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REQUEST FOR INFORMATION NO. 5. LONG-TERM LEASE, INCLUSIVE OF LAND DEVELOPMENT CBRE, Inc. (“CBRE”) on behalf of the City of Miami ("City"), is requesting information from interested qualified property managers, operators, and land developers (“Respondents”) to determine the potential usage/vision of the City-owned land, located along NW 20" Street (the “Property,”) that is being utilized as a Maintenance Operation Yard Facility, (see Exhibit 1). ‘The Property is comprised of Folio 01-3135- 001-0010 and Folio 01-3135-000-0163. The City seeks responses by close of business on Monday, August 12,2019, This is not a Request for Proposals (“RFP”), but a Request for Information (“RFI”), solely to gauge the market and gather information to assist the City in determining the most effective and beneficial way to develop the Property The Property consists of two (2) parcels, totaling approximately 18.75 acres, bordered by NW 20" Street, NW 14% Avenue, NW 12" Avenue and the Veterans Administration Hospital (“VA”). Interested Respondents shall possess the financial capability and legal ability to carry out a proposed development which meets the City’s goals and objectives. All expenses involved with the preparation and submission of responses, or any work performed in connection therewith, shall be bone by the Respondents. Depending on the responses received, the City may proceed with the issuance of an REP. Respondents are hereby notified that all information submitted as part of, or in support of this RFI will be available for public inspection in compliance with the Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. A. BACKGROUND CBRE on behalf of the City’s Department of Real Estate and Asset Management (“DREAM”) is issuing this RFI. The Property is a vital part of City operations. The existing functions, on the Property, are not required to be co-located on the same site. The existing operations may be relocated or compressed, as long as there is an acceptable level of continuity of services. All the existing operations could be moved to a site that is an acceptable distance from the Property, except for Fire Station No. 5, Fire Station No. 5 could remain on the Property or be relocated a short distance away. City-owned properties located near the Property are depicted on Exhibit 2, attached hereto. All current occupants will need to be housed in a similar, but preferably improved location and facility. The existing operations, on the Property, include the following: ‘* General Services Administration (“GSA”) Department, which include the City’s fueling pump, fleet maintenance, car wash and truck washing facilities; Solid Waste Department, which includes parking for the waste trucks and the City’s mini-dump; Public Works Department; Parks and Recreation Department; Fire Station No. 5; On-grade parking spaces, for City services vehicles; and, © On-grade parking spaces, for City employees. ‘There is also a one-story Florida Power and Light substation building, located on the Property, along NW 20" Street, next to Fire Station No. 5. B. DEVELOPMENT CONSIDERATIONS Responses to this RFI will be considered by the City in determining how best to proceed with future redevelopment of the Property, if any, and subsequently proceed into an agreement for more detailed plans. ‘The City encourages private-public partnership when both parties mutually benefit in the proposed future vision of the Property. C. RESPONSE In response to this RFI, please complete and return the attached Questionnaire as specified therein. D. ATTACHMENTS © Existing Site (Exhibit 1) © City property within the immediate vicinity of the “Property” (Exhibit 2) © Questionnaire City of Miami RFINo. Questionnaire Submit Response by Day, Monday, August 12, 2019 via E-mail to the CBRE contact: Lee Ann Korst Southeast Regional Manager CBRE, Ine. E-mail Address: LeeAnn. Telephone No.: (850) 251-9319 Name of Respondent (firm): Neology Develo mt Group, LLC. Authorized Siguaure: —_—§<—— Sb Print Name & Title: Lissette M. Calderon President & CEO. Mailing Address of Respondent: 1951 NW South River Dr Miami, FL 33125 Telephone No.: (305)444-6565 Email Address: Lealderon,, All inquiries regarding this RFI should be sent to the City’s contact person indicated above. Potential Respondents may request this Questionnaire in a Word format for ease of completion, by sending their request to the above e-mail address. 