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1) Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form, past perfect, present perfect
or past simple:

a. When we arrived at the cinema, the film ____________ (already/start).

b. Until then, it _____________ (hardly ever/rain).
c. I _____________ (graduate) from university in 2001.
d. While we were travelling in Argentina, we ______________ (come
across) a wonderful small town full of chocolate shops.
e. It was my first time in Scotland. I _____________ (never/be) there
f. Their kitchen is really dirty. They __________ (not/clean) it for weeks.
g. ______________ (you/see) the match last night?
h. I’m full. I _________ (eat) too much.
i. I ____________ (not/want) a dessert because I’d eaten too much.

2) Last summer, Alice went on a holiday. She did a lot of things for the first
time. Write a sentence about each activity like in the example. Be creative!

a. Eat sushi. She’d never eaten sushi before.

b. Fly by plane. ___________________________________
c. Swim in the sea. ________________________________
d. Stay at a 5-star hotel. ____________________________
e. See ancient buildings. ____________________________

3) Cross out the incorrect structure to complete the following sentences.

a. I loved Paris. I’d visited / I’d been visiting the city three times before
b. When I met Carlos, he was a student. He’d been studying / He’d
studied in London for nearly two years.
c. Alison was very excited. That was the first time she’d ever travelled /
she’d ever been travelling abroad.
d. Until 2002, Brazil had won / had been winning the World Cup four
e. I saw Pedro yesterday in the park. I hadn’t seen / hadn’t been seeing
him for ages! I wondered what he had done / had be doing with himself all that

4) Choose the correct word.

a. I can _____ come to your party. (no/not)

b. The store has ______ ice cream left! (no/not)
c. It is _____ an impossible dream. (no/not)
d. Kelly does _____ read slowly. (no/not)

5) Read the sentences below. Match the phrasal verbs to their correct meaning.
Use the context.

I. James told Ben that he won the lottery, but it wasn’t true. He made it up.
II. She was being rude, so I decided to hang up.
III. You should always back up your data in case your computer breaks.
IV. Alicia decided to give away her books. She didn’t need them anymore.

i. end a telephone call

ii. give somebody something that you no longer need
iii. invented (a story, opinion, etc)
iv. make a copy

6) Complete each sentence with “at”, “in” or “on” plus one of the following.

2009 January
1942 25 December
the moment ancient times
night the 1950s

a. The popstar Michael Jackson died in 2009.

b. Christians celebrate Christmas ____________.
c. I don’t like driving ___________ because it’s very dark.
d. ____________, people believed in many gods.
e. Rock and Roll music became popular ___________.

7) Complete the following sentences with the past form of must or can’t.

a. I didn’t hear you come in last night. I _________ (be) asleep.

b. Allie didn’t look very happy. Her interview ___________ (go) well.
c. I didn’t receive your email. You _______ (send) it to the wrong address.
d. Mike’s first day at work ______________ (easy). His new boss is very

Write two compositions about the following topics:

1. Imagine that you are writing in your journal. Write down about your
future accomplishments, as well as what you wish it could happen in
your life.

2. Write an email to a friend about your favorite trip and a typical food you
tried there. Don’t forget to use the past tenses.