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E ver since the camera came into general use in the later half of the I 9th Century, fam ilies, organizations and
bus inesses have been recording a wide variety of subjects of importance to them.
Among these important events were weddings, famil y reunions, histori c landmarks of the region and new
ach ievements in agriculture or manufacturing eq uipment.
These vivid photo recordings not on ly jog our minds, keeping alive fad ing memories of specific events, but have
the add itional quality of being able to suggest to other completely disassociated people montages of their ow n lives
w ith their own fami lies, friends and acquaintances that is pleasurable to recal l.
Therefore, this Man itowoc Co unty pictorial history collects memorabil ia of our forebea rers and thei r living
descendants and makes this historical pictured panorama available to everyone. We saw g reat excitement among area
res idents who came in to share their "treasures" for this book, which reflects a collective unity of heritage and hope
among the people of Manitowoc County.


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of the copyright owner or the publisher.

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Printed in the USA by JOSTENS


This photo. taken in 1889 near the

Manitowoc Mill. rcaturcs a view of
tall ships from a wooden
wa lkway bridge.

The Rev. Ambrose Oschwald, founder of St. Nazianz, began to study Calvin Cole Barnes. a native of Napperville. Ill.. was an early business
for the priesthood at 21. He left his home of Mundclfingen, Baden, entrepreneur in Manitowoc. He became the first president of First
Germany, and sai led to Corpus Christi with 113 other emigrants. National Bank. and in June 1865 . 1he Manitowoc Pilol announced 1ha1
arriving in America Aug. I 0 , 1854. This photo was taken around 1850. Barnes had been au1horized by the U .S. Com ptroller or Currency to
begin business. In 1873. \he S. Burger Co. built a 582-1011 schooner
named the C.C. Barnes. Thi~ pholo was taken in March 1862.

Catherine and Joseph Wojta, seated, pose with their son,

lgnatz, for this undated photo.
Members of the Rabenhorst family pose for a
photo in fronl of the home of W illiam and Ott il ia
(H abeck) Rabenhorst in Maribel. Their son Henry
and daughler Emma arc seated in the buggy. In the
background are Wil l iam and Ottilia. daughter
Jul ia. daughter and son-in-law William and
Amanda Becker. son Hugo and cousins. Presently.
six generat ions have lived in the Rabenhorst
home. T his photo was taken in 19 10.

Wi ll imn and Anna Knospe pose in a buggy with

daughter Christine s1anding nearby in front of
I heir home in this pho10 from the l 890s. The home
was built in 1870 on County Highway R at
Manitowoc Rapids. T he other people in the pho10
arc unidentified.

Schroeder's Depanment Store o f Two Ri vers, successor to B.

Mayer. is pictured here in thi s undated photo.
/_ --==-- --

:· . . . -

---"\,'(, ......- ""'.'__ ..

This unclaLecl photo or Two Ri vers, lookin g east fro m the ri ver.
shows the T wo Rivers H ig h School (lhe present C ity Hall) and St.
John's Church.

Leonard Benkelman, pictured here in this photo taken in 1870. served in the Civil War as a
private in Co. A, 48th Regiment. He came to Manitowoc in 185 3 and married Jane
McCormick Clancy, a young widow from Chicago. in 1855 . He was born in
Wurl:enburg, Gennany.

Family members pose for a picture outside the house O le Evenson bui lt near
Collins. L eft of the horses are Ida Evenson. Ole Evenson. A lma Evenson.
Anna Hvideborg and Emma Evenson. On the ri ght arc Hans Evenson. Elmer
Evenson. Ingeborg Evenson and John Evenson. The photo was taken in 1898
by N .C. Benke of Wells, Wis.

,,~. ·~
.· -·· ;

Thomas A. Sullivan. pictured here in this 1880 photograph, came to

Manitowoc County from Connecticut, where he was born. In Manitowoc. he
was invol ved in Republican politics. serving on the local school board,
county board and as a member of the state assembly. This photo was 1aken by
Melendy & Packard or Manitowoc.

Several unidentified men stand in front of Holy Family Hospital on Western

Avenue, Manitowoc. This photo was taken in the early 1900s.

This photo. 1akt:11 in the late 1800s. shows the T wo

Rivers Pail Factory sawmills on the wes t side o f
the city.

This undated photo gives a birds-eye view of Two

Rivers, looking at the Washing ton Street bridge.
The smoking stack is Hamilton Manuf"acturing
Co.: che front spire. St. John's: and Lh<.: ba<.:k spire,
St. Luke's.

Even Olson, a member or the 27th Regiment Soren Ballestad and Gunder M adsen. sctllcrs al Gjcrprn in 1848 and 1hc l'irst 1rustees. arc pictured here. T he
Wisconsin In fantry Company Kin the Civil War, is photo was taken in 1850.
pie I ured here in I his 1864 photo.


• .. c.. ·.~

. J

A class rron1 the Kossuth District 111 S<.:hool poses for a photo May 18. 1899. Peter C. Mittnacht was the teacher. Note th e vases or May flo wers i n the front on
the ground in thi s photo taken by 1-1 .C. Benke, W ells, Wi s.

Bryan Sheahan L origan, pictured here in this Maril and Even O lson pose for this photo in honor or their 50th wedding anniversary. It was taken in 19 10.
photo from the 1860s. left his home coun try of
County Limerick. Ireland, to come to Wiscon~in
in the late I 8-IOs. He established a farm in Maple
Grove and was one of 1he founders or St. Pntrick's
parish. /\ staunch Democrat. he served on the
count y board in 1865 and was a member o f the
second assembly district in 1873 and 1874.
The sister's convent in St. Nazianz is featured on
thi s postcard from 1903. The bui lding on the lc f! is
the pink conven t. which was razed. and on the
right siand the retired nuns' house.

Math rvlcyers' tavern and ice cream parlor i ~

shown here cluri ng homecoming in St. N azian:1.
This photo wa s taken around 19 16.

e- a

\\'~t. ~tK\~.
A1tft • . __,..__.,_....

St. Gregorius Church in S1. Nazianz is shown here

in this photo probably taken in the 1870s.

T he First Presby terian Church of Manitowoc.

10<.:ated at the corner of Eighth and State streets. is
pictured on this postcard from 1914.

A ftcr sculcrs had erected the fi r~ l l wo

blockhouses, they started on the first church built
in St. Naziani. dedicated to St. Gregory
Nazianzen. The first Mass was said by Father
Oschwald on Oct. 2 1. 1854. The upper story
housed the church proper: the lower pan was
Father Oschwald's living quaiters. This photo is
believed to have been taken around the 1870s.

Records indicale 1his photo of St. Patrick's Church in Maple Grove was
1aken in 1he early 1890s. The church. buih in 1868. was made of bricks that
were hau led from Manitowoc to Maple Grove over a two-year period. The
firsl mass said here was on Chrislmas of 1870.

Firsl Norwegian Lutheran Church

in Manitowoc.

The firsl chu rch in Valders is shown in

this 1860 piclurc.

Taken by H .A . Benke of Manitowoc:, this undated

photo shows 16th Street in Two Rivers, west of
Wash ington Street.

,. . ~ ..

People gather outside Schroeder's Departmen t

Store of Two Rivers in this photo of Washington
Street, looking south. Pau l Braun's Jewelry Store
is pictured on the right. behind the trees. This
photo was taken in 1890.

