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TITLE: World list of current beekeeping journals

SOURCE: Bee World 42 (8) 204 -212

DATE: 1961
204 205
WORLD LIST OF CURRENT BEEKEEPING JOURNALS Al L'Abeille bourguignonne French. Pub. Syndicat des Apiculteurs de l'Yonne,
Saint-Julien-du-Sault (Yonne), FRANCE; Ed. M. J.-P. Jeannet, 2bis rue Belle-
EVA CRANE Pierre, Auxerre (Yonne). 1961 = vol. 77. 6/year; Fr. 4. Abeilie bourguignonne
A2 L'Abeille de France French. Pub. & Ed. L. Dromard, 149 rue Saint-Honore,
Bee Research Association, Woodside House, Chalfont Heights, Gerrards Paris 1, FRANCE. 1961 = 40th year. 11/year; Fr. 4.50, 6.50 foreign. Abeille
Cross, Bucks., England Fr.
A3 L'Abeille et l'Erable French. Pub. & Ed. M. C. Vaillancourt, 59 Avenue Begin,
INTRODUCTION Levis, P.Q., CANADA. 1961 = vol. 30, 2nd series. 10/year; SI.50, $1.75
foreign. Abeille el VErable [also maple syrup production]
The first edition of this World List was issued in 1955 as a separate
Bee Research Association pamphlet (BRA 130). Since then a number of A4 Abeilles et Fleurs French. Pub. & Ed. E. Trubert, 15 place Billard, Chartres
(E.-et-L.), FRANCE. Started 1953. 11/year; Fr. 2.50, 3.50 foreign. Abeilles
new beekeeping periodicals have appeared, and some have ceased publica- et Fleurs
tion; the total number listed here is 126. The widespread demand for a new A5 Abejas y Colmenas Spanish. Pub. Sindicato Nacional de Gananderia, Heurtas
edition has led to the decision to publish it in Bee World, so that it is 26, Madrid, SPAIN. Started 1951. second series 1957. 11/year. Abejas y
readily and permanently available; it is also being reprinted as a separate Colmenas
pamphlet, to be sold at 5/- or 75 cents post free. A6 As Abelhas Portuguese. Pub. & Ed. Eurico Sequeira Gomes, Rua Santana 100,
This list is to some extent selective: where only one beekeeping S. Mamede Infesta, PORTUGAL, Started 1958. 12/year; 20$. Abelhas
journal is published in a country, it is included here whatever its standard; A7 African Beekeeping English & Afrikaans. Pub. & Ed. E. R. Fusslein, Box 201,
but where one or more national journals exist, small local ones are usually Port Shepstone, Natal, UNION O F SOUTH AFRICA. 12/year; 10s., $1.50
foreign. Afr. Beekeep. [published March J 9 5 8 - J u n e 1959 only]
omitted—unless for instance they have been published for many years but
have now fallen upon hard times. A few journals have come into being and A8 Alpenlandische Imkerzeitung German. Pub. Landesverbande fur Bienenzucht
in Tiro], Vorarlberg und Salzburg, Universitatsstrasse 13, Innsbruck, AUSTRIA;
died again since the first edition, and these are included for completeness; Ed. Rudolf Leitgeb. Started 1912. 12/year. Alpenldnd. Imkerztg [not
the shortness of their lives reflects political or other difficulties which received since 1958]
harass beekeeping as well as other spheres of activity. Year books and A9 American Bee Journal English. Pub. American Bee Journal, Hamilton, 111.,
annual reports are excluded. U.S.A.; Ed. G H. Cale. 1961 = vol. 101. 12/year; $2.50, 2 years $4.50, 3 years
Some earlier lists of beekeeping journals of the world are cited below; $6, foreign 50 cents a year extra. Amer. Bee J.
others can be found in catalogues of beekeeping libraries, such as that of A10 Annales de l'Abeille French & others. Pub. Institut national de la Recherche
the Miller Library at Madison, U.S.A. agronomique, 149 rue dc Grenelle, Paris 7, F R A N C E ; Ed. Dr. R. Chauvin,
Station de Recherches apicoles, Bures-sur-Yvette (S.-et-O). Started 1958.
BEE WORLD (1938) Bee periodicals of the world Bee World 19(10) : 111- 4/year; Fr. 20.00, 22.00 foreign. Ann Abeille [scientific]
116 All L'Ape Italian. Pub. Societa Ticinese di Apicoltura, Bellinzona, SWITZER-
FRYKHOLM, L. (1946) Oversikt over viktigare bilitteratur, bibliografiska LAND; Ed. M. R. Don G. Krahenbiihl, Chiggiogna. 1961 = vol. 44. 12/year;
hjalpmedel och forskningsinstitutioner Bitidningen 45 : 11-14, 421 Fr. 7.00, 8.00 foreign. Ape
(1950) Forteckning over bitidskrifter Bitidningen 49 : 8-11. 39-45 A12 Apicoltore d'ltalia Italian. Pub. & Ed. G. P. Piana, Casella postale 524,
(1951) Fortecknine over bitiskrifter. Supplement Bitidningen Bologna, ITALY. Started 1934. 10/year; L.1000, 1500 foreign. Apicoltore
50(5) : 139-142
(1954) Forteckning over bitidskrifter Uppsala : Kungl. Lantbruks- A13 L'Apicoltore moderno Italian. Pub. Istituto tecnico sperimentale di Apicoltura,
Corso Giulio Cesare 99, Torino, ITALY; Ed. Grada Maria Angeleri. Started
hogskolans Bibliolek 1909. 9/year; L. 1000, L.I500 foreign. Apicoltore mod.
