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1 P84 P54 formation P86 tempts White to play P85.

That is not
角 a hole but a trap. R88 is a nice move and intends
to counter attack from eighth file. By the way, Black
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 could play R88 after P85. If White answers
香桂 金 桂香
1 with Px86, Black can start attck from eighth file
玉金 銀 飛
2 by playing Sx86– S85.
歩銀歩歩歩歩 歩
3 P64 is probably a necessary move to prevent
歩 歩 歩 N65– P84 which is a typical attack from Black side
at this case.
At Figure 2, Black has positional advantage be-
歩歩 歩 6 cause White’s generals on seventh file don’t much ac-
歩 銀歩歩歩歩歩 7 tive.
飛 銀玉 8 P85 ended up fail as we saw. Next, we see the
variation of P54 from Figure 1.
香桂 金 金 桂香 9

角 角
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Figure 1: P86 香桂 金 桂香

From the default position,

玉金 飛
P76 P34 R68 P84 K48 S62 K38 歩銀歩銀歩歩 歩
K42 B22+ Sx S88 K32 K28 P14 歩 歩 歩 歩
P16 S33 S38 K22 S77 G32 P86
(Figure 1) 5

角歩 歩歩銀 歩 6

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 歩 歩歩歩歩歩 7

飛 銀玉
香桂 桂香 8

香桂 金 金 桂香
玉金 金飛 9
歩銀歩歩 銀 歩
3 角
歩 歩 歩歩
Figure 3: S66
歩 5

歩銀 歩 6
From Figure 1(page.1),
歩 桂歩歩歩歩歩 7
P54 R88 S53 S66(Figure 3)
飛 金 銀玉 8
In this case, Black’s left silver is usually set on
香 金 桂香 9 66. Another pieces set up by the moves of P75–
角 S76– P85 looks interesting; however it will not
work well because White can put pressure to Black by
Figure 2: G69–58 playing P75 P35 S76 P36. If Black takes
the pawn, the game will end by next move B55.
From Figure 1(page.1), P35– P36 could be often strong counter against the
P85 Px Rx P86 R82 R88 P74 strategy in several variations (some cncrete examples
P85 S73 S66 G72 N77 P64 G69–58 appear later.) When ranging rook is played with a
(Figure 2) flat castle, P35 ( P75) is always threat.

none 角歩
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
香桂 桂香 香桂 金 桂香
1 1
玉金 飛歩 玉金
2 2

歩銀 金歩歩 歩

歩銀 銀歩歩
3 3
歩 歩歩歩 歩 歩
4 4

飛 桂
5 5

歩銀 歩 6 歩銀 歩 6

歩 桂歩歩歩歩歩 7 歩 歩歩歩歩歩 7

金 銀玉 8 金 銀玉 8

香 金 桂香 香

9 金 桂香 9

銀角 2 角歩

Figure 4: P83 Figure 5: R*83

From Figure 3(page.1),

From Figure 3(page.1),
P35 G69–58 P44 N77 P45 P85
G52 G69–58 P44 N77 G52–43 B71 Px Rx Rx Nx R89 R83 (Figure 5)
R72 B53+ Gx P85 Px Rx P82 White may try to develop his formation to King’s
P83 (Figure 4) Head Vanguard Pawn by the move order above or
Black should consider the timing of N77 in the something like. P35 signals that. it seems better
line above. If G69–58 was N77, White might than G61-58 because it could be a questionable
play P74 G69–58 N73. White can prevent move order as we saw; in addition to that, P35
rook exchange of a Black’s aim. G69–58 is anyways could lead a nice attack against flat Mino castle.
needed. If Black plays P85 against P74, the Generally, Black is supposed to focus on attack
game will continue Px85 Rx Rx Nx from his left side with flat castle in almost of all occa-
R89 (fork!). the move of N77 should be delayed sions because developing castle could be rather worse
as much as possible. There is a move order like for Black sometimes. Let’s see a concrete example us-
S66 and then P75 as a tactic of Black (the aim is ing the move order above. At this case, if Black play
pawn exchange on seventh file); If N77 has been P46 against P44, White may start attack from
played, such a tactic doesn’t work. N77 cannot fourth file by playing S34– P45.
only strengthen attack force but make a new weak In addition to that, White could play R42 later.
point on its head. P46 may contribute the attack from White. So,
B71– B53+ is a basic tactic of the strategy. Black is supposed to continue the game with flat cas-
Such a bishop drop will work well if a White’s gen- tle despite of the threat with P35. In addition to
eral is on a bishop diagonal. If White answers with that, there is another reason. Flat castle is more con-
R83, the game will continue N65 S53–42 venient when rook exchange occurs (aiming at rook
B62+ P64 H72. Figure 4 is better for Black. exchange is a basic maneuver of this strategy) be-
White had no measures against Black’s attack. cause flat castle is simply strong against side attack
Next, we see another formation of White. How- by rook.
ever, generally speaking, P54 formation is not so P85 and rook exchange is a common maneuver of
good against Bishop Exchange Rook. There is even a the strategy. If White answers Rx85 with P*84,
proverb: ”Do not advance the pawn on center if the Black could play R88 or R45: both are playable
game is Bishop Exchange.” for Black. White will accept the trade because

