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Instrument: Survey questionnaire

For each specified alternative please indicate “YES” or “NO” in part (A). if “YES” in part (A), please estimate the impact in part (B).

(A) (B)
topic Positive impact
Yes No No Small Moderate Large
a) Knowledge and understanding of my subject field (s)

b) Pedagogical competencies in teaching my subject field (s)

c) Knowledge of the curriculum

d) Student evaluation and assessment practices

e) ICT (information and communication technology) skills for teaching

f) Student behavior and classroom management

g) School management and administration

h) Approaches to individual learning

i) Teaching students with special needs

j) Teaching in a multicultural or multilingual setting

k) Teaching cross-curricular skills (e.g. problem solving, learning – to – learn )

l) Approaches to developing cross- occupational competencies for future work or future studies

m) New technologies in the workplace

n) Student career guidance and counseling