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 Identify some animals that undergo complete metamorphosis in their life cycle.
 Recognize the different stages of the life cycle of animals undergoing complete
 Appreciate the importance of knowing the different stages of the life cycle
undergoing complete metamorphosis.
 Topic: Life Cycle of Selected Animals: Complete Metamorphosis
 References:
 Materials: Laptop, projector, video & pictures
A. Preliminaries
 Prayer
 Greetings
 Checking the Attendance
B. Lesson Proper
 The teacher will show a picture of Butterfly, Mosquito, Fly, Ladybug


1. Can you describe the appearance of these creatures?

2. Do you know where these creatures came from?


 The teacher will a show a video related to the lesson

A. Activity
 The teacher will group the students into four groups and give some
pictures. The students will observe the mixed pictures of the stages of
development of the following animals: FLY, MOSQUITO, BUTTERFLY
& LADYBUG. The students will arrange the picture showing the correct
stages of development and paste it on the board.
B. Analysis
1. What have you observed in doing your activity?
2. Are butterflies important or harmful? Why?
3. So, the next time you see butterfly, are you going to harm them or not?
4. Are mosquitos important or harmful? Why?
5. What stage of their life cycles are these tiny or deadly organisms easily
C. Abstraction
 Metamorphosis
 Is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after
birth or hatching.
 Refers to the way that certain organisms develop, grow and change
 Complete Metamorphosis
 Most insects go through the four stages of complete metamorphosis.
1. Egg – a female insect lays egg.
2. Larva – hatch from egg but do not look adult insects.
3. Pupa - larva make a cocoon around themselves, and become
busy changing into their adult forms.
4. Adult – after a period of time, larvae is nothing like it was and
exits the cocoon or larva stage.
D. Application
 The teacher will group the student into two groups. Each group will choose
a leader and reporter. The students will illustrate or draw each stages of
animal and describe each stages of development.
IV. Evaluation

Test I: Multiple choice

DIRECTION: Choose the correct answer.

1. Many animals develop from ______.

a. eggs b. bones c. shells d. none of these
2. The stage after the egg of a mosquito are hatched is the ______.
a. larva b. pupa c. nymph d. adult
3. A caterpillar is the _____ stage in the life cycle of a butterfly.
a. 1st b. 2nd c. 3rd d. 4th
4. This is the stage wherein the butterfly starts to develop their wings.
a. egg b. pupa c. caterpillar d. adult

Test II: Identification

5. Is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or

6. Hatch from egg but do not look adult insects.

Test III: Enumeration

(7-10) Enumerate the stages of a complete metamorphosis.

V. Assignment

Write a diary of the animal as it moves through its life cycle. You may choose to
write about animal you worked on during the activity.