M en gather for a photo in front of the Kellner Saloon ancl Hote l. located on the no nheast corner Rapids Road and M enasha Avenue. an intersecti on known
then as Four Corners or Kellner's Corners. Standing in the back wit.ha tray of drinks is William .I . K ellner. the owner. Standing behind the man seated at the
left is George Mittnncht, Sr. T he other men are uniclcntifiecl. This photo was believed to have been taken i n the 1880.s or 1890s.

Mary Grimm. 20. poses for th is photo taken in 1909 in Two Rivers. Matie Wa11. daughter of J.P. and Mary Lorigan Wa11 of Maple Grove.
poses for this photo taken in 1915. The photo was made into a postcard
and sent to fri ends and relatives in the Maple Grove area.

Charles G. Hacker and his son Emi l Henry stand

in from of the lumber and grist m i ll thal was
constructed by H acker and Rudolph Behri nger in
188 1 on the bank of the Neshoto or West Twi n
River in Shoto. The photo was tnkcn around 1889.

Manitowoc County Treasurer Charles G. Hacker

is shown. left. in 1his photo taken i n March of
1903 at the office o f l he treasurer. T he other man
is unidentified. Hacker was elected counry
treasurer Nov. 6. 1900. and re-elected
Nov. 4. 1902.

Residents pass in front or the First Congregational Church on the east side of
the 1500 block of Washington Street, Two Ri vers. This photo was taken
around 1900.

George Stiefvater. Theo Gasthoeffner and Joe Kusterman pile shingles in the
saw mill west of Lake Oschwa ld behind the funeral home in St. Nazianz. The
mill. started by W illiam F. Christel . was later bought by Herman L ulloff and
was sti 11 in operation around 191 I.

The pier in Two Creeks is shown in this photo

taken in the early 1900s.

. ...

Holy Fumily Convent around 1875.


T he l'ami ly photo was taken about

I 887 in Manitowoc. From left are
Clrnrb Z iarnik , M ary Z iarnik
Matczynski. Agnes Drobkiew icz
Ziarnik . Agnes Z iarnik Musial.
lgnatz Ziarnik. Mathilda Zinrnik
Mella. John Ziarnik, Walter
Z iarn ik. Joseph Ziarnik and
John Ziarnik Jr.

A decornted car passes in front o r

the opera house in St. Nnzinnz
during homecoming. This photo
was tak en in 1916.

Mary Lorigan poses for this photo

taken in 1863 in Piusburg. Penn.
Born in Ireland, she was the
daughter or Daniel Lorigan. who
was a twin brother of Bryan S.
Lorigan. Bryan Lori gan came to
Wis<.:onsi n in the late 1840s and
cswblishccl a form in M aple Grove.
T he photo was taken by W.H.
Wh itehead of Piusburg. Penn.

/\ fami ly picture o f O le and Maril Evenson Oxhoud. seated. with chi ldren
Raghild and Torger. are shown here in this photo taken in 1875. The fami ly
indudccl eight older children. all married. Maril cliecl the following year. T he
fami ly lived in Valders.

E blCR

Delivery of bread for the Breakfast Table. in

Manitowoc. Wisconsin.

.. ·"
) (.t;ve r th e. 8 rc...o...dfor the .Br e. o..kf o...s lo.. b le:.. ,J"(\ C1.h i

T he Diedrich Dicke farm and milk wagon on

Sanely Bay Road near Two Rivers is .shown in this
undated photo. From left are Diedrich. Fred.
George. Ella and Marie Diedrich.

The car ferry Ann A rbor #3 is pictured here. imprisoned in Lake

Michigan ice near Two C reeks. This photo was rnken on Feb. I 0.
I 904. during an unusually harsh winter.

T he old city hall, located on the southwest corn er of 17th and

Washington streets in Two Ri vers. is pictured here in this undated
photo. The building also housed the rire station and the police
headquarters. It was taken by R. Johnson.

~-.. , ':

Years ago, many young women wenl to Chicago for employment. Fred Anna Marie and Stephen Oscar Gunderson pose for a wedding phoro
and Nora Hartnett Englet, sealed in the front, provided a home away taken June 22. 1892. The G underson's started a dairy. br inging
rrorn home for thei r nieces, standing in the back row . They are, from pasteurizing and bouling of milk to Manitowoc County.
left. unknown, Josie and M arnie of Wisconsin. This photo was taken
by Campbell & Bergstresser of Danville, Ill.

11tfl11..:: ltr\1lo-._
A steel noa1ing clryclock f'rom Mani 1owoc is featured on this postcard of Ann .IO\\··~ \\ I•
Arbor. The postcard was published in 1913 by J. B igel and Sons. Manitowoc.

I rrh:l1t• r ~otrn; thr1·n~h ~lh ""'It..-• r Urltt_.,.

\l.111 It" n ur • \\ J• I

This postcard. published around 1909, depicts the Manitowoc shipyards

complete wi th a whaleback ship.

T his r os1card fca1urcs a freighter going through the Eighth Street ~w i ng

bridge. T he pos1card was pu blished by J. B igel and Sons. Manitowoc.

Freight cars are loaded onto car fcn-ies on this

postcard published in 1946. The photo was taken
at the car ferry docks in Manitowoc.

This postcard. published aro und I 9 I 4. shows the

bay aml harbor entrance in Man itowoc.

M embers of the T wo Rivers Rcac;h

A thletic Club pose ror H photo, taken
between I 904 and 1905. Piuurecl , from
lc rt frnnr. are Billy Recd. Frank Lamach
and A111on Lamach. In the back row.
from left, are Ju li us Belz. Dr. Joseph
Eggers. manager and Gus Belz.

Res idcms pose for a photo at the saloon in Maple

Grove. Sitting at the table are J.P. Watt. Dan F.
Lorrigan and Thomas Wall. Sr. Standing in the
back arc the beer wagon driver. Mike Hennessey.
Fred Siegler. Jr.. Freel Siegler. Sr .. Eddie Wau and
Cora Watt. The photo was taken around 1892.

The Branch Dramatic Club poses for thi s photo

believed to have been raken between 1899 and
1910 in Branch.

Taken on Feb. l 2, l 912, this photo features the

Modern Woodmen of American Minstrel
Cocobola Camp at lhe Opera House in Two
Rivers. The Gloe-Naidl Orchestra is pictured
in the back.

A stage selling of the play "The Arrival of Kitty"

is pictured in this photo, produced in the Two
Rivers Opera House for the ivlodern Woodmen of
America. Cast members. from left· to righL are
Milton Zuehl. Julius Boetcher. George Bacon .
unknown. unknown, August Fanslau, Emma
Boetcher and two unidentified people. The photo
was taken in 19 l 5.

£ve rybody s Happy in


Postcard from early Manitowoc.

1 hey Can"t Help it «:;

·1M NOT rd001N6

WtiE.N I OA't

Manitowoc, Wis.
Postcard from early Manitowoc.

Thi s photo. taken in 1902. featu res the interior of the Two Rivers library.

Residcnis gaiher for !he dedication of the Soldier's Monument in Central Park. The photo was taken on June 9. I 900. in the City Square. Two Ri vers.

Street scene, Greenstreet. Wisconsin.

Bird' eye \ '1e w. Manitowoc, \f,.fa,.,

Main Street in Valders is shown in this photo taken by Geo. W. Wagner of

Valders. The first building on the ri ght is the Central Hotel: the 1hircl building
on the ri gh1 is the livery stable. The pho10 taken in 1900.

