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Title: PA (Pubic Address) Speaker: Enhancing the Quality in Information



School announcement and news in school are very important. But one of the

problem is that sometimes room by room announcement can disturb class. Also, room

by room announcement is very tiring. Sometimes when they are spreading news room

by room and they forgot to tell one thing in one room, they will go back there and tell

what they forgot to tell.General announcement is also one of the concern because

sometimes students can’t understand the announcement because the speakers are too

far from them or they can’t understand because of the microphone. And also,

emergency meetings can affect class. A morning reminder can help students to be more

alive when entering school.

According to, morning announcements were great way

to get students more interested in academics, extracurricular activities and prepare

themselves to be ahead of their competition once they leave school.

We have come up with this project because it can really help.By the PA

Speakers, announcements or news can be easily spread. Having this can also

encourage students to be more alive everyday.With a little bit of investment you can

turn morning announcements into a wonderful opportunity for students to prepare

themselves for life beyond school.

II. Purpose

The main purpose of this project are the following:

 To spread news/ announcements easily.

Because of this project school news and announcements can be easily

spread.You don’t need to room by room,you just have to go to the room where you

can locate the michrophone of the PA speaker and tell what you want to announce

to everybody. Also, it can help in emergency meetings.

 To spread information immediatey.

Everyone will be always updated on what is happening in school.

 To save time and energy.

Room by room announcement is tiring because we have so many room in

school. Also sometimes there are things that we forgot to announce so we need

to room by room again. And PA Speaker can lighten the tiredness that we feel

when we’re announcing or spreading news.

III. Project Goals and Description

PA (Public Address) Speakers a system is anything that amplifies sound so

more people can hear it. The goal of PA system is to provide public dress or a way to
transmit audio communication to a group. This transmission begins with a microphone,

which is a device that can assist in magnifying an audio source’s volume. A

microphones classified as a device that transforms sound into an electrical signal.

Microphones used in PA system are usually dynamic or condensers. Dynamic

microphones are more rugged than condensers and are able to withstand the elements

a little better,. Condenser microphones utilize their own power source and produce

better-quality audio signals, but can sometimes be so sensitive that they also receive

background noises. Specifically,this project can really help schools to have a better

delivery of announcements.

This project is need to have a program approval for the Principal and School

administrators to inform about this project, after that the project will have a promotion for

it to inform the school personnel about the installation of the PA Speakers. In setting up

the materials, the assigned person need to buy the materials for the installation of PA

Speakers. In the four buidings of Placido T. Amo Senior High School each room in

every building will have 1 PA Speakers. After the installation of the PA Speaker, the

school need a person who are responsible in monitoring and maintaining the PA


IV. Budgetary, Requirements and Timeline



To inform the



Promotion students,amd October 8, Flyers/ printed Php.500.00

other school 2019 papers


about the

installation of

this project

To buy the  PRO-SIGNAL

materials Single RCA to Php.299.5

Setting-Up needed by the October RCA Lead

the Materials school for the 21,2019  Speakers

installation of BP4V-B Php.1,038 x

this project. Compact 54 = Php.

Speaker 56,052..00

 100 Metre-


Insulated Php.2,020.5

100V Line/Low

 V24-VR 24W Php. 785.7

100V Volume



Monitoring To observe

and and to give Everymonth None None

Maintaining maintenance

the Project the project

Total Php.59,657.7


The money that will get in the program will be the fund of this project.
 Fun Run
 Zumba
 Walk for A Cause
 Solicitation
 School Administration/ School Fund

Why Every School Should Have a Announcements