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Flynn McGarry is an amazing chef. He

works about 40 hours a week, grows his
own food for the dishes he creates, and
has cooked for the White House. The New
York Times and The New Yorker
published articles about him. He has
spoken at a TED conference and he
appears on news and talk shows. People
come from all over the United States to try
his food.
Well, what’s unusual about that?
Flynn is 16 years old. He was only ten when he began cooking after school, and
only 12 when he began serving dinners to customers at his family’s home in
California. He calls his monthly supper club Eureka. These days, people pay $160
each to try his tasting menú. He does school work in his free time, but spends
most of his days trying new recipes or learning from other chefs around the
When Flynn isn’t in the kitchen, he’s likely eating at a favorite restaurant or
posting photos of meals for his followers on social media. The videos on his
YouTube channel his mother
started years ago have tens of
thousands of hits.
Flynn wants to own his own
restaurant, but some people say
he’s too young. Because he
started working so early, some
think he missed out on his
childhood. But Flynn doesn’t feel
that away. Every day, he’s excited
to do something he loves.

 What is your opinion about Mc Garry?
 How many years begin to cook?
 How many hours doess he work a week?
 What articles were published about him?