A bird's-eye view of Manitowoc is featured on this postcard. publ ished

around 1915 . The view looks west down Washington Street, where the
Manitowoc Coun1y Courthouse and St Boniface Catholic Church
can be seen.

IJIJ Luling &hoof. Msnho.,.oc, W i1 Luling School, Manitowoc.

6333 High SchooL Manitowoc.

'~ .. )

·. ~~, '
~ . , .:

} <•... '
T C.CO:a c\cr. ._e • •r ~ \"' 1 \U (
Tuscora Revenue Culler.

Christopher Columbus in Winter quarters.

Sheboygan in Win ter Quari ers.


Views at Ma ribel, Wisconsin.

· · ne' f·10 111 Valde rs. W .isconsin. Nove mbe r .2. 19 14.
A .s treet sce

John K1ble1 s « ,
·' . bl:icksmith shop w~s
. I hst Ill M.1n1
·1owoc. Hes
one ol 1 ie • · 'uht wi th J.) ·
pictured on t~1c Lr~:atcd al 820
. tl1c center.
Wi n h 111 ·s photo was
. I Street t 111.
Commc rc 1a . taken in 1906.

Eda Haese is pictured here on her

wedding day in this photo taken in
19 14 . Shown here. from le f1. arc
Eda Haese. unknown. Irene Rusch
and Freida Haese. Haese married
Walter Rusch.

The shorel ine along lhe Mani1owm: Public U 1i li1ies #1409 is fcalurcd in 1h is
pos1card published by Bcrkedal and Shimek. Mani1owoc.

I n1un J'.u~. \'ar 110,.,., \\ t

Union Park.

Devi l Ri ver Falls. Manitowoc County. Wisconsin.


Burning. of tht: Ann A rbor Carfcrry. 19 10.


Carferry unloading.

Workers at the pail ractory rally while on strike for a cash pay clay. This photo. taken in rront or Turner Hall in Two Rivers. dates bm:k 10 1897. Turner H al I
later became the Opera House, ancl it is now the site of the post o ffi ce.

This 1hreshing machine and 1rac1or \\"<IS owned and

operated by Mike Schmidt. who did custom
1hreshing of grain. The 19 15 photo shows the
machine on Joe Fischer's farm nor1h of Two
Ri vers. From left are Schmidl. Carl Stueck.
William Scheuer. John Nocker. Bill Kue1her.
Yale111ine Fischer. Pius r:ischer. Fischer. Mike
Stoer. John Nockcr and Mr. Bienzow.

The Frank K au 1 ~ky meal mark~ t at ~02 Buffalo

Street was photographed in the early I 900's.

Looking Sourh from Maribel Grain Co's. Elevator.

Maribel. Wi sconsin.

The Rapids Road of I lJO:'i is shown in rhi s photo

taken in Mani towoc.

South Eighth Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Grace Congregational Church, located at 25th and Washington streets in Two

Rivers, is pictured on this postcard published in 1930.

C. & N. W.R. R. Sration. Elevator in distance. Manitowoc. Wisconsin.


Holy Fami ly Convent. Circa 19 10.


This wedding phmo of Francis and Mathilda (Ziarnik) Mella was taken James Rolland and Sadie Ebert pose for thi s weclcl ing photo 1aken in
011 Feb. I I. 1907 in T wo Ri vers. 19 I 7. Rolland is th e son of Michael and Elizabe th Hanrn.:11 Rolland and
Ebert is rrom Ca to.

N ie T acitly o l' Two Ri vers stands near the: l'irst vehic le he owned.
T he photo was l<1kcn about 19 10.

The T"·o River~ l\.il ilitar~ Band performs in front of the Union I l ou~c
in the ci ty about 19 15. Playing seventh l'rom lefl i:-. Nie Tadcly.

Decora1 ions. B.P.O. Elks. S. Eigh1h S1ree1.

Manitowoc. Wisconsin.

..... 1 '
'1}, /

Several unidentified people Sland ou1side or

.....,. '

Sucllingcr Hardware S1orc. localed on the

norihenst corner o f 16th and Washing1on s1reets in
Two Rivers. The photo is undated.
. - . , ~E~ I
' l·f~.toj ~ ~'.' ~ _t ~ I ·~ , •t~
. ~·~· -~' ,.l ~~ Jht~ ..~~ --~ ---..~- ,.f~•

St. Pau l Catholic Church and rectory in

Manitowoc arc shown in this photo taken in 192 1
or 1922 at 24t h and Wollmer streets.

. '
St. Gregory\ Chun.:h and ~11rro11nding~ in St.
i\azianz is pictured on thi~ postcard publi:-.hed
in 1903.
Dcmsy Building. Man i1owoc. \;1,1 isconsin.

T his postcard fca1ures lhc Public Library #6345.

localed o n nonh Eigh1h Stree1. The photo wm;
1akcn in 1913.

Jos ic Collins. daughter of Michael and Mary Ann Hartnett Collins of Edw;1rd Lorigan. son of Michael and Hannah Lorigan of Ke llne rsville.
Denmark. poses for this photo taken by F.W. Schneider of Green Bay. pmc~ for this photo in honor of his Solemn Communion at St. Jo!>eph\
The note on the back of the photo. taken in the early 1900s. indicates in Kellnersville. T he photo wa!> taken at a studio in Manitowoc in the
that the girl sent the photo to her Grandma Ellen Hartnell of Maple early 1900s.

Thomas A. Sulli van and his claugh1er. Elizabeth , pose ror 1his photo Ellen Connors Hartnell and her daugh1er, tvlary A nn. pose for 1his
laken al Melendy & Packard of Mani1owoc. Sullivan was an active photo taken in 1he 1860s by F.W. Schneider in G reen Bay. She and her
Republ ican in Manitowoc Coun1 y pol itics. The photo w as taken in husband acquired 80 acres of land in the town or Franklin in 1863.

Au gusl F. Kuh l Stables. 904 South Main Street, is

sc<.:n around 1898. Kuhl was f"irst lisl<.:d in city
dirct: torics as a harnessmaker in 1880 w ith the
!isli ng l'or 1hc livery stable beginning in 1894. His
business was one o f !he biggest ancl besl equ ipped
cs1ablishmen1s in Mani1owoc. offer ing
umkna"ing services as well as boardi ng horses
and providing carriages. A hearse is seen on the
left or thi s r hoto.

Town of T wo C rc<.:ks businessmen gather ai 1he

local blacksmi 1h shup in 1his pho10 taken in the
early I 900s.

M en work to fill in a gully and s1raigl11en ou1 Church Street in St. Nazianz.
Leulloff Hardware Store can be seen in the background. This pho10 was taken
around 1909.

These photos. taken in 1908 and 191 I. show the tal I and srnal l rn i I Is at the
Centerville Creek in Hika (now known as Cleveland). Also femured is the
firehouse. with the fire bell al its side. Both mills were in ac1ive use at the
time of 1he photos.

M en in the St. Nazianz area pose for this pho10. taken around I 900. It is not
exactly known what they are doing.
Tra in Station. Valclcr:;. Wisconsin.

Holy Fami ly Hospiwl. i'vlanitowoc. Wisconsin.

This rostcard, published in l 922 by J. Rigel and

Sons or Manitowoc. shows the Maple
Crest Sanitorium .