MILUM, V. G. (1954) Information on beekeeping journals unpublished :
12 pages A14 L'Apiculteur French. Pub. Societe centrale d'Apiculture, 28 rue Serpente,
Paris 6, F R A N C E ; ^ . G.Lefort des Ylouses. 1961 = vol. 105. 10/year; Fr. 10.
Almost all journals in the present list are currently received by the Apiculteur
Bee Research Association. Details of any journals omitted from this list, A15 L'Apiculteur algerien French. Pub. Federation algerienne de FApiculture,
or of errors in it, will be most gratefully received. 12 boulevard Baudin, Alger, A L G E R I A ; Ed. R. Llopiz. Started 1954. 3/year.
Apiculteur alger.
Al 6 El Apicultor americano Spanish. Pub. & Ed. F. Rodriguez Ycart, Yaguaron 2030
LIST OF JOURNALS Montivideo, U R U G U A Y . Started 1954. 4-6/year; S. America $6, 2 years $10,
3 years $15; foreign $7, 2 years $12, 3 years $18. Apicultor amer. [publication
The order of entries is : title, language, publisher, subscription ceased 1958]
address, editor ; age of journal ; frequency of publication, subscription
A17 Apicultura Rumanian. Pub. Indrumare apicola al Ministerului Agriculturii si
(inland and foreign); standard abbreviation; note about contents if not Silviculturii, Bd. Republicii nr. 17, raionul Tudor Vladimirescu, Bucuresti,
general beekeeping. The standard abbreviation is based on the system RUMANIA; Ed. C. Antonescu. 1961 = vol. 34. 12/year; 30 lei. Apicultura,
used in the World list of scientific periodicals (1952). Square brackets Bucuresti
are used for titles of journals not printed in the Latin alphabet, e.g. A18 Apicultura Spanish. Pub. Sociedad veterinaria de zootecnia, Paseo de Santa
[Pchelovodstvo]. Reference numbers Al, A2, . . . are used for convenience Maria de la Cabeza, Madrid, SPATN; Ed. A. G. de Vinuesa & J. Valenciano.
in indexing ; the index under country is on page 212. Started 1951, 10/year; 60 pesetas, 100 foreign. Apicultura, Madrid
206 20?
A19 Apicultural Abstracts English (titles also in French, German, Spanish). Pub. B12 La Belgique apicolc French. Pub. Union des Federations provincialcs d'Api-
Bee Research Association, F. E. Needham, 52 St. Bartholomews Road, Not- culture de Wallonie, 88 avenue Elisabeth, Tournai, BELGIUM; Ed. A. Lccocq.
tingham, E N G L A N D ; Ed. Dr. Eva Crane, Woodside House, Chalfont Heights, Erquelinnes. 1961 = vol. 25. 10/year; Fr. 75. Belg. apic.
Gerrards Cross, Bucks. 1961 = vol. 12. J2/year; £1.10.0, $4.50 (members
only). Apic. Abstr. [abstracts of scientific and other publications; see Bl 1] B13 Die Biene German. Pub. Briihlscher Verlag, Schulstr., Giessen, G E R M A N Y
(D.B.R.); Ed. Dr. K. Dreher. 1961 = vol. 97. 12/year; D M 6. Biene, Giessen
A?0 L'Apiculture nouvelle French. Pub. Alice Boyer, 2 avenue du 11-Novembre,
Courbevoie (Seine), F R A N C E ; Ed. B. de Belvefer. Started 1954. 2/year; Fr. 10, B14 Bienen-Blatt fur das Bundesgebiet German. Pub. Verdener Verlags-KG
14 foreign. Apiculture nouv. [royal jelly, combined with Vivrejeune] Verden/Aller (Hann.), G E R M A N Y (D.B.R.); Ed. Karl Heidermann, Jedelhausen
bei Neu/Ulm (Donau). Started 1952. 12/year; D M 5.20. Bienenbl. Bundes-
A2I Apimondia English, French, German editions. Pub. Apimondia, 101 Corso gebiet
Vittorio Emanuele, Roma, ITALY; Ed. Dr. A. Zappi Recordati. Started 1956.
1/year. Apimondia [organization news] B15 Das Bienenmiitterchen German. Pub. Bund der Sklenarbienenziichter e. V
A. Kobus, Postfach 506, Baden-Baden, G E R M A N Y (D.B.R.); Ed. Frau F F
A22 Archiv fur Bienenkunde German. Pub. Biene-Verlag, Giebelbach, Lindau (B), Weber-Sklenar, Mistelbach/Wien, AUSTRIA. 1961 = vol. 13. 12/year; DM 6.
