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What are the causes of Diseases like Amoeba and its Treatment

Parasitology: Definition, Significance and its uses in Medical Technology

Definition: It is the study of parasites, the living organisms who maybe free living or requires host to live

Significance: It is important to study medically significant parasites, pathogenic or non pathogenic

because it includes further knowledge and understanding of the human body. It is significant especially
in the laboratory setting as gaining knowledge to all possible present organisms in a sample you will test
in the laboratory will help the medical technologist to identify different species. It guides the clinician to
diagnose proper medicine.

Use: It gives knowledge to students who will use and will apply this knowledge in the future to assess
whether the patient has pathogenic or non pathogenic parasites which are important data to determine
if the patient has or may have an infection.

Amoeba or Amebic Dysentery or Amebiasis is caused by Entamoeba histolytica. A people is said

to have this if he or she is continuously excreting watery and sometimes bloody poop. If pain and fatigue
persist, the patient must seek a doctor.

The golden standard treatment for this disease and other similar abdominal infection is Oral
Metronidazole. This is given to adults and older children to treat amoebiasis. Pregnant woman and
younger children are not advised to drink this medicine but an alternative can be given and can be
advised by the doctor.