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1. Fake premium server ( aplha charlie )
2. Using a fake decoder file..
3. Defined only two strings for memory injection (fake , making fool)
4. Free server and premium server has same files ( just design change
after connecting to premium server, rest all things are same)
5. Monetary fraud by giving same things to free and premium users.
6. fake anticheat.c file ( it doesn't do anything)
7. Fraud in the name of Donations to government..
(No Incomtax Exemption Certificates shared)
And many more,.,

We are elaborating some of the above points with proof images below

1) fake premium server alpha Charlie:-

It creates random name of server to show that users are connecting to different
But there is nothing like that, basically when connect to premium server , this
alphacharlie creates random name for server,.,
This is known as cheating the paid members by showing them wrong Information..
We are
attaching proofs
This above code is taken out by reversing the autohost viper APK..
Released on 31aug!

2) Using a fake decoder file.

Premium server.cpp is a stolen file from the source of open source ffmpeg
media decoder see headers original
source from where he stole the file
It has no work in the ANTIBAN's also just to fool paid members.
And we call it as scamming!!!!
Original file of media decoder source from official website of ffmpeg
What's the work of media decoder in ANTIBAN apps??
Nothing more than scamming!

3) Defined only two strings for memory injection...

super secret memory injection function which have only declaration of 2
strings from which one is premium server cpp file

So we already told u guys above premium server.cpp file in (2.) Above..

It's a decoder file for videos and other media...
Autohost devs are making fool of paid members as well is spreading fake news
To get more customers!!

4) + 5) main part regarding the ANTIBAN files + monetary fraud !!!

These scammers have same files and codes for free as well as Premium paid
users..When you select the premium server and write the key..then alpha
Charlie (described above) runs and create a fake server random name,.,
Then there will be a new layout (another design of app) rest all things are
same,,,🙈 🙈 🙈 So, there are nothing extra the paid members are getting
execpt design 😂 😂
But still paying 50$ and 100$ just for use free server files by new design of
app!! It's insane and hilarious!!
Initially they said app will be free,,then they make users to do donations to
govt.(we will talk about it also) then they made a fake premium server and now
the app is paid app! Then they started to fooling users by selling them free
things!!! Now focus again on this paragraph 1st line " they said app will be free
now they scamming people by adding nothing , just new design and ask lots of
money...shame on you guys!!!Proofs of files will be attached on last page of pdf.
6) fake anticheat.c file
anticheat.c source it is not a c program, just some rubbish. it's not obfuscation
because no matter what he need to include header files in c file on top and
there are no header files included

It is also placed to fool people's,.,it has nothing to do with anticheat and


7) Fraud in the name of Donations to government..

(No Incomtax Exemption Certificates shared)
Nothing to say here,.,it's already known to everyone!!
Those who donated in name of govt. Ask them to show certificate, cuz
your donation didnt went where it supposed to go!
Finally a good news for you guys,.,
We have cracked the autohost viper latest app.,
31aug released!!
And it's premium is freely available from our side,.,
Cuz MODSEC is against scammers!!

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