GERMANY (D.B.R.);£tf. Dr. L. Armbruster. 1961 = vol. 38. 2/year; D M 5.50. Bienenmiitterchen
Arch. Bienenk. [scientific, abstracts] B16 Die Bienenpflege German. Pub. Landesverband Wurttembergischer Imker c.V..
A23 Australian Bee Journal English. Pub. Victorian Apiarists' Association, Mel- Theodor Zeeb, Mauserstr. 16, Obendorf/Neckar, G E R M A N Y (D.B.R.); Ed.
bourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA; Ed. C. F. Jewell, 112 Whitehorse Road, W. Mobus, Hindenbergstr. 65, Reutlingen. 1879-1943, restarted 1951. 12/year;
Ringwood, Victoria. 1961 = v o l . 42. 12/year; 12s. 6d v A', 17s. 6d. A, foreign. DM 6. Bienenpflege [not received since 1958]
Aust. Bee J. B17 Bienenvater German. Pub. Oesterreichischer Imkerbund, Georg-Coch-Platz
3/lla, Wien 1, A U S T R I A ; Ed. Dipl.-Ing. E. Planckh. 1961 = vol. 82 11/year:
A24 The Australasian Beekeeper English. Pub. Pender Bros. Pty. Ltd., P.O. Box 20, S. 32 Bienenvater
Maitland, N.S.W., AUSTRALIA; Ed. M. W. Morgan. 1960-61 - vol. 62.
12/year; 15s. A, £1 A foreign. Aust. Beekpr B18 Die Bienen-Welt German. Pub. Leopold Stocker Verlag. Biirgergasse 11. Graz.
AUSTRIA; Ed. Franz Beismann. 1961 = vol. 3. 11/year; S. 28. Bienen-Welt
Bl The Badger Bee English. Pub. Wisconsin Beekeepers' Association, P.O. Box B19 Die Bienenzucht German. Pub. Landesverband Schleswig-Holsteinischer Imker.
236, Pardeeville, Wis.. U.S.A.; Ed. M. H. Lyons. Started 1952. 6/year; free to C. H. Wasers Druckerei, Hamburgerstr. 26, Bad Segeberg, G E R M A N Y
members. Badger Bee [title Wisconsin Badger Bee in 1961] (D.B.R.);£c/. Rudolph Jacoby. 1 9 6 1 = vol. 14 12/year; DM 6.36. Bienenzucht
B2 Bee Craft English. Pub. Bee Craft Ltd. (organ of British Bee-Keepers' Asso- B20 Bijenteelt Dutch. Pub. Vereniging tot Bevordering der Bijenteelt in Nederland
ciation), Mrs. M. V. Stannard, Haworth Cottage, Croft Road, Crowborough, Bijenhuis, Wageningen, NETHERLANDS; Ed. R. P. Groenveld. 1961 =
Sussex, E N G L A N D ; Ed. H. J. Wadey, Jarvis Brook. Crowborough, Sussex. vol. 63. 11/year; f. 6.50. Bijenteelt
1961 = vol. 43. 12/year; 6s. Bee Craft B21 Birekteren Norwegian. Pub. Norges Birokterlag, Kongensgt. 15 Oslo
B3 Bee Genetics Information Bulletin English & German. Pub. Bee Research NORWAY; Ed. Odd Rosenberg. 1961 = vol. 77. 13/year; kr. 10. Biroktercn
Association; Ed. Dr. F. Ruttner, Bundesanstalt fur Bienenkunde, Aussenstelle B22 Bitidningen Swedish. Pub. Sveriges Biodlares Riksforbund, Sollentuna 2,
LunzamSee, NO, AUSTRIA. Started 1960. 1/year; restricted circulation, free. SWEDEN; Ed. Fritz Bengtsson, Box 51, Asbo-Ossjo. 1961 = vol. 60. 11/year;
Bee Genet. Inform. Bull, [internal information on current research] kr. 12. Bitidningen
B4 Bee Journal Hindi. Pub. Khadi & Village Industries Commission. Dharwar, B23 Boletim apicola Portuguese. Pub. Associagao dos Apicultores do Brasil, Avenida
INDIA. Piracicaba 241, Limeira (Sao Paulo), BRAZIL; Ed. A. T. Bergmann. New
Bee J., Dharwar series started 1957. Bol. apic. [not received since 1958]
B5 The Beekeepers'Bulletin English. Pub. Department of Agriculture, Melbourne, B24 Brasil apicola Portuguese. Pub. Dr. Edgard Vieira Cardoso, Sala 2766, Rio
Victoria, AUSTRALIA; Ed. D. F. Langridge. 1960-61 = vol. 5. 4/year,
Beekprw' Bull. de Janeiro, D. F., BRAZIL; Ed. Floriano Moreira. Started 1951. 4/year'
Cr$ 60, 5 years Cr$ 250, 150 foreign. Brasil apic.
B6 Bee Keepers News English. Pub. W. Brunskill & 1. G. Rankin; The Ash Tree, B25 British Bee Journal English. Pub. British Bee Publications Ltd.. 1 Gough
Wargrave, Reading, Berks., E N G L A N D ; Ed. I. G. Rankin. Started 1952. Square, Fleet St., London, E.C.4, E N G L A N D ; Ed. C. C. Tonsley. 1961 = vol
12/year; 4/- Beekprs' News 89. 26/year; 21s. Brit. Bee J.