1. What does Respondent consider to be the best vision for this property? Do you feel the entire property should be redeveloped? Half of the property? A portion of the property? Itis Neology Life Development Group’s opinion that a mixed-use project would be the best vision for the property. For a project such as this to be impactful, a majority of the property would have to be redeveloped. Certain current uses of the land such as parking and the fire station could be incorporated into the proposed project. 2. Would Respondent be interested in making a future proposal to the City to develop all or part of the land on this property including the developer's vision and the City’s vision? Neology Life would be interested in making a future proposal to the City to develop the land on this property 3. What considerations would discourage Respondent from participating in a future competition to develop this property? Indecision on the part ofthis city whether to actually move forward with the transaction would discourage Neology Life from participating in future competition for developing the property due to developer’s loss of time and money. Unfavorable lease terms would also discourage Neology Life from developing the property as it would make financing the development of the property difficult or impossible. 4, The future solicitation may require finance, design and construction. Which of these components can Respondent bring to the project? ‘Neology Life is prepared to bring all three components to the property should it be selected. 5. What experience does Respondent have in developing similar projects? (Briefly describe the project(s), describe Respondents involvement in the project(s), and describe when the project(s) commenced and were completed). For the past 20 years, Neology Life Development Group is synonymous with pioneering and transforming some of Miami's oldest neighborhoods. Neology Life's helped redefine Miami’s skyline with its lifestyle driven residential high rise projects ‘commencing with the Development of 199 unit Neo Lofts that sparked the Miami River’s Renaissance and today stands as, the Grand Dame of the Miami River and continued to redefine the River with the development of other projects including the 443 unit mixed use project Neo Vertika, 489 unit mixed use Wind by Neo and most recently the redevelopment and rebranding of the 199 unit Pier 19 Residences and Marina. More recently, Neology Life has set its sights on the transformation of the nearby Allapattah neighborhood with the development of its192 unit Allapattah 17 project and its 323- unit mixed use Allapattah 16 project. 6. What expertise and experience should the City require from a proposer if a future solicitation is issued to develop the land of this property including the developer's vision and the City’s vision to ensure proper qualifications for such a project? ‘The City should require past experience of projects similar to that being proposed including projects within the City of Miami. 7. What would the Respondent consider to be the desired minimum term agreement for the Respondent to be interested and ensure viability of the project to develop all or part of the land on this property including the developer's vision and the City’s vision? Please explain, A project of this magnitude would need at minimum a 99-year lease to be viable. If possible, the option for a PPP consisting ofa fee simple acquisition for portions of the land would be preferable. 8. What type of financing would Respondent use and/or need to develop the land, and maintain the developer’s vision and the City’s vision of the Operation Services for this property? ‘Neology Life Development Group is an experienced developer who currently has two projects in the immediate area. Pier 19 and Allapattah 17, and two more underway. Pier 19 has been a highly successful turn-around of a previously mismanaged ‘multifamily asset. Allapattah 17 when completed will serve the residential need of existing residents of the City of Miami. ‘When awarded the Allapattah Redevelopment opportunity, the respondent would seek market level financing to support the development of the infrastructure and additional project level financing for each component of the master plan. Respondent is well capitalized with access to personal and venture equity for the remaining capitalization of the project. Upon completion it is planned that each project will be refinanced for a long-term hold by the respondent with the profits of each phase reinvested into the next phase to ensure the quality and long-term vision and vitality of the master plan. Neology Life Development Group is confident that the institutional nature of the ground lease together with the respondent’s qualifications, experience and concept for a