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Poem The Living Photograph: Soalan Percubaan + Jawapan

1. In Stanza 1, which word refers to grandmother’s hair?


2. Why do you think the grandmother forgot to boil the soup?

She has become forgetful/ She has become senile

3. How old was the persona when the photograph is taken?

Three years old

4. We should spend more time with the elderly members in our family.
Do you agree? Provide a reason for your answer.
Yes because we can make them happy by showing our love towards them.

5. How does the persona’s grandmother tie her hair?

In a bun

6. What phrase indicates the persona’s grandmother is nice?

A kind, old smile

7. From Stanza 2, how does the persona describe the place that
grandmothers go?

8. There are many signs of old age. One of them is absent minded.
Suggest two others.
The hair becomes grey
The back is hunched

9. In Stanza 1, what is the colour of grandmother’s hair?


10. In Stanza 2, which word describes death as something unpleasant?


11. What does the line “Her soup forgot to boil’ indicate about
She has become forgetful/ She has become senile.

12. Suggest two ways you can express your love towards your elderly
1. I will celebrate their birthdays and their special days
2. I will bring them for a vacation to make them happy

13. Her big hand holds mine, white hand in black hand. Whom does the
white hand belong to?
The grandmother
14. Why do you think the persona mentions the different colours of the
two hands?
There is an inter-marriage in the family.

15. In Stanza 2, give a reason why the grandmother’s back became round
and hunched.
She has become very old. / It is the sign of an old age.

16. Apart from keeping photos, give another choice to make sure
memories stay alive. Give a reason for your answer.
Choice: We can visit her graveyard.

Reason: By this way, we can always pay her respect.

17. List down ONE item that the persona’s grandmother was wearing in
the photo.
white broderie anglaise shirt OR pleated skirt OR flat shoes

18. What does the attire imply when describing her grandmother?
She is a rich woman / She dressed up well

19. In Stanza 2, which word tells the grandmother’s body was bent?

20. Some children sent their parents to the nursing homes as they get
older. Do you agree with their deed? Give a reason to support your
I agree because the good nursing home can give better attention and medical
treatment to the aging parents. We can always go and visit them there.

21. What does the photograph remind the poet of?

The poet’s grandmother

22. Give ONE physical change that the poet could see as the grandmother
grew older.
Her back round OR Her back hunched.

23. In Stanza 2, what do the last two lines tell us?

She went to the awful place grandmothers go.
Somewhere unknown, unthinkable.
Grandmother passed away / Grandmother died.

24. State two ways of how to strengthen the relationship between the
younger and the older generations.
1. We should always visit one another
2. We can do some interesting activities together.