B7 Beekeeping English. Pub. Devon Beekeepers' Association, M. Simpson, B26 Bulletin apicole d'Information . . . French, some German. Pub. Laboratoirc
24 Chudleigh Road, Alphington, Exeter, Devon, E N G L A N D ; Ed. Rev. H. L, de Recherches apicoles, 63 avenue des Arenes, Nice (A.-M.), F R A N C E ; Ed.
Hustwayte, Instow Rectory, Bideford, Devon. 1961 = vol. 27. 8/year; 7s. 6d. Dr. M. Rousseau. 1961 = vol. 4. 2/year; Fr. 6, 7 foreign. Bull. apic.
Beekeeping, Devon/ Inform, [bee diseases, scientific]
B8 Beekeeping English. Pub. Southern Beekeepers' Association of Queensland, B27 Bulletin de l'Union syndicate des Apiculteurs picards French. Pub. Union
P.O. Box 71, Millmerran, Qd., AUSTRALIA; Ed. Capt. N. H. Turner, 12 Der- syndicale des Apiculteurs picards, 25 rue Dom-Grenier, Amiens, F R A N C E ;
wak Street, Toowoomba, Qd. 1961 = vol. 4. 12/year; 9s. A. Beekeeping, Qd Ed. L. Dumont, 99 rue Laurendeau, Amiens. 1959 = vol. 12. Bull. Union
Bee News see Rhodesian Bee News synd. Apic. Picards [not received since August 1959]
B9 Bee Science Japanese. Pub. Bee Culture Laboratory, Suishoen, Moriyama, B28 Burgenlandische Bienenzucht German. Pub. Landesverband der Burgenlandischc
Nagoya, JAPAN. Started 1960. 2/year. Bee Science, Nagoya [scientific] Bienenzuchtvereine, Frankenau, Post Lutzmannsburg, Bgld., AUSTRIA:
Ed. K. Mersich. Started 1958. 6/year; S.12. Burgenland. Bienenzucht [not
B10 Bee-wise English. Pub. British Columbia Dept. Agriculture, Vernon, B.C., received since January 1959]
CANADA; Ed. J. Corner. 4/year. Bee-wise
B29 [Byulleten nauchno-tekhnicheskoi informatsii nauchno-issledovatel'skogo instituta
Bl 1 Bee World English. Pub. Bee Research Association, F. E. Needham, 52 St. pchelovodstva] Russian. Pub. [Ministerstvo sel'skogo khozyaistva RSFSR].
Bartholomews Road, Nottingham. E N G L A N D ; Ed. Dr. Eva Crane, Woodside Moscow, U.S.S.R.; Ed. Prof. N. M. Glushkov, Beekeeping Research Institute.
House, Chalfont Heights, Gerrards Cross, Bucks. 1961 = vol. 42. 12/year; Rybnoe, Ryazan Province. Started 1956. occasional; free. Byull. Inst. Pchelo-
£3, $9, Bee World [mainly scientific; includes Apicultttral Abstracts] vodstva [scientific; none received since 1958]
C\ California Bee Times English. Pub. California Beekeepers' Associatiori, 14 Insectes sociaux English, French, German, Italian. Pub. Union internationale
C. W. Beekman, Rt. 1, Box 175, Hughson, Calif., U.S.A., Ed. R. St. John, Rt. J, pour 1'etude des insectes sociaux, Maison et Cie, 120 boulevard Saint-Germain,
Box 252, Ripon, Calif. 1961 = vol. 3. 6/year; free to members. Calif. Bee Times Paris 6, F R A N C E ; Ed. committee of 9. 1961 = vol. 8. 4/year; Fr. 50, $14
foreign. Insectes sociaux [scientific; all social insects]
r-> Canadian Bee Journal English. Pub. & Ed. K. Madge, 124 Bruton St., Port 15 The Irish Beekeeper [An beachaire] English & Irish. Pub. Federation of Irish
Hope, Ontario, CANADA. 1961 = vol. 72. 8/year; $1.50, 3 years 3.00, 1.75 Beekeeping Associations, J. A. Aherne, Mon Chalet, Boston Park, Cork,
U.S., 2.00 foreign. Canad.BeeJ. IRELAND; Ed. P. E. Moriarty, Cuilin, Wilton Road, Cork. 1961 = vol. 15.
rs Le Courrier apicole francais French. Pub. & Ed. Marc Rijol, Meux (Charente- 12/year; 9s. Irish Beekpr
Maritime), FRANCE. 1961 = vol. 14. 6/year; Fr. 3.50, 4.50 foreign. Courr.
apic. frang. [none received since 1960] i\ The Japanese Bee Journal Japanese. Pub. Japan Beekeepers' Association, Bee
Culture Lab., Hokkaido Agric. Exp. Sta., Tsukisappu, Sapporo, JAPAN;
rjl Deutsche Bienenwirtschaft German. Pub. Deutscher Imkerbund e.V., Maxtor- Ed. Kiichi Sekiguchi. 1961 = vol. 14. 12/year; $2.00 foreign. Jap. Bee J.
graben 29, Nurnberg-Nord, G E R M A N Y (D.B.R.); Ed. Dr. E. Wohlgemuth, Journal for Beekeepers see [Hachi-no-Tomo]
Wehlstrasse 4a, Celle(Hann.) & Dr. A. Biidel. 1961 = vol. 12. 12/year; D M 10.