Friends and famil y pose fo r a picwre after 1he wcclcling of Elizabe1h Sulli van and Edw;ircl A. Lorigan Oc1. 7. 191-1. The wedding party includes rkrni cc L ori gan.
Eddie Wall and A lice Whitehead. The Rev. George Casey rcrformc<l the ceremony al St. Patrick's Church in M aple Grove.

M embers o f a Maple G rove baseba ll team pose for this photo t<1kcn
around 1900. Pictured in the f"ront row. from left. arc Rich Rolland.
John Vogel. Wi l liam Siegler ancl Paul Gosz. !n the middle arc John
Goggins. L arry Morrisey and James Doolan. John Morrisey. Mike
Doolan. Ed Watt and James Cohen stand in the bacl-. row.

Mcmhcrs or a Maple G rove baseball team pose for this photo taken
i n the early 1900s. Pictured in the hack row. from left, are J.
Morri sey, M all Stecll. Louis Novotny a11d Mike Doolan. Seated,
l"rom lert . are John Vogel. Rich Rolland and Paul Gosz.
Studcn1s at IVlcAllistcr School at Mani1owoc Rapids pose for a photo in from of the s1ruct11rc in 1910. Among the students ;ire Olga Vogl. founh from left in the
row: Emma Vogt. seventh from lcf1 in the second row: and Esther Vogt. first at left in the third row.
.\Cl'O IH I

Pictured in thi s photo. taken in Chicago. are Alice (Skatrud) Madson. This photo of May Callag han. 3. was :o;L:nl 10 thc Lorig:111 f':unil y in
(sea ted): ancl from lc l't. Mabel Hanson. Hilda (Pederson) Halverson a11tl Wi sconsin around 1885. The photo was laken in N:ishvillc . T enn .. by
A g nes ( K 11 utson) Pederson. The photo was laken in 1915. Thuss Koclk:in & Gicrs.


Manitowoc Ship Corp. Yard:-;. February. 1925.


1 rt i ~r ; 0 1 v ; e w of- NJ a >'I ;ro woe

C Ci./f t1f_ ie )_ i bra. 't'y .

"Interior view of !Vlanitowoc

Carnegie Library": postcard by
~ Hermann C. Benke.

Members of the Shamrocks baseball team of

Maple Grove pose for a photo in honor of a
winning season. Pictured in the first row. from
left. are Danny Lorigan and Edd ie Wan. In the
second row. from left. are Eddie Lorigan, Billie
Malone, Jim Doolan and Maurice Cohen.
Standing, from left, are Eddie O'Hcarn. Bob
Sheahan. Bi llie Watt Peter Falvey and Jim
O'Hearn. The photo was taken in the earl y 1900s.


Taken in rront of' Albert Schuetzc's Bicycle and

Motorcycle Shop al 1206 Washington Street. this
rartial ranoramic photograph by John Glander
shows the T hor Boosters. The Thor was a popular
brand of moton.:yclc sold by Schuetze, who ran the
business with A lbert Schuetze. and was the agent
ror Door. Kewaunee. Manitowoc. and
Sheboygan counties.

Elmer Evenson and Henry Hougen are pictured here in this photo 1<1ken Two ~o ldi c rs . Nie Taddy of Two Ri vers. left. and Bill Wils111an. stand
in 1916. It is believed they were a11endants at a wedding and had the i11 u11ifor111. The photo was taken about 19 10.
photo tak1.:11 as aj oke. The photographer was A.H. Hnrcltke of Manitowoc.
This house. at 913 S. l 2th St.. was built
by Herman Johann Strothoff in about
1875, soon nl'tcr he was married to
Louise M ari e Fri edrike Krueger. The
house remained in the family unti l 1966.
and was demol ished in Nov. 199:1. This
photo. taken around 1900. pictures. from
lefl. Amanda St rothoff. Moll ie Plcus.
Jenny Daekc and Lillie Strothoff.

Hannah Sull ivan. daughter or

Alexander and El izabeth Daley
Sull ivanor Maple Grove. poses for
lhis phOIO Lakcn by J. S1cvcns or
Chicago in the 1860s. It was mosl
likely iaken co send home 10 rclaLives
in W isconsi n.

Mamie Rolland is pictured here in

this photo iaken in the earl y 1900s.
possibly in Chicago, Employed in
Chicago. she most likely sent such
pictures home to relatives in the
Maple Grove area.

Ole Evenson and Ingeborg I l vidcborg arc pictured here in this 1892 Marcella (Blackowsk i ) Mella and Joseph M ella arc shown on !heir
engagement picture. The pholo was taken by Melendy and Pm:karcl or wedding day. July I 7. 1907. The couple were married in Manitowoc
Manitowoc. County.

Members of IIll· K (; 11nc r1';1111 i I y pos(; for a l'am i I y portrait in K ellnc rsvi lie. Piel lll'Ccl int he photo arc Grandma SchaI ten. Grandma Kellner. Rnsc K cl lncr. C lara K ellner.
A manda Sch;lltc.:11. O li ve Kd liwr. Michael Kdlner I. M ichad Kel Iner 11. Marg:lrel ancl W i Iii am Schaltcn. ho ldi ng Ed w in . and John and V ictor Schalten. :VI ichacl
KdlnL'r I wa~ lhl· l'irst sett ler in Kellnersville. The farm machi nery store i ~ in the b:1ckground . M icha(; ( Kellner and Son~. The ph o10 \\'a~ taken in 190.\.

Townspeople gather outside the Kellner Saloon

and I luiel in Manitowoc. The building was located
on the north east corner of Rapids Road and
Menasha Avenue. an intersection then known as
111 _BJj_
Four Comers or Kcllner's Corners. This photo was in the 1890s. The building no longer stands.

# .

Townspeople are shown standing outside the

South Tavern. the site of the Coach Lite Inn at
present. T he building was located on the nonheast
corner or Rapids Road ;111d M enasha I\ venue. an
intersection then known as Four Corners or
K ellner\ Com ers. This photo was taken in the
1880s or 1890s.

Standing in front of the Two Rivers Opera House.

from left. are Erwin Klabunde. fames Lodi.
Edward Poczpny and Anton Marsicek. posi ng
after a parade. The photo was taken in 1915.

Manitowoc H ikers al the Eighth Street bridge with

the 0. Torri son Com pany in the background on
the r ight. On October 3 1, 1909 members nnd
mas<.:01depart1.:d at 8 a.111. on a Sunday jaunt to
Sheboygan. They arri ved 28 mi les later at 5:30
p.m. H ike rs wore feathered hab and carried
walking canes. Those tha t made the trip and
established a record were: Judge Schmidt. Capt.
Bucrsw11c. Robert Schmidt. Gracm O'Geran,
Clarence T eitgen. Mr. N imz, Fred 1.•--, Jr. , Dan
Ncspor. E. Sraudt. Lester Staudt , Edwin C lark.
Walter K iclsmeier. A ndrew Johnson. Elmer
Schroeter. Albert Cludcn. John Staudt, Wm.
Wi lde, Howard Thu rte I I. Edward Shea. Harold
Se itz . .John Peroutka. Richar<l Stock inger. W illiam
Nelson. A rthur Steiger. L . Peterson, Carty
Randolph. Fred G roll, and An ton Parcosh.

A l l'irnic Hill in T \\'11R ivers.1hc

T\\o Rivo.:rs Rilk Compan~ ,..1and-.
\\'ilh \\Capons rai,o.:d. The pic1un:
was 1:1kc11 in I 9 I 2.

