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20 Home remedies for diabetes type 2

Top 20 Amazing, Powerful and Natural home remedies for

diabetes type 2.

We talked about life style changes in Diabetes

Management, Auto Healing and in being a Melo-maniac.
Using this techniques, it seemed possible not only to control the
beast but to kill it forever as well.

There is this one significant topic that holds its place in the list
of above topics and it is home remedies for diabetes type 2.

However, It is always best to work with a healthcare

professional or your doctor before taking any new herb or
supplement. Doctors usually have patients start out on a lower
dose and gradually increase it until a comfortable dose is found.
Herbs and supplements should be seen as a complementary
treatment option, and should not replace medications.

Home remedies for diabetes type 2

1. Bitter Gourd
It is one of the best home remedies for diabetes type 2. It has
ability to reduce sugar levels.
Slice the bitter gourd and scrape away the flesh to remove the
seeds. Add the sliced vegetable to a blender and run till it
becomes juice. Drink one small glass of this juice on empty
stomach every morning.
2. Fenugreek
It improves the glucose tolerance and stimulate the secretion of
glucose-dependent insulin. Consume fenugreek seed powder
with hot or cold water or milk daily.

3. Mango Leaves
Powder of mango leaves is believed to help in diabetes. Wash
and sun-dry tender mango leaves and grind to powder.
Consume this powder with water at morning and night daily.

4. Indian Gooseberry
Again, one of the best home remedies for diabetes type 2. It is
richest source of Vitamin C. It helps pancreas to produce
optimum insulin so that your blood glucose levels remain
balanced. Consume raw amla every day.

5. Drumsticks or Moringa leaves

This is also great home remedies for diabetes type 2. In fact is
is believed that Moringa leaves could be solution to various
other un-treatable diseases. Drumsticks contain nutrients which
increases the insulin secretion in the body. The leaves are rich
in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Include
moringa leaves in your meal by either tossing them in a salad or
steam them like spinach. moringa leaves will add flavor too.

6. Sunlight
The lower your levels of vitamin D, the more prone you are to
develop type 2 diabetes.Expose yourself to 30 minutes of daily
sun at the appropriate time to avoid Vitamin D deficiency.

7. Water
The probably the best drink for Diabetes or arguably for
everybody for that matter. Consume around 2 to 2.5 liters of
water a day.

8. Cinnamon
Cinnamon helps in stimulating activity of the insulin. You can
mix half to one teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of warm water
and drink it daily.

9. Black Plum or Indian Blackberry

Almost every part of the Jamun / black plum plant like the
leaves, berry and seeds is a super food for those suffering from
diabetes as it helps in reducing the blood glucose levels and
sugar in urine rapidly. You can make a powder of dried seeds of
jamun fruit and eat this powder with water twice a day.

10. Curry leaves

Curry leaves are useful in preventing and controlling diabetes
as they slow down the rate of starch-to-glucose breakdown in
people with diabetes

11. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel helps lower fasting blood glucose levels.Aloe vera
juice can also decrease blood fat and swelling, a common side
effect of diabetes

12. Guava
It slows down metabolism, allowing better absorption of sugar
from food to lower blood sugar. It is best for diabetics not to eat
the skin of the fruit to reduce sugar retention. However, too
much consumption of guava in a day is not recommended since
it contains potassium which can be toxic for the body.

13. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves helps in increasing the sensitivity to insulin by
helping Beta cells of pancreas to storing and releasing insulin. It
also boosts the insulin production. You can have two to three
Tulsi / Basil leaves whole or about one tablespoon full of its
juice on an empty stomach to lower the blood sugar levels.

14. Flax seeds

Flax seeds consumption can lead to a drop in insulin resistance.
They also aid in the proper absorption of fats and
sugars.Consume one tablespoon of ground flax seed powder
every morning on an empty stomach with a glass of warm
water. However, do not have more than 2 tablespoons per day.

15. Indian Lilac or Neem

The bitter leaf of neem is an effective cure for diabetes. Neem
enhances insulin receptor sensitivity in Beta cells, lowers blood
glucose levels. It has been found that it reduces the need for
insulin by the body by up to 60%.

16. Cilantro
Cilantro is known to promote low blood sugar levels by
stimulating the secretion of insulin and is thus a great way to
manage diabetes.

17. Ginger
Ginger, when taken regularly, helps in reducing the blood sugar
levels and regulates insulin response.

18. Cumin
Cumin is a staple spice in many cuisines, especially Mexican,
Indian, African, and Asian.Cumin has found to significantly
lower blood sugar, insulin resistance, and hemoglobin A1c

20. Nigella sativa or Kalonji or black seed

It is known for its role in glycemic control. It is one of the best
remedies to treat diabetes and keep your blood glucose levels
under control.

The combined effect seems very promising. Please let us know if your
experience with these top 20 amazing powerful natural home remedies
for diabetes cure and anything that you would like to us cover here
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