Dtsch. Bienenw. [Z. Bienenforsch. is free quarterly supplement] J2 Journal Suisse d'Apiculture French. Societe romande d'Apiculture, M. Soavi,
Gingins, S W I T Z E R L A N D ; Ed. A. Valet, avenue de Plan 15, Morges. 1961 =
Drop of honey see [Madhubindu] 58th year. 12/year; Fr. 7.00, 8.00 foreign. / . suisse Apic.

11 Federation News Letter English. Pub. American Beekeeping Federation. Kl Karntner Biene German. Pub. Landesverband fur Bienenzucht in Karnien,
115 South College, Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A. Ed. J. O. Moffett. 1961 = Theatergasse 4, Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA; Ed. Alois Jaritz. 1961 = vol. 30.
vol. 18. 6/year; free to members. Fed. News Lett. 9/year; S. 20. Karntn. Biene
12 Fruits et Abeilles French & German. Pub. Federations arboricoles et apicoles K2 [Korean Bee Journal] Korean. Pub. Korean Apiary, 27-2 Chung Dong,
des Departements du Bas-Rhin, du Haut-Rhin et de la Moselle, Kuntz, Boux- Sawdaimoon-Koo, Seoul, K O R E A ; Ed. Dr. Young Tai Cho. 1/year; Korean
willer (B.-Rh.), FRANCE; Ed. Cure Libis, Herrlisheim (Haut-Rhin). Started Bee J.
1946. 12/year; Fr. 4.00, 5.00 foreign. Fruits et Abeilles [also fruit growing]
LI Leipziger Bienenzeitung German. Pub. Deutscher Bauernverlag, Reinhardtstr.
14, Berlin N.4, G E R M A N Y (D.D.R.); Ed. Giinter Mewes. 1961 = vol. 75.
Gaceta del Colmenar Spanish. Pub. Sociedad argentina de Apicultores, Maipu 12/year; D M 4.80. Leipzig. Bienenztg
220, Buenos Aires, A R G E N T I N A ; Ed. R. A. Barrajon. 1961 = vol. 23. 8/year.
$100, $120 foreign. Gac. Colmen. L2 Lucrari stiintifice Statiunea Centrala de Sericicultura si Apicultura Rumanian.
Pub. Editura Agro-silvica de Stat, Bucuresti, R U M A N I A . Started 1959.
La Gazette apicole French. Pub. & Ed. G. Alphandery, Montfavet (Vauclusc), occasional. Lucr. sti. Stat. cent. Seri. Apic. [scientific]
FRANCE. 1961 = vol. 62. 12/year; Fr. 6.00, 7.00 foreign. Gaz. apic. L3 Luxemburgische Bienen-Zeitung German. Pub. J. Puhl (for Luxemburger
Gleanings in Bee Culture English. Pub. A. 1. Root Company, Medina, Ohio, Landesverband fur Bienenzucht), Lellig (Grevenmacher), L U X E M B U R G ;
U.S.A.; Ed. M . J . Deyell. 1961 = vol. 89. 12/year; $2.50, 2 years 4.50, 3 years Ed. Emile Pleger, 443 route de Longwy, Luxembourg-Merl. 1961 = vol. 76.
6.00; foreign $3.00, 2 years 5.50, 3 years 7.50. Glean. Bee Cult. 12/year; Fr. 80 Luxemb. Bienenztg

(Hachi-no-Tomo] The Journal for Beekeepers Japanese. Ed. T. Takata, 379 Ml Maandblad van de Vlaamse Bieentelers Flemish. Pub. & Ed. G. Vandecruys,
Mure, Mitaka-Shi, Tokyo, JAPAN. Started 1946. 12/year. Hach-tw-Tomo Houthaalse Baan 11, Zonhoven (Limburg), BELGIUM. 1961 = vol. 47. 10/year;
[publication ceased June 1958] Fr. 80. Maandbl. vlaam. Bie'ent.
lloja informativa Spanish. Pub. Co-operativa apicola Boliviana Ltda., Casilla M2 [Madhubindu] Drop of honey Malyalam. Pub. Kerala Khadi & Village Indus-
123, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BOLIVIA, occasional; free to members. Hoja tries Board, Trivandrum, 1, I N D I A ; Ed. Thirumala Krishan Nair. Started
Co-op. apic. boliviana [not received since 1958] 1960. 12/year. Madhubindu
[Thenee] Honey Bee Tamil. Pub. Khadi & Village Industries Commission. M3 [Madhuvana] Kannada. Pub. Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Kumta,
Office of the Beekeeping & Fibre Industry, opp. Head Post Office, Dharwar, Mysore INDIA. Ed. Lingesh Sharma. 1960-61 = vol. 4. 12/year; Rs. 3. Madhuvana
State, INDIA; Ed. Sri. R. Gurusami, Gandhiniketan Ashram, Kallupatty. M4 Meheszet Hungarian. Pub. Mezogazdasagi kiado, Bathory-u.10, Budapest 5,
12/year. Honey Bee. Dharwar H U N G A R Y ; Ed. Z. Orosi-Pal, Godollo. 1961 = vol. 9. 12/year; 24 forint.