Barrels or b..:er await transport rrom thi.s br..:wery run by the Gartzke
Broth<.:rs Brewing Company . T he brewery was located in the iown
or C leve land. kn own then as Hika. This picture. taken in 19 11 .
features the brewery rebuilt in I890 when the original building. built
in the 1880s. was destroyed by fire. It was torn down in 1914 and
the bricks were used to built the M ikado Theater in ivlan itowoc.

Herman Vogl Jr. poses with wagon No. 2 f'ron1 1he Fischl Dairy. The
photo was taken in Manitowoc wh..:n the dairy opened l'or business
in the early 1900s.

. . lovees. 19 10:
Schuette Bros. cmpl· ct 1o)· M iss

. . u r1l i·1 (0 11 an II~ ·

L1ll1an vv c' · . ( h tcr
.. E'· · Miss A. H1t1l7.'
Vcr.i rt z. I tcr
. . . Miss W eisman (a
Mrs. Lerkei ). ·· · ·k· · 1\tliss
, ) Rornnn IVJ11s i.
IVlrs. Hrudk<1 • Elsie Kn opp.

This is 1hc afterma1h of 1hc Wood's Block fire which occurred early in the
morning o f January 28. 1902. The 1hree story bui lding was completely
destroyed a l a loss of $100.000. The building held the Ernst Wagner & Son
I lard ware store. an armory. and a bu:-iness college.

The chu rch school o f 1hc Firs1German Evnngc l ic:t l L u1heran Church. loca1ed
at Eighth and Marshall s1reers. was rnnstructccl in 1891 by L ouis Banke. The
photo of the church school. which cos t $1 1.788 to construct. is thought to
have been taken between 1891 and 1900.

Henry Esch dry goods. fl our and

recd store. Henry and his sons ran
this business at H19 Jay Street
f'rom I 87 5.

A srreet scene of Maple Grove is shown here in

thi s photo taken around 1870. St. Patrick's Church.
built in 1868. is shown at the left: the ceme tery in
the middle: and at right. the rectory and J.P.
Wa tt Store.

Residents pass in front or Max Bensemann Bakery

in Two Rivers. This undated phmo shows the
north side of 16th Street. southor Washington
Street and across from the Two Rivers L ibrary.
The residence next to the bakery later became a
police station.

Earl y pho10 inside a s10re in

Mani1owoc. c irca 1920.

.•11 809 z
' &Bull·
cman .hardw·
,, Io St . plumhi1
reel when
.11c. . ~"'.ind
" . was
lh is. p1c111rc s1eamfi11inn
1·1k "' w·.1s. Iocatcd
' en b)' Hc111iann C.
Ren kc in 1897.

-"'!- -~-
,. .. .....

· Bacon · A mcnc·111
11 .s h01.. ' Expre ss messcn!!CI' is .
se-drawn w·100
'"' n .m front
II 16 ionh FI_,.ol1th S1rcc1 or lh.
i' n l IlC 1890'
. . shown here siu'
c company btl:>lllC~··
S. . ' ' ClJ'I".ICC
ing al

Holy Family Convcn1.

This postcard fealllrcs the G lander A rt Studio. located al Ninth and

Washing1on s1n:c1s in Manitowoc.
Members of the Two Ri vers Turn Ycrein pose in front of the remode led
T urner Hall afler owner William Schaefer raises the nag. The gymnasts arc.
from left, William Ahearn (Turnwald). Frank Kaufman. Ed Lemere, Fred
Kurtz, Henry Thus, Anton Herman. Robert Suellinger. Edward Sueuinger.
Mike Bartelme and Wi ll iam Wiegharclt.

Standing in the bar room al Kellner Saloon and Hotel. located on the
northeast corner of Rapids Road and M enasha A venue. arc from left. George
MiHnacht, Sr.. William Kellner and an uniclentif'ied man. Thi s photo was
taken i n the I !{90s. The building no longer stands.
Seated in l"ront or the deer they bagged arc. from left. I lcnnan
( iustavcson. George Mittnad11 . Sr ., John Johnsrud and I lalvcr
Hal vcrson. T he pie1urc is believed 10 have been 1:1ken in Mani 1owoc
Cou111y in the early 1890s.

Hcyro th Fann I lome. Saxonburg. Wiscon~in.

Florence and Eddie Urbanek dig oul aft er a huge ~nowslorm West of Two
Creeks. This photn was taken in 19 15.

Edward Lori g<m and Elizabclh Sulli van arc piclured here in th is photo from
19 14. Tht: t;o wen: couning when this picture was taken on a country road
in the Maple Grove area.
Strnk:11t s in a teacher's trainin g d nss at G race Congregational Church i n T wo Rivers pose ror a photo. Pictured, in ro w one. arc Rena Smith . O val Anderson and
Eda Dickson: row two. Edna A nclerson. Ru th Riley and Emma Heaton: row three. \Vi lbu r Dickson and Rev. Morris. W.J . Hamilton wa~ the teacher. This photo
wa s in J l) I 0 at the church. loc:atcd at 25th and Washing 1011 streets in T wo Ri vers.

The Burger Boat Co. Manitowoc facilities are

shown in this 1904 photo. Thi.! company c.:ominuc:,.
to build boats to thi:,. day in Manitowoc.:.


I •
Townspeopk gat her out ~ idc the Badger State
H OlN~ . a hotel lm:atcd at Jad,,on and Mai n streets
in Mishic.:ot. The photo was taken in 1880.
r 111111"'11
N10T1on I-'\ c.l c..vye.s ,
}~ ~ '\'\ i 1 0 w 0 ~ ' " ' ' ; s .

Thi!- 19 15 photo shows Manitowoc's Colon ial T heatre. which served as the location for the A BC Super Markel from 1912 10 19)-L The Colonial served as a
popular cmcnainmcnt !\pOl at the time o f this photo.

Joseph. Paul . H ugo Skwor in l Iic1r

. slaughter house.

or at the g radu ation the dass of 1936. this
photo fea tures Lincoln I l igh School. built in 1922.
The photo was taken l"rom th e howl.

The Two Rivers Opera House i~ !>hown in this

photo. taken on .I u I y I 0. 1931.

St. Mary. Rccdsv il le. Standing.: Raymond Kleiber. Rev. James Decker. Sister HenJ1an:1 Miller. Earl Bergman. Front row: Clara Vesely. Lorc11<1 I lopla. L ud 1nilla Pollak.

Students of Elizabeth Hartl pose for a photo at McAllister School at

Manitowoc Rapids in 19.14. Shown are. front from left. Earl W itt.
Viuor Lorenz. Mi lton Karbon. Robert Ah l. Robert Sh imek. Wi l l iam
Pfefferkorn. Frederick Kluenkcr. A lberty Tegen. W ill iam Tegen and
Cieral d Ah l. with, second row frorn left, William Tay lor, Rober!
Pld'ferk orn. Paul Shimek, Irving Sei ler. Melvin Lakatos. Mabel
Lorenz. Edith Lakatos. Marion Pfefferkorn. Ra ymond Schleis. Roy
Kluenker and Rheincrt Hobbach. plus, third row from left. lone
Holsbach. Dorothy Ah l, Germaine Karbon. un identified. Leo
Holsbach. Donald ( last name unknown). Elaine Rambadt. Marion
Rocdig. James Knutson . unidentified and unidentified. wi th . fourth
row from Jen. Norma Taylor. Maril yn Karbon, V ivian Bcnishek.
Jeanelle Hol!ibach, Stella Knutson. Doris Knutson, Dorothy
Benischek. Geraldine Karbon. Lucille Roedig. Dorothy Schoenwald
and Florence Roeclig. plus. fifth row from left. Lloyd Witt. Gordon
Karbon. Arline Benishek. Erwin Lakatos. Charlotte Stone, Gertrud
Shimek. Milton Kuss, Sylvia Lakatos, Norman Karbon, Frieda
Specht and Joseph Lakatos.

