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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

Inter-House Football SPECIAL EDITION
Issue 015 29th August 2016


Team Score compiles the squad reports of Football teams of the five houses

After one and a half months of strenuous practices Kashmir House defi-
nitely sent its’ competitors the message they will not be the underdogs
this year. Between the sticks, the House has Mayank backed by a strong
defense line comprising Rishank Kala and Siddharth Jain. The wings are
armed with the pace and skill of Ishaan Vaish and Chinmaya Sharma. Bha-
rat Choudhary will assume the role of the playmaker with the support of
the team’s captain, Jaivir Puri. Uday Nath Bahl will be the lone striker in
this year’s attack. All in all, this year the team is heavily armed with expe-
rience and skill with the promise of a great football season ahead of
them.The leagues team, led by CC. Chengappa promises great game play,

 Captain: Jaiveer Puri

 Game Changer: Bharat Choudhary
 Emerging Talent: Gaurav Bhandari

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

The defending champions, Tata House, are again clear favorites to lift the
cup. Apart from experienced players like Ashwin and Angad, Tata House
also profits from having young talent in the form of Ribhu Khan. A de-
fense consisting of Prakhar Bhanu and Rishabh Goel will be tough to
breach for the opposing attackers. It is no surprise that Tata House will
depend on their speed which may leave the opponents breathless. Uj-
jawal Maheshwari and Stanzin will add a lot of pace to the Tata House
game. However, Tata House’s biggest threat will come from its attack.
Ashwin Agarwal’s inch perfect passes and Angad’s cool finishing will be a
major problem for rival houses. Kshitij Goel’s ability to score goals from
outside the box will boost Tata House’s chances of scoring. A well bal-
anced leagues team led by Nasir Iqbal will also help Tata House get cru-
cial points. The juniors’ team is good on paper and may also be the best
on the field. Captained by Nandil Sharma, the juniors may stun their op-
ponents. To sum up, Tata House has a very talented team which will do
anything to lift the cup for the third year in a row.

Captain: Angad Singh Shergill

Game Changer: Ashwin Agarwal
Emerging Talent: Rishabh Goel

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

The eagles are one of the favourites to bag silverware this time round.
With the presence of the school football captain, Tushar Sharma, in the
squad Jaipur house is brimming with confidence.The team has a pool of
emerging players like Ishan Roy, Aditya Vikram Singh and Anish Bhide
who are bound to impress this season.The team has a lot of experience
to showcase in the form of Pratyaksh Parmar, Keshav Maliah, Jayaditya
Singh and Kanav Agarwal.This year the team also has a surprise package
in store, Suryansh Kainthola.His agility and skills along with Keshav’s
pace will challenge all the rival defensive units. The house’s leagues
team is also one to look out for. Jaipur house are all set to dazzle on the

 Captain: Tushar Sharma

 Game Changer: Tushar Sharma
 Emerging Talent: Ishan Roy

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

The house has put in immense and time and effort in the pursuit of the
sport. With the experience of senior players in its armada, the house
has managed to develop new players and hone the veterans. Ishaan
Kapoor, Madhav Singhal, Vaibhav Chandak and Vihaan Bhatnagar have
played an instrumental role over the years and will be individuals to
look out for. The leagues team is also in good shape and will act as a
coherent unit. Taking advantage of such an experienced senior squad,
the juniors have also inculcated skills and armed themselves for the
approaching competition. With the likes of Angad Sanghera,Harshith
Agarwal and Pranav Goel the juniors will surely impress.It is said that
football players have fire in their hearts and ice in their veins. Oberoi
House has set out to prove the same.

