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Good morning respective teachers...good morning students.....

English Language Club successfully organized Scavenger Hunt competition

yesterday as one of the English Language Club activity. To hand over the
hampers to our winners I would like to invite PK1 madam Nisi. Those groups
won please come in front to receive the hampers.

1st place please welcome Arthyius’s group ( Arthyius Arttila 1A )

2nd place goes to Felicia’s group ( Felicia Sherrina 4A1 )

3rd place goes to Anita’s group ( Anita Letja 3B )

4th place goes to Christ’s group ( Christ Davis 2A )

Highly Immersive Programme

As one of the Highly Immersive Programme, another scavenger hunt also

successfully organized as, in class activity with 4A2. Without further due, I
would like to announce the winners...

1st place please welcome Daphney’s group

2nd place goes to Abby’s group

3rd place goes to Jelia’s group

4th place goes to Anisha’s group

5th place goes to Ruud’s group

On behalf of English Language Panels, We hope that this competition will be a

sweet memory to all the participants nevertheless you win or lose. That’s all for
today’s event. Throughout the activity, our hope is to encourage students to
converse in English among their friends and classmates. Thank you.