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Unit 9 Test

1  Listen to Raj and Matt. Where are they?
(2 marks) 4 __________
A a shopping centre
B a photography exhibition
C a technology fair

2  Listen again. Who says these things? Write

R (Raj) or M (Matt). (8 marks)
5 __________
1 It has to be original. ___
2 It’s a strange shape. ___
3 That’s quite fun. ___
4 That doesn’t look very practical. ___
5 I want one of these. ___ 5 Find the words in the word snake and complete
6 So, have you got some ideas? ___ the sentences. (10 marks)
7 Yes, that’s a good idea. ___
8 Come over here and have a look at these. ___

Vocabulary 1 Excuse me, could we have a ________ of water

for the table?
3 Match 1–5 to A–E. (5 marks) 2 There’s a ________ over there in the corner.
1 bike ___ A post You can put all the rubbish in it.
2 bus ___ B crossing 3 I can’t live without my ________ of coffee in the
3 lamp ___ C rack morning.
4 post ___ D stop 4 Can I have a ________ to put the cake on,
5 pedestrian ___ E box please?
5 You can use the ________ to cook the chicken.
4 Write the words from exercise 3 next to the It should take about an hour.
pictures (5 marks)

Practical English
6 Choose the correct option. (10 marks)
1 __________
Kyle Right, let’s organize this party.
(1) Who’s / Whose going to buy the
Nathan I’m in (2) charge / charges of drinks.
Kyle Can (3) anything / anyone bring
paper plates?
2 __________ Nathan I can do that.
Kyle Thanks, that’s a big (4) helping / help.
Nathan (5) Could / Can I do anything else?
Kyle No, I don’t think so. It’s all under

3 __________

2 1
Unit 9 Test

Grammar Cumulative Review

7 Complete the sentences with myself, yourself, 10 Choose the correct option. (10 marks)
himself, herself or themselves. (10 marks)
Street art is becoming more and more popular all
1 Karen hurt __________ when she fell off her
over the world. (1) Much / Many artists are
choosing to exhibit their work in the streets for
2 I want to buy __________ a new coat.
everyone to see. Some people find going to an art
3 They’re cooking __________ a big meal.
gallery a boring experience, but when the art is
4 Richard hurt __________ when he rode his bike
outside everyone (2) can / could appreciate it and
into a fence.
engage with it. Street art comes in many different
5 You should buy __________ that dress; it looks
forms, from sculptures to posters, video projections
good on you!
8 Match 1–5 to A–E. (10 marks) and graffiti. It is also known as (3) ‘rural / urban
art’, because you find it in big cities. ‘Banksy’ is a
1 You’re Spanish, ___
British graffiti artist who has become very famous,
2 It doesn’t look too windy outside, ___
even though his identity is a secret. He uses his art
3 You don’t live here, ___
as a way of expressing his political beliefs. Since he
4 They’re at your school, ___
became successful, there (4) have / has been an
5 This gadget isn’t very useful, ___
increase of interest in other street artists. Critics
have called this ‘the Banksy effect’.
A does it?
B aren’t they? Other interesting street artists include:
C is it?
 Boston-based Matt W. Moore who paints
D aren’t you?
murals with geometric shapes.
E do you?
 Mademoiselle Maurice, a French artist who
9 Complete the questions with the correct words. uses thousands of pieces of paper to create
(10 marks) explosions of colour.
aren't do haven't is isn’t
 DALeast, a Chinese artist who creates 3D
1 We’ve got some meat in the fridge, ________ animals that interact with the (5) environment /
we? wildlife around them.
2 This film isn’t very interesting, ________ it?
3 You don’t want to leave now, ________ you?
4 Beth’s from London, ________ she?
5 The flowers are beautiful, ________ they?

2 2
Unit 9 Test
11 Read the text. According to the article, what is What’s on now? Here’s a quick guide to the
the main advantage of the public art on display temporary exhibitions you can find in NYC’s parks:
in New York? (2 marks)
 In Madison Square Park you can see ‘Walks of
Life’ by Tony Cragg. It consists of three huge
bronze sculptures that look like they are in
 In Randal’s Island Park there is a treat for
Art in New York City young children – art they can sit on! There are
ten chairs made from the earth and covered in
Get out and about and enjoy yourselves with our grass.
guide to art in the city that never sleeps!  In Tribeca Park visitors can see a huge teddy
bear. It looks like it is made of black trash bags
One of the best things about New York City is the but it’s actually made of metal.
amazing public art. There are hundreds of  On Staten Island you can see ‘The Dance’ by
sculptures and paintings for you to view and enjoy. DB Lampman. It consists of five figures – made
And you know the best part about it, don’t you? It’s of steel and wrapped in cloth – which float
all completely free! Some of the art is permanent above the ground, hold hands and dance. At
and some is temporary, so make sure you look night they are lit up and this gives the scene a
online before you visit to see what’s on. strange atmosphere.

Here’s our selection of the permanent exhibitions Go to page 7 for our guide to the city’s indoor art
you simply cannot miss! galleries and the best places to eat.

 Wall Street Bull: This giant beast was created

by the Italian sculptor Arturo de Modica. He
made it in response to the financial crisis in the
USA in 1987; the animal was a symbol of hope. 12 Read the text again. Answer the questions.
It’s located in Bowling Green Park in (8 marks)
Manhattan’s Financial District. 1 Why is it a good idea to check the internet before
 Duke Ellington Memorial: This tall sculpture you visit a public art exhibition in New York?
stands on three columns and towers above the ____________________________________
Central Park trees around it. The bronze statue 2 Who created the Wall Street Bull and why?
of the famous jazz musician and his piano was
created by Robert Graham. It can be seen from
3 Who is Isamu Noguchi?
110th Street, Fifth Avenue.
 Red Cube: Combining art with architecture, this
4 In what other New York park can you see a
massive red box is situated in 140 Broadway. It
sculpture of an ‘animal’? What animal is it?
has a hole through the centre which allows the
viewer to see the building behind it. It was ____________________________________
created by a Japanese American artist, Isamu

2 3
Unit 9 Test
Writing Paragraph 2: What do you love or hate about your
town? Why do you love it? What did you like or
13 Write an article about the village, town or city dislike about your town when you were younger?
where you are from. Use these linking words Do you feel the same way now?
and the prompts to help you. Make sure you use I love … because ...
present, past and future tenses. (10 marks)
When I was younger, I … but now …
also and as well because but Paragraph 3: What will visitors experience in your
Paragraph 1: Introduce your town. What’s it called? town? Why should they visit it? Conclude by saying
Where is it? How many people live there? What are what hopes you have for the future of your town.
some interesting places to visit in your town? Why Are you going to stay in your town? Why? / Why
are they interesting? not?
My town is called … I think visitors to my town will …
It’s in … It’s a … to visit because …
It has a population of … I hope that my town will / won’t …
There are a lot of … to visit in my town. In the future, I’m (not) going to … because …
There is … You can … There is also …
They are interesting because …




Listening _____ / 10 Vocabulary _____ / 20 Practical English _____ / 10

Grammar _____ / 30 Cumulative Review _____ /10 Reading _____ / 10
Writing _____ / 10 TOTAL __________ / 100

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