 Captain: Madhav Gurtoo

 Game Changer: Ishaan Kapoor
 Emerging Talent: Angad Singh

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

Led by Nikhil Chauhan, Hyderabad House is a force to reckon with. With
tons of experience in the form of Hamza Khan, Ajatshatru Singh and Le-
onardo Pamei, Hyderabad House is determined to bring home some sil-
verware . A well balanced Leagues and juniors team might help the Ni-
zams snatch some crucial points to win the House cup. Under the lead-
ership of Ishaan Agarwal, Hyderabad House juniors will be eager to put
a good fight and with school-teamers like Vir Bhatia, Jaisal Nath, Rahul
Singh, Parth Tyagi and Shanay Sujatia, they will surely salvage some-

 Captain: Nikhil Chauhan

 Game Changer: Ajatshatru Singh
 Emerging Talent: Ram Attri

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

“Le Rendez-Vous”
Celebrating the art of football
Bharat Hari Choudhary analyses Euro 2016

Goals were scored, legends were born and hearts were broken as the 15 th edition of the
UEFA European Championship unfolded on pitches in France and screens around the world.
Twenty four countries were battling for the title, it was a test of true grit. Besides the intense
rivalries, the championship featured some remarkable stories and memories which will be
hard to forget.This year’s exceptional performances dazed the crowd.
This summer, the “underdogs”,Portugal, took the title back home, with France fighting till the
last minute of the final.A knee injury ruled skipper Cristiano Ronaldo out of the 2016 Euro fi-
nal, but Portugal improbably captured its first major championship, proving that their cam-
paign was not a one-man show.
Pre games displayed fanatic fans waiting for their national team to play. There was an air of
thrill, zeal and enthusiasm as the stadium slowly filled in with spectators carrying posters,
flags and their respective national jerseys. There was glory in their eyes and love in their
heart for the teams.
The most talked about player this tournament was undoubtedly the “Player Coach”- Cris-
tiano Ronaldo. He was the backbone of the team and even an injury could not prevent him
from unleashing his dominant spirit. Regardless of his absence on the field his presence was
felt off the field during the final played against France. This year’s EURO cup favored Cristiano
Ronaldo in every way, Ronaldo’s three goals this championship made him the all time top
scorer in the qualifiers and finals with 29 goals in 43 matches. He is also the first player to
have scored in 4 editions of the European Championship. He is the player with the most Eu-
ropean cup championships and is the third player to make a European Championship dream
team. The player of the tournament was the French forward,Antoine Griezmann. The 25-year
-old talisman bagged six goals and provided two assists. The award for the best young player
went to Renato Sanches, who at the start of the tournament was undervalued but soon re-
served a spot for himself in the team. With some precise and stunning strikes in the mix,
Xherdan Shaqiri’s overhead kick was adjudged the best of the lot. Football is divine when
strategies are tailored and plans are executed- this year the match between Hungary and
Portugal displayed both skill and love for the sport and was voted the best match of EURO
This tournament can be said to be one of the perfect examples of the beautiful game in all its
glory. It showcased a wide range of talent, bringing forward young superstars to the spot-

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

The European Grand Prix

Aditya Oberai comments on The European Grand Prix

The European Grand Prix came to a dead halt by 2012 but this year saw its revival and the event
took centre stage among all the other Formula One events. It was originally created as an hon-
orific title by the AIACR, the FIA’s predecessor in the organization of racing event. It has so far
been held in 4 countries on 6 circuits, the latest being Baku Street Circuit, Azerbaijan.
This year’s edition saw Nico Rosberg timing fastest in qualifying and taking pole position, lead-
ing the race from start to finish in every lap and also winning the DHL Fastest Lap award, thus
achieving his second ‘Grand Slam’. Lewis Hamilton, last year’s world champion, however fin-
ished a distant fifth. This was due to wrong engine configuration which was present in both the
Mercedes cars. Nico Rosberg was able to solve the problem but it left Lewis Hamilton handi-
capped with inconsistent power displacement. What’s worse was that their race crew knew
how to fix this problem, but due to F1’s ban on radio messages, they were not able to advise
Hamilton on how to fix it. After finally pressing the right combination of switches on his steering
wheel, Hamilton finished the race as the fastest driver on track but by then, he was far too be-
hind to improve his position. In a post-race comment, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, said that
there is no way Lewis could have known how to solve the problem. This race also highlighted
the problem of mistrust between the Ferrari drivers , where Sebastian Vettel ignored his pit
crew’s advice of changing tyres and finished strongly at second position.
The Baku Street Circuit, as a track on the whole, was a great success. There was a bit of may-
hem in the support GP2 races but the Formula One race went on very smoothly. There were on-
ly four driver retirements during the race, all due to mechanical failures. In the end, the race
saw Nico Rosberg of Mercedes, Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari and Sergio Perez of Force India take
the first, second and third positions respectively.

