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in the American multinational technology giant and one the part of the big
fours of technology that also comprises of Google, Facebook and Apple, is a company
based in Seattle, Washington that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital
streaming and artificial intelligence.
It is very well known for its disruption of well-established industries through its
innovations and mass scale. Measured by the revenue and market share, it is the
world’s largest e-commerce marketplace, AI assistant provider and cloud computing
platform. Apart from being the world’s most valuable companies, it is also the
second largest employer in US and the second largest technology company by

Founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington, it started as an

online market place for books which later on expanded to sell electronics, software’s,
video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys and jewellery. In 2015, Amazon surpassed
Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States by market capitalisation.

The e-commerce giant operates in India under the domain and one of the
largest e-commerce player in the country.

Overview :

Amazon is very well-known for it’s disruption through technology and innovations. One of
the reasons behind it’s huge success and strong customer base is the easy user-interface that it
has provided since it’s initial launch as an online marketplace for the books. It has always
understood the customer’s needs and have designed it’s website accordingly. The user-
friendly interface has helped it create interest in the user’s mind and made the user spend
more time on the website or the app. This is the reaon why it’s parent website that has
presence in the United States makes it to the top 10 searched websites worldwide across the

Currently, stands at 69th rank in terms of the times it is searched on the internet.
Though it is indeed amazing if the demographical and psychographical conditions of India
are concerned. To be in the top 100 most searched websites worldwide and even after having
it’s presence in Indian context says a lot about the company and the technology inclusion
taking place in the country. stands fourth in terms of the traffic rank in India after Google, Youtube and
Facebook. This makes it one of the most searched e-commerce website in the country
possessing more number of users visiting it’s site on the internet in the country. As mentioned
earlier, Amazon strategically promotes it’s brand and offers value to it’s customers which is
all reflected in the statistics that is being studied..

In terms of the E-commerce and Shopping categories of websites worldwide,

stands at the ninth position with approximately five minutes of average duration of time user
spending on the website.

Traffic Overview :

The above exhibit shows the detailed traffic overview of with the number of visits
that users made during last six months on desktop and mobile web. There is an increasing
trend in the graph that shows the number of visits from the month of February 2019. There
has to be some strong advertising strategies behind the potential of the company to keep this
graph stable in terms of the consistency of the visits. The high number of visits is something
that is creating opportunities for the company to attract more customers and making them
indulged in shopping. This is where the strength of digital marketing comes into the picture.
It’s the sole reason behind such huge traffic of the website. The average visit duration that
accounts for the time spent by the user on the website is more than five minutes. This shows
the engagement of the user with the website. The duration of visit is somehow directly
proportional to the benefit that the company receives in terms of sales.

Bounce Rate means the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away
from the site after viewing only one page. accounts for the bounce rate of 48%
which means nearly half of the visitors who viewed the website didn’t went on to open other
page of the website. This has two meanings. One, either the visitor found the product he/she
was looking for directly and completed shopping process at a go. And the other meaning
could be that the visitor didn’t find relevance to it’s click and went off the site dissatisfied.
There is no other information provided regarding the bounce rate.

Traffic by Countries :

The traffic map is the depiction of the location of the visitors. Since accounts for
amazon’s e-commerce business in India, almost 90% of the visitors are concentrated in India
on the world map.Other countries have very minimum concentration of visitors for this
website. The visitors from countries other than India, would probably be the people looking
for product comparisons or would have been navigated to this website by mistakenly clicking
on some google ad or referral sites. The traffic depicted in this map accounts only from the
websites searched from the desktop.

Traffic Sources :

The traffic sources show the mediums which are responsible for the amount of traffic. In
digital marketing, there are various ways through which companies can create traffic by
making use of different tools like SEO, SEM, etc.