Chi ldren from Crystal Springs School in ru ral Two Ri vers pose for
a school photo. The students in the front row. from left. arc
Florence Schmidt Wondrash. Carol Brown Brauer. Delores Haws
Schultz. Lorraine Haws Franz. unknown and A lice Si lvcrsack. In
the back row. from left. are Frederick Brown. Russel Gocdjen.
Evelyn .1<1cquett, Esther Chapleski. Donald Brown. Irene
Chapleski. Marie Sil versack. Marian Schm idt Langer. George
Silversack. Roda Wach tel Kocian and George Chapleski. T he
teacher is V ictor Sh imon. This photo was taken in 1932.

Turning into the driveway o r Carl Stueck's rarm on County Highway VV

north of Shoto is Mike Schmidt. who went 10 rarmers to thresh their grain.
The photo was taken about 1928.

Along w ith the help of horst:s Barney and Dan. righ1. Frnnk Mella is
harrowing a rick! on Nordheim Road in !ht: town of Newton. The photo was
1aken in 1hc 1930s.

Mr. and Mrs. Moclsm & a Maxwell car.


Elmer 1-1 . Evenson picks up milk cans at the /\lbcrt Hanson rarm. Thi s photo
was taken in 1940.

l .

Elmer Petri. driver or a milk wagon for the T wo Ri vers Dai ry. stands here on
Mishicot Road in Two Rivers. The building pictured is the American Hall. a
1avcrn and dan<.:c hall owned hy George Litc l. It is now owned by Shoreline
C redit Union . This photo was taken in 193 1.

Louis Schocnwald . at righ1. works wi1h a hired man 10 gh.:an hay by hand in
!his photo lakcn in :1pproxima1c ly 1940 at M anitowoc Rapids. T he horses are
named Rock and Dan. Schocnwald is 1he father of D orothy Zimmerman or

Mike Schmidt. opera1ing the saw. and Hugo Ahrncll saw logs for lumber at
Schmidt's saw mi ll located on Hwy. VY. one mile north of Shoto. People
broug ht logs to 1he mill to be sawed into lumber fo r building. This pho10 was
taken in 1920.

This photo. probably taken be1ween 19 I0 and I920. shows the in1erior of 1he
German American Bank. laler known as the American Exchange Bank . The
building, located at the corner of Nin1h ancl .l ay st reets. was bu ill in I900 and
slill stands today. Charles G. Hacke r. vice president. slancls on the right.

Scolly and Ada Clark. pictured with son Earl. pose for a picture on the
open ing day of this Texaco stal ion in 1935. T he !ii al ion. owned by Scouy.
was a landmark loca1ed near the old 2 1st Street bridge.
Family ga1hers al Ole Evenson\ fa rm. localed
\VCSI or Valders. for his 75l h bir!hday. The aduhs
arc. from i.:n. A lida Savage. T i ll ie Erickson.
un"nown. Sophia Evenson. Irene Evrn son. Verne
I lougen. Elmer Evenson. unknown. Orrin Skatrucl.
Ole Evenson. Orvil le Fehrman. lre1H.: Fehrman.
Christai n Reinert son. Bcnnc.:1 1lougcn, A lma
I lnugc.:n. Theodore Erickson. unknown. unknown.
Mildred Ska1rud. unknown. unknown . unknown.
i\llrs. Charks Fehrman. unknown. unknown.
Charle:-. Fdmnan. Mary Evcn:-.on. unknown .
unknown. unknown and Hannah Reincn son.
The chi ldren arc. from lefl . Sa lome Evenson.
Isabell Fehrman. Ralph Skalrud. Thora
Rcinen son. unknown. Marian Evenson. Dale
Skalrud. Beverly Evenson. George Savage. Belly
Reincrtson. Roger Skatrucle and Mary Savage.

The T wo Rivers C ity Cotinci l 111cc1s in 19'.25.

From left are T ommy Zuehl. Pete Schroeder. Torn
Gagnon. Doc Farrel l. auorncy Freel Dicke. Ci ty
Manager Richard Biehl. Ci1y Clerk Jack Wiliep.
Mayer Harry Gowran. Don Ames. A rnold Zander.
Bill Kahlcngbcrg. Nie Tadcly and Kun Wi lke.


Veronika (Slefoniak) M ella si1s in !his or1heim Frank Mella siands in a corn liclcl on 1 ordhc im Road In 1his 1hrcc genera1ion pho10 raken abou1 1920. from
Road residence i n 1he town of Newlon. T he pho10 in the 1own of Newlon du ring 1he 1930s. lcf1 are Veron ica (S1el"aniak) Mella. Agnes {Me lla)
was takcn in the 1920s. G reshkowial and Mrs. .lo:;cph ( Martei:m.i) Marcel In.
T hey arc seen on Nordheim Road in !he town of

Residents take a break fo r re fre shments during a barn ra ising on the Jose Gutman farm.

M embers of the Freier Sac11gerbund sing i11g group arc pictured here in thi s photo taken in 1930 and put together by Glander Studio.
I 00

Standing in fron t or the plane arc Ray F.

13ucgc. a commercial teacher and
a.;~i~tant roothall coach at Lincoln I ligh
School. and his wife. Edith. They were
the first taxi passengers OLlt 01" the
Mani to woe airport. The pi lot is 13 ud
Wi ll iams. a local man . T his photo was
t;iken on May 12. 1928. in a l"anm:r's y ard
in Whit ewater. The Bucges had l"lown
there lo allcnd the sprin g formal or the
Phi Ch i Ep~i lon rra1erni ty. of which Ray
wa~ a forme r pre~idcnt.


Rcsidcnl:-. watch a rotary plow make i i:-. way down

H igh\\'ay 1-ll in Newton al'icr the snowstorm of A car makes it!'> way down a ivlani1owoc st reel alh:r T his pho10 :;hows 1he awesome snowbanks thal
1936. the snowstorm or 1936. J"orn1ecl 1hroughnu1 Mani wwoc County during 1h..:
w inter of 1936.

• ..

T his photo. taken during 1h..: winter o f 1936.

depicts what the farmers ol'len had 10 race duirng
the s101111y season. February and March dumped
incredible amounts of snow on the area.

Wesley Hoswell performs before a crowd al Woodrow Wi lson Junior High

School a:- part of Sd1ultz's Vm:a1ional School Circu~. The photo was taken
in 19~X .

Pc 1fonnin g 1hc quintuple 1rapezc ilC I in 19:1X al the old vocationa l school gym
arc lllClll bcrs 0r Rill Schultz\ Vm:ational School Circu:-,. Tiley arc. clockwi:-;c
from bottom lcrt. Marie Felber. Laura Felber. Marie Bo:-.well. Lucille Mumpy
and Archie Schueth:.
Posing in fron t or the Two Rivers Opern House is. from lcf\. Al Rehraucr.
Milfrecl Henrickson. Al Rumpf. .\ilike Beitzel. unknown and John Bci
The opera house is now the :-.ite of the Two Rivers post office.