master plan will allow the respondent to continue in to attract market rate financing for each and every component of the master plan. 9. Should the current users remain at the property? Why or why not? ‘Neology Life believes the majority of users of the property should be relocated to other sites with the exception of essential services such as the Fire Station which can be incorporated into the existing redesign. There is little synergy between the existing users and the proposed mixed-use redevelopment of the property. The new design can include lost uses due to redevelopment such as additional parking and office uses. 10. If you feel that the users should be relocated to a different site, please identify the new site. ‘The site immediately east of the property of 12 Ave could be explored further as alternative site for relocation given its proximity to the site being proposed for redevelopment and some of the uses such as parking that can be accommodated within the current redesign. Note: Respondent may, but is not required to provide, drawings, illustrations or plans showing how the proposed development once completed would look. b LISIHXS roms tae onveayes e8 S i oy onesies 36 feng eae nny setae eavtaangy «appancanau beige eve S') City of Miami - Planning and Zoning ge Property Information: Foie: irstssooTe0To [iy Adress —|iosoNW 12 AV [Coun Arse: 1950012 AVE TY OF MAMI-DEPT OF [PRDASSET MANAGEMENT IMISION ‘aa SW2 AVE STE RDS ating Actes: aia, FL 38490-1610 catiahalia jo Foon —_ ving Ae ising Aa sues faze Fear suie owner 2 — ai soo Sa 11.500 5qF ln.o1s SaFt Was. fisa0 Fmmcrac rat Pate ac Lega Pescxston: subi —_ Mia MUNICIPAL TR ‘Assessment Information: arava 0ST 0 ate ae — fo 270380 ‘Miami 21 Zoning(Current) Existing Land Use [Zone:] —_Daseription: —Enactment!| LU ]oescantion:| pescrpuoar” (tines eit_en Ha [St [Suc insttion - Heal yay ae: | Desert Description: [eseszedVnimsnezigan_faenOs pe peabtrore a Sales Information: ‘Areas of Specific Designation: Future Land Use (ar ecepn:| —_Owsctans fan War PUB, ae irat Pabte | Homestead Information: Frac Fosites, Tango esha District information: ores — fo fo 0 iy Commissioner Dstt | [Seon Homestead fo 0 [iy Commissioner ——|Wiredo Wy Gor ‘Alternate Addresses Neri [ lasonwa0sr INET Name: |zsonwan sr INET Phone: 305 [anwar [cose Enforcement Dist > ~ eon [Coe Enforcement Aix [MARIA TOVAR—[ONWROST [Coe Enforesmen Phane 305) 3264800 Flood Zone: rw Code: ‘Section: WNone eseription: | Enactent 010 poi Spe ‘Section: None ‘Area Planning: Description: | Enact 6 Established Setbacks: | Section: |Description: | Area: [ Subi Ione Former 11000{Not Valid) Deszription: __[Enactnent| onerorent and nein Former Overlay Districts: eserpton: action Vaekson Werrorat — 's0-10 Hospi! Mecical Center loweray Ds zone: ian ‘Section [Food la zone [lovato Ceol AREAS LOGATED OUTSIDE — SI Stes escrito SPECIAL FLOOD HAZARD AREA [NGM Zones: Er Presse Hstre ost fe Coser 9/17/2018 htips:/ ity of Miami - Planning and Zoning Property Information: Te TSTSSOOOOTET ess OTONW SAV nly Ades: [970 NW IS AVE TY OF MIAM-DEPT OF DDASSET MANAGEMENT VISION 4 SWZ AVE STE HSS ad FL 38130-1010 70 ling Adress spate ving ats cial Ares ving Ara: ar fe sze Bul Fr 541947 AEM NAV OF pin: bor —= ‘Assessment Information: = oes rusia fs cao me [sao sen ‘Miami 21 Zoning(Current): Existing Land Use "a Eo Zon Descrinton: scription: scription; PEARVaIa— safes or SoS (c. |Gaelnattuion — Hoan Description: | Description: Fscund vane lsssaneat_[sr.etsto [90450 Ho_Josticxzone oad ‘Sales Information: IMantenance and |TRANSPORTATION- ISorage Yar, TUITTIES ind Noto Pais. Future Land Use Homestead Information: fie por md fo [Seoond Fomesteaa oo Bo Iternate Addresses: ‘Areas of Specific Designation: Section: | Dascristion: | enactment: Rene ‘Special Area Planning: ‘Secon: |Description: Rone FLU [ Enactmant:|Code:| Description ha Description: 7 nt, Pa aces, Transp Ard District Information; [cy Commissioner Distt 1 [Cty Commissioner [edo wy Cor rt Nero: Ensen eT name INET Phon [rex 1 fr PUB, FAC Established Setbacks: Description; | Ares: [Sub ion Historic & Environmental Preservation: [ore Former 14000(Not Valid): Deserpton: |Gaverementand nsion zone at LAPATTAR 960-5128 Former Overlay Districts: [caja entorament DEE [2 Toe: Flag Prosont estion:] —_ Doseription: [case Enoroanent Admin: aria TOVAR |S Tanto. jackaon Wemoval ede Enforcement Phone: 305) 329-4000 10-10 Hosp Medea! Center |12723 (Overy Distt Flood Zon he i {SPECIAL FLOOD HAZARD [sscoton pee evan 9/17/2018 EXHIBIT 2 CITY PROPERTY LOCATED IN IMMEDIATE VICINITY OF THE “PROPERTY” Divo siete} e 3 S | cities City property is highlighted blue.