The Honeybee Times English. Pub. Wiltshire Beekeepers' Association Meheszet, Budapest
1 Leamington Grove, Swindon, Wilts., E N G L A N D . Ed. N. B. Lovegrove, M5 Meheszet Hungarian. Pub. Indrumare apicola al Ministerului Agriculturii si
(v'year; 4s. Honeybee Times [was Wiltshire Beekeepers' Gazette] Silviculturii, Bd. Republicii nr. 17, raionul Tudor Vladimirescu, Bucuresti,
RUMANIA; Ed. C. Antonescu & others. 12/year; 30 lei. Meheszet, Bucuresti
Der Imkerfreund German. Pub. Ehrenwirth Verlag, Vilshofenerstr. 8, Miinchen [not received since 1959]
17, GERMANY (D.B.R.), Ed. Pfarrer E. Herold, Weisses Haus, Post Untereisen- M6 Meheszetunk Hungarian. Pub. Szuboticai meheszszovetkezet, Pet6fi Sandor 9,
heim/Ufr. 1961 = vol. 16. 12/year; DM 5.40. Imkerfreund Subotica, YUGOSLAVIA; Ed. Bela Hegediis. 1961 = vol. 8.10/year; 600 dinars,
Indian Bee Journal English. Pub. All-India Beekeepers'Association; Ed. Dr. 800 foreign. Meheszetunk, Szubotica
E. S. Narayanan, Div. Entomology, I.A.R.I., New Delhi 12, INDIA. 1961 = M7 Mehilaistalous Finnish. Pub. Mehilaishoitajain Keskusliitto, Kasarmikatu 26
vol. 23. 4/year; Rs. 7.50, 17s. 6d., $2.75. Indian Bee J. C 34, Helsinki, F I N L A N D ; Ed. Maini Varis. 1961 = vol. 16. 10/year;
550 F . Mk., 650 foreign. Mehilaistabus
[lnformatsionnyi Byulleten. Nauchno-issledovatel'skii instituta pchelovodstva]
Russian. Pub. Beekeeping Research Institute, Rybnoe, Ryazan Province, M8 [*e Melissa] Greek. Pub. Co-operative Union of Beekeepers' Associations,
U.S.S.R. Started 1959. occasional. Inform. Byull. Pchelovodstva [scientific] 25 Vassilissis Sophias Street, Nea Chalkidon, Athens, G R E E C E ; Ed. G. Sellian-
akis & I. Boutsinas. 1961 = vol. 4. 11/year; 120 drachmae. Melissa
210 211

M9 [Melissokomiki Hellas] Greek. Pub. Greek Beekeepers' Society, Patros P7 The Pennsylvania Beekeeper English. Pub. Pennsylvania State Beekeepers'
Gregoriou 16, Alexandroupolis (Thrace), G R E E C E ; Ed. Nicolas Topalidis. Association, A. R. Dean, 80 Hawthorne Ave., Pittsburgh 5, Pa., U.S.A.; Ed.
1961 = vol. 11. 11/year; 100 drachmae. Meliss. Hellas Prof. E. J. Anderson, State College, Pa. 1961 = vol. 36. 4/year; free to mem-
bers. Penn. Beekpr
M10 Le Miel de France French. Pub. & Ed. Marcellin Lassalle, 4-6 & 8 avenue
Stinville, Charenton (Seine), F R A N C E . 1961 = vol. 18. 6/year; Fr. 3. Miel Fr. P8 Pszczelarstwo Polish. Pub. Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Rolnicze i Lesne,
Centrali 'Ruch', Warszawa, P O L A N D ; Ed. S. Rychiowski. 1961 = vol. 12.
Mil The Minnesota Beekeeper English. Pub. Minnesota Beekeepers' Association 11/year; 60zl. Pszczelarstwo
Inc., University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus, St. Paul 1, Minn., U.S.A. P9 Pszczelnicze Zeszyty Naukowe Polish. Pub. Zaklad Pszczelnictwa Instytutu
Ed. Dr. T. Gochnauer. 1960-61 = vol. 13. 4/year; 75 cents, 3 years $2. Minn. Sadownictwa, ul. Szeroka 19, Skierniewice, P O L A N D ; Ed. D r . L. Bornus.
Beekpr Started 1957. 3-4/year; 40 zl., $1.50 foreign. Pszczel. Zes. Nauk. [scientific]
M12 Mundo apicola Spanish. Pub. Asocacion apicola Argentina, Moreno N o . 2135,
Buenos Aires, A R G E N T I N A ; Ed. Ovidio Marzorati. Started 1961. 4?/year. Rl La Revue francaise d'Apiculture French. Pub. Union nationale de PApiculture
Mundo apic. francaise, 38 boulevard Sebastopol, Paris 4, FRANCE. Started 1946. 11/year;
Fr. 5.50, 6.50 foreign. Rev. franc. Apic.