M embers ol"the Still Benet Club. a social club for men in Two Ri vers. pose
fo r thi:-. u1 1c.lated photo. The men are. stnrtin g from the fron t left. Jack Gehrke.
John Vanclerbloemcn. Alfred Rumph. I lugo Henrickson. George Hammel.
Alfred Zoerb. Henry Dickcnsheid and Frank K ochorowski. In 1he middle
row. from left. arc .J oseph Pilon. Edward Scheuer. John BcitLel and iVlilfrecl
Henrickson. In the third ruw. from left . arc Freel Smith. Charles Kurt z. Joseph
Rehrauer. G uido Berger. Frank Wolfe. Eel N iquette, Eel Lalley. Joseph I<atchi
and George Schnoor. At the very top or the photo arc Charles Brancltncr and
Henry Wiertzbach.
I 0-1

Taken at Still Bend Rest. an area up the East Twin Ri ver in Two Rivers. this undated photo shows the boat A l ma ( Brown ) wi th owner Fred "Sllli11y" Smith on the
' tern. In 1hc firsl row slanding. rrolll left. arc Andrew Smith, franl-. Walter:-.. Joseph Bci 1zel. Albert Rumph. i\ Iil frcd Henricb.nn. Joseph Na id I. John 13rcntncr. Joseph
Rehrauer. I lcnry Wurlzbach. George Wolf. unknown. Hugo I knrickson, Joseph Pi lon. Guido Berger. Charles Krause. John Vanclcrbloemcn :1nd an unidc111 i ried
man. In 1hc second ro w sland ing. f'rom lcl'I. are George 1-lammcl. unknown and C harles Ko1<;11c. In 1hc last row are Ed N iquette. Charl es K url i' and Ed Lahey.
I 05

Eighth -g rade graduates of St. Patrick's School in Maple Grove pose for this studio photo taken in 191 9. In the rront ro w. from left. arc Clarence Doolan. Jane Doolan.
Father Casl'y. Coral O'Hearn and Leo Doolan. In the second row. from left. are Sister Denise. A l vina Bril larcl. Ra ymond O'Hcarn. Raymond Krummel. Eugene
Fi 1z.m auricc. Ruth Mullins and Sisl'er L uincna. In the back row. l'rom lc f'I. an.: Patrick Sheehy. M ;1rgare1Mal borough. Sherman Lorrignn . Frances Daley and Georgl.!
Cahil l. (A progralll l'rorn the commcncc1nl.!n l ceremon ies is also inc luded. )
I 06

T his undated photo shows people ice skat ing in

lanitowoc. In the background is Lincol n
High School.

Joseph Mella stands near this Northc im Road

rcsidcnn· in the town ol' Newton . The photo was
tal-.c11 in the I tJ-Hb .

Parade of Aluminum Goods olfo.:c workers make

thdr \\:t} to a picnic at Si lver Cn:d Park. In front.
l'rom left. arc Elva Scl1ac1zkc 1:ri ckc nncl A nita
Gruhc. This photo was taken be twee n 1924 ..._.,,.

ancl 1929.

Tc n1 h -gradl.'. r~ or $ 1. l'a1rick's
School i n IVlapk Grov l.'. pose 1·or
Iii is SIUcli n J111UIU in hotlnl" or llicir
19.\ I com111c1Kc111rn1. Pictured i n
the t"ront ro\\'. l"rom 11.'.1 '1. arc Rev.
Roland Ahearn. Thotna-. Goggin:-..
Walter O'Conndl. Ali<:c l.orriga11.
Louis Konop and Si,11.:r O'Oclia. In
the back row. rrom kit arc Allen
o·cunndl. Dai-.y Lorrigan.
i\lichacl Hogan. i\ lari1111 Rolland
and Gordon Sheehy.

Members of the 1935 Lincoln High School football learn play a game against West Green Bay at Lincoln High School in Manitowoc. Sylves ter Rohrer. pictured
w ith the hall. ran 124 yards that day. T he final score was Green Bay. 7, Manitowoc. 0. T his photo was taken by Henry Glander.

The altar al St. Gregory's Church in S1. ?\azi:u11 i:-. shown here decorated for
L:1cly of Victory evening prayer service~ during World War 11. The date of
lhc pholo is unknown.

S1uden1s panicipa1ing. in lenth-grade cnnimencc111cnt ceremonies :11 St.

Patrick's in Maple Grove pose for this studio pholo taken in 1926. Seated in
the front. from lefl. arc Si~1cr Francis i\larie. Ted Cavanaugh. :"Jl'llic Lorrigan
ancl the r~ cv . George Casey. In 1hc back row arc Sister Lumcna. John
C:1vanaugh . Elme r Sheehy and Monica Barte lme.

Thi~ photo. 1akcn in 192 1. fea ture~ 1he

c:on s1ruc:1ion or the Rivo li T hcaler in Two Rivers.
K umbalck Ice Cream and Mi l k Shop is pictured
at the lefl.

The Oslo Dam near County Trunk S is shmrn in

1his pho10 1aken in 19-10. T he Henry Behnke fam1
house c:;111 be seen 011 the far ri ght.

Anna Marie and Stephen Oscar Gunderson o f Gunderson's

Dairy pose for a -10th wedding anni versary photo. taken on
June 22. 1932. The photo wa:-. taken at 616 N. 6th St. .
Mani towoc. The G underson's were pioneers i n dai rying.
br inging pasteurizing and bott ling to Manitowoc County.

M embers of O le Evcnson's family gather at his home west of

Valders in honor or his 75th hi rihday. Pictured here. from left. are
Irene (Evenson) Fuhrman. O le Even:-.on. Elmer H. Evenson and
Alma (Evenson) Hougen. Th is photo was taken in 1937.

Taken in I 9 18. this photo shows four generationsor

the Evenson family. Pictured here arc O le Even:-011.
Maril Olson, Elmer Evenson and Inez Evenson.
11 :?.

William Ahearn Sr.. Turnwalcl of Turnvcricn Society. is pictured here in front

o f the Two Rivers Opera House in this undated photo.

Res idents pose nt the Two Riv ers Opera House in thi s undated photo.

~ __ ,...,

I I3

Stephan Stiefvatcr and Antonetta Gerhard pose wi th thei r wedding

party in rhis pho10 1aken on May 14. I 907 in St. N azianz. A lso
pictured are Joseph Gerhard. bro1her of 1he bride. Maria Sticf va1cr.
sister of the groom. Richard St icf vater. bro1hcr o f the groom and
Rosa Gerhard . sister o f the bride. The wedd ing IOok place at Sr.
Gregorius in St. Nazianz.

Members of 1he wedding pany pose for a photo on 1hc day a double
wedding al \Vest Valders Lutheran Church. T he aclull s, from left. arc
Mabel Erichon. Henry Hougen. Bcnne11 Hougen. Al ma Hougen,
Irene Evenson. Elmer Evenson, La wrence Eri ckson and Esther
Rusch. The nower girls. from lefl , arc Eleanor Behnke and Leona
Gri !Tin. T he photo was taken on June 20. 19 17.
11 -1

T he Sil ver L ake Hotel and Recreation Hal l. lncatccl just west or
Manitowoc. hosted picnic:- !'or the city orM anitowoc and M irro.
Thi ~ photo is undated.

