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HR-Manager and Operations OBJECTIVE

My primary goal is to secure a challenging
Position in which I can utilize my acquired
skills within the field of tools manufacturing

 Proficient in CNC machining
 OSHA Trained
 Can work Lathes Machines
 CNC Milling Experience
 Certified Forklift Driver
 Knowledge of AutoCAD


Keyer Tools, CNC Machinist, ProTools, Machinist/Toolmaker

Erlanger, KY Brooklyn, NY
October 2017 – August 2018 January 2014 – September 2017
 Maintain inventory of assorted products and  Performed manual lathe, mill, grinder, and
order management. band saw operation
 Operate a CNC machine to machine parts for  Block squaring
turbine engines in Abram Tanks and  Minor G code/M code editing
Airplanes.  Operate CNC Haas VM6 (3 axes) machinery.
 Load parts in CNC machine with precision.  Responsible for in-process QC inspection,
Unload and measure the part for accuracy. machine and shop maintenance
 Load and unload dry freight and materials and  Utilize all methods necessary to make fixtures
maintain the warehouse workflow. including hand-drawn, and computer-aided
 Adhere to all safety guidelines for operating models
heavy machinery.


Milwaukee Technical College, Forklifter Association of America,

National Institute for Metalworking Skills Certification, Certified Forklift Driver
October 2015 January 2014


Keyer Tools, Joe Smith ProTools, Reggie Gordon,

Plant Manager Production Supervisor
Tel: 888-999-0000 Tel: 888-999-0000
Results-focused Marketing Professional
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