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Management Plan


Vegietillas will start as a partnership. Accounting Tools (2019) claimed that
“with many partners, a business has a much richer source of capital than would be
the case for a sole proprietorship.” For this reason, the proponents decided to adopt

 Whelvie Rose A. Zulueta – General Partner/Operations Manager
 Diane Grace M. Dimayuga – General Partner/Productions Supervisor
 Angelica Mae D. Austria – General Partner/Admin Supervisor
 Rexcel P. Borazon – Limited Partner

Vegietillas will employ the organizational structure below. The organizational
set up is based on the duties and responsibilities corresponding to each position.


Admin Production
Supervisor Supervisor


Delivery Production
Staff Staff

Security Guard Maintenance


Job Title: Operations Manager

Job Description: The Operations Manager is accountable for managing all of the
business procedures. He/she interviews, hires, and trains employees. Also, he/she
evaluates and improves business policies, regulations, and systems to guarantee
effective and efficient business operations. He/she manages the budget, assigns
tasks and assesses activities, and plans and initiates a series of events necessary in
the business operation.
Job Qualifications:
 Education: Preferably a graduate of a business course.
 Work Experience: With at least two (2) years of experience in managing a
 Other Credentials: Preferably has attended trainings and seminars regarding
management of a business.
 Skills and Attitude: With good human relations , passionate about work,
knowledgeable and effective in decision making , keen to details, observant,
efficient, and has proper appearance.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Review every part of the business in order to assure that the business
operation is performing well.
 Make sure that the employees that he/she hires have acquired enough
knowledge and skills by conducting trainings.
 Monitor the tasks given to every sector of the business.
 Allocate the budget effectively to ensure that necessities of the business and
employees are observed.
 Observe policies, regulations, and systems of the business closely.
 Initiate actions and activities that will help the business to perform well and
 Check if the supplies, material and equipment needed are readily available.
 Aim high and look forward to the future state of the business.
 Make smart decisions and solve problems that may arise during the business
 Approach customers in a pleasing and mannered way.
 Conduct reviews regarding the performance of employees.
 Able to handle other duties if necessary.

Job Title: Production Superior

Job Description: The Production Supervisor is responsible for evaluating the total
production process including the quality, safety, and system in creating the product.
He/she develops and implements promotional activities to ensures the profitability
and meet the goals of the business. Also, he/she helps staffs and employees to
perform well by motivating them. He/she observes the feedbacks of the customers
Job Qualifications:
 Education: Preferably a graduate of a business course particularly a major in
the marketing field.
 Work Experience: With at least two (2) years of experience in handling/
supervising the production section.
 Other Credentials: Preferably has attended trainings in production
 Skills: Alert, observant, has pleasing personality, has great communication
and motivation skills, passionate and committed to work, can work under
pressure, and has neat appearance.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Supervise production staff members and revaluates their performance.
 Oversee the whole production operation.
 Guarantee that the safety, quality, and health protocols and followed.
 Develop strategies to improve production operations and meet the sales goals.
 Motivate employees to ensure a great performance.
 Communicate with customers to gain feedbacks.
 Monitor and observe trends in the market and the industry.
 Promote strategic work flow.
 Ensure that customer requirements are meet.
 Monitor day-by-day operations.
 Train staff regarding customer-oriented policies.

Job Title: Administrative Supervisor

Job Description: The Administrative Supervisor is responsible for keeping track of

the company records. He/she monitors office supplies and place orders if necessary.
Also, he/she ensures an effective filing system in order to answer staff and client
inquires quickly. He/she acts as the center of contact inside and outside of the
business premises.
Job Qualifications:
 Education: Preferably a graduate of a business administration course.
 Work Experience: With at least two (2) years of experience in administrative
 Other Credentials: No other credentials.
 Skills and Attitude: Systematic, organized , alert has good personality, quick
to respond, has proper appearance, approachable, knows how to use office
software’s efficiently, and can work under pressure.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Monitor office supplies stock.
 Organize company files in a systematic way.
 Arrange meetings/ conferences regarding office operations and the entire
business operations.
 Place orders of office supplies if necessary.
 Make financial and administrative reports.
 Keep track of the company records and activities.
 Respond efficiently to customer and staff inquiries.
 Communicate necessary information to information users effectively.
 Attend to meetings and conferences.
 Maintain a calendar of activities and appointments within the company.
 Received and distribute emails, packages, letters, etc.
 Make a strategic schedule of events.

Job Title: Bookkeeper

Job Description: The Bookkeeper is responsible for keeping track of the day-to-day
financial activities of the business. He/she provides data regarding expenses, the
accounting records and financial statements at the end of the period.
Job Qualifications:
 Education: Preferably a Senior High School Graduate in Accountancy,
Business and Management.
 Work Experience: No experience needed.
 Other Credentials: No other credentials required.
 Skills and Attitudes: Does work religiously, passionate about work, alert,
quick to response, observant, has good interpersonal skills, has pleasing
appearance and personality.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Maintain proper hygiene.
 Handle products delicately and cautiously.
 Quick yet efficient in performing production procedures.
 Observe cleanliness
 Follow safety and health protocol
 Be observant in making of the product.