Nl [Napredno pcelarstvo] Serbian. Pub. [Savez Pcelara Srbije . . . ] (Union of R2 Rheinische Bienenzeirung German. Pub. Paul Neubner (for Imkerverband
Beekeepers' Associations of Serbia, Bosnia, Hercegovina, Montenegro), Gospsdar Rheinland e.V.), Hohenstaufenring 57, Koln, G E R M A N Y (D.B.R.); Ed. Josef
Jovanova 56, Beograd, YUGOSLAVIA; Ed. Zivorad Radovic. 1960 = vol. 17. Grunow, Am Kuhlerbusch 15, Bergisch Gladbach. 1961 = vol. 112. 12/year;
11/year; 500 dinars. Napred. Peel, [not received since 1960] D M 6. Rhein. Bienenztg
N2 The New Zealand Beekeeper English. Pub. National Beekeepers' Association of R3 Rhodesian Beekeeping English. Pub. Rhodesian Beekeepers' Association,
New Zealand Inc., R. A. Fraser, P.O. Box 19, Foxton, NEW Z E A L A N D ; Amalgamated Publications (Pvt.) Ltd., P.O. Box 1683, Salisbury, S. RHODESIA;
Ed. J. McFadzien, 29 Nottingham Cres., Calton Hill, Dunedin S.W.I. 1961 = Ed. V. J. Montague, P.O. Box 8100, Causeway, Salisbury. Started 1960. Rhod.
vol. 23. 4/year; 8s. N.Z. Beekpr Beekeep.
R4 Rhodesian Bee News English. Pub. Rhodesian Beekeepers' Association, H. T.
N3 Nordisk Bitidskrift Danish, Norwegian, Swedish. Pub. Danmarks Biavlerfor- Wadleigh Private Bag 167H, Salisbury, S. RHODESIA; Ed. V. J. Montague,
ening, Biodlarnas Centralforbund i Finland, Norges Birokterlag, Sveriges P.O. Box 8100, Causeway, Salisbury. 1955-1959 only; 1959 issue was
Biodlares Riksforbund, Sollentuna 2, SWEDEN; Ed. Fil. dr. A. Hansson, vol. 1 no. 1 of Bee News
Tunavagen 17, Lund. 1961 = vol. 13. 1/year; kr. 3. Nord. Bitidskr. [mostly
51 St. Ambrosius Dutch. Pub. Limburg & N. Brabant Catholic Growers' Associa-
N4 Nordwestdeutsche Imkerzeitung German. Pub. Nordwestdeutsche Imkerzeitung, tions; Ed. P. A. M. van Dongen, Ravelijn 4, Steenbergen, NETHERLANDS.
Georgstrasse 41, Oldenburg (Oldb.), G E R M A N Y (D.B.R.); Ed. H. Denghausen, 1961 = vol. 39. 12/year; free to members. St. Ambrosius
Siebenhauser 15, Syke. 1961 = vol. 13. 12/year; D M 4.80. Nordwestdtsch.
Imkerztg 52 Schweizerische Bienen-Zeirung German. Pub. Verein deutschschweizerischer
Bienenfreunde, H. R. Sauerlander & Co., Aarau, SWITZERLAND; Ed. J. Lutz,
Flawil. 1961 = vol. 84. 12/year; Fr. 9, 11 foreign. Schweiz. Bienenztg
01 Der oberosterreichische Imker German. Pub. Oberosterreichischer Landes-
Bienenzuchterverein, Altstadt 15, Linz, AUSTRIA; Ed. Josef Scharl. 1961 = 53 The Scottish Beekeeper English. Pub. Scottish Beekeepers' Association;
vol.66. 11/year; free to members. Oberost. Imker Ed. R. N. H. Skilling, 87 King Street, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, SCOTLAND.
1961 = vol. 37. 12/year; 12s. Scot. Beekpr
02 Der Osterreichische Imker German. Pub. Niederosterreichiseher Landes-
Bienenziichterverein, Georg-Coch-Platz 3, Wien 1, AUSTRIA; Ed. Ernst 54 Slovenski Cebelar Slovenian. Pub. Zveza cebelarskih drustev za Slovenijo,
Miklosiceva cesta 30, Ljubljana, YUGOSLAVIA; Ed. Vlado Rojec. 1961 =
FiQbiger. 1961 == vol. 11. 12/year; S. 25, $2 foreign. Ost. Imker vol. 63. 12/year; 700 dinars, 1000 foreign. Slov. Ceb.
