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Analysis of development Process and Outcomes

Poblacion 4 San Jose San Roque

Question Interviewee Interviewee Interviewee 3 Interviewee 4 Interviewee 5 Interviewee Interviewee Interviewee Interviewee 9
1 2 6 7 8
Name Micnellie Rolly Garcia Corazon Nemecia Caldo Mae M. Luicei Mike Malipol Rosalyn Ayesha Imson
Evangelista Serrano Evangelista Macasadia Macasadia
1.Period of 42 39 65 70 20 33 27 27 9
time of
staying the
2.a -cemented -cemented -cemented - cemented -Road -Street -Road -regular na -subdivisions
Experienced road road road road construction lights widening pagkuha ng
Development -drainage -malls -increase in -many establishments -street lights basura
or change system population establishment -malls
-near hospitals
2.b Benefit Roads Roads -cemented cemented - cemented -Bahay ng -Cemented none -Cemented
with huge roads roads roads kapitan roads roads
impacts -street lights

2.c Benefit none Safety Benefits for Benefits for Benefits for none -Free none -vaccines
with Least senior citizen senior citizen senior citizen medicines
impacts -poor water -security
3. Situation none none none none

Development Establishments Establishments Road widening, Establishments

The best Road of facilities
benefits Road construction Roads Road
construction construction
Mahinang Safety
The least tubig

Situation Rough road none Rough roads Konti ang Rough road, -old houses -less -makalat -
before bahay, tao at konting bahay, -no street population ang basura infrastructures
sasakyan, tao and lights -less houses -rough road
rough road, establishments
wala pang

B. Major Events that Leads to present development

Question Interviewee Interviewe Interviewee Interviewee Interviewee Interviewe Interviewee 7 Interviewe Interviewee 9
1 e2 3 4 5 e6 e8
Cause of Pagsasaayos -cemented -pagdami ng -cemented - -new -Road widening -mahusay -cemented
development ng kanal road tindahan road establishments administrat ang road
-malakas -higher -pagdami ng -pagsasaayos ion pamumuno
na tubig employment establishment ng kalsada -mga tao
rate s -paglakas ng na
tubig sumusunod
What/who Barangay LGU Mayor LGU DPWH, Mayor Brgy. Mayor Brgy. -private
build or Official Sanchez Health Sanchez, Officials sectors and
started these worker Kooperatiba organizations
changes (St. Joseph

C. Local People’s Perception of Genuine Development

Question Interviewee 1 Interviewee 2 Interviewee Interviewee Interview Interviewee Interviewe Intervie Interviewee 9
3 4 ee 6 e7 wee 8
Point of view -Gumanda ang -Pagkain ng 3 Pagyaman ng Pagayos ng Pagunlad Pagtutulung Good Nagtutu -Paglilinis ng
of Genuine kabahayan beses sa isang lipunan estado ng ng an ng mga security lungan tahanan
Development -high araw -walang pamumuhay mamama tao and ang mga
employment mayaman, ng tao yan, facilities tao
walang walang
mahirap mahirap
, pagayos
ng estado
ng tao
Experienced Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

D. Factors that inhibit and/or facilitate development

Question Interviewee 1 Interviewee 2 Interviewee Interviewee Interview Interviewee Interviewe Intervie Interviewee 9
3 4 ee 6 e7 wee 8
Continuous Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
help from the
one who
cause the
Inhibitors/hin Lack of funds Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruptio None Lack of Kabataa
drance to the n funds n na Corruption
development hindi
or change sumusu
E. Recommendation to promote Genuine Development
Question Interviewee 1 Interviewee 2 Interviewee Interviewee Intervie Interviewee Interviewe Intervie Interviewee 9
3 4 wee 6 e7 wee 8
Can Help in Cleaning the Follow the Makiisa, Makiisa, Particip Pagtulong Following Followin Discipline
the change of surroundings rules sundin ang sundin ang ate in sa kapwa ng the rules of g the
barangay as a patakaran patakaran the walang the rules of
resident activitie kapalit barangay the
s of the baranga
baranga y
Suggestions Putting CCTV on Be a Unity Discipline Disciplin -Covered -prioritize -giving
for better main roads for responsible e court the safety an extra
change in safety citizen of the income Discipline
development barangay for
in the housewi
barangay ves
View of the Higher Maayos na Maayos na Safe at may Safe Maayos na Mas Mas Cleanliness
barangay 10 employment barangay pamumuhay maayos na and lungsod maunlad magigin
years from rate due to big pamumuhay marami g
now establishments ng maayos
yan ng