P*84 is a bit too passive.
飛香歩 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
香桂 桂香
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 玉金 金 飛
金香 香桂 2
1 歩銀歩歩銀 歩
玉金 3

歩 歩 歩歩歩
歩 歩銀 4
角 歩 歩
4 歩 5
5 歩 銀 歩 6

歩銀 歩 6 歩 歩歩歩歩歩 7

歩 歩歩歩歩歩 7 飛 銀玉 8

金 銀玉 8 香桂 金 金 桂香 9
龍 角
金 桂香 9

角銀桂歩 3 Figure 8: G52

Figure 6: +N53 From Figure 7(page.3),

P64 S66 S63 P75 G52 (Figure 8)
From Figure 5(page.2),
Black could play S66– P75 as same as it’s for
G71 N73+ R99+ +N63 B74 R81+
the P85 + P74 variation. it is a common theory
Gx +N53 (Figure 5)
that Black aims at pawn exchange by playing S66–
the position of Figure 6 is better for Black. Next
P75. If White play N73 instead of S63,
aim is S43 or S75– B66.
B46 would be a nice counter which is the same as in
another variation. G52 is the new move against
2 P84 P74 formation P75. White could ignore such a pawn as with the
角 case.

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
香桂 金 桂香 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
1 香桂 桂香
玉金 銀 飛 1
2 玉金 金 飛
歩銀歩歩歩 歩 2
3 歩銀歩歩 歩 歩
歩 歩 歩歩 3
4 歩 歩 歩銀歩
歩歩 歩 6
歩 銀 歩 6
歩 銀歩歩歩歩歩 7
歩 歩歩歩歩歩 7
飛 銀玉 8
飛 銀玉 8
香桂 金 金 桂香 9
香桂 金 金 桂香 9

Figure 7: R88
Figure 9: R88
From Figure 1(page.1),
P74 R88 (Figure 7) From Figure 8(page.3),


P74 Sx R78 P73 R88 (Figure 9)
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Black of course take the White’s pawn on 74. the 香桂 桂香
next moves R78– R88 is a tactic in such a case. 玉金 金 飛
R78 forces P73. After that, only Black is sup- 2
歩銀歩歩歩 歩
posed to have a pawn in hand which could advantage 3
for Black. But Black can make nothing effective at- 歩 歩 銀歩歩
tacks with the rook on 78 at present; in addition to
that, White can attack from eighth file by P84.
So, Black switch again his rook to 88. 歩歩銀 歩 歩 6

歩 歩歩 歩歩 7

角歩 飛 金 銀玉 8

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 香桂 金 桂香 9

香桂 桂香
玉金金 飛
歩銀 歩銀歩 歩 Figure 11: P46
歩 歩 歩
4 From Figure 7(page.3),

5 S73 S66 S64 G69–58 G52 P46 (Fig-
ure 11)
銀 歩 6
White may prevent pawn exchange on seventh file
歩 桂歩歩歩歩歩 7
by playing S73– S64. If White had chosen the
金 銀玉 8 formation of P85, Black could have attacked from
香 金 桂香 9 eighth file. The formation of P84 is obviously not
the same as the one of P85, so Black should con-
sider another attack.
Figure 10: R85 歩
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
香桂 香
From Figure 9(page.3), 玉金金 角
P44 N77 G52–42 G69–58 P45 P75 歩銀歩歩歩桂 歩
S63 P85 Px Rx (Figure 10) 3
歩 歩 銀 飛
If White plays P65 instead of P44, the game 4

