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The website I was given was

A quarterly online journal devoted to

the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema. They offer a wide range of critique and analysis in

Australian based cinema, past and present from major blockbusters to handheld indie films. It’s a

quarterly publication that seeks donations from its readers. It is also supported by Film Victoria,

a state government organization established to support and promote the Victorian film and

television industry. There is also technical and administrative support of the AFI research

collection, school of media and communication, RMIT University, Melbourne.

Senses of Cinema is primarily concerned with ideas about particular films or bodies of work, but also

with the regimes (ideological, economic and so forth) under which films are produced and viewed, and

with the more abstract theoretical and philosophical issues raised by film study. As well, we believe that

a cinephilic understanding of the moving image provides the necessary basis for a radical critique of

other media and of the global “image culture”. This quote gives the reader a glimpse into the type

of information that’s available on the website. I don’t want to undersell the website, but I’m not

sure I could give it it’s just due. Every aspect of cinema that we’ve read about over the past few

weeks is covered from academic and non-academic points of view. There are a number of

worthwhile features with a wide range of styles and critical approaches, from essays in film

theory, book to film reviews and reports from film festivals worldwide. One of the contributors,

Raymond Durgnant wrote a scene analysis of an American classic Psycho. prior to this course this would have been a

little more challenging to understand, but I choose to post this because we talked about this in

chat last week. I found the site extremely informative because it covered so many aspect of film,

from the lighting to the directors and even the musical score and the social as well as economic

impact of the art of cinema. With well over one hundred links to different websites there is

plethora of information in all facets of cinema, from Asian cinema ,a critics section, to the latest
information on film festivals. What I learned from this assignment was finding out that this

amount of information in the world of cinema exited. I knew that movie review type websites

were online, but not to the extent and degree of detail until I began this course and in particular

this assignment.