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Ilonggo literature

Geographical Location Western Visayas

Language Hiligaynon Language
Ethnicity Hiligaynon Ilongo

Evolutions Genres or forms of Culture and Traditions Representative Texts Authors Significant
Literature Contributions
 Pre-colonial  Legends,  mythology,  Rituals, verses,  International
myths, and archaeology, riddles, trade and
folktales, epics and history are proverbs, and created fine
combined to folksongs. work in gold
tell the story of and
the richness of semiprecious
the local stones
culture. They
also performed
rituals and
ceremonies to
 Spanish  Short Religious  The Passion  Kalantiao  Awakening of
plays, miracle could have Code, prayers, patriotism, and
plays, mystery been novenas, birth of
plays introduced sermons, nationalism
separately religious and
from the mass moral tracts
and was
chanted at

 The Americans
 American  Poem, short  Education was  Purposive  Sepapion rebuilt the
stories, and opened to writings, Torre, agricultural
novels everyone, English Magdalena economy and
- Flowering type  Literary Jalandoni, encouraged
of writing are Nationalism, Delfin Gumban local
created, moralism, participation in
- erosion of the golden age of trade and
language Hligaynon commerce.
under the literature - Education
impact of - Rise of
English different literary trends
- literary and development
traditions patterns

 Japanese  
 Poems, short  Third World
stories, plays, Writing,
and novels community
 Post War 
 Contemporary