will continue S77 P44 G69–58 G52–42 5
S76: it’s a little better for Black because it’s difficult
角歩 銀 歩 歩 6
to prevent the next attack of P75– S65.
歩 歩歩 歩歩 7
From the last position, if rook exchange is succeed,
it would be better for Black because White’s left sil- 飛 金 銀玉 8

ver and knight are floating. In contrast to that, Black 香 金 桂香 9

knight has already escaped from threat of capturing. 歩

White may avoid rook exchange with pawn drop;
however, the game is also a little better for Black. Figure 12: P*86
After P84 R88, there is the attack of B56–
P83 from Black side. From Figure 11(page.4),

G52–42 N77 N73 B96 B92 P75 Figure 13: Rx85
P85 Px P75 P84 P85 Nx R84 P86
(Figure 12)
In this case, Black is supposed to start attack with From Figure 11(page.4),
a bishop drop to either 96 or 56. If it is B96, the P44 N77 N73 B56 B92 P96 P54
best timing of the bishop drop is after the G52–42 P95 B83 P85 Px Nx B61 B74
because a diagonal line of B96 could aiming at 63 N85 Rx (Figure 13)
of a White’s weak point. As we saw, G52–42 could be a questionable
Generally, such a bishop drop is called as Wrong move. So, White may develop his formation with-
diagonal Bishop, is considered not a good formation out the move of G52–42. After N73, B56 is a
among professionals; however, this case is an excep- nice attack at this case. In contrast to that, B96
tion. In Bishop Exchange Ranging Rook strategy, is a questionable move because the point of 63 is not
that kind of drop often appears to avoid Repetition a weak point. White would drop bishop to 92. If it’s
or other fixed position. The kind of bishop is usually B83, Black can have a good game by playing
dropped with aiming at a weak point on knight head. N65 Nx Sx S55 S74. Note that if P85
White could avoid the attack if he does not play Px Nx instead of N65, there is a counter move
N73 against N77; however, Black can aim at rook B94 after Nx85.
exchange by playing P85 Px Rx.
Black is supposed to attack from edge which aims
B92 is almost a forced move by B96. P75 at White’s bishop head and forces B83. After
is a common move to continue attack. White cannot B83, Black is able to attack from eighth file by playing
take the pawn. So White will play P85 which is a P85 Px Nx (The pawn on 95 prevents
tactical move for defence. Px74 against P85 is B94: cf. The move order on paragraph above.) Note
not good because White’s bishop is supposed to join that N65 could be a questionable move at this case
defence after Bx74 against Px74. Black should conversely. If N65 instead of P85 Px N85,
take another pawn. the game will continue Nx65 Sx Sx Bx
Though the offenses and defenses on eighth file is G52–43 which is difficult for Black because it’s hard
a bit complicated, it’s already been a bit better for to find out effective move for next.
Black at the Figure 12. Next aim is N93+. If
B61 is a tactic of defence in such a case. Black
white takes the knight with another one to prevent
can play either B74 or P86. The main line is
that, the game will continue Px85 R81 P84...
B74 which is aiming at P83. If White answers
桂歩 with R84, next move should be P86 for sure.
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 The last position (Figure 13) is a bit better for
香 香桂 角
Black. His bishop is more active than White’s one.
飛 玉金 金
歩 歩銀 歩

歩 歩歩歩銀
4 3 P84 + P64 formation
歩飛 5

歩銀 歩 歩 6 From Figure 1(page.1),

歩歩 歩歩 7 P64 R88 S63 P75 (Figure 14 below)
金 銀玉 8 At P75, S66 might be more common move.
P75 is for showing a new attack variation. In this
香 金 桂香 9
case, the silver on 77 is able to go to either 76 or 66,
桂歩 2 then S76 is more useful sometimes.