Job Title: Machine Operator

Job Description: The Machine Operator is responsible for turning the machine on
and off. He / she maintains the machine in a good condition, check for defects that
might need repairs
Job Qualifications:
 Education: A graduate of a course/ vocational course related of the
 Work Experience: With at least two (2) years of the experience in operating
 Other Credentials: Has undergone trainings and seminars regarding trouble
shooting and operating a machine.
 Skills and Attitude: Mechanical and technical skills, alert, observant,
analytical skills, physical stamina, good human relations skill.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Operate machine efficiently.
 Detect errors and defects in machine.
 Trouble shoot machine in times of error
 Repair and fix defects.
 Maintain a safe working environment.
 Identify products to be used in the operation of the machine
 Inspect the machine.

Job Title: Delivery Staff

Job Description: The Delivery Staff is responsible for ensuring the good condition of
the product while delivering to customers. He/ she deals with customer inquiries
regarding the product and disseminate needed information to the buyer.
Job Qualifications:
 Education: Preferably graduate of High School
 Work Experience: With at least one (1) year of experience in delivery
 Other Experience: No credentials needed
 Skills and Attitude: Has neat personality, has good communication and
human relations skills, observant, keen to details, can work under pressure,
committed to work.
Duties and Qualifications:
 Check delivery products carefully.
 List customer feedbacks
 Ensure smooth transfer of products
 Communicate needed information to buyer
 Secure the safety of the products
 Keep a checklist of things that needed to be evaluated before and after the

Job Title: Security Guard

Job Description: The Security Guard is responsible for keeping the peace and
maintaining the safety within the business premises. He/she checks people/ vehicles
going in and out of the company building. Also, he/she ensures that the lights
electricity, etc. are observed.
Job Qualifications:
 Education: Preferably a high school graduate
 Work Experience: With at least three (3) years of experience as a security
 Other Credentials: Has undergone trainings and seminars regarding
protocols and role of security guard.
 Skills and Attitude: Strictly follows protocol; physical stamina knows how to
defend himself/ others, observant, alert, can work under pressure, physically fit
and strong, can communicate well, keen to details and always ready.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Patrol the whole premise of the business such as doors, windows, and gates.
 Keep peace in order
 Call authority in cases of emergency
 Monitor people/ vehicles coming and leaving the building.
 Monitor and track entrance and departure of employees, visitors, etc.
 Answer inquires
 Warn persons who violate of disturb peace in the premises
 Inspect security equipment and systems.

Job Title: Maintenance Staff

Job Description: The Maintenance Staff cleans and maintain condition of the whole
Job Qualification:
 Education: At least a high school graduate
 Work Experience: With at least six (6) months of experience as a
maintenance staff.
 Other Credentials: No credentials needed.
 Skills and Attitude: Quick, alert, observant, has good human relations skill,
can work efficiently and effectively, has initiative, has good personality.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Come to work earlier than others
 Cleans rooms, hallways, restrooms, factory, and windows.
 Check cleaning supplies
 Monitor physical condition of lights, floor, industrial equipment, etc.
 Opens and closes the whole premise
 Double check doors, gate, and windows.
 Wash utensils and tool used in production
 Work effectively
 Perform extra duties if necessary.

Vegietillas will offer salaries and wages aligned with the existing labor laws of
the Philippines
A. Employee Salaries

Position Number of Employees Monthly Salary

Operations Manager 1 Php 18,000
Production Superior 1 Php 15,000
Administrative Officer 1 Php 15,000
Bookkeeper 1 Php 10,500
Production Staff 8 Php 10,500
Machine Operator 1 Php 9,500
Delivery Staff 2 Php 9,500
Guard 2 Php 9,090
Maintenance Staff 2 Php 9,090
B. Benefits
 Thirteenth (13th) Month Pay
All employees would be given 13th month pay which is equivalent to
their basic monthly pay given on December 24.
 Uniforms
All regular employees will be given a complete set of uniform (t-shirt,
hair net, face mask, apron for production staff and machine operator, t-shirt for
non-production employees.
 Overtime Pay for Regular Employees
All regular employees are entitled to overtime pay for those who work in
excess of eight (8) hours in a day in accordance with the law.
 Social Security System (SSS) Benefits
All employees will be covered by SSS. The employees and the
company pay for the monthly contribution based on the schedule of
contribution provided by the SSS.
 Philhealth Benefits
All employees will be covered by Philhealth as well as their dependent.
The employees and the company pay for the monthly contribution based on
the schedule of contribution provided by Philhealth.
 Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-ibig)
All employees will be covered by HDMF (Pag-ibig). The employees and
the business pay for the monthly contribution based on the schedule of
contribution provided by Pag-ibig.
Vegietillas is open for nine (9) hours starting from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Monday to Friday provided below is reporting schedule of the personnel.
Vegietillas implements eight (8) hour work per day as mandated by Philippine
Labor Law. The following are the official reporting time of Vegietillas’ personnel from
Monday to Friday.
Position Official Reporting Time Lunch Break
Operations Manager 8:00 AM 1 hour
Production Supervisor 8:00 AM 1 hour
Administrative Officer 8:00 AM 1 hour
Bookkeeper 8:00 AM 1 hour
Production Staff 8:00 AM 1 hour
Machine Operator 8:00 AM 1 hour
Delivery Staff 8:00 AM 1 hour
Security Guard 7:00 AM 1 hour
Maintenance Staff 7:00 AM 1 hour