T he Si lver Lake Hotel and Recreation 1l al l on Highway 3 1. 3 I /2

m iles west o f Man itowoc is ~hown in this undated photo.
11 5

Coumy Clerk A lbert Tet~ laff and

Assistant Dcpu1yCou111yClcrk Ruth
Kucckerchcck in 84.000 sugar ration
coupons. 8-1.000 application cards and
88,000 inslruction shce1s for sugar
ra1i oning in 1his pho10 1aken during
World \Var 11. This photo was taken
by a Herald Times Reporler
photographer ni the Man it owoc
County Courthouse.
I 16

' \ f\ •
I /\ ~ f\o f\., I\~ f
I 1, I I. I~ t
' I. f; fl! I)'

Thi:-. photo. tal..c11 by Va:-.:;ar Studio in the 1940s. :;hows a booth at

the Manitowoc County Fair Park. The booth features Archie Frickc's
tile !>illllplcs and C liin::nce Becker's metal work.

T aken in Clover. this photo features newly remodeled ti le work done

by tile setter Archie Frick e of Manitowoc. Thi~ photo was taken
around 19-W.

This 19-+6 pho10 shows the Sandy Hill V iew

School in rural T wo Ri vers. Standing from left arc
teacher Edna Dienn. Roger Kimmes and Dori s
Shambcau: left row from batk are Serena
Hackelberg. Shirly Schmidt and Andrew
Wichlacz: midd le row from hack arc Gene Petri.
Donald Pietro:-;kc and John Pietroskc: and al ri ght.
from left. are Marilyn Kimmes. Ange line
Wicklacz and Roger Garceau.

Students the Lakeview Sthool on Hwy. 42 in
the Town or Two Creeks pose for a school picture.
The teacher. Edna Berg. is seen standing in the
back. The students in row one are Charlene
Neuser. James Hallada ancl t ancy Wachal : row
two, Barbara Reynold:;, Dan K rall. G len
Engelbrecht. Ci lccn Lchrmann. L avern
Brandenberg and Elrenc Stangel: row three. Jean
Lchrm;11111. Gerald B laha. Janet Havlinek. Carol
Ruether. Roger Lehrmann. Rita Wachal. 1larlan
Enge lbrecht and James Blaha: row four. Gordon
Blaha . Ruth B laha. Gerald Hallada . A llen
.Johanek. Curl is Engel brecht and Luella
Lchrmann. This photo wa taken in 19-+5.

Alois and Florence Biel. who lived in 1he Town of Two Creeks. fished A I lcrald T imes Reporter photographer took 1his pho10 when Robert
Lake Michigan roryears. Thi ~ pho10was1aken during the 1950s in T wo and Salome Haupt's farm was sclcc1ed as Farm of the Week in a
Ri v..-:rs. promotion with the Dairy Industry and 1he Cha111ber of Co111111erce. The
photo was taken in 1 9~ I .

Members of the board or directors of and An shc

Poale Zcdck Synagogue in Manitowoc are shown
bringing 1heir holy ~crol l s of the T orah to 1hc
newly -rcmocleled place or worshi p in 1954.
Shown are. from lefr. Sam Gordon. Bernard
Balkansky. Myer Z immerman. Iman Sigman . .lack
Barcnbaum. Nash Muchin. 1he Rev. Bernard
Horoviti'.. M eyer Schwartz and Alvin Much in. T he
new synagogue al !he corner of Eighth and Stale
streets was previously First L u1hera11 Church.

Sistl:r Cheryl. second g.ra'k teacher al St. Paul Catholic Sthool of

Manitowoc. tcache reading to the 29 members or Holy Family
College me t hod~ class. Thl: teacher:- were tran:-ported from the
college to M anitowoc for the demonstration. Th i:- photo wa:- taken
in 1960.

!\ n1rps or chcr:-. a:-.:-.i:-t Ed Zahorik. hatchery owner from Cato. in the

preparation of charcoaled Cornish chickens during the Hol y Family
College Fall Festiva l in 1962. Picturecl here. from left. ;1re Wilfred
Miller. Wilfred Fischer. Tony Fess ler. Paul G lysch. Z ahorik and
Lester K lingheiscn.

Naval vesse ls are docked at Burger Boat Co. faci lities in Manitowoc in this I 953 photo that shows boats being co11s1ruc1ecl al th e site.

People gather at Pinecrest H istorical Village for Civil War Rcmemberc<I. July 1992. These photos were taken by Salome Haupt.

Wi lliam " H usky" Langlois.

pictured here. owned the
confcc tionary store nex t to the
Ri va ly movie th eater in Two
Rivers. Th is photo was 1akcn by the
Hcrnlcl Time:-. Reporter when he
retired in the early to mid 1950s.
His f'amily (Langlois) l ived in T wo
Rivers beginning in 1856 when his
rather moved from Canada.

Stopping at their loc.:kcrs between classes arc

Vic toria \Vi ll-.e. Lois Zem1uchlcn. Wendy Posny.
Barb Vanden Avond. and Sue Sc.:heinoha.
November. 1967.

The l'irsl full -lime Jay students at I Joly Family

College began their tudies in the old college
bui ld ing attached 10 the Holy Fami ly Convent.
Pic.:IUrccl here. from lei'!. nrc Ju l ieann Gruber .
Man ito woc: Kathryn Rasmussen. Denmark:
Maureen O'Hcarn. Mani towoc: 1;mc.:y K ane.
Denmark: Corrine Heinzen. St. Nai'.ianz: Nancy
N ovy. Man itowoc: Dennna Weber. Two Rivers:
ancl Lila Sull ivan. Manitowoc. This photo wa~
taken i n I 9:'i6.

Hazel /\slakson speaks to the ladies of Fai th about Fred Dicke prac1iced law for more than 60 years in This photo of Fred Dicke was taken in the late 1970s
herteac.:hingof thc English language to the Hmong at Two Ri vers. and all but about three as ci ty atlo rn ey. ror the Mani towoc Cou111y Courthouse composite of
Faith L utheran Church in Valders. Her apron was a This photo was taken about 1945 to celebrate his attorneys practici ng l:.iw in the early 1980s. Di<.:kc
gi fl from her student. The photo was taken in 1991 by 50th anniversary as an auomey. served as city allomey and municipal j udge in Two
Salome Haupl. Rivers and dis1ric1 atto rn ey for the county and w as
instrumental in founding Shady L ane Home as a
non-profit organization.

Winners or the T wo Creeks Ccnlcnnial Beard Contest pose for a

photo. They arc Bill Engelbrecht. Harold T ay lor. Earl Bruemmer
and Lou is Messman. T his rholo was taken in 1959.

The cover of Sept. 1967 edition of the :\ lirro i\ li:\ing Bowl promotes
1he fac11hat the Mirro Aluminum Co. has added canoes 10 it s l ine or
proclucls. Lester A hlsweclc served as editor for the publical ion.

M en from the Valders Lions Club pose on a l'loal 1hey built and
'"sailed" i n many parades throughout Wisconsin anti beyond. Valders
was selllcd by l\orwegians from V aldres. Norway. T his photo was
taken in 1980.

A n cn 1ry in the T wo Creeks Centennial Parade is shown

here in th is photo tak en in 1959.


We would like to thank each of the Manitowoc County, Wisconsin,

reside nts that sub1nitted photos to be used in this book. Many hours
were spent digging through attics , basements, and photo albu1ns to
provide us with these historical pictures. More than 80 people submitted
over 500 photographs. Due to page constraints not all of the photos
were able to be published, but we truly appreciate all of you who chose
to share these special memories with us.