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The Lesser Gods of Olympus


 The God of Love The Graces: Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia

 Fairest of the deathless gods there were the daughters of Zeus and
Eurynome (a child of the Titan)
 He is the oftenest beautiful serious
youth who gives good gifts to men. They were the companions of Apollo with the
golden lyre to which the step, the dancer’s step
ANTEROS – the avenger of slighted love and and listen.
sometimes one who opposes love

HIMEROS – Longing

HYMEN – God of Wedding Feast

The Muses: The daughters of Zeus and


Clio was Muse of History, Urania of Astronomy,

Melpomene of Tragedy, Thalia of Comedy,
HEBE Terpsichore of Dance, Calliope of Epic Poetry,
Erato of Love-poetry, Polyhymnia of Songs to
 THE Goddess of Youth
the Gods, Euterpe of Lyric Poetry
 Daughter of Zeus and Hera

 Cupbearer to the gods

 No more stories except of her marriage

to Hercules


The Right or Divine Justice

 The Goddess of the Rainbow and a
messenger to the Gods The Human Justice
The God of Waters

TRITON- the Trumpeter of the Sea. He

OCEAN – a titan, Lord of the river Ocean, a river was the son of Poseidon and
encircling the earth. His wife was a Titan, Amphirite.

PONTUS - means the Deep Sea, was a son of NEREIDS –the nymphs of the Sea
Mother Earth and the Father of Nereus

The Underworld

NEREUS – was called Old Man of the Sea and

his wife was Doris, daughter of the Ocean
The kingdom of the dead was ruled by
Hades and his Queen Persephone.
The two divisions of the

ERINYES (The Furies) are placed

by Virgil in the underworl, where
TARTARUS they punish evildoers. They
were Tisiphone, Megaera, and

The Lesser Gods of Earth


DEMETER – The Goddess of Corn,

a daughter of Cronus and Rhea

CERBERUS - a three-headed, dragon-

tailed dog, who permit all the spirits to
enter, but none to return.
On his arrival each one is brought
before three judges, Rhadamanthus, BACCHUS – the God of Wine
Minos, and Aeacus. They will be sent to
Elysian Fields, the good place of
PAN– he was the chief, Hermes’ son, a noisy, LEDA – was the wife of King Tyndareus
merry god, the Homeric Hymn in his honor calls of Sparta, she bore two mortal children
him, but he was part animal too, with a goat’s to him; Castor and Clytemnestra, and to
horns, and a goat’s hoofs. He was the Zeus, who visited her in the form of
goatherd’s god and the shepherd's god also the
gay companion of woodland.

swan , two others were immortal Pollux

and Helen the heroine of Troy.
SILENUS – Was sometimes said to be Pan’s son; SATYRS – like pan, were goat-
sometimes his brother, and a son of Hermes. He men, and they had their home
was jovial fat old man who drank to walk. in the wild places of the earth.

OREADS – nymphs of the mountain

CASTOR AND POLLUX – who were said to live
half of their time on earth and half on heaven.
GORGONS– there were three, the two ere
immortals. There were dragonlike creatures
DRYADS – nymphs of the trees
with wings, whose look turned men to stone.

AEOLUS – King of the Winds, he was the only

regent of the Winds, viceroy of the gods.


 Boreas - North Wind

GRAIAE– were three gray women who had one
 Zephyr -West Wind eye between them
 Notus - South Wind

 Eurus - East Wind

SIREN – they had enchanting voices and their

singing lured sailors to their death.

CENTAURS– half man, half horse, savage

creatures more than beasts than men

THE FATES – Moirae in Greek, give to men at

birth evil and good to have