All applicants for a vacant position will undergo the following steps.
1. Evaluation of application – this is aimed at ensuring that the applicant meets
the basic qualifications.
2. Interview – this is aimed at finding out more about the applicant skill, attitudes,
experience, and general qualification.
3. Testing – this involves conducting tests to determine whether the applicant is
suitable for the job and the organization.
4. Hiring – applicants that are accepted will be required to submit the following:
o Certificate from previous employer
o Health certificate
o Credentials
o Home Sketch
o I.D Picture (2x2-2 copies)
o Pag –ibig, SSS, and Phil Health Numbers
To maintain quality performance of employees and acquire new skills,
Vegietillas will provide an opportunity to develop their skills and attitudes. By doing
this, the business gives value to the staff.
Vegietillas will conduct programs aimed at developing staff’s skills and
knowledge to give out their best performance. This will be done every 2 months.

 Operating Hours
Vegietillas operates for 9 hours from Monday to Friday starting from
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
 Number of Work Hours
Vegietilllas implements the eight (8) hour work per day policy as
mandated by the Philippine Labor Law
 Punctuality
Each employee is expected to come at least 15 minutes early before
the official reporting time. Tardiness will be deducted from their salaries
.Tardiness for 15 minutes or less is equivalent to one half (1/2) of their hourly
rate while tardiness exceeding 15 minutes is equivalent to one hourly rate.
 Time Keeping
Every employee must check in and check out of work using biometric
 Absences
The business implements a no work-no pay policy. If an employee is
going on a leave, he/she must submit leave form two days before the said day
to the manager for approval. In case of emergency the manager should be
 Wearing of Uniform
Employees are required to wear their uniforms inside the company only.
 Appearance
Employees are expected to have a neat and proper appearance all the
 Hygiene and Sanitation
Employees in the production sector must watch their hygiene and
sanitation before proceeding to the production process.
 Hand Phones
Employees should only use their phones during break time and at
emergency cases.
 Gambling, Smoking, and Selling/Taking Drugs
Employees should refrain from doing negative activities such as
gambling, smoking, and selling /taking drugs in and outside of the company.
 Safety
All employees should follow safety rules.
 Emergencies
All emergency cases such as fire, accidents, etc. should be reported
immediately to the manager and/or supervisor.
 Payment of Salaries
Vegietillas based the salaries of its employees on the minimum wage
promulgations. Employees will receive their salaries every 15th and 30th day of
the month. The cutoff date is two days before the pay day of the month.
 Abandonment of Work
Employees who are absent for five (5) continuous days will be
terminated automatically on account of abandonment of work.
 Exclusive Service
All employees must a lot their whole time and attention to the business
and should not engage in any other activities during work hours.
 Change of Personal Data
Employees should notify the admin officer whenever there is a change
in their personal data such as address, telephone number, etc.
 Confidentiality and Security
All employees must observe confidentiality. They must not give details,
communicate, and publish documents and data that is exclusive for the
business only.
 Attitude
Each employee must have a positive outlook, motive, support, and help
each other to ensure everyone enjoys a pleasant working environment.
Employees must be cooperative and consider every work as a team effort.
 Using Company Facilities and Equipment for Personal Purpose
All employees cannot use facilities and equipment for personal use. In
emergency circumstances, they use ask permission from the manager/
supervisor in using facilities and equipment for personal use.
 Bringing Of Company Property Outside the Business Premises
All employees are only allowed to bring company property for business
purposes. Company properties should be protected and safe from any harm.
Employees who bring properties owned by the company without permission
will face disciplinary procedures.
 Consideration of Company Property
Employees must observe care and caution when using equipment
furniture to keep the appearance of the business pleasing to the eyes.
 Loss/ Damage of Company Property
Employees who caused loss/ damage of company property shall be
charged and pay corresponding price of the lost/ damaged property.
 Resignation
The resignation form/notice of resignation of an employee must be
given to the admin officer at least thirty (30) days prior to the he/she is
expected to leave the business. Non-compliance to resignation procedures will
result to cancellation of the resignation.