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With all the praise and gratitude, the presence of Allah SWT for the grace and gift given.
So that the author can complete this internship and report making well. This report is made as
a completion of internship in KALBE FARMA. As the outcome of this Internship Program, it
is used to fulfill the requirement to complete Internship Program from Sampoerna University.
This Internship report entitled “Virtual Reality Development for Training in Kalbe Farma”,
this report is prepared based on actual experience as part of development team while doing
Internship conducted at PT. KALBE FARMA Cikarang. This report arranges in such way as
to make it easier for the supervisor to understand and accept what the author has done during
the internship. In effort to become the leaders of drugs manufacturing in Indonesia PT. KALBE
FARMA Cikarang developing Virtual Reality tour and application to implemented as training
tool for employees.

The authors recognize that the implementation of these activities also thanks to the help of
various parties, both directly and indirectly. For this reason, the authors thank to:

1. Dr. Ammar Aamer, Ph.D, as a Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology Sampoerna
2. Mrs. Tika Lestari, M. Si, as a Head of Industrial Engineering Sampoerna University;
3. Mr. Sepwin Nosten Sitompul, as a supervising lecturer who took the time to the author in
order to complete this internship report;
4. Mr. Irwan Setiyadi, as HRD & GA Manager at PT KALBE FARMA CIKARANG;
5. Mrs. Lian Fee Lieng, as a Manager Logistic at PT. KALBE FARMA CIKARANG;
6. Mrs. Yenita Fenesia , as Recruitment staff of HRD & GA at PT. KALBE FARMA
7. Mr. Juanan Rosul, as mentor and People Development staff of HRD & GA at PT. KALBE
8. Mrs. Bella Maya, Mrs. Angel, Mrs. Mala, as staff of HRD & GA at PT. KALBE FARMA
CIKARANG who helped write the internship report;
9. Mrs. Livia Alma Sherisa, Mrs, Iryani as internship partner of HRD & GA at PT. KALBE
FARMA CIKARANG who helped write the internship report;
10. Parents and friends who always support the writer both morally and materially;

The author realizes that this report is far from perfect in terms of form and composition.
Therefore, the author hope that criticism from all readers can help the writer in perfecting the
next report. Finally, I hope this paper can be useful to add insight development.
Jakarta, September 17, 2019