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

Golden Boot Contenders

Mudit Bajaj reviews the contenders for the Golden Boot

Sergio Aguero:

Pep Guardiola has one of the best strikers in the world at his disposal. Sergio Aguero finished
last season with the best minutes per goal ratio (98.9) in the Premier League (out of the play-
ers who scored 10 goals or more). Despite missing 8 games due to injury, the Argentinean
struck 24 times last season, missing the golden boot by just one. If he manages to stay fit
throughout the campaign, there is no stopping him from hitting the 30 goal mark this season.
Only Vardy (18) scored more goals from open play than Aguero (17) in the Premier League
last season, despite the former making six more appearances. Having scored 4 goals in 2
competitive matches under Pep, he is the favourite to top the charts this season, especially
as City are fully expected to dominate matches.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

The Swedish forward was Manchester United’s 2nd summer signing and has already im-
pressed with a 25 yard stunner on his Premier league debut, along with the FA Community
Shield winner against the Foxes. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one the most lethal strikers in the
world, and will certainly be a menace for goalkeepers. Ibrahimovic was a force to be reck-
oned with in his final campaign for PSG. Only Luis Suarez (40) scored more goals than Zlatan
Ibrahimovic (38) in Europe’s top five leagues last season giving him a rating
of 8.29. He loves working with Jose Mourinho and will definitely impress him with his perfor-
mances. With the likes of Paul Pogba, Wayne Rooney and Henrikh Mkhitaryan playing behind
him, there is no doubt that he will be a huge success at Old Trafford.

Harry Kane:

Harry Kane endured a thoroughly underwhelming Euro 2016, where he was rightly criticised.
Nevertheless, last season was extremely successful. After an incredible first sea-
son under Mauricio Pochettino, Kane defied his doubters to avoid second season syndrome,
scoring 25 goals to bag the golden boot award. That was all the more impressive, given that
the 23-year-old scored just once in his opening 9 Premier League games last season. Only
Philippe Coutinho (4.3) averaged more shots per game than Kane (4.2) in England’s top tier.
He managed to score 46 goals over the last two seasons, and there is nothing stopping him
from being amongst the goals again. With the likes of Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela and Dele
Alli, Kane will have plenty of service which should make his job easier.

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016

Jamie Vardy :

Jamie Vardy’s decision to reject the advances of Arsenal this summer came as a major boost
to Leicester, with the Englishman instead penning a new four-year deal at the King Power Sta-
dium. The 29-year-old was directly involved in 30 goals, more than any other player in the
Premier League last season, while his conversion rate of 20.9% was better than any other
player to score ten or more goals in England’s top-flight last season. While at one point it
seemed as though Vardy would secure the golden boot, his 24 goals weren’t enough to se-
cure top place in the Golden Boot running. Instead, Harry Kane, with 25 goals, narrowly
edged over him to the finish line. Vardy’s pace makes him a nightmare for defenders, and
once again he proved his worth by scoring the equalising goal in Leicester’s Community Shield
defeat to Manchester United.

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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016


1. Who was Iceland’s captain at Euro 2016?
2. How many medals did Michael Phelps win
at Rio Olympics?
3. In which year did Rajasthan Royals win
the IPL?
4. Who is the defending champion of the ICC
Champion’s trophy?
5. Who was the only Indian bronze medallist
at Rio Olympics?

4.India 5.Sakshi Malik

Answers: 1.Aron Gunnarsson 2.Six 3.2008


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THE SCORE ISSUE 015, 29th August 2016


 Two players have scored Premier
League penalties with both feet:
Bobby Zamora and Obafemi Martins.

 Mario Balotelli’s only assist in the

Premier League was for Sergio
Aguero’s title-winning goal vs QPR.
 Peter Crouch has scored more
headed goals (47) than 15 of the
teams who have played in the
Premier League.
 P.V Sidhu became the first Indian
woman to win a silver medal in the


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