55 South African Bee Journal English. Pub. S. African Association of Beekeepers,
PI Pcela Croatian. Pub. Pcelarska zadruga u Osijeku Radiceva ulica 30, Osijek, P.O. Box 3076, Johannesburg, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. Started
YUGOSLAVIA; Ed. Stjepan Fligic, Istarska ulica broj 16/1, Osijek. 1961 = 1921. 12/year; 1.50 rand. S.Afr.BeeJ.
vol. 80. 6/year; 400 dinars. Pcela
56 Steirischer Imkerbote German. Pub. Landesverband fur Bienenzucht Steier-
P2 [Pcelar] Serbian. Pub. [Srpsko pCelarsko Drustvo] (Serb Beekeeping Society), mark, Hamerlinggasse 1, Graz, AUSTRIA; Ed. Ing. Anton Katschner. Started
ul. Borisa Kidrica br. 31, Beograd, YUGOSLAVIA; Ed. Nedeljko Divadz, 1950. 12/year; S. 28.80. Steirisch. Imkerbote
Lamartinova 17, Beograd. 1961 = vol. 59. 6/year; 500 dinars. Pcelar
57 Sudwestdeutscher Imker German. Pub. Dr. F. Burda (for Landesvereine Nord-
P3 Pcelarstvo Croatian. Pub. Poljoprivredni nakladni zavod, Tomislavov Trg 21, baden, Siidbaden, Rheinhessen, Pfalz), G E R M A N Y (D.B.R.); Ed. K. Maier,
Zagreb, YUGOSLAVIA; Ed. Josip Katalinic. 1961 = vol. 16. 8/year; 850 Werderstrasse 41, Heidelberg (Baden). 1961 = vol. 13. 12/year; D M 6.
dinars. Pcelatstvo Siidwestdtsch. Imker
P4 [Pchela] Bulgarian. Pub. [Pchelarska Kooperatsiya 'Nektar',] ul. Parchevich
60, Sofia, BULGARIA. 1958 = vol. 5. 12/year. Pchela, Sofia [not received [Thenee] see Honey Bee
since 1958]
Tl Tidsskrift for Biavl Danish. Pub. Danmarks Biavlerforening, Sender Voldgade
P5 [Pchelarstvo] Bulgarian. Pub. [Ministerstvo na Zemedelieto] (Ministry of 1, Fredericia, D E N M A R K ; Ed. B. Schwartz-Hansen, Vardegade 17, Koben-
Agriculture), ul. VI. Poptomov 67, Sofia, B U L G A R I A ; Ed. A. Lazarov. 1961 = havn. 1961 = vol. 95. 12/year; kr. 8. Tidsskr. Biavl
vol.7. 11/year; 20 leva. Pchelarstvo
P6 [Pchelovodstvo] Russian. Pub. ] Ministerstvo sel'skogo khozyaistva SSSR], VI Vcelar Slovak. Pub. Poverenictvo podohospodarstva, Suvorovova 16, Bratis-
U.S.S.R.; Ed. N . F. Fedosov, Orlikov per., dom 1/11, kom. 431, Moscow 1-139. lava, CZECHOSLOVAKIA; Ed. Karol Kostrab. 1961 = vol. 35. 12/year;
1961 = vol. 38. 12/year; 3 roubles 60 kopeks. Pchelovodstvo 18kcs. Vcelar
V2 Vcelafstvf Czech. Pub. Ministerstvo zemedelstvi, Vaclaveske namesti 47,
Praha 3, CZECHOSLOVAKIA; Ed. Ladislav Janostik. 1961 = vol. 14.
12/year; 14.40 kcs. Vcelarstvi
V3 Vedecke Prace vyzkumneho ustavu vcelafskeho CSAZV Czech. Pub. Cesko-
slovenska Akademie Zemedelskych Ved Dol, p. Libcic, CZECHOSLOVAKIA;
Ed. Dr. J. Svoboda. Started 1960. 1/year. Ved. Prace vyzkum. Ustav. vcelar.
CSAZV [scientific] .
V4 [Vestnik, Nauchno-issledovatel'skii institut pchelovodstva] Russian. Pub. Bee-
keeping Research Institute, Rybnoe, Ryazan Province, U.S.S.R. Started 1956.
occasional. Vestn. Inst. Pchelovodstva [scientific]
V5 De vlijtige Bie Flemish. Pub. & Ed. D e Cremer Cesar, Maarschalk Mont-
gomerylaan 38, Lede, B E L G I U M . 1960-61 = vol. 4. 6/year; Fr. 30, 35 foreign.
Vlijtige Bie

Wl Westfalische Bienenzeitung German. Pub. Westfalische Bienenzeitung, Halle

(Westfalen), GERMANY (D.B.R.); Ed. Hermann Wendt, Heiligenkirchen 181,
iiber Detmold. 1961 = vol. 74. 12/year; D M 5.60. Westfdl. Bienenztg

Wisconsin Badger Bee see Badger Bee

Yl [Yalkout Hamichveret] Hebrew. Pub. Israel Beekeepers' Association

P.O.B. 120, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL; Ed. Abraham Ben Niryah, Kiryat Anavim,
Jerusalem. Started 1949. 3/year; I£2. Yalkout Hamichveret

Zl Zeitschrift fur Bienenforschung German. Pub. Deutscher Imkerbund e.V.

Maxtorgraben 29, Niirnberg-Nord, G E R M A N Y (D.B.R.); Ed. Dr. J. Evenius,
Wehlstr. 4, Celle (Hann.). Started 1950. 4/year; free supplement to Dtsch.
Bienenw. Z. Bienenforsch. [scientific]
Z2 [Zhongguo Yangfeng] Chinese. Pub. Zhongguo Yangfeng Publishing House,
West Suburb, Pekin, CHINA. 12/year. Zhongguo Yangfeng [not published
since July 1960]


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Argentina G l , M12 Ireland 15
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