ZoPD New Album [Golden Goose Part.

1] released
ZoPD is the maestro of Hip-Hop who led the Korean Hip-Hop
Producer ZoPD has been as 'Golden Goose' while promoting outstanding rookies!

> The main message from the ‘goose’ - "It‘s just a beginning!"

ZoPD has returned after arranging all the music works he has done for 17years

The Album [Golden Goose Part.1] is releasing with the long preparation while promoting rookies in
STARDOM and could find out the expectation of the ‘Golden Egg’ which ZoPD will produce from now

‘Golden Goose’ ZoPD presents this album with the new songs ‘Candy’, ‘Souless’ and the remake
songs ‘My Style’, ‘Dear Friend’ which had been big hit.

This new ZoPD Album has been produced with ‘Deez’ who is recognized for having won 'The 8th
Korea popular music award - the part of best R&B Soul' and well-known as the producer of EXO,
TVXQ, Rain, and TaeMin and JongHyun of ShiNee. Along with producer ‘Simo’ who has covered the
republic of literary critics, scene and even the major music charts. And ‘Yunsu’ participated in track
that is known as ‘ToppDogg’ debut song ‘Follow Me’.

The song ‘Soulless’ which is very innovative video collaborated with America most Hip-Hop style art
team and ‘Candy’ that featured by Korea’s everlasting diva ‘BADA’ are the songs that only ZoPD
produce, covering all generation with the in-depth lyrics. Also his hit song ‘My Style’ and ‘Dear
Friend’ has been included as remake version.

ZoPD style and the best producers made this album’s quality the best. And if the album [IN
STARDOM 3.0] released in 2013 is the first step coming back as musician, this album is complete
album as musician ZoPD

> Official featuring hit formula!! Title 'Candy’ (Feat. BADA)

‘Candy (Feat. Bada)’, the title song in this album is covered to cheer up for the life of member of
society in today, and as a producer, Chief Producer Deez was worked for it. Also, he focused on
original of soul punk disco. Rhodes sound that includes Vintage kit in the1970s expresses dynamic
sound well, and the vintage piano sound on this music scrapes along like a drama. Additionally, in this
title song, ZoPD who has popular rap skills could expand musical spectrum with Bada who has
already proven in Korea as a great singer through participating a variety of music programs. She
joined in this title song for featuring. Even though there are a popular melody and musical
composition, his unique and wit lyric protects it. The ‘Candy’ that made through his experience
delivers a message in hopeful life and dream for people.
> The trademark of ZoPD!! The creative and innovative music video for the song 'Soulless'

His music video always came up in conversation as a masterpiece. The music video of ‘soulless’ is also
unique because of using picture with music at the same time. Through collaboration, producer Simo
with Evan who is a number one position in Sound Cloud in 2012 joined this project. They express the
mid-spot life of ZoPD.

> Rebirth of the classic Golden Egg masterpiece 'My Style (Feat. Kidoh, SangDo, SeoGoong,

“My Style” by ZoPD has been very popular song since the release in Korea with the power of delivery
and familiarity music. Through this song ZoPD had made popularity once more. The song is re-born in
new style with the participation of Kido, Sangdo, Seogoog, rookie rapper Kuro and the unknown
rapper X who is known as the song ‘Peanut Return’ .

> The mega hit song of ZoPD! 'Dear Friend(Feat.Son SeungYeon)' got a rebirth with a
harmony between previous & new!

“Dear Friend” is also a song that keeps gaining popularity in the public. Insoone who joined in this
song as a featuring has a powerful tone and great singer in Korea. It was recorded a number one
position in public TV music program in Korea. Instead of Insoone, Seungyeon Son who was a number
one position in Voice Korea season 1 participated with this featuring. Even though this song made 10
years ago, sensitivity in original is maintained because we can look back on the past.