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International VDI Workshop

European Crane Standards EN 13001 – Series

Current Status and Future Parts

Dates and Venues

The following topics will be discussed: October 1 and 2, 2019
ll Why has the EN 13001 – Series been developed?
January 21 and 22, 2020
ll Legal Significance of harmonized Standards Dusseldorf
ll Basic Principles of the EN 13001 – Series May 26 and 27, 2020
ll General Structure and main Contents of EN 13001 – Series Berlin

ll What do you (as a Designer or Crane Purchaser) need to take note of when
applying the EN 13001 – Series? Workshop Chair
Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Wagner,
ll For what Components will the EN 13001 – Series be applicable next? Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

An event organized by VDI Wissensforum GmbH
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European Crane Standards EN 13001 – Series

General Information Workshop Documentation

Participants receive a manual on-site as well as a VDI confirmation
of participation.
Aims and Objectives
Parts 1, 2 and parts 3.1 to 3.5 of the EN 13001 are already in
effect for some years. Further parts are under development Workshop Chair
and will be published soon. Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Wagner, Ruhr-University Bochum,
This workshop explains background, principles and contents of the
EN 13001 – series. Prof. Wagner was professor at the faculty of
mechanical engineering at the Ruhr-University
In comparison with older national standards the EN 13001 – series Bochum.
contain new requirements for crane manufacturers as well as for As chairman of ISO/TC96/SC10 und convenor of
crane users. EN/TC147/WG2 (Cranes design general) he has
been actively involved in the development of
The implications of these new aspects for practice will be explored EN 13001 – series for over 25 years.
in detail.

In view of the considerable congruence between the European Workshop Methods

EN 13001 and international ISO standards (ISO 8686, ISO 20332 and Contents of EN 13001 will be presented and discussed, including
others) the workshop content may also be transferred to applica- examples of application. Participants will be given small exercises.
tions for ISO standards. Feedback, questions and comments are welcome.

Target Group

• CEOs, Managing Directors, Technical Managers and Heads of

Design Departments
• Plant and System Designers
• Plant and Production Managers (e.g. from metal or paper
­manufacturing, waste industry, warehousing)
• Crane and Hoist Managers
• Crane Application Engineers

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European Crane Standards EN 13001 – Series

Workshop Content
1. Day 09:00–17:00
2. Day 09:00–17:00

Introduction EN 13001 Part 3-2 (Wire Ropes)

• Welcome and expectations • Vertical and non-vertical drives
• History • Proof of static strength
• Legal significance • Proof of fatigue strength
• Structure and hierarchy • Number of ropes
• Bending counts
General Principles • Multilayer drums
• General objective
• Consistent design and format +++ Practical exercises
• Crane model
• Limit states versus allowable stress EN 13001 Part 3-3 (Wheel/Rail Contacts)
• Advantage and necessity for non-linear design • General objective
• Line and point contacts
EN 13001 Part 1 • Hardness
• List of hazards • Proof of static and fatigue strength
• General principles for proof calculation
• Classification +++ Practical exercises
• Working cycles
• Frequencies of loads EN 13001 Part 3-5 (Hooks)
• History parameters • Concept
+++ Practical exercises • Cumulated damage calculation
• Presentation of load spectra
EN 13001 Part 2
• What is considered as a load? Draft EN 13001 Part 3-4 (Bearings)
• Load categories
• Load combinations (static strength) Draft EN 13001 Part 3-6 (Hydraulic cylinders)
• Regular loads
• Favourable and unfavourable mass Drafts for shafts and gears
• Dynamic factors
• Occasional and exceptional loads
• Crane stability

+++ Practical exercises

Five reasons why you should attend:
EN 13001 Part 3-1 (Steel Structures)
• Materials 1. Gain deeper insights of the European crane standards
• Proof of static strength (members, bolted connections, welded EN 13001 – series
• Proof of fatigue strength (concept) 2. Learn to apply the classification system
• Weld qualities, classification, notch classes 3. Understand the importance of fatigue calculation

+++ Practical exercises 4. Learn the economic advantages of a more detailed design

5. Get knowledge about further developments of the standard

An event organized by VDI Wissensforum GmbH
Phone +49 211 6214-201 • Fax +49 211 6214-154
Applying EN 13001
International VDI Workshop: ­successfully
European Crane Standards EN 13001 – Series

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