Direct :

The direct source of traffic accounts for half of the total traffic. This means 50% of the
visitors have visited the website directly by entering the website/URL on the internet.
Marketers these days advertise their brand in the form of website. This is the reason why
visitors find it as an easy way of reaching the website. The marketing of websites positions
the company in the minds of customers in the name of it’s website and this creates a long
lasting impression in the minds of the customers. This is the reason why nearly 50% of the
traffic is accounted directly. Such advertising makes it easy for people to remember the full
website or URL. It even shows the branding of the company. It shows how easy the company
has chosen it’s brand name and simplified the lives of people in terms of remembering the

Referrals :

Referrals refer to the mention of the link of on other sites. To understand it, let’s
consider a website that compares the prices of phones. Such websites many a times mention
the websites of the products for the ease of the readers to get redirected to those sites for
checking the product. It could also be the news sites that many a times mention
during the festive seasons when it offers unprecedented sales discount. It can also have it’s
mention on many blogging sites. So this is how referrals account for nearly 4% of the total
traffic on the website.

Swiggy contributes nearly 6.81% of the total referrals of which means that that
amount of visitors have found some advertisement of amazon on swiggy app, meaningful.
There are also other sites such as and who also significantly
helped in bringing in more people through ads.

Search :

By search, it means the traffic through search networks. This is where the Search Engine
Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing tools of the digital marketing comes in the play.
These are the tools that the company use for making it’s website rank on the top either by
organically optimising it’s website by adding relevant keywords or by making use of Google
Ads for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is the paid marketing tool that shows your website
on the top when a user makes a relevant search on the google search network. This traffic
source accounts for nearly 36% of the traffic on the website. This provides evidence of how
Amazon makes effective use of the digital marketing. It shows the strength of Amazon in
enabling it’s products presence either organically or by paid marketing on Google Search
Network. These small efforts of such company is what makes it a giant in the e-commerce
sector and possess such a strong customer base and hold of market share in the era of stiff
competition. This what makes Amazon strategically overpowering e-commerce company.

To bifurcate the traffic of Search, nearly 74% of the total Search traffic is driven organically
by, which means they incur no costs for bringing the majority of search traffic to
their website.The top five keywords include amazon, amazon india,, amazon
prime and amazone out of 11,000 other words that helps to maintain their rank organically.

Amazon incurs costs by SEM for nearly 26% of it’s search traffic. The most paid keywords
are amazon,, amazon prime, amazon music and amazon india.

Social :

This accounts for the traffic generated by promoting it’s products by making use of different
social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. It accounts
for more than 5% of the total traffic generated on the website. The digital marketers make use
of different tracking tools based on the clicks and cookies stored on the devices. By making
use of such information, the social media platforms helps Amazon to target it’s customers.
The small contribution shows that this route of traffic creation is less viable for an e-
commerce company may be due to the weak response from the social media users.

Youtube has remarkable contribution to the traffic, with nearly 73% of the traffic out of total
5.39% of social media traffic. This results from the video ads, that are displayed before or
while playing the youtube videos. Facebook ranks second with nearly 17% of the traffic
generation from the image ads or video ads sponsored on the facebook website.

Mail :

By Mail, it can be inferred as the traffic created through the mails. E-commerce sites keep no
stone unturned, when it comes to reaching the customers and keeping the customers
enagaged. They make sure that you don’t miss on any important day by making use of their
huge databases and pinging mails to it’s registered users. It accounts for the least number of
traffic that is nearly 2.5% of the total traffic.

Display :

This talks about the Google Display Network, that is a paid marketing tool, where Google
allows the advertiser to show an image/video/graphic ads with other information of the
website and product that’s displayed in the ad. This display ads, possess unique feature of
navigation to the destination page when the user clicks on the display ad. It shows that makes really the least cost or has no strategy of promoting it’s brand/products
through Display Advertising which is nearly resulting in 1% of the total traffic generated by
all sources.,, are other publishers who display
amazon ads on their websites.

Competitors and Similar Sites :

The competitors include,,,, and many others who with their presence in the e-commerce market place
make incessant attempts of capturing’s market share. Thus, it’s necessary to
understand Digital Marketing and companies create opportunities by making wise use of it
and positioning itself at times. Therefore, it is very important to understand digital marketing
not just as a concept but also as a strength and opportunity to make place in the future
businesses that will be technologically advanced and so will the need of marketing to be.

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