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Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBME)

BM101: Biology for Engineers (3-1-0-5-3)

First Semester, AY 2019-2020
Lectures: Mon: 1:50 pm; Tue: 2:50 pm; and Fri: 3:50 pm
Tutorial: Mon: 5:50 pm
Room: M5 (Main campus)

Yashveer Singh, PhD (course coordinator)
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Associate Faculty, CBME
Office: Room 313; Phone: 2246; Email:

Teaching Assistant (TA)

Leena Arora
PhD student, Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBME)

Course contents
▪ Cell Biology: chemical nature of cells and internal organization (18 lectures)
▪ Molecular Biology: molecular mechanisms driving life (12 lectures)
▪ Genetic Engineering: concepts of genetic engineering and its applications (6 lectures)
▪ Experimental Biology: introduction to experimental biology (6 lectures)

Course contents on Google drive

PowerPoint slides used for the lecture and other course contents (assignments, research articles, reading
materials) will be available for download through Google drive folder BM101 BIOL ENG. Please
provide your email ids to the instructor so that you can be invited to join the folder.

Suggested readings
▪ Molecular Biology of the Cell, Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, David Morgan, Martin
Raff, Keith Roberts, and Peter Walter, Garland Science, 6th Ed (molecular biology)
▪ From Genes to Genomes: Concepts and Applications of DNA Technology, Jeremy W. Dale, Malcolm
von Schantz, and Nicholas Plant, Wiley, 3rd Ed (genetic engineering)
▪ Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Keith Wilson and John Walker,
Cambridge University Press, 7th Ed (experimental biology)

Quiz 1 (announced) 10%
Quiz-2 (announced) 10%
Mid semester examination 30%
End semester examination 50%

▪ Quizzes will be a mix of multiple choice and short answer type questions
▪ For a pass grade, a minimum of 30% aggregate score is required
▪ For an audit pass, a minimum of 30% aggregate score is required
▪ Relative grading will be used
▪ Students not meeting minimum attendance requirements may be awarded an F grade
irrespective of his performance in examinations