file. Black could also play P83 Rx S84 in-
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
香桂 金 桂香 stead. It seems no problem for Black; however there
1 is a move which should be considered. See the para-
graph below.
玉金 飛
歩銀歩歩銀歩 歩
3 White may play P35 instead of G52. If Black
歩 歩 歩 歩 answers with N77 as with the main line, White
will play P36 (If Px36, B55). Black would
歩 5 be supposed to play P56 because N77 is really
歩 歩 6 a risky move. I estimate that it will be more difficult
game than the main line. I just write an example
歩 銀歩歩歩歩歩 7
line of this variation with a diagram and a few brief
飛 銀玉 8
comments below since I have not much analyzed the
香桂 金 金 桂香 9 variation yet.
角 角歩 2

Figure 14: P75 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

香桂 桂香
歩角 玉金 金 飛
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 歩銀歩歩 歩 歩
桂香 香桂 3
1 歩 歩
飛 玉金金 4
歩 歩 歩銀 歩
銀歩 5

歩歩 歩 6

歩 歩歩銀
歩 桂歩 歩 7

飛 金 銀玉 8
歩 6
香 金 桂香 9
歩 桂歩歩歩歩歩 7
角歩 2
飛金 銀玉 8

香 金 桂香 9
Figure 16: Px46

P35 P56 G52 N77 S45 P85 Px
Figure 15: P84 Sx P36 Sx S56 G68 B55 B44
Bx Px (Figure 16)
From Figure 14(page.6), brief comments
S54 S76 G52 N77 G52–42 G78
P44 P85 Px Sx P65 P84 (Figure 15) • P56 is playable at this case because B*53
If White answers P75 with S54, S76 is will end up failure.
possible since White cannot drop bishop to 54 (the
bishop is supposed to aim at S on 76.) N77 and • P36 may be not necessary.
G78 are needed. If it is P85 immediately, the game
will continue Px85 Sx B76 which is obviously • If B46 against B55 is B37, the game
worse for Black. could continue Bx Nx P35...
The position of Figure 15 is better for Black.
P84 is a nice move to keep stable attack from eighth Next, we see another variation from Figure 14.

飛歩 角桂香
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
香桂 桂香

1 1
玉金金 玉金金
2 2
歩銀 歩 歩 歩 歩銀銀歩 歩 歩
3 3
歩 歩歩銀歩 歩 歩 歩
4 4

馬 歩

5 5

銀歩 歩 6 歩 歩 6

歩 歩 歩歩歩 7 歩 歩銀歩歩歩 7

金 銀玉 8 金 銀玉 8

香 金 桂香

9 金 桂香 9

飛角歩 角桂香歩

Figure 17: N85 Figure 18: Sx57

P84 R82 P85 R81+ R89 D91

From Figure 14(page.6), R99+ S57 P45 S48 S43 B57 Hx
G52 S66 P44 G69–58 S54 N77 Sx (Figure 18)
G52–42 P56 B79 R89 B35+ P85 Px Though P84 seems slow attack, if it is R89,
Rx Rx Nx (Figure 17) the game will be better for Black because only Black
can take a knight on left side by playing R82 and
G52 is another natural move for White. If
then R81+. S57 is a nice move because it has
Black answers with S76, White is supposed to drop
three aims: S46, B66 and S48. After that,
bishop to 54; for instance, after S76, P44 N77
the game will go on with keeping its balance. It’s an
B54. Though Black could play B98 against
even game.
B54, it’s still uncomfortable position for Black be-
cause the bishop is a weak piece. Perhaps the game
would continue B98 P74 Px Sx P75 4 Attack patterns
S63... S66 is better move at this case.
White may attack from seventh file after S66 by • S66 + N77 formation is a basic attack for-
playing P74, but the position after P74 is the mation. Black is usually supposed to aim at rook
same as the position on Figure 8. See the page.3. exchange with the formation
P56 looks a questionable move; however, if it is • it can be effective sometimes that attack from
P85, the game will continue Px Rx Rx eighth file with the formation of S76 + N77
Nx P65 S77 R87: the fork move is hard for + G78.
Black. Black has to make an escape route for his left
silver by playing P56. Next moves B79 R89 • If White pushes the pawn on 73 in early time,
B35+ is common attack. Black attempts to exchange Black aims at attack from seventh file with
rook before the horse is active. Even if White doesn’t S66 and then P75.
drop a bishop and make a horse, Black is supposed to
aim at rook exchange. White may deny the trade by • If White prevents the attack above, Wrong Di-
playing P84 against Rx85. In this case, Black agonal Bishop could be an important tactic.
will play R86 and then R76 which is not worse
for Black.