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Class News to the Point
September 20, 2019
Another wonderful week in fourth Vocabulary Upcoming
grade! This week we had our first Events
mystery reader, Rhiannon Rose, and Friday 9/27
talent show by Joe Yeh! We loved Previous Chapter 2 Math Test
watching him demonstrate all his Frequent (tentatively)
athletic talents and can’t wait to see Assumption
what the rest of the class is ready to Annual Monday 9/30
Indicate Picture Day
show us! (11:35-11:55 am)

This Week’s Focus Reminders

•  Math: Chapter 2: Estimation and Factors: We learned how to •  Please send in your child’s
estimate by rounding and front-end estimation and used that picture day forms
information to decide if the real answers to math problems were
reasonable. Students also reviewed factor trees and learned how •  Check your child’s agenda
to find the greatest common factor. nightly

•  Reading: Launch Unit: This week we spent time getting to know our •  Math homework is on
reading workshop routines and how to keep our eyes and minds in Tuesdays and Thursday
our books!
•  Writing: Getting Ideas Everywhere: We learned about how writing is •  Reading 20 minutes is
all around us and worked with partners to conference about our required every night! (I ask
own writing. students for the page number
they are on in the morning)
•  Grammar: Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences: Students Friday-Sunday is optional
reviewed these three types of sentences. since it is the weekend, but I
•  Science: Geosphere: Students learned about rivers and how will ask for what page they
different amounts of water can affect the shape of a river. are on Monday!

Preview of Next Week:
Math Reading Writing Grammar Science
Chapter 2: Writing and Sentence Moving plates
Beginning our Fragments and and mapping
Multiples and analyzing
Multiplying Nonfiction Unit Run-on earthquakes