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Jeann Ladiao
HM112 – Teacher

Lilian C. Candido
A food code is the organic body and systematized basic standards
relating to food, condiments, stimulants and drink and beverages, their
concerned raw materials, utensils and equipment use and domestic
Food codes have as their main goals:
 Define what is meant by food, stimulants, condiments, beverages and
other products and materials included in the code.
 Determine the minimum conditions to be met by those.
 Establish the basic conditions of the various procedures for
preparation, preservation, packaging, distribution, transport, advertising
and consumption.

There is an international code, called the Codex Alimentarius, and

regional and national codes.


The United States Food Code is a model created by the Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) for the purpose of regulating any entity that
sells, manufactures, or provides food as part of their services. The Food
Code originated from the Pure Drug and Food Act of 1906. This law
was instituted, because food manufactures were producing and selling
impure products for consumption. Because of this, the bottom line
purpose of the FDA Food Code is to protect the citizens of this country
from bodily harm that could arise from consuming contaminated food.
An additional purpose of the FDA Food Code is to provide various
entities a uniform standard, and a final authority regarding any
questionable practices in the preparation or sales of food.
The FDA Food Code is updated currently every four years.

The FDA ensures that these updates include any new findings, and
expands on any previous mandates. The FDA wants to ensure that the
FDA Food Codes are kept current as new cuisines, food sources,
methods of preparation, and food storage methods are introduced into
our society.

There are many resources on the Internet that further expands upon
the history of the FDA Food Code, and give examples of the FDA Food
Code in action. Here are some websites with FDA Food Code
information and health and safety information. Most of these are indexed
and listed courtesy of Food Safety

 FDA Food Code: An introduction to the FDA food code and links
to the 2009, 2005, 2001, 1999 and 1997 food codes.
 Real Progress in Food Code Adoptions: A comprehensive report
showing adoptions of the food code by state, tribal and other
 Food Code: An article all about the creation and purpose of the
FDA food code.